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           STTR/SBIR and HBCU/MI
             Technical Assistance
                Robert L Ford, PhD
           Associate Provost for Research
01-30-06              AAMU SBIR Conf        1
           • Organization

           • Mission

           • Shared Vision

           • Getting Started

           • Long Term
01-30-06               AAMU SBIR Conf   2
                 Office of Research Organizational Chart
                                                                Priscilla Slade

                                                                  Bobby Wilson

                                                                   Robert Ford
                                                                 Associate Provost

                                                      Naomi Greer               Aqueelah Brown &
                                                     Administrative               Amanda Henry
                                                       Assistant                Student Associates

             Jew Don Boney               Linda Gardiner                                                         Bobbie Henderson
                                                                      Gwendolyn Mami
           Associate Director of       Director of Faculty                                                      Director of Center
           Mickey Leland Center
                                                                       Director of OSP
                                          Development                                                             on the Family

 Deidre Davis              Tequerio Larkins            Adana Brown                 Kimbler Lofton    Demetra Minor
Administrative              Administrative             Administrative              Administrative    Administrative
  Assistant                   Assistant                  Assistant                   Assistant         Assistant

        01-30-06                                         AAMU SBIR Conf                                               3
                     General Description
•Located in Houston, Texas, is a senior level, comprehensive,
historically black, state-supported university, founded in 1947
•The mission of the University supports teaching, research, and
public service.
•Texas Southern University has an administrative and an academic
infrastructure that works interactively
•Instructional and research objectives are achieved through faculty
members in ten colleges and schools.
•TSU offers 76 undergraduate and 35 graduate/professional
academic programs.
   01-30-06                  AAMU SBIR Conf                       4
                   Student Body
•Population   - Over 11,500
              - 40%Male and 60% Female.
•Student      - 89% Undergraduate and 11% Graduate.
•Social Ethnic - 84% African-American of Non-Hispanic origin
              - 5% Foreign Nationals
              - 5% Hispanics
              - 2% Whites of non-Hispanic origin
              - 4% Asians, American Indians, or Alaska Natives
 01-30-06                AAMU SBIR Conf                    5
            Research Enterprise
•Current Strengths in Biotechnology and Toxicology
•Emerging Strengths in Nano and Computational Sciences
•Recently Enacted Research Enhancing Policies and Support
•Building Contract Services Capacities
•Major Space Expansion to Accommodate Increased Research
•Basic and Applied Research Foci
•Leveraging Capacity through Partnerships and
 01-30-06                AAMU SBIR Conf                  6
           Special Instrumentation
•   Electron Microscope
•   Radiation Pulse Height Analyzer
•   Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer System
•   Polarography
•   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
•   Infrared
•   Ultraviolet & Atomic spectrometers
01-30-06            AAMU SBIR Conf                7
             Environmental Chemistry and
            Toxicology Laboratory (ECTL)
• To provide analytical quality control & produce
  development, technical support & quality assurance
• Employs over 25 scientist and research personnel
• Conducts environmental monitoring studies,
• Conducts human exposure assessments.
• Engages in cooperative activities with research
• Uses the services of professional staff and outside
 01-30-06             AAMU SBIR Conf                8
          Minority Biomedical Research Program (MBRS)

• To improve the research
  capabilities of the faculty in
  Chemistry, Biology,
  Pharmacology, Psychology
  & other Biochemical
• To provide opportunities for
  undergraduate and graduate
  students to develop and
  enhance their research and
  technical skills.
   01-30-06               AAMU SBIR Conf                9
         Research Programs & Goals
     Economic Development
          Center (EDC)
• To foster economic growth &
  development through the
  Houston-Galveston area by
  developing viable and effective
  community projects that provide
  resources and technical
  assistance & training to small
  business sector.
   01-30-06            AAMU SBIR Conf   10
        Research Programs & Goals
  Center for Transportation
   Training Research (CTTR)
• To develop partnerships in the
  transportation industry and to
  prepare a multidisciplinary
  workforce to plan, manage,
  and implement inter-modal
  transportation systems.
  01-30-06             AAMU SBIR Conf   11
         Research Programs & Goals
    Center on the Family
• To offer opportunities for
  advancing and implementing multi-
  and inter-disciplinary studies and
  research on family life issues.
• To become the University’s vehicle
  for building public support and
  advocacy through direct service
  provisions & comprehensive
  planning for crisis intervention
   01-30-06                AAMU SBIR Conf   12
         Research Programs & Goals
 Center for Aging for Horizontal
     Intergenerational Wellness
• To mobilize the efforts of the
  campus, the church, and the
  community in identifying and
  linking existing resources to
  form a comprehensive,
  intergenerational, community-
  based delivery system for
     01-30-06              AAMU SBIR Conf   13
         Research Programs & Goals
  Institute for Biomedical and Health
            Disparities Research
• To develop an institutional research
  infrastructure that will enable faculty
  to engage in investigations of
  diseases or conditions which have a
  higher incidence of morbidity &
  mortality in minority populations.
• Core Facilities:
   – Biosensor and Biomarker Technology
   – Computational Research Laboratory
   – Molecular Biology and Tissue
   – Proteomics and Functional Genomics
   01-30-06                  AAMU SBIR Conf   14
         Research Programs & Goals
 Center of Excellence in Urban
• To improve Urban education
  by utilizing research,
  collaboration, and applications
  as tools for addressing urban
  issues related to teaching,
  learning, schooling, and the
  human condition.
  01-30-06              AAMU SBIR Conf   15
       Research Programs & Goals
   Mickey Leland Center on
    World Hunger & Peace
• To provide opportunities for
  dialogue & discussions leading to
  ideas for action in eradicating
  hunger and reducing conflict.
• To enrich the knowledge &
  understanding of faculty and
  students relative to issues of world
  hunger and conflict.
 01-30-06                  AAMU SBIR Conf   16
          Research Programs & Goals
    Minority Center for
    Toxicological Research
• To enhance existing
  research capabilities in
  toxicology and increase the
  pool of minority scientists
  engaged in toxicological
    01-30-06             AAMU SBIR Conf   17
          Research Programs & Goals
    Environmental Research
     &Technology Transfer
• To address training, research
  problems, technology transfer issues
  as the relate to the environment.
• To increase the number of under-
  presented minority graduates in
  science, mathematics, engineering
  and technology.
    01-30-06                AAMU SBIR Conf   18
           Research Programs & Goals
Environmental Science Institute
• Coordinates the activities among
  faculty researchers in Biology,
  Chemistry, Computer Science, &
  industrial technology.
• Provides significant support to the
  research focus in the Ph.D. degree
  programs as well as environmental
  studies related to work of NASA
  researchers & students to elucidate
  biological, chemical & physical
  phenomena pertaining to earth and
  space science.
     01-30-06                 AAMU SBIR Conf   19
         Research Programs & Goals
Center on Cardiovascular Diseases
• To expand & strengthen the
  University’s biomedical research
  capabilities for the improvement of the
  cardiovascular health status of all
  Americans, especially , African
• Provides intensive laboratory training
  experiences for both graduate and
  undergraduates and serves as a site for
  structured supportive faculty
    01-30-06                 AAMU SBIR Conf   20
          Research Programs & Goals
  HIV/AIDS Prevention Center
• To explore social & behavioral
  aspects of HIV/AIDS among
  minority populations.
• Research focuses on factors that
  place minority population at risk.
• Culturally sensitive intervention
  programs are developed and tested.
   01-30-06              AAMU SBIR Conf   21
       Research Programs & Goals
   The NASA Research Center For
    Biotechnology & Environmental
• To understand the effects of the spacecraft
  environments on human and other organisms
• To develop standard countermeasures to
  optimize crew health, safety, & productivity.
• The center investigates the environmental
  toxicology of the space travel environment,
  using the cutting edge research tools of
  molecular biology, materials, chemistry,
  nanotechnology & computer modeling of
  molecular systems.
    01-30-06                      AAMU SBIR Conf   22
           Schools and Colleges
 1. Jesse H. Jones School of Business
 2. College of Education
 3. College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences
 4. Thurgood Marshall School of Law
 5. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
 6. School of Public Affairs
 7. College of Science and Technology
 8. College of Continuing Education
 9. Graduate School
 10.Tavis Smiley School of Communications
01-30-06               AAMU SBIR Conf                 23
           Jesse H. Jones School of Business
   • Department of Accounting and Finance
   • Department of Business Administration
   • JP Morgan Chase Center for Financial
   • Gerald B.Smith Center for Entrepreneurship
     & Executive Development

01-30-06              AAMU SBIR Conf           24
           College of Education
    • Department of Curriculum &
    • Department of Health & Human
    • Department of Counselor Education
    • Department of Education
      Administration & Foundations
01-30-06          AAMU SBIR Conf          25
    College of Science & Technology
•   Department of Biology
•   Department of Chemistry
•   Department of Computer Science
•   Department of Physics
•   Department of Engineering Technologies
•   Department of Mathematics
•   Department of Industrial Technologies
•   Department of Transportation Studies
01-30-06              AAMU SBIR Conf         26
    College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences
•   Department of Communications
•   Department of English and Foreign Languages
•   Department of Fine Arts
•   Department of History, Geography & Economics
•   Department of Human Services & Consumer Sciences
•   Department of Psychology
•   Department of Sociology
•   Department of Social Work
    01-30-06           AAMU SBIR Conf            27
College of College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

      • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Department of Pharmacy Practice
      • Department of Health Sciences

   01-30-06          AAMU SBIR Conf             28
              School of Public Affairs

           Department of Political Science
           Department of Admin & Justice
           Department of Urban Planning and
            Environmental Policy

01-30-06                AAMU SBIR Conf         29
               College of Continuing Education
•    English-As-A-Second Language (ESL)
•    Child Development Associate
•    Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Program
•    Professional Development Programs
•    Day Care Directorship Program
•    Computer Programming
•    Real Estate
    01-30-06               AAMU SBIR Conf        30
           Thurgood Marshall School of Law
           •   Legal Pedagogy Center
           •   Earl Carl Institute
           •   Environmental Law & Justice Center
           •   International & Immigration

01-30-06                 AAMU SBIR Conf         31
                Graduate School
           •   Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
           •   Doctor of Education (EdD)
           •   Master’s Degree
           •   Certification Programs

01-30-06             AAMU SBIR Conf         32
           Research Enhancements
           • Indirect Cost Sharing
           • Faculty Teaching Load
           • Research Faculty Line
           • New Faculty Hires
           • Seed/Start-Up Grants
           • Research Week Event
01-30-06           AAMU SBIR Conf    33
           Research Week

01-30-06      AAMU SBIR Conf   34
           Minority Tech Business

•    Technology Initiatives
•    Planning Approach
•    Identifying Qualified Minority Vendors
•    Building Relationships & Partnerships
•    Increase African American Participation

01-30-06           AAMU SBIR Conf          35
           Technology Initiatives
•    SBIR/STTR Initiative
•    Technology Transfer Capacity Building
•    Texas Emerging Technology Fund
•    Houston Energy Collaborative
•    Texas Entrepreneurship Network
•    ELI Campus wide Initiative
•    BioTech Commercialization
•    TSU Research Institute
01-30-06           AAMU SBIR Conf            36
            Processes & Plans
•    Organize Group
•    Establish Steering Committee
•    Formalize Consortium
•    Develop University/Min Bus/Prime Model
•    Recruit Sponsors and Collaborators
•    Test Model
01-30-06          AAMU SBIR Conf         37
                 Contact Us
Office of Research          Sponsored Programs
228 Hannah Hall             205 Hannah Hall
Call 713 313-7592           Call 713 313-7457
Fax 713 313-7594            Fax 713 313-7598
fordrl@tsu.edu              mami_gm@tsu.edu

01-30-06             AAMU SBIR Conf              38

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