Planning and Organizing a Successful Yard Sale

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					Planning and Organizing a Successful Yard Sale
A well-organized and well-planned yard sale is more appealing and makes it easier for shoppers to see what
you have for sale. After you've sorted through your belongings and decided what you're going to place in
your yard sale, take a moment to sit down and think through how you want to organize your items.
Categorize your items, as it demonstrates your hard work and forethought in planning your sale. Keep a
close eye on things throughout the course of the day, as you'll need to resort and re-categorize your things as
your items sell.
You can sort things into boxes when you're doing your initial sorting and purging. Grocery, liquor and
discount stores always have plenty of empty freight boxes, and they're usually free for the taking. Make
sure you gather several sizes to accommodate different items. As you
Take a box with you and survey your house and your belongings, place your unwanted items in the box until
it's full. Select a central location or room in your house to coordinate your sale items. Continue with this
process until you've sorted through all your belongings in both your home and garage. Be sure to go
through places like your drawers, closets, sheds, cupboards and your pantry. Don't forget your attic or
basement as well.
After you've gathered all your sale items, sort them into categories to group them into for your sale. This
can be done either by category or price. Periodically during your sale, move items that haven't sold to
another table or re-locate them on the same table. However, don't do this during times when you have lots of
traffic. If you notice certain categories of items are not selling as well as others, you might want to adjust
your prices accordingly or move them closer to the entrance to your sale so they are more visible to those
who drive by to see what goodies you have to offer.
After your sale is over, don't take the items back in your house. Contact your local rescue mission or charity
thrift store and make arrangements to donate your items. Most places will be happy to arrange a pickup
time to come by and haul your things away, and will give you a receipt you can use for a tax write-off.

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