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                                    a new logo!                                                                SUMMER 2005
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     Atlanta Habitat
    Homeowners Get                     Atlanta Habitat: Builder of the Year
      Money Smart                           This past January at their Annual gram, and being eager to be involved in
     In February 2005, Atlanta          Builder Breakfast, Southface Energy protecting the environment and con-
Habitat for Humanity began offer-       Institute honored Atlanta Habitat for tributing to the affordability of homes at
ing the free FDIC series, Money         Humanity with a Non-Profit Builder of the same time."
Smart: An Adult Education               the Year Award. The honor came just                       The EarthCraft House program,
Program, to its homeowners. The         after Atlanta Habitat completed its first administered by Southface, offers guide-
results of a 2004 survey conducted      year       building all                                              lines for the construction
by the homeowner services depart-       EarthCraft       certified                                           of healthy, comfortable
ment revealed that homeowners           homes that protect the                                               homes that protect the
want to become more financially         environment, in addition                                             environment         while
savvy. Atlanta Habitat is grateful
to The Rockdale Foundation for
                                        to being affordable and                                              reducing utility bills.
funding the research to determine       easy to maintain for                                                 EarthCraft House is
what program would best benefit         homeowners.       Atlanta                                            attractive to Atlanta
homeowners.                             Habitat        Executive                                             Habitat because it pro-
     Chiquita Board, a certified        Director    Larrie     Del                                           vides affordable solutions
Money Smart facilitator and con-        Martin and Construction                                              to make homes certifiably
sultant with DeKalb County              Director Ray Maynard                                                 green. Also, EarthCraft
Extension Services, has met             were in attendance at the                                            homes keep energy and
monthly with homeowners at              breakfast and were excit-                                            water bills low for resi-
Atlanta Habitat to cover topics on      ed to receive the award.                                             dents, which aligns with
money management. Topics are            "It was so nice to be                                                Atlanta Habitat's empha-
divided into six segments includ-       acknowledged for all our                                             sis on responsible home
ing family budgets/spending,            hard      work,"      said Left to right: Southface Program Manager maintenance and finan-
credit, banking services, checking      Maynard. "This award is Mark Newey, Atlanta Habitat Construction cial management.
account management, personal                                         Director Ray Maynard and Executive
                                        a great honor and Director Larrie Del Martin just after pres-               One of the most
savings,        and      consumer
rights/avoiding fraud.                  inspires us to continue entation of Atlanta Habitat's Builder of the cost effective elements of
     Participants who complete          our commitment to green Year Award.                                  Atlanta           Habitat's
four or more segments receive cer-      building," added Martin.                                             EarthCraft program is the
tificates of completion qualifying          Southface Program Manager, Mark environmental education component.
them for local credit union mem-        Newey, shared why Atlanta Habitat Houseleaders educate homebuyers and
bership and free or discounted          earned the award. "The immediate suc- volunteers about the benefits of environ-
services such as income tax prepa-      cess of Atlanta Habitat's program for mentally sound building practices, and
ration and wealth coaching.             building EarthCraft certified homes is evi- provide tips to keep energy bills low.
Approximately 20 Atlanta Habitat        dence that green building can be feasible                   Atlanta Habitat decided to
homeowners will graduate from           for companies across the spectrum of become an EarthCraft certified builder to
the first Money Smart session in        home construction, from the high-end offer homebuyers the best investment
July. A second session will be held     market to more affordable homes. possible. In the near future, Atlanta
monthly, July through December.         Atlanta Habitat has established itself as a Habitat will continue its green commit-
     The success of the program is      leader in the green building community ment through upgrading the SEER rating
assessed by what homeowners
apply in their lives. Before and
                                        by building small, affordable high per- of air conditioning systems and negotiat-
after each module, participants         formance homes. This is a result of the ing with vendors about in-kind donations
evaluate their level of knowledge       Atlanta Habitat staff, homeowners and of more energy efficient windows and
and provide comments.          The      volunteers embracing the EarthCraft pro- doors.
words of one participant best
express the goal of the program, "I
now have a purpose and a mission        Our Mission
for my money." Atlanta Habitat          Atlanta Habitat for Humanity partners with low-income working families, sponsors
applauds its homeowners for striv-      and communities to build affordable quality homes and to provide support services
ing to be Money Smart.                  that promote successful home purchase and ownership.
                                                                       Executive Director’s Report
                                                                       Larrie Del Martin
HOMEFRONT is an informational
newsletter produced three times each year for
donors, sponsors, volunteers and friends of
Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, one of the
                                                                          Already this summer, Atlanta Habitat is halfway to its
largest builders of affordable single-family                       2005 goal of building 50 affordable, attractive, EarthCraft cer-
homes in Atlanta.                                tified houses, but that's not the full story.
                                                      In this newsletter, you will read about some of our special house builds,
             Amy Macklin                         from "Congress Building America" with Representative John Lewis to our
                                                 annual Women Build effort. It takes many volunteers to build Atlanta
          MANAGING EDITOR                        Habitat homes with and for hardworking families, and we are proud of the
            Justine Brantley
                                                 sponsors and volunteers who enable these exciting projects!
            CONTRIBUTORS                              In addition to building houses, we work with families to help them
     Melissa Bowman, Justine Brantley,           become successful homeowners. One of our newest programs is the
      Melanie Johnson, Tim Johnson,              Financial Education Project utilizing the FDIC's Money Smart program. It's a
     Amy Macklin, Larrie Del Martin,
          Judy Park, Jill Redman,                win-win prospect for our families to learn ways to manage their resources
     Denise Rogers, Tiffany Scaparotti           and build wealth. We are indeed excited about this initiative in partnership
                                                 with DeKalb County Cooperative Extension Service.
    Fletcher Martin Ewing and Grizzard
                                                      Also new this year is a pilot project to help some long-term Habitat
                                                 homeowners refurbish the outside of their homes with a "Brush with
       LAYOUT AND PRINTING                       Kindness." This effort involves volunteers who are willing to partner with
              Grizzard                           homeowners to repaint the outside of their houses. In addition to putting in
           MAIL PROCESSING                       the sweat equity, the homeowners pay for the materials. As a result, the
                Grizzard                         families' homes get a "fresh look" with just a small outlay of funds because of
                                                 willing helpers! We will keep you posted on this project.
               DEADLINES                              Another first was our Community Appreciation Event. Atlanta Habitat
       Please send story ideas and/or
    photographs by the first Monday of           invited community leaders, elected officials and neighborhood activists to
        January, May or October to               our warehouse to celebrate the neighborhoods where we build. It was a spe-         cial night, and I enjoyed seeing and speaking with many of our long-time
                                                 and new friends whose neighborhoods are being revitalized with the help of
           Larrie Del Martin                     numerous people, including Atlanta Habitat's homeowners!
                                                      As we look to the latter half of 2005, we know there is much to be done.
       BOARD OF DIRECTORS                        It takes all of us to support and improve the lives of working families and
        Linda Arnold Parrish, Chair
          Dan Maddox, Vice Chair                 communities. Please be aware that we need your help more than ever before
     Thomas J. McMahon, Secretary                - whether it's in the form of direct funding, in-kind donations or advocating
         Dan Pattillo, Jr., Treasurer            for our efforts to provide affordable homeownership.
    Phillip A. Bradley, General Counsel
     Mary T. Benton, Dan Boone, III,
                                                      Let me close by reassuring you that the media reports about Linda and
     Danny Branch, Adrienne Findley,             Millard Fuller and Habitat for Humanity International will not affect our
         John Goff, Mary N. Long,                activities or commitment to serve others. All of us at Atlanta Habitat admire
     Arthur McClung, Mark Pighini,               the Fullers' remarkable contributions to the ministry which they founded and
     Melanie Platt, Donald R. Ramon,
     Kevin G. Salwen, Polly Simpson,             led for many years, but the message that I want to leave with you is that our
      Ruby Swann, Gregory Worthy                 work goes on. Our focus has been and will continue to be on the wonderful
                                                 mission of Habitat for Humanity to serve hardworking families through
          ADVISORY COUNCIL                       affordable homeownership opportunities in the City of Atlanta.
             Barbara Reid, Chair
  Saleemah Abdulghafur, Frank Alexander,
       Tom Chapel, H. James Dallas,                 Thank you once again for your continuing generous support and for your
    William M. Earnest, Kathy Harber,            heartfelt concern for others.
        Darryl Hicks, Carol Jackson,
       Katharine Kelley, Charlie King,
     John McColl, Charlie McDonald,
       James O. Rogers, Alexis Scott,
           Jim Sibley, Steve Smith,
      J. Ron Terwilliger, Sue Wieland,           P.S. Please read the enclosed article for details about how Habitat for
             Donna C. Williams                        Humanity International events have impacted this Atlanta affiliate.
      519 Memorial Drive, SE                    Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing
        Atlanta, GA 30312
       Phone (404) 223-5180                     and to making adequate shelter a matter of conscience and action. Atlanta Habitat for Humanity has an
        Fax (404) 223-5103                      open-door policy: all who desire to be a part of this work are welcome regardless of religion, race, sex,
                                                national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, marital status, age or veteran status as protected by
                                                law. This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, financial supporters and homebuyer applicants.

                                                                       Page 2
   Homeowner Profile: "Money Smarts" for the Next Generation
        Alphonsine Mfwamba has would be able to teach a Money                    line of work.
   accomplished a great deal since Smart class rather than be a stu-                  Tshitshi, who will soon be
   moving from the Congo to the dent. "It never hurts to have more               transferring to Georgia Tech to
   United States nearly six years ago. knowledge," he said. Pidgi, who           complete      his    undergraduate
   For the last five years, she has been has accounts with a local bank and      degree, is working his way through
   a member of Our Lady of Lourdes credit union, does not believe in             college while living at home with
   Church, which has sponsored debt. "I've learned from my job that              mom. This works out well for both,
   seven Atlanta Habitat for                                                         as he saves on expenses, and
   Humanity homes. As soon as                                                        Alphonsine has help around
   she heard about Atlanta                                                           the house. Presently they are
   Habitat, Alphonsine became a                                                      working on the landscaping. "It
   volunteer. In the last five                                                       used to be the worst yard on the
   years she has contributed to                                                      street, but now it is the best,"
   the construction of several                                                       Alphonsine shared with a shy
   homes including her own in                                                        smile, while Tshitshi looked on
   2003.                                                                             proudly.
        When Alphonsine told her                                                         During a Money Smart
   sons, Pidgi, 29, and Tshitshi,                                                    class last May, facilitator
   21, that they should attend the                                                   Chiquita Board of DeKalb
   Money Smart classes with her,                                                     Cooperative Extension Services,
   they did not hesitate. Mother                                                     and guest speaker Beverly
   and sons have attended the           Homeowner and Money Smart participant,       Dabney of Washington Mutual
   classes faithfully since Atlanta             Alphonsine Mfwamba.                  Bank's              Community
   Habitat first offered them in                                                     Development Department, pre-
   February of 2005. When asked his people do not value their credit rep-        sented Alphonsine with gifts
   personal motivation for attending utation as they should. They take           including an inspirational book,
   the class, Tishitshi, an engineering on too much consumer debt; that's        financial file organizer, and desk
   student at Atlanta Metropolitan how they end up dealing with me.              clock to recognize her for "taking
   College replied, "I like to learn and I want my credit report to be clean,    her knowledge to the next genera-
   to discover. I'm trying to copy my clean, clean," he stated emphatical-       tion" by inspiring her sons to partic-
   mother."                              ly. Pidgi views the knowledge he        ipate in the Money Smart class.
        One might think that Pidgi, a has acquired from the Money                Alphonsine has begun a legacy
   collections       manager        with Smart class as "icing on the cake"      with her sons that Atlanta Habitat
   CompuCredit for nearly six years, and helpful for advancing in his            is proud to recognize.

Celebrating Atlanta's Neighborhoods
    In March, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity hosted an         force      housing,
event to celebrate Atlanta's neighborhoods. More than        approaches for fill-
70 community residents, leaders of community organiza-       ing the need and
tions, local government and businesses gathered to laud      their commitments
the collaborative spirit of Atlanta neighborhoods, as well   to       promoting
as the City's commitment to workforce housing.               affordable home-
    Community leaders spoke about the positive impact        ownership. Sharon
affordable housing, and particularly the work of Atlanta     Collins, a longtime
Habitat, has on their neighborhoods. Speakers included       Atlanta     Habitat Atlanta City Councilmember Caesar Mitchell
President of South Atlanta Civic League Nellie Springs,      homeowner and speaks with a neighborhood resident. Other
                                                                                  guests mingle in the background.
Former President of Adair Park Community                     Chair     of     the
Empowerment Association Dr. Perry Thornton, and CEO          Mechanicsville Civic Association, closed the event with
of Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association              poignant remarks about the positive impact homeowner-
LaShawn Hoffman.                                             ship has had on her family.
    In addition, President of the Atlanta City Council           The evening was an inspiration for all attendees,
Lisa Borders, Atlanta City Councilmember Ceasar              affirming their commitment to their neighborhoods and
Mitchell and Chair of the Fulton County Commission           affordable homeownership.
Karen Handel, each addressed the City's need for work-
                                                        Page 3
Marist Women Build More Than Homes
                                                                                   Georgia First Lady Mary Perdue worked alongside the
                                                                                   Marist crew throughout the day to show her support for
                                                                                   their endeavors. Over three years, the women of Marist
                                                                                   have made a significant impact on the community
                                                                                   though building affordable homes and lasting relation-
                                                                                      Marist Women Build Committee Chair and Marist
                                                                                   mother, Cathy Belatti shared proud reflections in a letter
                                                                                   thanking her fellow volunteers for their hard work. Her
                                                                                   sentiments are characteristic of Atlanta Habitat spon-
                                                                                        Since that day three years ago when we dedicated [our
                                                                                    first] house, we have been building much more than houses.
                                                                                    Over that time we have built a unique program known
                                                                                    throughout the community as Marist Women Build. It has
Left to right: Mary Perdue, Dimitra Evans and family pose for a morning snapshot
                                                                                    come to embody the very essence of community involvement
before getting to work.                                                            and serves as a shining example to our families, especially our
                                                                                   children, of what it means to be a Christian. We have begun to
    This past spring, mothers and daughters from area
                                                                                   build a culture where service is the cornerstone and inclusion,
Marist School gathered to build their third home with
                                                                                   tolerance, and acceptance are the building blocks. It is a culture
Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. They rallied sponsors and
                                                                                   that extends beyond the borders of Marist School and our own
volunteers from various organizations and corporations,
                                                                                   individual homes. One which expresses our commitment to
including Lowe's Home Improvement Stores, the nation-
                                                                                   providing greater opportunity in our city, while challenging
wide underwriter of Habitat's Women Build Program, to
                                                                                   others to do the same.
help. Homebuyer Dimitra Evans, thrilled to team up
                                                                                        May each of you find a great sense of peace and joy in what
with Marist women to build her home, recalled, "When I                             you have done until it is time for us to raise our hammers again
got the call that women would be building my house, I                              and bang out the next chapter in the wonderful history of
knew that ladies would want it perfect!" One Saturday,                             Marist Women Build.

Congressman Lewis Dons Hard Hat, Swings Hammer
     In February, U.S. Representative John Lewis (5th District -
Georgia) and a dozen of his local staffers worked with community
volunteers and a new homebuyer as part of Habitat for Humanity
International's Congress Building America program. Clark
Howard, Andersen Corporation, a national program underwriter,
First Preston Management and HomeVestors sponsored the home's
     The Congressman donned a hard hat and work gloves for a day
to help Siraje Yusuf, Senedu Dechasa and their daughter Hikema
build a new home. "Owning a home is an important way for fami-
lies to create a strong economic future," commented Lewis. He con-
tinued, "It is a vital part of the American dream that opens the doors
                                                                                    John Lewis       with homebuyers Senedu Dechasa and
of economic equality and opportunity. I cannot think of a better way Congressmanand sponsorsposes post dedication photograph.
                                                                       Siraje Yusuf            for a
to spend a Saturday than making a part of that dream come true."
     Congress Building America was designed to highlight the
importance of volunteerism, to produce new, affordable single-family homes and to strengthen the network of afford-
able housing supporters.
     Congressman Lewis led a dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of the house on March 12th.
Representatives from Andersen Corporation and local franchisees of HomeVestors, were also in attendance.

                                                                              Page 4
Farewell to Outstanding Board Members
    Atlanta Habitat is grateful to departing        participated in the Jimmy Carter Work Camp of
Board Members Alan Arnold, Sue Wieland and          1988, the "Building an Atlanta Legacy" project
John McColl for their passion, commitment and       (constructing 100 homes prior to the 1996
generosity. Thanks to their involvement, the        Olympics), the development of Browns Mill,
organization is strong, healthy and viable and      Atlanta Habitat's first subdivision begun in
we salute them for their service.                   1997, and the 2002 "Street Where Dreams Come
    Alan Arnold stepped into a leadership role      True" project in South Atlanta. That same year,
nine years ago as General Counsel. Later, he        when John received the Hearthstone Builder
joined the Board and served as the                  Lifetime Public Service Award, he and Sue des-          Alan Arnold
Development Committee Chair and then as             ignated Atlanta Habitat as the recipient of
Secretary. Alan is a capable, energetic construc-   $50,000 accompanying the award.
tion volunteer, joining fellow parishioners of          Like Sue, John McColl has served on the
All Saints' Episcopal Church. Alan frequently       Board for six years. His expertise in real estate
oversaw Atlanta Habitat's home dedications,         development and finance has been invaluable.
always with heartfelt passion and inspiration.      John was never shy about asking rigorous ques-
His wife, Susan, also a devoted supporter, most     tions and challenging Board and staff members
notably through the WomenBuild projects, reg-       to set high expectations. He served on the
ularly joined him. Executive Director Larrie Del    Finance Committee, playing an instrumental
Martin shares, "Alan has been a steadfast mem-      role in helping the organization run a tight ship.
ber on our board, serving in various leadership     John also enjoyed swinging a hammer on con-             Sue Wieland
capacities and setting an example for others        struction sites with both First Presbyterian
through his generous contributions of time and      Church and Bank of America. John actively
resources."                                         recruited Board Members, was involved in
    Sue Wieland has been a wise and dedicated       the"Building Firm Foundations" capital cam-
member of the Board for six years. Together         paign, and has given generous financial gifts to
with her husband, John, and the company John        Atlanta Habitat. Martin states, "John McColl
Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, they have          has led us to new heights with his support and
had a tremendous impact on Atlanta Habitat's        enthusiasm. We are forever grateful that he has
success. According to Martin, "At every junc-       given his time and skills to Atlanta Habitat's
ture during our initial 22 years, the Wielands      mission."
have helped us move to a new plateau." They                                                                 John McColl

                                                                      800th Home!
                                                                       Atlanta City Councilmember Cleta Winslow
                                                                       presents Clark Howard with a proclamation
                                                                       from the City at the March dedication of the
                                                                       20th home he sponsored. Howard's 20th
                                                                       home is also Atlanta Habitat's 800th home
                                                                       built in the City of Atlanta.

                                                        Page 5
                                                            Foundation 1000 Members
                              Foundation 1000 is Atlanta Habitat's premier group of donors. Members contribute $1,000 or more annually to ensure that
                          home construction and homeowner services can continue. Atlanta Habitat is deeply grateful to each generous member. We will
                          be honoring them at our annual Foundation 1000 Reception, to be held this fall at the Arthur M. Blank Family Office.
                                                                    McMaster-Carr Supply Company                                      Michael and Pamela Giles                                           Bo and Kirsta Oglesby
                          $10,000 and above                         National Air Traffic Controllers                                  Katherine and Michael Gillin                                       Steve and Lee Olsen
                          Edwina Faulk Cox
                                                                          Association Charitable Fdtn.                                Jacquelyn L. Goodman                                               Daniel and Nancy O'Neill
                             Catherine Faulk Dorn
                                                                    Paul B. and Mildred Seydel Foundation, Inc.                       The Graves Foundation                                              Linda and Trey Parrish
                             H. Les Faulk
                                                                    Randy Pirkle                                                      Richard and Debbie Griffiths                                       Solon and Marianna Patterson
                             John Hughey Faulk
                                                                    The Robert S. Elster Foundation                                   Harvey and Alice Henson                                            Dan and Joan Pattillo
                             Jan Faulk Rogers
                                                                    The Weber Family Foundation                                       Michael and Nancy Henson                                           Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
                          Edward Colston Foundation
                                                                    Weissman, Nowack, Curry and Wilco, P.C.                           William Hipp                                                       Bill and Brooke Pendleton
                          Martha N. Caldwell
                                                                    Sue and John Wieland                                              The Hollingsworth Family Fund                                      Jeffrey N. Pennell
                          Joen Fagan
                                                                    David Wilson and Melody Wilder Wilson                             Nancy and David Hudak                                              Melanie Platt
                          Norman and Adrienne Findley
                                                                                                                                      Donna and James Huling                                             Polysius Corporation
                          The Hammill Family Foundation
                                                                    $1,000 to $2,499                                                  Drs. Donald and Sandra Jewell                                      Don and Karen Ramon
                          Lewis and Faye Manderson
                                                                    Brian and Lauren Adams                                            Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta                               Barbara and Ron Reid
                          Charlotte Montague and Tom Shields
                                                                    AGL, Inc.                                                         John and Maria Doukas Foundation, Inc.                             Richard G. Murphy Trust
                          Mr. and Mrs. William Vogel
                                                                    Joan and Frank Alexander                                          Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Johnson                                    Robert and Laura Rosen
                                                                    Anonymous (1)                                                     Robert and Rebecca Kennedy                                         Kevin and Joan Salwen
                          $5,000 to $9,999                          Alan and Susan Arnold                                             The Kibler Foundation                                              SawHorse, Inc.
                          Atlanta Capital Management Co., LLC
                                                                    AT&T                                                              Marianna and M. Todd King                                          Virginia Schwatel
                          Dan and Virginia Boone, III
                                                                    Glenn and Sherri Austin                                           Vera M. Kouder                                                     Richard and Anne Schweitzer
                          John and Susan Burch
                                                                    Rhea Barrett                                                      Kurt Salmon Associates                                             The Seattle Foundation
                          The Eugene and Martha Caldwell
                                                                    Ellen and Duncan Beard                                            Martha M. Lang                                                     Jack and Trisha Senterfitt
                                                                    Mary and Terrell Benton                                           William and Eleanor Lawrence                                       Bill and Carolyn Silzle
                          Holy Spirit Catholic Church
                                                                    Brad and Mary Benton                                              The Ledlie Group                                                   Michael and Michelle Sobel
                          Iowa Annual Conference of the United
                                                                    James and Christine Bird                                          Scott and Emilie Long                                              Dante Stephensen
                                Methodist Church
                                                                    Judith Bodner                                                     Dan and Deborah Maddox                                             Mr. and Mrs. Alex R. Stickney, Jr.
                          Key Professional Media, Inc.
                                                                    Danny Branch                                                      Dan and Joann Maddox                                               Raymond and Theresa Stuermer
                          Marstrand Foundation
                                                                    Buffington Family Foundation                                      Jere and Jane Martin                                               Thomas H. Lanier Foundation
                                                                    Dianne and Ken Cannestra                                          Bob and Joan Mathews                                               Christine Thompson
                          $2,500 to $4,999                          Dena and Michael Castellon                                        S.J. Matrangos Construction, Inc.                                  Marilyn Thompson
                          Gaby and Genevieve Ajram
                                                                    Marguerite M. Cato                                                John and Lee McColl                                                Bob and Nancy Trusty
                          Anonymous (1)
                                                                    John R. Cleveland                                                 Matthew and Laura McKenna                                          Bill Tyler
                          Dave and Tammy Artosky
                                                                    Cecil and Amy Conlee                                              Thomas McMahon                                                     Thomas McGowan and Malinda Teel
                          Decatur Presbyterian Church
                                                                    James and Celest Dallas                                           Bill and Marnie McMurry                                            Marnie Walski
                          David and Catherine Dixon
                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. F. Tread Davis, Jr.                                  McNeight Family Foundation                                         Ronald and Lavone Wichman
                          Georgia Association of Family, Career &
                                                                    Duluth High School Habitat for Humanity                           Lynn and Alan Merrill                                              Virginia Wohlford
                                Community Leaders of America
                                                                    Bill and Eve Earnest                                              Chris and Jill Moore                                               Elizabeth Wolf
                          Cathy Harper and Phillip Bradley
                                                                    Durward Fincher                                                   Anna M. Nagy                                                       Gregory Worthy
                          J & T Management, Inc./Environmentally
                                                                    Patrick Fleming                                                   Nehemiah Corporation of America
                                Beneficial Corp.
                                                                    Flohr Family Foundation                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Norman
Laura Heath Photography

                                                                                                                                                                  Laura Heath Photography
                                                                                Laura Heath Photography

                          Drs. Donald and Sandra Jewell chat with consumer                                Foundation 1000 member Judith Vogel and the                                       Left to right: Alan Arnold, Polly and Charles Simpson
                          advocate Clark Howard at last October's Foundation                              Governor at last October's Foundation 1000 Reception.                             and Susan Arnold at last October's Foundation 1000
                          1000 Reception.                                                                                                                                                   Reception.

                          If you are interested in joining Foundation 1000, please contact the development office at 404-223-5180, ext. 114. List compiled for Foundation
                          1000 members from January 2004 to April 2005. Please notify the development office of any omissions or errors.

                                                                                                                               Page 6
                                  Thank You Foundations!
   The following foundations awarded generous grants to Atlanta Habitat for Humanity to support affordable
housing in the City. Atlanta Habitat wishes to offer sincere and heartfelt thanks for such outstanding support.
$100,000 and above                                                         $25,000 to $99,999
City of Atlanta/U.S. Department of Housing and                             The Forrest C. Lattner Foundation, Inc.
    Urban Development                                                      John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc.
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta                                          The Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999                                                         $1,000 to $9,999
Atlanta Foundation                                                         EDM Schachner Foundation, Inc.
Richard C. Munroe Foundation                                               Frances Hollis Brain Foundation
Imlay Foundation, Inc.                                                     Warrick Dunn Foundation
The David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund                                 The Weber Family Foundation
The Dobbs Fund
Grants made between January 2004 and April 2005. Please notify the development office at 404-223-1580, ext. 114, of any omissions or errors.

                                                       Enthusiastic Businesses Provide Great Gift
                                                       advice about acquiring a new fleet           According to Larrie Del Martin,
                                                       truck. Without hesitation the response   Atlanta Habitat's Executive Director,
                                                       was, "We can get one for you!"           "Atlanta Habitat is accustomed to
                                                           Manheim, the largest and highest     having 10-year old trucks, with
                                                       volume wholesale automobile auction      200,000 miles on them that break
                                                       company in the world, had one ready      down with some frequency. This
Atlanta Habitat Construction Director Ray Maynard in   for delivery within weeks. In April,     donation is so valuable, and will help
the beautiful new donated truck.
                                                       Atlanta Habitat staff picked up a        us to be more efficient as we transport
    Nearly 300 employees represent-                    shiny (nearly) new Ford F-150 at the     the materials necessary to build
ing 12 Cox-owned companies came                        Georgia Dealers Auto Auction. The        affordable homes."
together to build an Atlanta Habitat                   donation was made in cooperation             Atlanta Habitat is tremendously
house earlier this year. Their support                 with          sister        company,     grateful     to      Manheim       and
did not stop there, though. Atlanta          , the internet's lead- for this generous
Habitat approached staff from                          ing auto classifieds marketplace and     donation, and to the all of the behind-
Manheim and, two                        comprehensive consumer informa-          the-scenes folks that helped to make it
of the participating companies, to ask                 tion website.                            possible.

                     Unique Partnership Wins Award
       The National Lowe’s Heroes administrators recognized the
   Atlanta Habitat/Lowe’s Heroes program with a first place award and
   a $2,000 contribution.
       Last summer, associates from 27 Atlanta-area Lowe's stores
   showed their commitment to the community. Recognizing that pre-
   ventable accidents are a national problem, Lowe's employees, through
   the Lowe's Heroes program, set out to tackle the problem at the local
   level. Lowe's Heroes volunteers worked with Atlanta Habitat staff Jill
   Redman and Felicia Clayton to facilitate home safety equipment
   installation in nearly 250 Atlanta Habitat homes.
       More than 200 local store employees installed carbon monoxide Safety equipment was loaded into Lowe's trucks to be
                                                                          delivered to Habitat homeowners throughout the City.
   and smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, non-skid treads for bathtubs,
   night lights, and more, valued at more than $100 per home. Lowe's Heroes volunteers also led a home safety
   workshop for Atlanta Habitat homebuyers.

                                                                      Page 7
     New Logo Symbolizes the                                          Upcoming Events:
             Habitat Mission                                                             Golf Marathon
                                   Atlanta Habitat for                   Please join Atlanta Habitat this fall for the 5th
                             Humanity is excited to join            Annual Drive it Home Golf Marathon. With your help,
                             affiliates around the world            this will be the best golf event yet - our fundraising goal
in launching a new logo to promote a consistent image               is $50,000! We need 74 golfers to play 54 holes. Instead
for the organization.          Habitat for Humanity                 of paying an entry fee, golfers secure pledges (per hole or
International is rolling out the new logo in conjunction            flat rate donation), and then simply show up to play.
with its 30th anniversary and the completion of the                 There are many ways to get involved in addition to golf-
200,000th Habitat home worldwide, housing one million               ing: be a sponsor, volunteer on the planning committee
people.                                                             or volunteer the day of the event. Besides a day of fun,
    The logo's creation was a team effort that sprung               100% of the proceeds will help build a home with and for
from suggestions from Habitat affiliates and national               a hardworking Atlanta family.
offices around the world. The new logo will enhance
Habitat's nearly $2-billion brand value, as established by                              Shopping Benefit
Interbrand, an organization that analyzes brand value.                  Bloomingdale's Lenox Square and Bloomingdale's
The group found that while 90 percent of Americans rec-             Perimeter Mall will host The Shopping Benefit on
ognize the name Habitat for Humanity, only 10 percent               Thursday, October 27. The event will feature 15 - 20 per-
recognize the former primary logo.                                  cent storewide savings, fashion shows, kids' activities,
    "The new logo symbolizes volunteerism and the                   product demonstrations and more. You can shop, save
community spirit of neighbors helping neighbors," said              and support affordable housing by buying a $10 ticket
Paul Leonard, HFHI's chief executive officer. "The                  from Atlanta Habitat. To make your donation go further,
roofline represents shelter, to be sure, but also symbol-           Bloomingdale's will donate an extra $5 to Atlanta
izes the Habitat mission, under which people of all races,          Habitat if you buy your ticket in advance.
ages and religious beliefs come together for the common
good. Habitat's name is prominently featured in the                      To get involved in either event, contact the Volunteer
logo, and the three forms united together as one also rep-          and Special Events Manager at 404-223-5180, ext. 113 or
resents the Trinity and Habitat's Christian foundation."            at

                       AmeriCorps Support
                                 Three      have two AmeriCorps*VISTA mem-
                          AmeriCorps        bers. VISTA stands for Volunteer In
                          members have      Service To America, and members help
                        been working        establish sustainable projects, with the
                       for        Atlanta   ultimate goal of eliminating poverty.
                     Habitat since last          Tommy Branch has served as a
                 October. AmeriCorps is     VISTA in the Real Estate Department.          Left to right: AmeriCorps members Timothy
a network of national service programs      He created a photo catalog of all the         Johnson, Bryan Wiggins and Mark Honeycutt.
created in 1993 to provide Americans        houses built during Atlanta Habitat's
an opportunity to serve through non-        23 years, initiated an Acquisition-
profits, public agencies, and faith-based   Demolition program and researched
organizations.                              vacant land holdings. Melanie Johnson
    Timothy Johnson has served as the       is a VISTA in the Homeowner Services
Volunteer Administrator, recruiting         Department. She oversees the Money
and managing hundreds of volunteers         Smart program and the Consumer
each week. Mark Honeycutt and Bryan         Credit Counseling Pilot Program, in
Wiggins have served as Assistant            addition to providing other financial
Houseleaders, participating in the day-     education information to homeowners.         Left to right: AmeriCorps*VISTA members Tommy
to-day tasks of the home-building                Atlanta Habitat gratefully recog-       Branch and Melanie Johnson.
process. In addition to their work at       nizes and thanks Tim, Mark, Bryan,
                                                                                        cations for AmeriCorps positions to
Atlanta Habitat, AmeriCorps members         Tommy and Melanie for devoting a
                                                                                        begin in August, including Assistant
perform a community service project         year of their lives to service benefiting
                                                                                        Houseleader      and      Volunteer
and participate in other regional           the Atlanta community and its resi-
                                                                                        Administrator. For more information,
AmeriCorps activities.                      dents.
    Atlanta Habitat is also fortunate to         Atlanta Habitat is accepting appli-
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