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					  The points outlined below will help you talk about your personal
experience at work placement.
  While working take notes of the information, data and whatever you will
need. Then within a week you will have come back to school, I’ll hear you
talking about all that.
  Moreover, underline if you felt prepared by the school, suggest us doing
other school activities you think necessary at work…
  Have you ever used a foreign language? Which one? On which
occasion? How did you manage it?
  Has this work placement helped you understand by any chance what you
are going to do in your “near” future?
  Are you satisfied with your work placement? Is/Was your tutor/manager/
boss satisfied with you? Will it be possible to work there in the future?
  What will you work on from the time you’ll come back till the end of the
year, so that you will feel ready either to go to university (knowing well
what to do) or for a job?

                                   WORK PLACEMENT

   1. general information about the company / Hotel / agency where you worked
       name
       location
   2.   working hours
   3.   manager / personnel
   4.   your relationship with them
   5.   your tasks
       dealing with people
       dealing with clients / retailers
       being involved with
       writing letters /faxes / e-mails
       answering the phone /making phone calls
       using computer
       using IT (information technology)
       using internet
       speaking English or other foreign languages
       other
   6. positive and/or negative aspects of your training experience

Employers place emphasis on academic or vocational qualifications and training.
Some of the personal qualities and skills below can be developed through training and experience
but others are closely related to individual personality. It is important to know one’s strengths and
weaknesses and to choose a job which is in harmony with them.
Polite and patient                        smart appearance                          energetic and hard-working
well organized                            good numeracy and literacy                self-confident
reliable and responsible                  skills                                    sensitive
able to work in a team                    outgoing personality                      taking decisions
good communication skills                 good sense of humour
leadership qualities                      resourceful

YOU NEED TO HAVE …                                         YOU NEED TO BE …
Leadership skills                                          Able to hold people’s attention
Computer skills                                            Accurate and precise in compiling information
Managerial skills                                          Sensitive and tactful
Sales and marketing skills                                 Calm under stress
Knowledge of foreign languages                             Flexible, ready to change plans
Knowledge of statistics                                    Enthusiastic
A clear speaking voice                                     Resourceful in an emergency
                                                           Reliable and trustworthy

   The following table lists some of the most common ways of expressing obligation.
  You have to work 40 hours a week.
  Pilots need to have good eyesight.
  You must be comfortable working with computers.
  Staff are expected to work in the evenings.
  Candidates are supposed to fill in an application form.
  You are obliged to wear a uniform.
  .It is essential / Important / necessary to be fluent in English.

     The following table lists common ways of expressing lack of obligation.
    You don’t have to / don’t need to pass any tests.
    Office staff are not expected to work at the weekend.
    It is not necessary to have any previous experience.

You must be ready, willing, able to instruct young holiday makers
dynamic motivated
discreet and tactful in delicate situations
showing enthusiasm and energy
good with figures
feeling confident about future
financial services sector
to possess initiative, vision and ambition
demanding job

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