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									SBS research
Premium Environment
SBS Really Short Breaks

SBS has recognised the clutter problem in the current
media landscape and created SBS Really Short
Breaks to achieve greater results for all brands on the
Just 5 minutes of commercial content an hour and a
maximum of just two 60 second commercial breaks in
each half hour program delivers your clients the
opportunity to stand apart.

“Getting rid of two or three preceding ads may have
the same effect as buying an additional spot”
                                                          In a really short break consumers are delivered
                    JAMES GULPIN & PHIL GULLEN            commercial messages in an environment where they
                                          Carat Insight   can stand apart from their competitors to achieve that
                                                          much desired cut through.
                                                          When you think about it, the solution makes sense.
                                                          SBS delivers you, as a media professional, the
                                                          opportunity to deliver a campaign strategy that will
                                                          achieve the best results for your brand.
                                                          These results are supported by a range of local and
                                                          international studies.

The Benefits
Quantifiable Benefits

SBS continues to collate the best of local and
international research on clutter to continue to provide
through leadership to the industry in the benefits of this
unique advertising environment.
Studies ensure that the results, while making logical
sense, are quantifiable to both media professionals
and their clients.
SBS has also undertaken a series of research projects
to progressively extend the depth and scope of
research about the benefits of the advertising

Really Short Breaks Supporting Research
                                                                  The results of the research have illustrated and
   Year                                                           measured how the SBS environment delivers a range
                                                                  of key benefits to advertisers including higher recall,
            Effect of clutter on consumer recall of advertising
   2006                        (Nielsen/CAB)                      more attentive consumers, better engagement and
                                                                  more effective sponsorships.
             Consumer ad avoidance behaviour triggered by
   2007                   ad clutter (                     Each of these studies have been undertaken by
             Measure of impact of low clutter environment on
                                                                  market leaders in their area to ensure there is a full
   2008     consumer engagement and return on investment.         picture of the benefits of using SBS in your media

The Benefits study, was commissioned by SBS in 2007 to conduct ad avoidance study results
a study into the effect of break length on viewer ad
                                                                Demographic                   Result
avoidance. Using a sample of 1500 viewers, ad
avoidance was measured over 3 nights of viewing, for      People 25 - 54                45% more attention
the commercial networks and SBS.                          People OG1 (AB)               47% more attention
                                                          Men 16 - 39                  100%+ more attention

                                                         The results of the study were clear: SBS Really Short
                                                         Breaks deliver far greater attention to ad breaks and
                                                         much lower levels of active and passive avoidance.
                                                         When the breaks on the other networks are examined
                                                         it is clear they contain many more opportunities for
The study set out to measure viewer behavior
                                                         consumer ad avoidance with each additional impact a
across three different demographics:
                                                         trigger for the viewer to tune out.
People OG1 (AB), a demographic valuable to
                                                         The study was consistent with contemporary
advertisers, and a large part of the SBS core audience
                                                         Australian studies, notably the Australian
People 25-54 - the main planning and buying              Adnews/Emailcash study published in May 2007 and in
demographic for the vast majority of brands              field at the same time (April 2007).
Men 16-39- (study included a Monday night, which is      Channel changing behavior uncovered was the same
targeted at this demographic). This group are also       as the minute by minute viewer activity recorded by the
interesting because they are a demographic               OzTAM panel, including the variation in ad avoidance
notoriously quick with their remotes.                    behavior between demographics
The Benefits study

The study measured viewer activity during ad     Viewer behavior in a break is modeled below, using
breaks: if they kept watching, or if they engaged in    OzTAM minute by minute data in combination with the
some type of ad avoidance activity.                     SBS study, for a Monday night.
That type of activity is summarized in the diagram                                     Viewer activity during an ad break
                                                                                                                                 23% change
 Measured viewer responses to commercial break

  Worst                                    Best

                                                         AUD Men 16-39 (OzTAM SYD)
                                                                                                                                13% get up and
 Outcome                                  Outcome                                                                               leave the room
                            Stayed in
                Walked                                                                                                          41% stay, but do
  Changed                  room & did     Kept
                 away                                                                                                            something else
  channel                  something     watching
                from tv
                                                                                               86                               23% watch the

        Active Ad          Passive Ad   Attentive Ad
        Avoiders            Avoiders     watchers
                                                                                     42,000   7,700   7,900   7,800    44,900
Viewers either: actively avoided ad breaks by taking
action to change the channel or leave the room;
passively avoided the break, by doing something else;
or ideally for advertisers, kept watching the break.                                 20:16    20:18   20:19   20:20    20:22

                                                                                                 Hour & Minute (EST)
Premium Environment Study

“Our engagement problem is in the delivery. It’s in the
handoff of attentive consumers from media content to
advertising, and the frequent loss of attentiveness
along the way.”
                                         ERWIN EPHRON
                            Ephron, Papazian & Ephron, Inc

The study clearly illustrates the huge impact
that the delivery structure can have on your advertising

                                                             “The halo is time specific so if you’re coming out of a
                                                             really high engaging program the viewer’s brain will
                                                             still be buzzing after the first and second in break,
                                                             though start to slide by the third”
                                                                                                      STEVE WEAVER
                                                                                                 Research Director, Nine

                                                             This study clearly illustrates why SBS Really Short
                                                             Breaks which, by default, deliver premium placement
                                                             to advertisers have proven to be so effective in
                                                             achieving connections with consumers.


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