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					                                    Visa to Russia

For your stay in Russia you need a VISA.

Please do not forget to apply for to your local Russian Consulate in a proper time. The earlier
you apply for your visa (at least 10 days before the date of your journey) the less you will pay
for your visa.

To obtain your visa you will need:
   • A valid passport (with minimum 6 months to expiry date)
   • 3 passport photos
   • Consulate Application Form
   • Invitation received from LENEXPO or your travel agent in original or fax copy depending
   on Consulate requirements

There are 2 ways to obtain your visa:

1. TOURIST VISA: you require an Invitation Letter and a Voucher/Booking Reference for
   your hotel accommodation from Lenexpo Travel Company or your travel agent. For your
   Invitation Letter please complete and return FORM 1 to us.

   To obtain your Voucher/Booking Reference please make your hotel reservation by
   choosing a hotel in the enclosed price list and sending us your request for accommodation
   FORM 2.

   Your Hotel booking and the support for your Tourist Visa must be made through the same
   travel company otherwise these documents will be illegal.

   Having fulfilled these requirements you can obtain a single entry visa valid maximum for 28
   days. Our Visa Support is free of charge but Consulate Fee will depend on the time you
   allow the Russian Consulate to prepare your Visa. In the Consulate Application Form the
   applicant should declare the purpose of visit as Tourism.

2. BUSINESS VISA: if you are planning to stay in Russia for more than 28 days or need a
   Business Visa we will arrange an official invitation for you from the Russian Federation
   Ministry of Internal Affairs which may take considerable time. In addition to personal data
   FORM 1 you should send us a copy of the Personal Information Page of your passport at
   least 40 days before the date of your Visa issue. Business Visa Support is payable (45 €)
   plus the Consulate Fee. In case your local Russian Embassy/Consulate needs the original
   of the Invitation we can send it by TNT Express mail to you with costs charged to you.

   If you have any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact Lenexpo.

                  +7 812 321 26 10
   Tel/fax                                         Tourist Visa         Lenexpo Travel Company
                  +7 812 321 26 78
    Tel           +7 812 321 26 17
                                                  Business Visa                Dmitri Burykin
    Fax           +7 812 321 26 18
                                                                                          FORM 1
Lenexpo Travel Company
103, Bolshoi pr. V.O., St. Petersburg, 199106, Russia
Tel/fax: +7 812 321 26 10/78

  I require (please tick) visa               1.Tourist Visa                  2. Business Visa

Important: The invitation will be issued by Lenexpo to all applicants on receipt of the following
personal data. Inaccurate information may cause delay or failure to issue your invitation. Therefore
please type or print clearly. For applications for more than one person please use a photocopy of this

 Surname:                                           First name:
 Citizenship:                                       Date of Birth:
 Passport No.:                               Expiry date:                          Sex:
 Date of Arrival:                                   Date of Departure:
 Exhibition/Conference Title & Dates:
 Company Name:
 Job Title:                                         Tel. No
 Contact                                            Fax No
 Person:                                            E-mail


 City where your visa will be issued:
 Does the Russian Embassy need original                       Original               Fax copy
 or fax copy of invitation for Business visa:

Date: __________________                   Signature: ___________________________

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