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National Guard’s role in a tribute to veterans
at Lambeau Field. Wisconsin National Guard
photo by Tech Sgt. Jon LaDue
                                              M                                                          From the TAG
                                                    erry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.                                                                        only present he wants for Christmas is his
                                                    As you would expect in a nation as                                                                         father to be home for the holiday. “But if
                                                    diverse as ours, the holiday season                                                                        you can’t do it, I’ll understand,” the poem
                                              is many things to many people. Many                                                                              continues. “Since Daddy’s been gone, I’m
                                              celebrate Christmas and this is our national                                                                     Mom’s little man. As you deliver your
                                              holiday, while others look forward to Ha-                                                                        presents, give a message from me — we
                                              nukkah and the festival of lights. For some,                                                                     gave up Christmas with Daddy so children
                                              the celebration is about Kwanzaa, and for                                                                        stay free.”

                                              others, the winter solstice. It is a season of                                                                       That is too great a gift not to acknowl-
                                              miracles, and it is a season of gifts.                                                                           edge, appreciate and honor.
                                                  It was gifts from home that led to the                                                                           In this era of persistent conflict, today’s
                                              Christmas Truce of 1914. According to                                                                            armed forces are being favorably compared
                                              one account, the good will nurtured by                                                                           to their counterparts from “The Great-
                                              food, warm clothing and letters from home                                                                        est Generation,” those who fought in and
  2009 Keith L. Ware Award winner             prompted the Germans in one area of the                                                                          endured World War II. I would like to close
2009 Thomas Jefferson Award winner            Western Front to suggest a cease fire on                                                                         with messages from two great leaders of
November-December 2010                        Christmas Eve in order to sing songs and                                                                         that conflict, Winston Churchill and Frank-
       Official Newsletter of the             celebrate an officer’s birthday. The sug-                                                                        lin D. Roosevelt.
 Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard        gestion came with a chocolate cake. The                                                                              “Let the children have their night of                     British forces accepted the invitation and                                                                       fun and laughter,” Churchill said during
                                              sent tobacco as a return gift. That night, in                                                                    a Christmas Eve address from the White
          The Adjutant General:               place of gunfire and artillery shells, sol-                                                                      House in 1941. “Let the gifts of Father
          Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar               diers on both sides traded songs and jokes.                                                                      Christmas delight their play. Let us grown-
     Deputy Adjutant General Army:            The next day, in parts of the No-Man’s                                                                           ups share to the full in their unstinted plea-
        Brig. Gen. Mark Anderson              Land between the trenches, Germans and                                                                           sures before we turn again to the stern task
      Deputy Adjutant General Air:
                                              British met and exchanged small gifts and                                                                        and the formidable years that lie before us,
         Brig. Gen. John McCoy                pleasantries. A British major in the medical                                                                     resolved that, by our sacrifice and daring,
                                              corps wrote home to his mother about an                               Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar                      these same children shall not be robbed
        Director of Public Affairs:           impromptu soccer match that Christmas                                 The Adjutant General                       of their inheritance or denied their right to
          Lt. Col. Jackie Guthrie             Day, with the Germans besting the British               of sorts to their community and nation                   live in a free and decent world.”
             At Ease Editor:                  by a score of 3-2. The truce did not endure,            when their loved ones serve at home and                      President Roosevelt composed this mes-
             Vaughn R. Larson                 but it did occur and it remains to this day             overseas. November was Military Family                   sage in 1944:
                                              as a reminder that even those who pledge                Appreciation Month, and there is a simple                    “The way ahead of us still is ardu-
 Joint Force Headquarters Public Affairs      to fight on behalf of their nation will em-             truth I have learned as the commander                    ous and continuance of our utmost effort
 112th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment       brace peace over war.                                   of the Wisconsin National Guard — our                    together with that of our Allies is indis-
  32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team               That selfless service is itself a gift that         fine Soldiers and Airmen are really on                   pensable until victory is won and a stable
              Public Affairs                  our Soldiers and Airmen deliver each and                loan from the greater community of                       peace is established. You, who have done
                                              every day — since Dec. 13, 1636, when                   parents, siblings, spouses and children. A               your gallant share and have suffered in the
     157th Maneuver Enhancement               the National Guard began — but it is a                  military contract obligates the individual               doing, have the Nation’s eternal gratitude
          Brigade Public Affairs
                                              gift that we are acutely aware of at this               and underscores his or her commitment                    and assurance of your country’s lasting
    115th Fighter Wing Public Affairs         time of year. Almost 15 years ago a young               to service, but it also affects the military             remembrance and appreciation.
 128th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs      Marine composed a poem based on “Twas                   family.                                                      Thank you for your service — it is a
      Volk Field Combat Readiness             the Night Before Christmas” in which St.                   At this moment more than 700 mem-                     privilege to serve with you. I ask God’s
      Training Center Public Affairs          Nicholas encounters a deployed American                 bers of the Wisconsin National Guard will                blessings on you all and humbly pray that
                                              warrior. As the jolly old elf reflects on the           observe the holidays deployed overseas.                  God will continue to bless our great nation.
          How to Reach Us                     Soldier’s sacrifice, the young man says,                Let us remember them and their families
    E-mail:       in verse: “Santa, don’t cry; this life is my            as we share the season at home with our
Phone: (608) 242-3056 Fax: (608) 242-3051     choice. I fight for freedom, I don’t ask for            loved ones.
       Department of Military Affairs;        more; my life is my God, my country, my                    Another poem that makes the round in
           Attn: Vaughn R. Larson             Corps.”                                                 military circles this time of year tells of
 2400 Wright Street; Madison, WI 53708-8111
                                                  Military families also contribute a gift            a young boy writing to Santa on how the
        For photo or story submissions,       The Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard’s At Ease Express newsletter is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of At
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    or e-mail     publication is the responsibility of the Wisconsin National Guard Public Affairs Officer.

                                                                                                     2                                                                               November-December 2010
                  Wisconsin National Guard responds to Arcadia flooding
    Thirty Wisconsin National Guard           evacuation of downtown Arcadia, which           taking care of Wisconsin citizens in times      Lt. Col. David May, deputy director of
Soldiers and Airmen stepped up to assist      was under as much as three feet of water        of need,” said Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar,        operations for military support, said the
three communities — Arcadia, Neillsville      at one point, and also washed out roads         adjutant general of Wisconsin. “Our          FMS Soldiers, who had to travel about an
and Osseo — Sept. 23-25 following             and bridges, downed power lines and             Guardsmen are at the ready.”                 hour to Arcadia from Eau Claire, did an
storms that drenched much of northern         damaged infrastructure in Trempealeau               The first wave of Guard assistance       exemplary job.
Wisconsin.                                    County.                                         came in the form of seven Soldiers from a       “The response time on this is a huge
    Gov. Jim Doyle declared a state of            “State Emergency Management and             field maintenance shop out of Eau Claire,    success story,” May said. “To get the right
emergency for Trempealeau County              DNR officials are already on the ground,        with two 5-ton trucks, one Light Medium      equipment and the right people there in
following strong storms that drenched         working with the National Guard to assist       Tactical Vehicle, one Humvee and a heavy     just three hours is amazing.”
the area with six inches of rain, resulting   in recovery efforts,” Doyle said.               equipment wrecker. The Soldiers helped          As the FMS Soldiers were assisting
in flooding. The flooding prompted the            “This is the core of our mission —          escort families to their homes in areas of   emergency responders, four Soldiers from
                                                                                              Arcadia that were surrounded by up to        Company C, 128th Infantry, 32nd Brigade
                                                                                              two feet of water. The FMS Soldiers also     Combat Team, were busy assisting the
                                                                                              assisted law enforcement with checkpoint     American Red Cross with opening a
                                                                                              security.                                    shelter out of their armory. The Red
                                                                                                                                           Cross sheltered more than 50 residents,
                                                                                                                                           including seven children, in the Arcadia
                                                                                                                                              “We know the armory fits the
                                                                                                                                           requirements that we have,” said Heidi
                                                                                                                                           Jury, American Red Cross public support
                                                                                                                                           specialist. “It’s nice and easy when we
                                                                                                                                           need a shelter to just call them up and
                                                                                                                                           they’re ready for us.”
                                                                                                                                              Originally expecting another two to
                                                                                                                                           three inches of rain that night, 11 more
                                                                                                                                           Soldiers from the 32nd IBCT relieved the
                                                                                                                                           FMS Soldiers and continued the role of
                                                                                                                                           checkpoint security.
                                                                                                                                              Another four members of the brigade
                                                                                                                                           delivered 30,000 sandbags — 20,000 to
                                                                                                                                           Arcadia and 10,000 to nearby Osseo and
                                                                                                                                           Neillsville — in an effort to help the cities
                                                                                                                                           posture themselves for additional rain.
                                                                                                                                              Lt. Col. Alec Christianson, incident
                                                                                                                                           commander, said his Soldiers were
                                                                                                                                           prepared to adapt to worsening conditions
                                                                                                                                           by transferring from checkpoint
                                                                                                                                           operations to evacuation operations if
                                                                                                                                           the weather worsened or water levels
                                                                                                                                           continued to rise. Fortunately for Arcadia
Staff Sgt. Dallas Gearing and Sgt.                                                                                                         residents, the additional rainfall never
1st Class Peter Urzuablaul, both                                                                                                           came and the Trempealeau River levels,
with an Army National Guard field                                                                                                          which had reached more than a foot above
maintenance shop in Eau Claire, assist                                                                                                     “flood stage,” began to hold steady and
local authorities by manning a traffic                                                                                                     eventually recede.
control point near Ashley Furniture in                                                                                                        “In this case, we were the first ones in
Arcadia. Wisconsin National Guard photo                                                                                                    and when we were no longer needed, we
by Tech Sgt. Jon LaDue                                                                                                                     departed,” said May.
                                                                                          3                                                                  November-December 2010
                                        Aviators prepare for overseas mission
                                               Approximately 30 Wisconsin Army            Hawk helicopters for medical evacuation
                                               National Guard aviators wrapped up         missions, but for this deployment they
                                               three weeks of training at Fort McCoy in   will marry up with their parent units from
                                               October in preparation for an upcoming     other states.
                                               deployment in support of Operation New        The training at Fort McCoy, known
                                               Dawn.                                      as pre-mobilization training, is intended
                                                  The Soldiers belong to detachments      to accomplish some of the mandatory
                                               of companies C, D and E of the 2nd         tasks required later at the mobilization
                                               Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment and     station in Texas. Those tasks include 32
                                               represent flight, maintenance and ground   Army Warrior Tasks, battle drills, theater-
                                               support operations. Co-located in West     specific tasks, weapon ranges for sidearms
                                               Bend, they can support three UH-60 Black                        Continued on Page 5

Approximately 30 members of the 2nd
Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment,
Wisconsin Army National Guard,
participated in crew-served weapon
qualification — such as the M249
Squad Automatic Weapon — Oct. 14 as
part of a three-week pre-mobilization
annual training at Fort McCoy.

                                           4                                                               November-December 2010
  Wisconsin Guardsmen to combine forces with other states’ aviators
Continued from Page 4
and crew-served weapons, vehicle roll-
over drills, convoy operations, Nuclear-
Biological-Chemical training, and combat
lifesaver training.
    “Training has been going well,” said
Capt. Randall Ramm, a trained helicopter
pilot and commander of the detachment
Soldiers in Wisconsin. “The rifle
qualification went very well. It was just
about the first time on the M4 [rifle] for
    According to 2nd Lt. Michael Torre,
the training advisor assigned to the
detachment Soldiers, some of the pilots
who have not qualified with a rifle in
several years achieved sharpshooter or
expert scores.

                                                                             Capt. Randall Ramm, from Sun Prairie, Wis., engages his target on the 9-mm
                                                                             range at Fort McCoy Oct. 14. Ramm was among approximately 30 members of
                                                                             the 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment, Wisconsin Army National Guard, to
                                                                             participate in 9-mm and crew-served weapon ranges Oct. 14 as part of a three-
                                                                             week pre-mobilization annual training at Fort McCoy. The select members of
                                                                             Companies C, D and E are preparing for an upcoming deployment to Iraq. Wisconsin
                                                                             National Guard photos by 1st Sgt. Vaughn R. Larson

                                             Sgt. 1st Class Neil                 The detachment Soldiers utilized the      Nov. 29 in West Bend. They then linked
                                             Willman, from Iron Ridge,       Wisconsin National Guard’s Wisconsin          up with the rest of 2nd Battalion for
                                             Wis., awaits orders             Military Academy for meals, lodging and       training at a U.S. Army base in Texas
                                             from the control station        much of their training.                       and will deploy overseas in support of
                                             during the Nuclear-                 “Being able to eat, sleep and train       Operation New Dawn (formerly Operation
                                             Biological-Chemical mask        in the same building has been helpful,”       Iraqi Freedom).
                                             qualification portion of        Ramm said.                                        The mobilization is expected to last
                                             the 9-mm range Oct. 14.             The Soldiers reported to their armory     about one year, to include time spent
                                                                             in November prior to a send-off ceremony      training in Texas.
                                                                         5                                                                 November-December 2010
             West Bend aviators rise to face New Dawn
                    Tech Sgt. Jon LaDue              Wisconsin Army National Guard
                  Wisconsin National Guard           commander, compared the pride and
                                                     competency of the Soldiers from
               Approximately 30 Wisconsin Army       the 135th with the many Wisconsin
            National Guard Soldiers will support     Soldiers who have previously deployed
            medical evacuation missions in Iraq as   to Iraq and Afghanistan.
            the first Wisconsin Guard members to         “I am absolutely confident that you
            deploy in support of Operation New       are those same Soldiers … because of
            Dawn.                                    your professionalism, your dedication
               The West Bend-based members           and what you do in uniform,” Anderson
            of the 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation     said. “Thank you so much.”
            Regiment said goodbye to family              Sgt. Aaron Grudich, 135th crew
            and friends at a sendoff ceremony        chief, said his unit has put in a lot of
            Nov. 29 at their armory. The Soldiers    additional training to prepare for the
            are comprised of three West Bend         deployment. He said the unit has really
            units — Detachment 1 of Company          bonded during the extra time together
            C, Detachment 2 of Company D, and        and he is looking forward to deploying
            Detachment 2 of Company E.               with his fellow aviation Soldiers.
               Brig. Gen. Mark Anderson,                                Continued on Page 7

        6                                                             November-December 2010
              At right, Soldiers of the
                2nd Battalion, 135th
                   Aviation Regiment
                   stand in formation
                     during a sendoff
                 ceremony Nov. 29 in
                West Bend. Move your
                cursor over this photo to
                     see another image.

Above, Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar.
adjutant general of Wisconsin, talks
with family members during the
Nov. 29 sendoff ceremony. Wisconsin
National Guard photos by Tech. Sgt. Jon

    Family, friends bid farewell to West Bend-based aviators bound for Operation New Dawn
Continued from Page 6                          deployment preparation. “I’m very proud          gratitude on behalf of the community for           “I share your pride in these outstanding
                                               of her.”                                         the Soldiers’ service and sacrifice.           men and women,” Dunbar said. “Because
   “I’m kind of anxious to leave,”                Command Sgt. Maj. George Stopper,                “You have each other to support you         they are truly the best that Wisconsin has
Grudich said. “I think it will be a good       the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s top          when over there,” Deiss said. “But you         to offer.”
experience with a good group of people.”       enlisted leader, spoke to the Soldiers. He       also have family, friends and a community          The 135th will report to Fort Hood,
   June Grabofsky and her husband,             suggested those Soldiers with deployment         that supports you back here.”                  Texas, for two months of mobilization
Gerald, traveled from Montana to say           experience guide the first-timers through           Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar, adjutant             training. From there, they will deploy
farewell to her granddaughter, Pfc. Jessica    the experience.                                  general of Wisconsin, addressed all            to Iraq as the first members from the
Liebelt, who will report with her fellow          “Be a true battle buddy and help them         the friends and family of the 135th. He        Wisconsin Army National Guard to
Soldiers for mobilization training at Ft.      through those tough times,” said Stopper.        sympathized with them regarding the            deploy in support of Operation New
Hood, Texas.                                   “Aid them in any way that you can.”              challenges they will soon face, but also       Dawn. The Soldiers will deploy with three
   “She’s taking it seriously and doing           West Bend Mayor Kristine Deiss                expressed his appreciation for their service   UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to support
her very, very best,” June said of Liebelt’s   attended the ceremony and expressed              and the mission they will serve.               medical evacuation missions.
                                                                                            7                                                                    November-December 2010
                                                 Milwaukee Airman part of All-Air Force soccer team
                                                                                         Staff Sgt. Nathan T. Wallin
                                                                                    128th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs

                                                                                        The Air National Guard is providing
                                                                                    Capt. Jason Park with two opportunities
                                                                                    to soar.
                                                                                        A pilot for the past six years with the
                                                                                    Milwaukee-based 128th Air Refueling
                                                                                    Wing, Park is also a team captain — and
                                                                                    one of only two Air National Guard
                                                                                    members — with the 2010 All-Air Force
                                                                                    Soccer Team, which recently competed in
                                                                                    the Armed Forces Soccer Tournament, a
                                                                                    five-game round-robin tournament against
                                                                                    teams from other service branches. The
                                                                                    Air Force team finished 2-2-1, defeating      Capt. Jason Park dribbles the ball
                                                                                    the Marine Corps and Army teams, and          during an Armed Forces Men’s Soccer
                                                                                    tying the Navy team. Park, a midfielder,      Championship Round Robin match
                                                                                    scored the winning goal against Army in       against the U.S. Marine Corps at
                                                                                    the game’s closing moments — a header         Morgan Sports Complex, Destin, Fla.,
                                                                                    to the back of the net.                       Oct. 18. Air Force photo by Senior Airman
                                                                                        Park is in his third season with the      Sheila deVera
                                                                                    All-Air Force team, but acknowledged          Champaign, and presently is in his second
                                                                                    he has to try out for the team each year.     year as a reserve player for the Milwaukee
                                                                                    He first learned about the team in 2006       Wave professional indoor soccer team.
                                                                                    while attending pilot training at Laughlin       “Training with professionals who know
                                                                                    Air Force Base, Texas. In 2008 he was         the game gives me the ability to keep my
                                                                                    selected from 45 other athletes, and has      level of play high,” he said. “My coaches
                                                                                    become highly regarded by his coaches.        with the Wave, Keith Tozer and Mark
                                                                                    The team consists of 13 officers and five     Litton, push us to the top of our game
                                                                                    enlisted members. He acknowledged that        through strenuous workout and practice
                                                                                    the conventional military rank structure      sessions. I simply would not be ready to
                                                                                    does not apply on the team — everyone         compete for the Air Force Team without
                                                                                    has equal responsibility and equal respect.   the benefit of training with The Wave.”
                                                                                        “But with subtlety, the higher ranking       Park rated the level of play in the
                                                                                    officers led the team by example,” Park       Armed Forces Soccer Tournament as
                                                                                    said.                                         professional.
                                                                                        Soccer has been a lifelong passion           “Most guys had played at the Division
                                                                                    for the 30-year-old Park, a Fort Collins,     One level in college,” he explained.
                                                                                    Colo., native. He recalls playing soccer as      Seven of eight members of the
                                                                                    early as age four, and played in the Dallas   All-Air Force team who volunteered
                                                                                    Cup — the nation’s second-largest soccer      for the American Armed Forces Team
                                                                                    tournament — in grades 4 through 7.           were selected to play international
                                                                                        “That’s where the core of my soccer       soccer tournaments in South America
                                                                                    ability and my knowledge of the game          in November. Park, who had training
Capt. Jason Park, a fuel tanker pilot with the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s       took shape,” he said.                         commitments with the 128th as well as
128th Air Refueling Wing in Milwaukee, challenges a member of the Army Soccer           Park was captain of the Crystal Lake      college classes — he is working towards a
team for the ball during an October match at the 2010 Armed Forces Soccer           (Ill.) High School soccer team, played        master’s degree in business administration
Championship in Destin, Fla. Park’s team defeated Army, 2-1. Submitted photo        soccer at the University of Illinois in       — opted not to volunteer.
                                                                                8                                                                  November-December 2010
                                                                                                                         The first of three additional KC-135R refueling
                                                                                                                         tankers has arrived at the Wisconsin Air National
                                                                                                                         Guard’s 128th Air Refueling Wing in Milwaukee. The
                                                                                                                         aircraft, which formerly belonged to the Mississippi
                                                                                                                         Air National Guard’s 153rd Air Refueling Squadron,
                                                                                                                         has been retrofitted with updated communication
                                                                                                                         and navigation systems. 128th Air Refueling Wing photo
                                                                                                                         by Master Sgt. Ken Pagel

     Milwaukee Air Guard unit welcomes first of three additional aircraft
          Capt. John Capra                 unit is receiving the additional aircraft       aircraft the wing will add 41 full-time and   to receive KC-135R Block 40 aircraft
128th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs    as a result of the Base Realignment and         41 part-time jobs, and also result in an      upgrades. “The upgrades markedly
                                           Closure 2005, eventually bringing the           additional $5.3 million above the current     improve the aircraft’s avionics,” said Maj.
   Maintenance crews from the              wing’s total number of KC-135s to 12.           economic impact of $71.7 million made to      Todd Walton, KC-135 instructor pilot,
Milwaukee-based 128th Air Refueling           Lt. Col. Winston Hainsworth, the             our community.”                               “specifically the navigation and satellite
Wing, Wisconsin Air National Guard,        128th’s comptroller, said “the financial           On its way to the 128th, the first of      communication systems.”
ushered in the first of three additional   impact to our wing and community is             three aircraft made a two-month stop              The remaining two additional KC-135s
KC-135 refueling tankers on Nov. 10. The   quite impressive. With the additional           at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas          are expected to arrive by February 2011.
                                                                                       9                                                                   November-December 2010
                                                                                                                                           “The First Muster” by Don Troiani

               Bob Haskell
                                         Happy Birthday, National Guard ... how old are you?
                                               official birthday for nearly 30 years,       New Mexico, New York, Virginia and             and traditions, and we celebrate them in
            NGAUS Magazine                     since Guard historian Leonid Kondratiuk      Puerto Rico have their own ideas and           our way.”
                                               determined the day in 1636 that the          documentations about their Guard’s                Florida, for example, considers Sept.
    Was Ponce de Leon the real father of       Massachusetts Bay Colony’s Great and         origins. They also have their own dates of     16, 1565, its Guard’s birth date. New
the National Guard? Was the Guard’s seed       General Court ordered the creation of        origin.                                        Mexico cites April 30, 1598. New York
first planted on American soil in Puerto       three regiments of militia.                      Some examples: The Texas Guard             claims May 9, 1640. Virginians claim
Rico?                                              Of course, Massachusetts will give up    is rooted in the militia formed by Sam         their Guard history stretches back to May
    Should Florida get the credit for having   its claim as the cradle of the Guard about   Houston during the Texas Revolution            14, 1607, the founding of Jamestown.
the first militia outfit on what eventually    as soon as it will give up John Adams or     of 1835-36, with the heroic stand at              Here’s the basic difference in
became the United States of America?           John Kennedy.                                the Alamo its most famous hour. The            philosophies. Guard historians, such as
Does the New Mexico Guard have an                  To that end, the Massachusetts           Honolulu Rifles, a militia formed in           Lt. Col. Les’ Melnyk and Kondratiuk
older militia heritage than Massachusetts      legislature last summer designated the       1854, is considered the Hawaii Guard’s         insist that Massachusetts is the birthplace
and Virginia? And where do the Dutch,          maritime town of Salem as the Guard’s        earliest forerunner. The Alaska Guard is       because the North, South and East
who settled in New York, fit into the          birthplace because that was where the        a 20th century creation grounded in scout      regiments were created by legislative
picture?                                       newly created East Regiment held its first   battalions organized during World War II.      action and because it can prove its
    These are some of the questions asked      muster during the early months of 1637.          “There really is no one birthday for the   continuous and unbroken existence since
at this time every year as we prepare to           This does not mean, however, that        National Guard,” says Greg Moore, the          1636.
celebrate the Guard’s birthday Dec. 13.        every state believes their Guard roots are   Florida Guard’s command historian since
    That date has been accepted as the         in Massachusetts. Officials in Florida,      2001. “We all have our militia histories                          Continued on Page 11
                                                                                            10                                                               November-December 2010
    Some states, territories claim earlier militia heritage than traditional date of Dec. 13, 1636
Continued from Page 10
    Others, such as Moore, are equally
adamant about tracing their Guard history
to when men took up arms as colonist-
soldiers to defend themselves and their
New World holdings. It doesn’t matter,
their thinking goes, that these groups were
not formally or legislatively created and
that the units have not been perpetuated
since the 16th century.
    There is another basic difference,
according to Melnyk and Rick Hendricks,
the New Mexico state historian. The
militias in the English colonies were
standing forces created by the legislative
bodies that governed the colonies. The
militias in the territories claimed by Spain
were not originally created that way and
took up arms only during emergencies.
    That’s why there are so many different
Guard birthdays.
    Puerto Rico claims Don Juan Ponce
de Leon, legendary seeker of the Fountain
of Youth in Florida, as its first militia
    Its Guard birth date could arguably                                                                    “Lafayette and the National Guard” by Ken Riley
be March 2, 1510. That’s when Spain’s
King Ferdinand signed a royal decree
appointing Ponce de Leon “Captain of           1598, its Guard birth date. That’s when           Guard” May 9, 1640, Eric Durr, director        settled colonies just as it does to
Land and Sea” for the island, according to     explorer Don Juan de Onate y Salazar              of public affairs for the New York State       Jamestown as the first permanent English
a National Guard Educational Foundation        led an expedition from Mexico across the          Division of Military and Naval Affairs,        settlement in the New World.
report.                                        Rio Grande in the vicinity of what is now         wrote in 2009.                                    Jamestown, which existed until 1699,
    Florida feels equally strong about its     Juarez and took possession of El Nuevo                The New York Guard considers May 9         had a militia force of 100 colonist-soldiers
Spanish militia legacy. So much so that,       Mexico for Spain, according to a 1995             its date of origin.                            when settlers landed there in 1607,
in September, about 100 people from the        history report by Lt. Col. Ezequiel Ortiz.            New York became an English royal           explains Virginia Guard historian John
Florida Department of Military Affairs            “There were no regular Spanish                 colony in 1691, and the new Provincial         Listman Jr. Capt. John Smith formed
gathered in St. Augustine to mark the          soldiers assigned to the expedition and           Assembly established the militia force that    them into two companies and alternated
445th anniversary of what is believed to       none were assigned to the colony during           became the New York State Militia and          the duty days so that members of one
be the first muster of militia on what has     the 17th century up to … 1680,” Ortiz             National Guard.                                company could work at their civilian tasks
become the United States.                      added. “The military requirements were                A New York militia unit, the 2nd           while the other company guarded the
    They paid tribute to the estimated 50      undertaken by the colonist-soldiers in            Battalion, 11th New York Artillery, first      settlement, Listman says.
male settlers who assembled Sept. 16,          their dual role.”                                 adopted the title “National Guard” in             See the entire article at:
1565, to defend the presidio town while           New York got started in the militia            honor of the celebrated Garde Nationale
its garrison of regulars marched north         business a little differently than the            de Paris led by the Marquis de Lafayette,      asp?bid=17823
to drive out the “usurpers of Spanish          colonists in other parts of North America         a Revolutionary War hero, who went to             Bob Haskell is a retired Maine Army
land,” as Pedro Menendez de Aviles,            thanks to the Dutch. “The Provincial              New York while visiting the United States      National Guard master sergeant and a
the governor, referred to the French           Council of the Dutch New Netherland               in 1824-25.                                    freelance journalist in Falmouth, Mass.
Huguenots.                                     colony established a part-time defense                Virginia clings to its Jamestown militia   He may be contacted at magazine@ngaus.
    New Mexico considers April 30,             force called the Burgher or ‘citizens’            tradition as the oldest in the English-        org.
                                                                                            11                                                                    November-December 2010
Wisconsin Army National Guard Capt. Brian Barth and more than 100 Soldiers
of the 951st “Sapper” Engineer Company, stand at attention during a halftime
                                                                                                             at the Tundra
                                                                                          of fallen combat veteran Sgt. Ryan Adams, watches the tribute. Sgt. Adams was
                                                                                          killed during the 951st Company’s deployment to Afghanistan. Wisconsin National
ceremony at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Nov. 7. Inset: Jalene Adams, mother               Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue
           Tech Sgt. Jon LaDue           Oshkosh Defense to host Dr. Joseph               with more than 100 Soldiers of the               Capt. Brian Barth commanded
        Wisconsin National Guard         Westphal, undersecretary of the                  951st “Sapper” Engineer Company               the 951st during their deployment to
                                         Army, several wounded warriors and               from Rhinelander and Tomahawk who             Afghanistan and led the 951st Soldiers
   The Green Bay Packers scored a        distinguished guests of the 82nd Airborne        deployed with Adams for their year-long       onto the field.
dominating victory over the Dallas       Division — including a highly decorated          deployment to Afghanistan.                       “For me personally, it was kind of
Cowboys but possibly earned an even      World War II veteran.                               “We felt it was awesome what the           surreal,” Barth said. “Getting the guys back
more impressive victory among veterans      The Packers also honored the family           Packers and the military did,” said Peter     together and being recognized in front of
and patriotic fans during a Veterans Day of Sgt. Ryan Adams, who was killed               Adams, Ryan’s father. “We were so proud       that amount of people … I could see some
dedication at Lambeau Field Nov. 7.      in combat last year, on behalf of all            to be there, but it’s also wishing we could   tears from some guys who are pretty tough
   The Packers partnered with the        of Wisconsin’s service members who               be looking at him with the other guys —       Soldiers, which is pretty touching.”
Wisconsin Army National Guard and        have paid the ultimate sacrifice, along          that never goes away.”                                            Continued on Page 13
                                                                                     12                                                                   November-December 2010
        Green Bay Packers, Soldiers celebrate Veterans Day at Lambeau Field event
Continued from Page 12                                                                                                                        the military is a really good thing to do.”
                                                                                                                                                 Several wounded warriors, including
    “I thought it was an amazing event,”                                                                                                      two from the 951st, represented all
said Staff Sgt. Jess Maney, recent combat                                                                                                     wounded warriors and were also
veteran with the 951st. “It signifies the                                                                                                     recognized on the field during halftime
connection between the troops and the                                                                                                         along with Brig. Gen Don Dunbar,
civilians in our country. Everyone is                                                                                                         adjutant general of Wisconsin, and Brig.
unified in supporting the troops.”                                                                                                            Gen Mark Anderson, commander of the
    Maney recalled a story of his stepfather                                                                                                  Wisconsin Army National Guard.
returning from his second tour with the                                                                                                          The 82nd Airborne Division deputy
951st in Vietnam and being spit on and                                                                                                        commander for operations and unit
heckled by citizens who didn’t support                                                                                                        honor guard made the trip to Lambeau
the war. The Packers tribute to veterans                                                                                                      Field from Fort Bragg, N.C., to help
increases his joy that times have changed.                                                                                                    honor a World War II veteran, Lt. Col.
    “It’s one of the nice things about being                                                                                                  (Ret.) James “Maggie” Magellas, who is
a troop in this era — you know you have                                                                                                       the most decorated veteran in the units’
100 percent backing from all the people                                                                                                       history.
when you get home,” Maney said.                                                                                                                  Although the Packers could not bring
    Earlier this year, the Packers also                                                                                                       every veteran in attendance onto the field,
showed their appreciation for veterans as                                                                                                     they asked for all veterans in the crowd to
they hosted more than 27,000 Vietnam                                                                                                          stand and be recognized.
veterans and patriotic supporters, and         More than 100 Soldiers of the Wisconsin National Guard’s 951st “Sapper”                           “I thought the whole experience — not
honored the Wisconsin veterans who             Engineer Company walk a giant American flag off Lambeau Field prior to the                     just for my son or the other Soldiers that
never made it home in an official welcome      Green Bay Packers Nov. 7 game against the Dallas Cowboys. Wisconsin National                   were hurt — I think the Packers were
home ceremony dubbed LZ Lambeau.               Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue                                                            very, very nice about it,” Adams said. “I
    Aaron Hart, Packers marketing official,    second straight year.                           support all that often,” said Hart. “Helping   think the recognition of troops is being
said the Packer organization was thrilled         “Your everyday fan doesn’t really            give our fans [both] a venue and an            done more now than ever … and the
to host the Veterans Day event for the         get the opportunity to demonstrate their        opportunity to really show their support for   Packers are a part of that.”

           Deployed Wisconsin Guard aviators provide noteworthy salute for Packers’ tribute to veterans
      Not all the service members showcased by the              Green Bay Packers’ tribute to veterans.                      of Soldiers singing in Basra, Taji and Contingency
   Green Bay Packers at their Nov. 7 game were at                  “The opportunity to provide the national anthem           Operating Base Adder — or more accurately, lip-
   Lambeau Field.                                               means a tremendous amount to them,” he said. “It’s           syncing with the choir — as well as footage of
      Members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s            part of their spiritual resiliency and we appreciate the     helicopters in flight over Iraq. According to Lt. Col.
   1st Battalion, 147th Aviation Regiment — currently           opportunity.”                                                Marty Pond, battalion commander, the 147th supports
   deployed to various locations in southern Iraq —                Khile said the battalion’s unit ministry team             southern Iraq from the southern region of Baghdad to
   appeared on the Jumbotron prior to the start of the          coordinated the choir rehearsals and 1st Lt. Phil            the southern tip of Basra near the border with Kuwait.
   game to sing the national anthem. (Click here to see         Ribiero, a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter pilot with the        Battalion missions include command and control,
   video) Meanwhile, members of the Wisconsin Army              147th, directed the 18-member choir.                         quick reaction force, troop movement and general
   National Guard’s 951st “Sapper” Engineer Company,               “So we would not be bored with singing the anthem         support.
   which returned one year ago from a deployment to             over and over, we also sang some fun songs,” Khile said         “Overall, it was a great experience for the 147th,”
   Afghanistan, unfurled a large U.S. flag at midfield as       — “All Star” by Smashmouth, “Longest Time” by Billy          Khile said, “providing an opportunity to connect with
   the video played.                                            Joel, and a song by Phil Collins. “This helped to keep       our families and friends back home — and support
      Capt. James Khile, a chaplain deployed with the           the practices fun and warmed our vocal chords up.”           the Packers!” He said LTC Pond supported the project
   147th, said the battalion was grateful to take part in the      The anthem video shows different formations               from start to finish.

                                                                                          13                                                                   November-December 2010
                       Wisconsin Guard partners in $2M tradesmen training program
                                                           A new program that will launch in           our returning veterans, who have given so
                                                       January at Camp Williams, a Wisconsin           much to our nation,” said Brig. Gen. Don
                                                       National Guard training site in central         Dunbar, adjutant general of Wisconsin.
                                                       Wisconsin, will offer Wisconsin veterans        “I commend the United Association
                                                       free training and certification as second-      and the Department of Workforce
                                                       year apprentices in welding, steam              Development, and we are proud to be part
                                                       fitting, plumbing and piping — as well as       of a partnership aimed at helping National
                                                       transition training from military to civilian   Guard and federal Veterans develop new
                                                       life, and guaranteed job placement.             skills for new career opportunities.
                                                           Sixteen veterans will take part in              “These veterans bring leadership,
                                                       the first class — a 20-week, 720-hour           experience, and a strong Midwest
                                                       training program called Veterans in             work ethic to this new opportunity,” he
                                                       Piping. The United Association of               continued. “Their future employers will
                                                       Journeymen and Apprentices of the               find them an incredible asset.”
                                                       Plumbers and Pipefitters Industry (UA)              “We see this as a great day to open the
                                                       began the initiative in August 2008 with        doors, for not only Guard members, but
                                                       the Washington National Guard and the           for all of our sibling veterans as well and
                                                       Washington State Veterans Affairs. The          give them an opportunity to direct a new
                                                       following year a similar program at Camp        career path,” said Col. Kenneth Koon,
                                                       Pendleton, Calif., saw its first graduates.     chief of staff for the Wisconsin Army
                                                       Both programs combined have graduated           National Guard, representing the adjutant
                                                       more than 180 students                          general at the signing ceremony. “We’re
                                                           The campus at Camp Williams is              very, very honored to be a part of that.”
                                                       the third such partnership, and the                 “We are so pleased to be the first state
                                                       first in the Midwest. A memorandum              in the Midwest to get a VIP program,”
                                                       of understanding was signed at Camp             DWD Secretary Roberta Gassman said.
                                                       Williams Thursday (Nov. 18) by the UA,          “Our goal is to give Wisconsin veterans a
                                                       Wisconsin Department of Workforce               head start.”
                                                       Development and the Wisconsin National              Gassman said training skilled
                                                       Guard.                                          laborers will help combat Wisconsin’s
                                                           Tech. Sgt. Adam Hackett, of the             unemployment rate.
                                                       Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 128th                “We are putting Wisconsin back to
                                                       Air Control Squadron, has already taken         work and we look forward to seeing that
                                                       machinery and welding classes at the            rate go down and down,” she said.
                                                       University of Wisconsin-Stout. He was               The plan for a Wisconsin campus calls
                                                       interviewed by a six-person board before        for initial infrastructure costs exceeding
                                                       being accepted into the program. He said        $2 million, including two 53-foot welding
                                                       he was excited to gain additional training      labs, a two-story rigging structure with
                                                       in a field that is always looking for skilled   catwalk, and training materials. Additional
        Spectators witness a welding                   tradesmen.                                      costs include utilities to support the
        demonstration Nov. 17 at Camp                      “It’s a great setup for veterans,”          welding labs, salary and living expenses
        Williams following a ceremony                  Hackett said. “It’s just a great                for two full-time instructors, expendable
        announcing the beginning of a                  opportunity.”                                   equipment and supplies, certification
        new partnership between the                        According to Kenneth Grant, director        and testing fees, training materials and
        Wisconsin Department of Workforce              of the office of veterans services at           administrative expenses.
        Development, Wisconsin National                the Wisconsin Department of Veterans                “We’re not just giving them a job —
        Guard and United Association.                  Affairs, job centers across the state are       we’re giving them a career,” said William
        Wisconsin National Guard photo by Tech.        notifying service members of this program       Hite, UA general president. “I want my
        Sgt. Jon LaDue                                 and will assist in the eligibility process.     jobs to be filled by Americans, here in
                                                           “This is a tremendous opportunity for       America.”
                                                  14                                                                     November-December 2010
                                                                                                                  This architectural rendering shows the new Armed Forces
                                                                                                                  Reserve Center in Madison, a state facility managed by the
                                                                                                                  Wisconsin National Guard that will house units from all reserve
                                                                                                                  components. The energy-efficient building is expected to be
                                                                                                                  completed next summer.

               Wisconsin National Guard going for Silver in green movement
    The Wisconsin Army National               and performance, and reduce negative                  under construction in Madison will meet           Biedermann is responsible for reporting
Guard — which has invested more               impacts on the natural environment                    or exceed Silver criteria, Liethen said, and   total energy and water consumption by
than $8 million recently to make its          through strategies such as siting, cool               recent projects such as the U.S. Property      Wisconsin National Guard facilities to the
armories, many of which are more than         roofs, solar water heating, storm water               and Fiscal Office (USPFO) at Camp              National Guard Bureau, which evaluates
50 years old, more energy and water           management and water efficiency.                      Williams, Wis., demonstrate what that          the data before sending it to the Army
efficient — is in step with a new Army            More than $8 million in American                  standard looks like in practice.               Energy and Water Reporting System.
policy memorandum to improve high-            Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus)                  Steve Biedermann, a full-time energy          The Wisconsin National Guard is also
performance green buildings standards,        funds have been used to retrofit every                manager with the Wisconsin Department          required to comply with the state’s energy
according to Col. Jeffrey Liethen,            Army National Guard building in the state             of Military Affairs, said he hopes that        policy Conserve Wisconsin. Biedermann
construction and facilities management        with T8 fluorescent lighting, a brighter and          geo-thermal energy will prove to be            said it is similar to mandates from the
officer for the Wisconsin National Guard.     more efficient rod that fits current fixtures.        cost-effective for a new building project      National Guard Bureau and the Army.
    “We’re already doing many of              The retrofit project also included replacing          at Wausau. The 115th Fighter Wing’s               Biedermann also conducts energy
the things [Assistant Secretary of the        windows and aging steam traps, and                    headquarters building in Madison is            audits at Guard facilities across the
Army for Installations, Energy and the        insulation improvement. Liethen said the              expected to complete a geothermal system       state, averaging one per week. The audit
Environment] Katherine Hammack is             retrofit projects will save the Wisconsin             retrofit in November.                          involves visiting the site, inspecting the
promoting in her memo,” Liethen said.         Army National Guard an estimated                          Most of the National Guard armories        boiler room, speaking with the facility
    The “Memorandum for Sustainable           $500,000 per year in energy costs.                    in Wisconsin are at least 50 years old,        manager and gauging energy use practices
Design and Development Policy Update,”            New building projects must meet                   Liethen noted, so efficiencies must be         on site.
released Oct. 27, changes the way the         LEED (Leadership in Energy and                        gained through modifications. Solar               “It’s about education, instilling a mind-
Army will approach efficient design of        Environmental Design) Silver criteria,                panels and solar water heaters are             set,” Biedermann explained. “If lights and
Army facilities. Requirements throughout      which essentially means the building                  being considered for the Joint Force           radios are left on in rooms that are not
the planning, programming, budgeting,         meets up to 60 percent of potential                   Headquarters building in Madison, which        being used, that’s something we need to
design and building stages will strengthen    efficiencies in categories such as                    is nearly 20 years old.                        change.”
the Army’s sustainability, energy security,   sustainability, energy and water                          “Whenever we have heating or air-             Liethen agreed.
and energy independence through more          conservation, materials and resources, and            conditioning replacements, we use                 “Our agency is committed to
responsible consumption and planning.         indoor environmental quality. The new                 the highest efficiency units available,”       complying with the new guidelines,” he
The goal is to reduce water and energy        maintenance facility to be built in Wausau            Biedermann said. “The cost difference is       said. “We’ve shown great progress in
consumption, optimize energy efficiencies     and the Armed Forces Reserve Center                   negligible, but the savings are great.”        doing so.”
                                                                                               15                                                                    November-December 2010
   Green, Gold and Guard
                                                                                        Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue
                                                                                      Wisconsin National Guard

                                                                                   Approximately 25 Wisconsin National
                                                                               Guard Soldiers — along with a few
                                                                               deployed Soldiers in Iraq and Southwest

 interface at Lambeau Field
                                                                               Asia — got the chance to meet and play
                                                                               video games with four Green Bay Packers
                                                                               at the Lambeau Field Atrium as part of a
                                                                               Pro vs. GI Joe event Oct. 15.
                                                                                   Green Bay Packers’ kicker Mason
                                                                               Crosby, linebacker Brad Jones, offensive
                                                                               lineman Marshall Newhouse and wide
                                                                               receiver Brett Swain all participated in
                                                                               the second annual event that brought pro
                                                                               football players and Soldiers together to
                                                                               play the popular video games Call of Duty
                                                                               and Rock Band.
                                                                                   Crosby has scored 77 points in field
                                                                               goals and extra points this year for the
                                                                               Packers, but he couldn’t manage to score
                                                                               a victory against the Soldiers in Call of
                                                                                   “I was getting destroyed,” Crosby said.
                                                                               “Some of these guys are pretty good.”
                                                                                   Crosby lost to the likes of Cadet
                                                                               Lonnie Roy Lonnie, Marinette, who
                                                                               attends school at the University of
                                                                               Wisconsin – Oshkosh and is assigned
                                                                               to Company D, 2nd Battalion, 127th
                                                                                   “I won both games … it was too easy,”
                                                                               Roy joked. “It was fun not only just to
                                                                               meet him, but to play a game against
                                                                                   Crosby appreciated the experience as
                                                                                   “I feel like it’s really important, for
                                                                               the troops overseas and here at home,”
                                                                               Crosby said.
                                                                                   With the help of the United Services
                                                                               Organization (USO), troops overseas were
                                                                               able to participate as well. Soldiers from
                                                                               Basra, Iraq, played Rock Band and a few
                                                                               deployed Soldiers from Fort Drum, N.Y.,
                                                                               played Call of Duty against Wisconsin
                        Master Sgt. Greg Backes, Wisconsin National Guard      Soldiers and Packer players.
                        Recruiting and Retention Command, plays Guitar Hero        Greg Zinone, Pro vs. GI Joe co-
                        with Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Marshall      founder, said the non-profit organization
                        Newhouse at the Lambeau Field Atrium Oct. 15 as part
                        of the second annual Pro vs. GI Joe event. Wisconsin                          Continued on Page 17
                        National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue

                                        16                                                      November-December 2010
             Green Bay Packers linebacker Brad Jones signs autographs for Wisconsin Army
             National Guard Soldiers at the Lambeau Field Atrium Oct. 15. A few deployed
             Soldiers, including at least one from Green Bay, were able to play Rock Band and
             Call of Duty with Packers players via satellite. Wisconsin National Guard photo by Tech.
             Sgt. Jon LaDue

                Wisconsin Soldiers, Packers compete in second annual event
             Continued from Page 16                            1st Lt. Johnny Simmons, Wisconsin
             was created in 2007 in order to “do a little   National Guard recruiting and retention
             for those who do a lot.”                       command, helped coordinate the event.
                 “We appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve   He said regardless of whom appreciates
             made and we want to say thank you for          the experience more, the event is a win-
             your service,” Zinone said.                    win situation.
                 Aaron Hart, Green Bay Packers                 “Venues like this are a great way for
             marketing, attended the 2009 event and         the Packers to show appreciation for the
             helped coordinate this year’s event.           men and women in uniform,” Simmons
             He said it’s a tossup who wins in this         said. “It acknowledges that people
             situation.                                     appreciate what we’re doing as service
                 “I don’t know who was more excited         members.”
             — the Soldiers to play with the players, or       Likewise, Simmons and his fellow
             vice versa,” Hart said.                        Soldiers are grateful for the event.
                                                               “I can’t say enough about the
             Officer candidate Lonnie Roy competes          Packers and the outreach they’ve done
             against Green Bay Packers kicker               to appreciate Soldiers,” Simmons said.
             Mason Crosby in a game of Call of Duty         “You can tell by the huge smiles on these
             Oct. 15 at the Lambeau Field Atrium.           Soldier’s faces … this means a lot.”
        17                                                                   November-December 2010
    Counter Drug program part of national take-back initiative
The Wisconsin National Guard’s Drug
Control program was among 80 state
agencies to take part in a national
collaborative effort sponsored by the
Drug Enforcement Agency to collect and
dispose of potentially dangerous expired
or unused pharmaceutical drugs.
    The one-day effort, held Sept. 25,
collected more than 4,400 pounds of
pharmaceuticals in Wisconsin. The
project also emphasized pharmaceutical
controlled substance abuse and misuse as
well as keeping pharmaceuticals out of the
water system.
    In the past, local government agencies
have offered similar prescription drop-
offs, but this Take-Back program is the
first at the national level.
    “This event took a tremendous amount
of planning and partnership with local,
state and federal law enforcement in
Wisconsin, as well as with community
groups,” said James Bohn, assistant
special agent in charge, DEA Milwaukee.
    Discarded pharmaceutical medications
were collected at De Forest, Eau Claire,
Fond du Lac, Spooner and Wausau on
Sept. 27 and taken by the Wisconsin
Guard’s Drug Control Program, under
law enforcement escort, to the Milwaukee
DEA office.
    Drug Control Program and DEA
personnel transported the discarded
medication to Indianapolis on Sept.
28 using a Wisconsin National Guard
transportation company vehicle. The DEA
incinerated the medications Sept. 29.
    “The Wisconsin National Guard
provided much needed manpower and
equipment to assist in the collection and     1st Sgt. Tom Krueck of the Wisconsin National Guard’s Drug               which gave citizens the opportunity to discard potentially
transportation of several tons of collected   Control Program assists Drug Enforcement Administration                  dangerous pharmaceutical drugs in a safe manner. Wisconsin
pharmaceuticals from around the state,”       agents during their Pharmaceutical Take-Back Initiative,                 Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Thomas J. Sobczyk
Bohn added. “Their commitment to the
mission was instrumental to the success of    appreciates the opportunity to support            Greenwood, Wisconsin’s Counterdrug            effort should be established on a more
the overall program and communities all       DEA in their efforts to remove potentially        coordinator.                                  permanent basis.
around Wisconsin.”                            dangerous controlled substances from our             DEA will evaluate the program’s               Spc. Megan Burnham contributed to
    “The Drug Control Program                 state’s medicine cabinets,” said Col. Mark        results nationwide to determine if the        this report.
                                                                                           18                                                                   November-December 2010
                                                                                                                                                                       Maj. Matthew
                                                                                                                                                                       Strub of
                                                                                                                                                                       1st battalion,
                                                                                                                                                                       147th Aviation
                                                                                                                                                                       prepares to head
                                                                                                                                                                       out on a recent
                                                                                                                                                                       mission in Iraq.
                                                                                                                                                                       The Madison-
                                                                                                                                                                       based UH-60
                                                                                                                                                                       Black Hawk
                                                                                                                                                                       helicopter unit
                                                                                                                                                                       has been in Iraq
                                                                                                                                                                       since September
                                                                                                                                                                       in support of
                                                                                                                                                                       Operation New
                                                                                                                                                                       Dawn. Photo
                                                                                                                                                                       courtesy 1st
                                                                                                                                                                       Battalion, 147th
                                                                                                                                                                       Aviation Regiment

     Wisconsin, Michigan Soldiers provide lift for Operation New Dawn
   Despite a significant drawdown of
American forces in Iraq, more than 400
                                           South, which covers nine governorates —
                                           or provinces — of Iraq, including the area
                                                                                                been three months so far,” Brosig said of
                                                                                                the unit’s accomplishments.
                                                                                                                                               exceeded 120 degrees across portions of
Soldiers — approximately 300 from          south of Baghdad.                                        The recent troop drawdown leading up          “That temperature takes a toll on
the Madison-based 1st Battalion, 147th         Maj. Max Brosig, executive officer               to the transition to Operation New Dawn        people so we, as leaders, make sure
Aviation Regiment — arrived in country     for the 1st Battalion, 147th Aviation, said          will challenge the 147th Aviation during       they’re afforded the appropriate amount
in September and are conducting flying     Wisconsin and Michigan Soldiers have                 its deployment, Brosig said, as demand         of time to rest,” Brosig said.”They’re long
operations in support of Operation New     integrated well and in some locations                may exceed manpower.                           days, but they’re doing good.”
Dawn.                                      are even flying together. Brosig said the                                                              The battalion reported for active duty
   The Soldiers are responsible for all    battalion has hit the ground running, and                “We’ll do our best to try and adjust the   June 17 and trained for six weeks at Fort
aviation operations, including troop and   is already averaging 15 missions per day.            [operation] tempo as we can,” he said.         Hood. Pond said the battalion racked up
cargo movements, medevac and attack            “We’ve only been doing it for a little               The Soldiers have also had to adjust to    1,200 hours of flight time and 260 hours
missions in United States Division –       more than three weeks, but it feels like it’s        a different climate, as temperatures have      of flight simulator training.
                                                                                           19                                                                   November-December 2010
                                                                                           Guard leaders thank Stevens Point officials
                                                                                                  Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue                   “Communities need to be there for the
                                                                                                Wisconsin National Guard                 Wisconsin National Guard, just as much
                                                                                                                                         as the Wisconsin National Guard needs to
                                                                                            Wisconsin National Guard leaders             be there for the communities. It is truly a
                                                                                        expressed gratitude to Stevens Point             complete partnership.”
                                                                                        officials and other Wisconsin Army Guard             Dunbar presented the Wisconsin
                                                                                        supporters before a packed City Council          Meritorious Service Medal to Halverson
                                                                                        meeting Sept. 20 for the city’s role in the      and Larry Frostman, honorary chairman
                                                                                        “Back from The Sand” celebration held in         of the Point Committee, for their integral
                                                                                        downtown Stevens Point in July.                  roles in seeing the event through fruition.
                                                                                            The homecoming event featured                    “I have never been more proud or more
                                                                                        more than 3,200 Soldiers marching                humbled, as a non-military person, then
                                                                                        through Stevens Point, down streets lined        to have the adjutant general of Wisconsin
                                                                                        with community and family members,               pin that medal on my chest,” Halverson
                                                                                        to a staging area that included static           said. “I, in fact, told my wife that evening
                                                                                        equipment, food, entertainment —                 that should I pass away, I want that medal
                                                                                        including two national-level country             in my casket with me. That medal meant
                                                                                        artists — and no shortage of patriotic fans.     more to me than any award or recognition
                                                                                            Every aspect of the event took a lot         I have ever received.”
                                                                                        of planning, approval, coordination and              Frostman, a Vietnam veteran, came up
                                                                                        execution. For that, Brig. Gen. Donald           with the idea for a homecoming event.
                                                                                        Dunbar, adjutant general of Wisconsin,           He proposed the idea to Halverson,
                                                                                        Brig. Gen. Mark Anderson, Wisconsin              who endorsed it. Halverson created a
                                                                                        Army National Guard commander, and               committee to coordinate the event.
                                                                                        leaders of the 32nd Infantry Brigade                 Other key players recognized for their
                                                                                        Combat Team presented awards to many             contributions were Tom Schrader, director
                                                                                        of the event’s key players — including           of parks and recreation; Tom Barrett and
                                                                                        Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson.            Sara Brish of the planning committee;
                                                                                            “Our citizens were honored to                four members of the Stevens Point Police
                                                                                        have been the host community for the             Department; the Civil Air Patrol Stevens
                                                                                        welcoming,” Halverson said. “It was a            Point Composite Squadron; Stevens
                                                                                        complete success and made the citizens           Point Convention and Visitor’s Bureau;
                                                                                        feel so proud to have such wonderful             American Red Cross of North Central
                                                                                        Soldiers serving and sacrificing for them. It    Wisconsin; Portage County Veteran’s
                                                                                        was the citizen’s way of saying thank you.”      Services, and Sentry Insurance.
                                                                                            Anderson acknowledged the                        Dunbar said everyone, from the
                                                                                        significance of the city’s willingness           volunteers and committee members to the
                                                                                        to open its gates for such a large and           citizens of Stevens Point, really made this
                                                                                        prestigious event.                               event possible. To have a welcome home
                                                                                            “It really did make our job a lot easier,”   like that is uniquely American, Dunbar
                                                                                        Anderson said. “The city of Stevens Point        said.
                                                                                        absolutely came through and I want to say            “We will always be thankful for what
                                                                                        thank you for that.”                             you did,” Dunbar said at the meeting.
                                                                                            Halverson admits the two-way                     Col. Martin Sieffer, 32nd Brigade
                                                                                        relationship has blossomed throughout the        commander, also gave his appreciation to
                                                                                        entire process.                                  the council.
Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar pins a Wisconsin Meritorious Service Medal on the lapel of            “Our relationship has become one                 “It was a special moment for the
Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson during a city council meeting in Stevens           of complete friendship and complete              Brigade and it was a special moment for
Point Sept. 20. Wisconsin National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue                  support of one another,” Halverson said.         us,” Sieffer said.
                                                                                   20                                                                      November-December 2010
                                         Wisconsin National Guard News Digest
              To see the complete version of these stories and for archived news stories about the Wisconsin National Guard, see
               Wisconsin employer honored by DoD                                                        Job search tool for service members now online
    A Wisconsin firm was among 15 U.S.         that’s why we’ve singled you out for this               Right in the middle
companies nominated by their employees         very singular honor,” he said.                      of Wisconsin’s “Hire
to receive Defense Department awards               Weber recognized employees for their            a Veteran Week,” the
Sept. 23 for outstanding support to the        role in creating a corporate atmosphere             Employer Partnership
Guard and Reserve members they employ.         that sets a national standard for the               of the Armed Forces
    Don Weber, chief executive officer         respect and honor due to Service men and            unveiled a new website
for Logistics Health Inc. of La Crosse,        women. “This national award is directly             that promised to make
met with Vice President Joe Biden and          attributed to the hard work and the vibrant         it easier for service
Defense Secretary Robert Gates along           corporate culture at LHI, which inspires            members to look for
with executives from other companies that      us to give back to the men and women of             jobs and employers
received the 2010 Secretary of Defense         the military in exchange for their tireless         across the nation to hire
Employment Support Freedom Award               sacrifice.”                                         service members.
from Employer Support of the Guard and             The national award comes in the wake                A state-of-the-art job
Reserve, a defense agency.                     of ESGR state awards. LHI was one of                search portal, which
    “As an organization, we decided long       nine recipients of the Wisconsin “Above             launched on Veterans
ago that no employee of LHI who is called      and Beyond” awards as well as the top               Day, will offer reserve
to active duty should ever have to worry       prize winner in the state with the “Pro             component service
about their job back home,” Weber said in      Patria” award. Both were presented to LHI           members, their families,
July when the award was announced. “We         this spring. Weber addressed the crowd              veterans and wounded
want them to know we are behind them           at the Wisconsin ESGR award ceremony,               warriors increased
100 percent — that their seniority, salary     encouraging other employers to embrace              options when searching for employment.          seekers will be provided with a notification
and benefits will not be compromised in        the call to support Service members who             The portal also improves access to              whenever a desired position is posted.
any way while they are in service to our       are called to active duty.                          skilled candidates for the program’s               The portal offers some useful features.
country. Simply put, we do it because it is        “The cost of freedom cannot be borne            approximately 1,200 employer partners.          The Resume Builder allows users to create
the right thing to do.”                        entirely by our Soldiers — the debt must                Instead of re-entering basic personal       and keep their resumes available within
    Dennis M. McCarthy, assistant secretary    be carried by all of us,” he explained.             information for each search, the user           the system. This provides employers with
of defense for reserve affairs, was keynote    “We have the power to ensure that they              simply logs in and the system can               the opportunity to search the portal for
speaker for the event. He said most            can focus on war when they are warriors,            continue any previous activity. A user          resumes of qualified candidates, even if
employers receiving the Freedom Award          peace when they are peacemakers, and                may now set up a personal profile to save       the candidate has not applied for the job
tell him they’re just doing the right thing.   civilian life when they are civilians.”             searches, search parameters and individual      opening. The Program Support Manager
    “Well, you are doing the right thing …         Karen Parrish of American Forces                job announcements within their own              feature offers career counseling and
[but] you’re doing it at a higher level, and   Press Service contributed to this report.           “dashboard.” By activating the alert option,    resume assistance.
                                                                                                                                                      Employers can also enter job vacancies
                                                                                                                                                   directly into the portal and track those
                     Wisconsin Army National Guard names new chief of staff                                                                        jobs, applications and views through their
                                                                                                                                                   company dashboard.
   Col. Kenneth Koon of Waunakee, a            the assistant adjutant general - Army in            28 years in the military.                          Wisconsin boasts more than 417,000
28-year veteran of the Wisconsin Army          deploying and coordinating programs,                   Koon recently served as commander            veterans, of which more than 40 percent
National Guard, was named chief of staff       policies and plans affecting the more than          of the 426th Regional Training Institute at     come from the National Guard and
for that organization Nov. 15.                 8,000 members of the Wisconsin Army                 the Wisconsin National Guard’s Military         Reserves. Beginning with the Vietnam
   In his new duty, Koon will serve as the     National Guard.                                     Academy at Fort McCoy, overseeing a             War, the state has gained more than
chief advisor and principal assistant to the      According to Brig. Gen. Mark                     dramatic expansion of field artillery and       180,000 veterans.
Assistant Adjutant General - Army, also        Anderson, commander of the Wisconsin                other military courses. The field artillery        The Employer Partnership of the
the commander of the Wisconsin Army            Army National Guard, Koon was selected              school was named a center of excellence         Armed Forces is a no-fee program
National Guard. He will be responsible         from a field of highly qualified candidates.        during his tenure. He also recently served as   which connects Service members, their
for directing, supervising, training and          Koon replaces Col. Kevin Greenwood,              director of manpower and personnel for the      Families and veterans with employment
coordinating the staff, as well as assisting   who is retiring as chief of staff following         Wisconsin National Guard’s joint staff.         opportunities.
                                                                                              21                                                                     November-December 2010
               New guide can help Wisconsin
               Guard members build resiliency
                 The Wisconsin National Guard’s            guidelines, but not specific answers. There
             Service Member Support Division               isn’t necessarily a flow chart.”
             is incorporating an in-depth leader’s             Boustany said the individual nature
             guidebook to Soldier resilience —             of resilience skills underscores the
             recently published by the Army National       importance of getting the training to the
             Guard’s Soldier and Family Support            lowest levels of the Wisconsin National
             (SFS) division — into its effort to bring     Guard’s command structure, “so that
             resilience training to every unit in the      leaders who know individual Soldiers can
             Wisconsin Guard.                              recognize what coping skills would be
                 “It’s another tool in the toolkit,”       most effective.”
             said Capt. Kristin Boustany, a master             The guide teaches battle drills to help
             resilience trainer with the Wisconsin         identify an event, identify the emotions
             National Guard. “The first 47 pages are       tied to it, and how to develop coping
             a phenomenal overview of resilience           measures to get through the event and
             concepts.”                                    identify how to be stronger once the event
                 The book can be used to both help         is over, said Army Sgt. Maj. Jim Moore of
             build resiliency at the individual and        the SFS division.
             the unit level, and includes strategies to        “It’s designed for first-line leaders
             help mitigate suicidal behavior, drug and     to use one-on-one,” he said, “but larger
             alcohol abuse, domestic abuse and child       groups, such as squads, can go through the
             maltreatment.                                 battle drills to learn how to help each other
                 Command Sgt. Maj. Richard Burch,          identify and get through issues,” he said.
             the Army National Guard’s top enlisted            Moore said National Guard members
             Soldier, said that even though suicides are   face additional concerns compared to their
             a major concern, “these other issues have     active-duty counterparts — civilian jobs,
             been identified as potential risk factors     geographic disbursement, lack of access to
             that could compound suicidal ideation and     active-duty support facilities.
             risky behaviors.                                  “It is very important to create that
                 “With the Guard being a cross-section     resiliency support network during and
             of society, issues that are problematic in    away from the drilling environment,” he
             the civilian world are sometimes carried      said.
             over into our organization,” Burch                Boustany agreed. “The problems a
             continued. “As leaders, we need to help       person is going through at home will
             Soldiers and families to overcome these       affect them when they are in uniform,”
             other not-so-desirable behaviors.”            she said.
                 Boustany cautioned that the guide             The Service Members Support Division
             should not be considered the final word on    presented information on resilience and
             resilience.                                   available resources to Wisconsin Army
                 “I can teach you 15 different coping      National Guard commanders and senior
             skills and you may only use one, but that     enlisted leaders in November.
             one that works for you may not work for           Sgt. Darron Salzer of the National Guard
             the next person,” she said. “We can give      Bureau contributed to this report.
        22                                                                   November-December 2010
  Wisconsin adjutant general contributes
     to congressional security report
    Wisconsin’s Homeland Security            Stock Since 9/11.” The report reflects
Advisor — Brig. Gen. Don Dunbar,             members’ consensus opinion about
adjutant general of Wisconsin — joined       where America stands today in terms of
several of his peers in homeland             preparedness for natural disasters, acts
security and emergency management            of terrorism and other hazards. Bold,
recently in developing and presenting        innovative improvement ideas are offered
an independent report to Congress that       in conjunction with carefully considered
identifies challenges and gaps in the        refinements to the existing preparedness
nation’s preparedness efforts and offers     landscape.
recommendations to improve those                 Some of the suggestions include:
efforts.                                         •     Based on the belief that a well-
    Last spring, the Department of           educated citizen should understand basic
Homeland Security appointed Dunbar           preparedness tenets, we should entrust
to the national advisory group. Dunbar       our Nation’s teachers to incorporate
was one of 36 members representing a         preparedness concepts into existing school
diverse cross-section of governmental        curricula which would dramatically
leaders working in homeland security and     increase citizen preparedness in one
emergency management, and the only           generation
adjutant general named to the group.             •     Expand the reach and connect
    “It was a privilege to serve on this     existing national and regional advisory
task force and work with leaders from all    bodies to form a tightly coupled
levels of government — local, tribal, and    preparedness policy advisory system
state,” Dunbar said. “We collaborated with   by realigning the National Advisory
DHS and FEMA leaders and heard from          Council (NAC) and the existing Regional
various experts on key issues affecting      Advisory Councils
homeland security and emergency
management. We focused on three main             •     Ensure national cybersecurity
areas — policy, capability assessment,       efforts address local, state, tribal, and
and grant administration — and also          territorial preparedness implications
included some overarching strategic              •     Implement a preparedness
concepts. If Congress concurs and these      assessment framework utilizing a three
recommendations are adopted, I believe       year time frame, with yearly benchmarks,
the existing preparedness system will be     to institute a NIMS-typed resource
significantly improved.”
    Congress authorized the Local,
State, Tribal, and Federal Preparedness
                                             inventory system, conduct Threat and
                                             Hazard Identification Risk Assessments
                                             (THIRA) at all levels of government, and
                                                                                                                                     Night moves
Task Force to evaluate the nation’s          link future grant investments to assessed               Sgt. Jonathan Shufflebotham, 1157th Transportation Company, plots his
preparedness efforts and provide             risk and needed capability                              course in the red glow of his flashlight prior to beginning night land naviation
recommendations on how to improve and            •     Improve grant coordination                    Nov. 5. Soldiers from the 64th Troop Command Brigade, the 426th Regional
enhance current programs and policies.       among federal agencies and improve                      Training Institute and the Joint Force Headquarters competed in the Soldier
    After several months of meetings         visibility at the state, local, and tribal level        of the Year event Nov. 4-7 at Fort McCoy. Tasks on Nov. 5 included the zero
and reviews, the task force recently         for all grant programs                                  range, M-4 rifle range, stress fire range, hand grenade course, day land navi-
presented to Congress the report entitled,                                                           gation and night land navigation.
                                                 The report is available at http://www.                      112th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment photo by Sgt. Carlynn Knaak
“Perspective on Preparedness: Taking
                                                                                                23                                                               November-December 2010
  Simple precautions can reduce winter weather hazards
    Wisconsin National Guard members         Guard also offers the inactive duty                    “Something as common as an
are urged to prepare for the hazards         training (IDT) lodging program for                  automobile accident can quickly take one
posed by Old Man Winter as seriously as      Soldiers on drill status. This program              of our Citizen Soldiers out of play, from
they would threats posed by insurgents       provides commercial lodging for                     our formations and from our families,” he
overseas.                                    drilling Soldiers who reside outside the            said in a Nov. 23 memorandum. “Army
    “The risks for National Guard members    commuting radius from their unit.                   values directly correspond to safety values,
during the winter season are no different        “The purpose of the program is to               and our individual behavior in or out of
than for anyone else,” said Col. Shirley     reduce Soldier fatigue,” Kubiak said,               uniform distinguishes us as leaders in our
Kubiak, safety and occupational health       “in order to combat an ongoing safety               communities by the examples we set.”
manager for the Wisconsin National           concern — personal vehicle accidents                   The December issue of Knowledge
Guard. “The one thing with Guard             where fatigue is known to be a frequent             magazine contains information on cold-
members is they often have to travel great   accident cause or contributor.”                     weather injuries, winter car preparation
distances to attend drill.”                      Kubiak acknowledged that the                    and holiday safety.
    Kubiak said Guard members are            Wisconsin National Guard has                           The Ready Wisconsin website provides
trained to use the composite risk            experienced vehicle accidents in previous           information on vehicle winter survival kits
management process, which tallies            years, but “fortunately, no [winter]                as well as safe holiday travel.
various hazards connected with a             fatalities.”                                           Kubiak also directed Soldiers to
particular event, incorporates measures to       But being fortunate is no substitute for        a program on the Combat Readiness
reduce those hazards, and calculates the     being vigilant, said Maj. Gen. Raymond              website called Travel Risk Planning
remaining risk.                              W. Carpenter, acting director of the Army           System (TRiPS) to learn more about travel
    She said the Wisconsin Army National     National Guard.                                     risks.
                                                                                            24                                                  November-December 2010
     Social networking can put Soldiers, Airmen, civilians at risk
    Internet social media is changing how
we communicate — and also how we put
ourselves, family members and jobs at
    Computer incidents are on the rise
at work, and network security devices
cannot save us from ourselves. E-mail,
phishing, viruses, identity theft and loss
of personally identifiable information
(PII) are becoming a fact of life that can
devastate personal lives and well-being.
Social networking sites are now being
useed as a delivery tool for these threats.
    Always remember OPSEC when using
and visiting social networking sites — it is
the user who is responsible for all actions
during these sessions, and no security
device can stop those transactions.
    The latest scam typically involves
a service member who does not have a
Facebook account, suddenly discovering
that someone has created an account in
their name for the purposes of defrauding
others for financial gain. The scam
artist typically befriends individuals
online in chat rooms or via email, while
posing as the National Guard member.
They then attempt to ensnare long-time
acquaintances of the service member,
who unwittingly “friend” the scam artist
posing as the Soldier or Airman.                                                                  Assistance (BJA). IC3 accepts online          about online scams is the U.S. Federal
                                               con until an acquaintance or a suspicious
    The fake Facebook pages typically          victim contacts the member’s unit, family,         Internet crime complaints from either the     Trade Commission internet fraud website:
have enough correct personal information       or other sources to confirm elements of            person who believes they were defrauded
obtained online (to include photos) to         the ruse. Therefore, if it comes to your           or from a third party to the complainant.         Each service member must be vigilant
convince strangers and acquaintances           attention that you may be the victim                  It may also be in your best interests      of the risks of using social networking
alike that they are viewing the service        of this type of Internet fraud, you may            to contact your credit card company           sites, as well as the multitude of other
member’s real Facebook site. The con           contact Facebook and report the abuse              to submit a fraud alert. You should           threats to their personal and financial
artist may also claim to be deploying/         at the following website: http://www.              also contact the three credit bureaus,        well-being such as identity theft, internet
redeploying and be in need of financial         http://www.          scams, phishing attempts, virus attacks,
assistance, seeking romantic engagements           In addition, you should report identity https://www.alerts.equifax.    spyware, and the unwitting voluntary
(to lure in their prey), or having suffered    theft to the Internet Crime Complaint              com who by law are required to provide        disclosure of personally identifiable
the recent loss of a loved one to play on      Center at              you with one free credit report each per      information (PII).
the sympathy of others.                        aspx The Internet Crime Complaint                  year. These credit bureaus also have              The ARNG POC for any questions
    The potential scenarios are                Center (IC3) is a partnership between the          separate fraud alert services available for   related to above, is Mr. John C. Hair,
unfortunately far too numerous to list, but    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),             active duty military personnel.               ARNG IAPM, (703) 607-7483, DSN 327
no less disturbing. Typically the service      the National White Collar Crime Center                Another good source of information         Secure Tel: (703) 607-5815 SIPR Email:
member will not become aware of the            (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice                  for those who wish to educate themselves
                                                                                             25                                                                  November-December 2010
                                                       Veterans, Families, Retirees
 Free Tricare vaccinations                     to help couples have more satisfying
                                                                                                throughout the duration of the separation
                                                                                                and during the return home.                          VA launching new
    TRICARE covers the seasonal and                Please reply to Dr. Leanne Knobloch
                                               to let them know (a) whether any units
                                                                                                   “This handbook meets a great need,
                                                                                                especially for the parents of young men
                                                                                                                                                  personalized handbook
H1N1 flu and age-appropriate doses of
vaccines recommended by the Centers            will be returning home by mid-summer,            and women in military service for whom             The Department of Veterans Affairs
for Disease Control and Prevention.            and (b) whether you would be willing to          there is little support currently available,”   (VA) is piloting new, personalized
Beneficiaries can visit participating          circulate information about the study to         said Interim Director of DCoE, Michael          Veterans Health Benefits Handbooks. The
TRICARE retail network pharmacies              families in those units. Also, we would          E. Kilpatrick, M.D. “We are hopeful that        handbooks are tailored to provide enrolled
to receive seasonal flu, H1N1 flu and          welcome any ideas you have on how to             other federal agencies and private sector       Veterans with the most relevant health
pneumonia vaccines at no cost. This            advertise the study.                             organizations will help ensure we can           benefits information based on their
expanded coverage is available to all              Thanks again for supporting military         get this valuable resource in the hands of      own specific eligibility. In essence,
TRICARE beneficiaries eligible to use          families!                                        every family affected by a deployment.”         each handbook will be written for the
the TRICARE retail pharmacy benefit.               Click here for more information about           “As many members of our Armed                individual Veteran.
To find a participating pharmacy, visit        the study: study flyer                           Forces begin the difficult process of                                “These handbooks will
TRICARE’s Express Scripts webpage                  Dr. Leanne Knobloch                          reentry after deployment, we must work                           give Veterans everything
or call Express Scripts at 1-877-363-              Department of Communication,                 together across the public and private                           they need to know and
1303. TRICARE regularly adds coverage          University of Illinois                           sectors to continue to provide our military                      leave out everything that
for new vaccinations based on CDC                  email:                    families with the knowledge and support                          doesn’t apply to them,”
recommendations on the CDC website.                                                             they need to keep their family strong,”                          said Secretary of Veterans
    For more information on
immunizations, visit the Military Health
                                                  Toolkit for coping with                       said A. Kathryn Power, M.Ed., lead for
                                                                                                SAMHSA’s Military Families Strategic
                                                                                                                                                Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “Our Veterans
                                                                                                                                                will now have a comprehensive, easy
System Immunization Awareness page                deployments offered                           Initiative and Director of the Center for       to understand roadmap to the medical
at                   Philanthropist Paul G. Allen’s               Substance Abuse Prevention.                     benefits they earned with their service.”
Immunization.aspx.                             independent film production company –               The contents of the handbook are                In addition to highlighting each
    For more on military health benefits,      Vulcan Productions – recently unveiled           specifically designed to help families          Veteran’s specific health benefits,
visit the Benefits channel at     a handbook and video for the family and          and friends: Become aware of the                the handbook also provides contact                       friends of those serving in the United           stressors and feelings they may encounter       information for the Veteran’s preferred
                                               States Armed Forces. The resource was            throughout deployment. Develop skills           local facility, ways to schedule
                                                                                                to become more resilient despite these          personal appointments, guidelines
   University conducting                       produced in consultation with medical,
                                               mental health and military family experts.       stressors and feelings. Improve their           for communicating treatment needs
  post-deployment study                        More than 200,000 handbooks will soon
                                               be distributed to friends and family
                                                                                                overall quality of life and satisfaction.
                                                                                                Identify outside resources that may be
                                                                                                                                                and an explanation of the Veteran’s
                                                                                                                                                responsibilities, such as copayments when
    Researchers at the University of           of U.S. service members around the               useful to them throughout deployment.           applicable.
Illinois are conducting a study about the      country through the combined efforts of             The first 198,000 handbooks will be              “Enhancing access isn’t just about
experiences of military couples following      the Defense Centers of Excellence for            distributed by DCoE, the Real Warriors          expanding the kinds of services VA
reunion after deployment. (The current         Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain         Campaign ( and             provides. It also includes making sure we
project builds on two studies conducted        Injury (DCoE) and corporate donors.              Military OneSource. The University of           do everything we can to ensure Veterans
earlier this year involving 479 participants       “The Handbook for Family and Friends         Phoenix has also made more than 25,000          have a clear understanding of the benefits
living in 33 states. For a summary of the      of Service Members will help loved ones          copies available through its website            available to them so they can make full
findings, please see https://netfiles.uiuc.    of military personnel prepare for the            (                     use of the services they have earned,”
edu/knobl/www/military.html).                  emotional challenges before, during and             “Just as military members of our             Shinseki said.
    A grant from the University is offering    after deployment,” said Allen, co-founder        Armed Forces make great personal                   The new handbooks will initially
$120 in gift cards to military couples who     of Microsoft.                                    sacrifices to proudly serve our nation,         be available only to certain Veterans
complete an online survey once per month           This resource was created so those           so too do the families and loved ones           in Cleveland and Washington, D.C.,
during the first three months following        close to service members can better              who support them,” said Glenn Welling,          areas. Following the pilot phase, full
reunion. The surveys take approximately        understand what to expect during all             Executive Director for DoD’s Yellow             implementation is scheduled to begin in
30-45 minutes to complete, and they ask        phases of deployment, to build the skills        Ribbon Program. “Families and friends           the fall of 2011 for across the county.
about people’s communication patterns          to strengthen or repair relationships            bear the burden of that sacrifice, often           For additional information, go to www.
now that they are reunited. The results        and to gain the tools to keep the service        enduring great hardship, in order to make or call VA’s toll-free
will provide important information             member’s personal community strong               their service possible.”                        number at 1-877-222-VETS (8387).
                                                                                           26                                                                     November-December 2010
               1st Lt. Mark Sier, of the Wisconsin Army National
               Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment,
               holds his 5-week old baby girl, Carolyn, before

               a sendoff ceremony Nov. 29 in West Bend. Sier
               and 30 of his fellow Soldiers are departing for
               Fort Hood, Texas, for two months of mobilization
               training before deploying to Iraq as part of
               Operation New Dawn supporting medical
               evacuation missions. Wisconsin National Guard
               photo by Tech. Sgt. Jon LaDue

          27                                   November-December 2010

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