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 Annual Report, 2010-2011

 Department/Division: Academic Technology Center


 Part I-SP, Summary Report on Status of Strategic Planning Goals/Objectives

                                                                                                                                 Use of Assessment
                               Unit Strategic        UWF          Method of                                           cd
 Program/Function/Service                     a                                     Summary of Assessment Results                Results to Improve
                              Goal/Objective       Strategic     Assessment                                                                            e
                                                          b                                                                   Program/Function/Service
Align ATC functions &         Increase UWF        2a; 2d; 2e   Actual online      Goal: Met, but still In Progress.         Continued online marketing
services with the strategic   online course                    enrollment data    AY 10-11 demonstrated a 6.7%              through FDLC, SREB,
goals of UWF                  and program                      comparison         increase in online course sections;       DANTES, and Air Force Web
                              enrollments                      between AY 09-     4.4% increase in online enrollments;      Portals
                                                               10 and AY 10-11    5% increase in students registered for
                                                                                  Only online courses from AY 09-10.        Invested in Search Engine
                                                                                  Online degree program enrollments         Optimization for UWF Online
                                                                                  increased 8.6% over AY 09-10              Campus web site

                              Targeted                                            UWF Online Campus website received        Assisted M&C with both Online
                              Military and                                        approximately 15,000 visits per month     Graduate and Summer Online
                              Online student                                      of which over one-half are new visitors   campaigns

                              Enhanced                                            Recognized as “Military Friendly” for     Continued significant
                              marketing and                                       three years in a row by GIJobs and        investments in online education
                              recruitment                                         MAE magazines                             marketing sites like GIJobs &
                              efforts                                                                                       GetEducated.com

                                                                                                                            Increased investments in local
                                                                                                                            military base guides &

                                                                                                                            Submitted and accepted as
                                                                                                                            “Yellow Ribbon” institution for
                                                                                                                            military using Tuition
                                                                                                                            Assistance or new GI Bill

 Annual Report, 2010-2011

                               Support UWF                    Committee            Provided policy & procedure input and      SACS fifth year approved; Tech
                               policy &                       participation        data to the following campus               Fee/ITEP awarded; others still
                               procedure                                           committees: SACS fifth year and DL         in progress
                               development                                         Program Reporting; Non-Traditional
                                                                                   Students; Academic Visioning; Tech
                                                                                   Fee/ITEP; Foreign Languages; State
                                                                                   Authorization for DL; Tuition Waivers;
                                                                                   CoPS DL
Assist in the development of   ATC framework:       1a; 1c    Actual course        Goal: Met, but still In Progress.          Converted face-to-face faculty
quality online curriculum by   guides                         withdrawal data      Online course completion rates remain      development training courses to
aligning digital media to      development of                                      steady at 91.5%, only 2% less than         online format to increase
pedagogical methods of         quality online                                      face-to-face completion rates. Results     accessibility and model
teaching and learning          instruction                                         consistent for past three years            effective teaching strategies
                               (revised 2009)
                                                              Student              Only 14% of 930 student respondents        Initiated boot camp training
                               Increase Quality               satisfaction         reported they would not enroll in          sessions for new online faculty
                               Matters peer                   survey results       another online course at UWF.              just prior to each new semester
                               review process
                               to certify quality             QM peer review       Eight UWF online courses QM Quality        Collaborating with academic
                               of online                      results              Certified (internal) and one UWF online    departments to QM certify
                               courses                                             course (external certification). Four      entire online degree program
                               (since 2008)                                        more courses submitted for external        (Ed.Leadership & M.P.H.)

                               Lead online                    ProctorU data        More than 300 UWF online student           Online exam proctoring through
                               exam proctoring                                     exams have been proctored through          ProctorU now an approved
                               initiative                                          ProctorU                                   process by provost and faculty
                               identified by                                                                                  senate
                               Faculty Senate

                               Promote                        SDRC data            Federal guidelines, laws, and now          Drafted the initial UWF
                               universal design                                    frequent law suits are elevating the       Universal Design policy and
                               to enhance                                          requirement for online course material     implementation procedures in
                               accessibility to                                    to be totally accessible to all disabled   close collaboration with SDRC
                               online courses                                      or handicapped students. Additionally,
                                                                                   Dr. Bense has stated that she wants
                                                                                   UWF to be the most accessible
                                                                                   university in the country
Provide excellent faculty      Provide              5c; 5d;   UWF                  Goal: Met, but still In Progress.          Initiated new mini-conference
support services for the       systematic                     Reservation          Provided 55 unique faculty training        training sessions conducted
development and                approach to                    Desk Training        sessions (non-QM) serving almost 400       every semester at various
implementation of quality      online course                  data                 UWF faculty (duplicated headcount)         campus locations near faculty

 Annual Report, 2010-2011

online courses & programs   development                             Provided five specific Quality Matters     Deployed new Online Course
at UWF                      and best                                (QM) sessions serving 35 faculty. Over     Design Template that provides
                            practices for                           150 UWF faculty (non-duplicated)           faculty with a pre-constructed
                            teaching online.                        members teaching online have some          model of effective course
                                                                    QM training.                               structure including important
                                                                                                               student information

                                                                                                               Facilitated training and
                                                                                                               development of three UWF
                                                                                                               faculty members into QM
                                                                                                               Scholars to lead QM peer-
                                                                                                               review and certification process

                            Provide just-in-   Faculty survey       Online faculty require continual support   Developed and deployed
                            time knowledge     results              on technical aspects of our eLearning      “AskATC” searchable database
                            base (FAQ) for                          management system (D2L). Availability      that allows faculty to search
                            online faculty                          of the advice is required on a 24/7        and retrieve specific eLearning
                                                                    basis                                      procedures anytime

                            Increase faculty                        Busy faculty often don’t have the time     Converted face-to-face faculty
                            access to                               to attend face-to-face training sessions   development training courses to
                            instructional                           or schedule face-to-face meetings          online format to increase
                            design and                                                                         accessibility and model
                            online course                                                                      effective teaching strategies
                            resources                                                                          Increased popular Elluminate
                                                                                                               @ Lunch online training
                                                                                                               informational and training

                                                                                                               ATC web site upgraded to
                                                                                                               provide instant access to all
                                                                                                               faculty support resources
                                                                                                               described above

                                                                    Faculty desire to share instructional      Initiated new faculty showcase
                                                                    resources and methodologies for            training sessions conducted
                                                                    effective online instruction and useful    once per year
                                                                    for tenure and promotion

 Annual Report, 2010-2011

Promote excellence in          Provide just-in-   3a;   Student                Goal: Met, but still In Progress.           Developed and deployed
student support services for   time knowledge           satisfaction           Online students requested easy access       “eLearning Help” searchable
online students at UWF         base (FAQ) for           survey results         to eLearning management system              database that allows students
                               online students                                 (D2L) information to simplify utilization   to search and retrieve specific
                                                                               of the system                               eLearning procedures anytime

                               Clearly inform           Online Campus          Online students requested more simple       Simplified access to additional
                               students of              student feedback       and straightforward information about       course/program admission and
                               online options                                  online courses, programs, application,      registration procedures via
                               and processes                                   and registration procedures                 Online Campus web site

                                                                                                                           Enhanced email and phone
                                                                                                                           availability of Online & Military
                                                                                                                           Advisors by collaborating with
                                                                                                                           CE support to develop overall
                                                                                                                           “Student Support Center”
                                                                                                                           serving both Online and CE
Develop, implement, and        Update online      1c;   Faculty training       Goal: Met, but still In Progress.           Deployed new Online Course
institute a continuous         faculty                  survey results         ATC trainings regularly receive             Design Template
improvement model for          development                                     “exceeds expectations” from attending
online faculty development     resources and                                   faculty
and high quality online        delivery
courses and programs           methods                                         Data from experienced online faculty        Initiated new mini-conference
                                                                               indicates preference for face-to-face       training sessions
                                                                               training for highly technical issues but
                                                                               online training for less technical          Increased popular Elluminate
                                                                                                                           @ Lunch online training
                                                                                                                           informational and training

                                                                               Inexperienced faculty need training on      Initiated boot camp training
                                                                               basic eLearning LMS procedures              sessions for new online faculty
                                                                                                                           just prior to each new semester

                                                                                                                           Developed and deployed
                                                                                                                           “AskATC” searchable database

                               Improve online           Faculty Senate         Require proctoring procedures for high      Led university ProctorU pilot to
                               academic                                        stakes online exams                         determine feasibility of online
                               integrity                                                                                   exam proctoring at UWF

 Annual Report, 2010-2011

                              Initiate                        SDRC data            ADA requires enhanced accessibility of    Drafted the initial UWF
                              Universal                                            all online content and curriculum         Universal Design policy
                                                                                                                             ATC Course Design Template
                                                                                                                             meets requirements

                              Research                        Previous grant       Potential for course delivery to mobile   Collaborated with Physics and
                              Mobile course                   and current          devices. Happening abroad and some        developed course “app” for
                              delivery                        literature           U.S. institutions                         mobile delivery

                                                                                                                             Previously created mobile app
                                                                                                                             for delivery of language and
                                                                                                                             culture content to the military

                                                                                                                             Working with both Apple and
                                                                                                                             Android operating systems

                                                                                                                             Developed mobile web
                                                                                                                             application for Online Campus
                                                                                                                             website to be viewable on
                                                                                                                             mobile devices

                              National Flight                 Current grant        Require immersive, situated learning      Collaborating with CoPS SOE
                              Academy and                     requirement          environment to improve STEM access        on teacher development
                              teacher                                              and success                               strategies both face-to-face and
                              professional                                                                                   online
  From unit’s 2010-2011 strategic or action plan. Add lines as necessary.
  Insert Focus/Goal number/letter from the UWF Strategic Priorities, 2008-2012.
  Data/information used to determine goal/objective status.
  Can comment on status of goal as “met,” “not met,” or “in progress.”
  Describe decisions made based on assessment results to improve program

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Department/Division:    Academic Technology Center


Part II-A, Major Unit Accomplishments and Changes in Programs and Services

List major unit/department/division accomplishments and changes in programs and services for 2010-2011.
The following based upon the ATC Conceptual Framework

1. Institutional Goals: Continued Online Campus Enrollment Growth. AY 10-11 demonstrated a 6.7% increase in
online course sections; 4.4% increase in online enrollments; 5% increase in students registered for Only online
courses over AY 09-10. Online Campus Statistics. Online degree program enrollments increased 8.6% over AY 09-
10, primarily in CAS degree programs. Achievement of “Yellow Ribbon” status should facilitate increased
enrollments from those utilizing the GI Bill.

2. Quality Curriculum: Converted face-to-face faculty development training courses to online format to increase
accessibility and model effective teaching strategies. Facilitated provost and faculty senate approval of a new
online exam proctoring process. Drafted the initial UWF Universal Design policy and implementation procedures in
close collaboration with SDRC.

3. Faculty Support: Deployed new Online Course Design Template that provides faculty with a pre-constructed
model of effective online course structure. Facilitated training and development of three UWF faculty members into
Quality Matters (QM) Scholars to lead QM peer-review and certification process. Developed and deployed
“AskATC” searchable database that allows faculty to search and retrieve specific eLearning procedures anytime
and anyplace.

4. Student Support: Developed and deployed “eLearning Help” searchable database that allows students to
search and retrieve specific eLearning procedures anytime. Simplified access to additional course/program
admission and registration procedures via Online Campus web site. Enhanced email and phone availability of
Online & Military Advisors.

5. Continuous Improvement: Above quality curriculum, faculty support and student support accomplishments.
Collaborated with Physics and developed course “app” for mobile delivery of instruction. Developed mobile web
application for Online Campus website so prospective online students can view our offerings with their mobile

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Department/Division:     Academic Technology Center


Part II-B, Distinguished Individual (Faculty, Staff, and Student) Accomplishments

List college/departmental distinctions earned by faculty, staff, and students during 2010-2011.

B. Staff

Ms. Karen Barth continues to lead the new media and special projects components of ATC’s instructional
development activities. She oversaw the completion of several grant development projects like the Navy’s Center
for Language Expertise in Regional Culture (CLERC) online and mobile courses as well as the Lakeview Center’s
Families First Network’s (FFN) simulated home visit training program for social workers. Karen was also a key
member of the UWF team developing the National Flight Academy’s Aviators in Residence program’s simulated
flight missions. These simulations are designed immerse students into aviation themed instruction that will facilitate
improved STEM interest in middle and high school students through degree completion and college acceptance.

Additionally, Mrs. Barth provided outstanding support to other campus organizations by facilitating the creation of a
new School of Education web portal. She collaborated with the UWF Career Center to develop a new web site to
provide career center resources and advice for online students. Most importantly, Karen drafted the initial
procedures for the inclusion of Universal Design standards in online course development. She is a team leader with
the SDRC in the development of UWF policies and procedures for meeting ADA requirements of accessibility for
online courses.

Karen stayed active in her normal responsibilities of faculty development for quality online instruction by completing
the Quality Matters for Blended Courses program along with other basic QM training processes. She also assisted
in the development of the new eLearning Help portal for online student support as well as the revision to AskATC
faculty support site. While still leading many faculty development training sessions and working with faculty on an
individual basis, she co-developed the new ATC Online Course Template.

Dr. Vance Burgess oversees the operation of both the Academic Technology Center and Division of Continuing
Education. For ATC, he directed the completion of the Major Unit Accomplishments and Changes in Programs and
Services listed previously by linking all departmental objectives back to the established ATC Conceptual
Framework of: Institutional Goals; Quality Curriculum; Faculty Support; Student Support; and Continuous

Dr. Burgess is the primary point of contact for the UWF Online Campus and monitors all of the data for online
student growth, retention, and support services satisfaction as well as designing and implementing a coordinated
online marketing and student support system that attracts prospective students and improves satisfaction for
UWF’s fully online students (25% UWF FTE; 20% UWF students are online-only). In addition, Vance collaborates
with campus offices and academic departments on current issues such as the new USDOE State Authorization
requirements for out-of-state online students. Determinations affecting out-of-state student enrollment growth must
be determined utilizing Online Campus data. Online Campus data is also being used to determine potential
changes to the out-of-state tuition waiver approved by the BOT for non-resident students admitted to Online
Campus programs. Dr. Burgess also collaborated on the Stamats tuition price elasticity report by providing and
interpreting online student data and trends. Also, yearly he determines the percentage of every UWF degree
program that can be completed through distance learning. This information is used by the provost’s office to
maintain UWF’s SACS accreditation status.

Dr. Burgess sits on the dean’s council to advise academic affairs on distance learning and serves on many
campus-based committees including the extended cabinet, President’s Military Policy Council, non-traditional
student, SACS fifth year review, foreign language, Technology Fee/ITEP, CourseLeaf catalog updates, and the
CoPS distance learning committee. He also represents UWF to external constituents such as the Florida Distance

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Learning Consortium, Southeast Regional Education Board, Eduventures, and the Sloan Consortium. Dr. Burgess
continually works to ensure current data is available and analyzed to make informed decisions on all distance
learning initiatives.

Ms. Brenda Carey serves as an office support specialist and is the voice of the ATC/CE Student Support Center.
Ms. Carey is the initial point of contact when prospective or current students require support for both CE and the
Online Campus. She provides student support for CE programs, i.e., credit and non-credit courses, Summer
Explorer Camps, and Leisure Learning Programs, via email, phone call and walk-in customers. Brenda receives
numerous compliments on her effectiveness and demeanor.

Mr. John Carey oversees the ATC/CE Student Support Center and is the initial consultant to prospective and
admitted Online Campus students. In this position, he responds to student inquiries concerning various
requirements, i.e., admission, tuition fees, tuition assistance, and UWF Academic Policies. He also coordinates with
respective Online Campus College/Department advisors to ensure appropriate continuity of service for prospective
students. John also provided student support and enrollment services for CE programs, i.e., credit and non-credit
courses, Summer Explorer Camps, and Leisure Learning Programs, via email, phone call and walk-in customers.
Since leading the Student Support Center, processes have been streamlined and customer response times are

Mr. Carey also coordinates the quarterly President’s Military Affairs Policy Council meetings. He drafts the agenda
with proposed topics and lines up the appropriate presenters for this important community relations meeting. John
is also a member of the UWF Military Connections Committee where he continually provides important information
and support to our military and military-related student audience. Mr. Carey also serves as the Online Campus
Military Advisor where he responds directly to potential students affiliated with the military. Finally, John updates the
DANTES Online Degree Catalog where potential military and military-related students search for online degree

John also coordinates the marketing, registration, and admission of Continuing Education’s online Arabic Language
& Culture Certificate. This program includes three-four hour online language courses that meet the state of Florida
requirement in foreign languages for undergraduate degrees. Initially offered only to military students through a
grant, the certificate is now primarily civilian students seeking the foreign language requirement. Almost 50 students
per semester register for these three courses.

Mr. Lam Chu serves as ATC and Continuing Education’s media design specialist. He is responsible for creating
and updating the ATC website, UWF Online Campus website, and Continuing Education website. The information
provided on these websites provides direct support to the completion of UWF strategic goals and demonstrates to a
world-wide audience the quality and dedication to learning at UWF. Lam also assists in the creation of all ATC and
CE print media distributed to facilitate the UWF mission. Finally, Mr. Chu is an expert in photography and video
production and provides support to other UWF academic departments, like the Graduate School’s production of
video marketing materials.

Ms. Sharon Cobb is the office administrator for ATC. However, her responsibilities do not end there. Sharon also
serves at an Online Campus Advisor where she can be the initial consultant to prospective and admitted Online
Campus students. In this position, she coordinates with respective Online Campus College/Department advisors to
ensure appropriate continuity of service for prospective and admitted students. For example, Ms. Cobb monitors
and coordinates the approval of all Online Campus out-of-state tuition waivers. Sharon also coordinates the
admission and registration of students for the innovative and growing online Geographic Information Science

Mr. John Crane continues as the lead contact for online academic integrity at UWF. He’s conducted several
training sessions that address cheating in online courses and made a presentation to over 40 UWF faculty on “The
Best Ways to Enhance Online Integrity”. At the request of the faculty senate, John coordinated meetings with the
UWF deans and vendor (ProctorU) to design, develop, and implement a pilot of remote proctoring technology
during the fall term. Mr. Crane tracked all data for the two semester ProctorU pilot and then briefed the dean’s
council and faculty senate on the results. Shortly thereafter, a new UWF online proctoring policy was implemented

Annual Report, 2010-2011

by the provost and faculty senate. John continues his investigation of numerous other student identity validation
and proctoring technologies.

Mr. Crane also supports other UWF academic department initiatives. He provided several Elluminate training
sessions to the Florida Public Archaeology Network, extensive course design training to the Hometown Heroes:
Veterans Service Certificate Program, and assisted GIS Faculty in exploring and developing options for online
training in Elluminate Live! Additionally, John developed two fully online courses (Intro to Marine Biology and
Classical Mythology) for a Continuing Education contract.

Although John stays busy with normal online faculty development support, he to completed the Quality Matters for
Blended Courses program while assisting in the development of the new eLearning Help portal and revision to
AskATC faculty support site, And, while leading many faculty development training sessions and working with
faculty on an individual basis, he and Cindy Mersereau were selected to make a presentation (Academic Integrity:
The Game Plan) at Desire2Learn’s annual conference “Fusion 2011”. John also co-developed the new ATC Online
Course Template.

Mr. Janusz Chudzynski is completing his first year with ATC and leads our mobile instruction delivery initiative
and research and development for continuous improvement. Janusz is a software engineer that, in collaboration
with other ATC team members, created most of ATC’s technological achievements the past year including:
Navy’s Center for Language Expertise in Regional Culture (CLERC) mobile application; Families First Network’s
(FFN) simulated home visit training program for social workers; eLearning Help and AskATC searchable databases
to support online faculty and students; customized UWF Online Campus Website for mobile devices; revised ATC

Mr. Chudzynski also collaborates with other academic departments and initiatives on campus. He is part of the web
services committee’s mobile device workgroup that is testing how mobile devices can communicate with remote
servers, databases and our eLearning content management system to provide information and instruction to mobile
devices. Janusz is also working with the Physics Department on innovative software for mobile devices that will
support their online Physics courses; working with Computer Science to supplement an online course with an
iPhone app; and exploring options for an Online Campus Facebook page.

Janusz continually conducts research on iPhone and Android operating systems and associated applications for
potential inclusion in UWF web services and eLearning courses. He also tests new software and tools that could
enhance instructional content delivery such as: Mind Maps; Mobile Browser Detectors; Blogging software; animoto;
stupeflix; and other software/hardware that may be used by faculty for online course development.

Ms. Stephanie Ellis provides outstanding technology support and integration processes for the 20+ members of
both ATC and Continuing Education. Stephanie continually coordinates with ITS to ensure our organizations are up
to date and within UWF’s established technological parameters. Her responsibilities with two organizations focused
on technology are never ending and complex but she manages them all professionally. Whether upgrading the CE
Computer Lab, repairing a staff member’s computer, or contracting the installation of a Tandberg videoconferencing
system, Ms. Ellis is a consummate professional in execution and attitude.

Ms. Cindy Mersereau continues to lead the ATC effort to implement a quality assurance course review process for
online courses through ATC's subscription with Quality Matters (QM). In just over two years, Cindy has organized
the QM effort into a university-wide quality curriculum initiative. She has developed three faculty QM scholars to
lead the peer-reviewed quality certification process. Additionally, 15 faculty peer reviewers have been trained and
conducted eight peer reviews and helped present QM to over 150 UWF online faculty. So far, five UWF online
courses have received the QM internal certification and one course has received the external QM certification. Four
more courses are in the external certification pipeline.

Ms. Mersereau is now working with academic departments in an effort to QM certify all online courses in specific
programs. She’s assisted the CoPS Professional Education Unit in developing a QM summer training program that
trained 13 faculty members. Cindy also led a QM Transformation Training process for both the Professional &
Community Leadership and Engineering & Computer Technology departments, training over 10 more faculty. She’s
also worked with Geographic Information Science and Continuing Education’s Arabic Language program in pursuit

Annual Report, 2010-2011

of QM certification. When not leading the QM initiative, Cindy assists in the development of other ATC grant
projects like the above mentioned FFN and CLERC development initiatives.

Cindy also serves as the Emerald Coast contact for ATC providing training sessions and assisting faculty with the
development and implementation of their online courses. While leading many faculty development training sessions
and working with faculty on an individual basis, she too assisted in the eLearning portal creation and revision to
AskATC faculty support site. As mentioned earlier, Cindy was selected to make a presentation (Academic Integrity:
The Game Plan) at Desire2Learn’s annual conference “Fusion 2011” and co-developed the new ATC Online
Course Template.

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Annual Report, 2010-2011

Department/Division:    Academic Technology Center


Part II-C, Community Engagement Activities (Faculty, Staff, and Student)

Information about community engagement will be used to document the University’s activities related to its service
mission, to comply with a new SACS standard pertaining to community service, and to support the University’s
application for classification by the Carnegie Foundation as a “community engagement” institution.

List all college/departmental/unit community engagement activities with participation on behalf of UWF by faculty,
staff, and students during 2010-2011. Please include a very brief description of the Activity, the Community Partner,
and the Outcome/Impact of the activity.

Examples of community engagement activities include participation on community-based projects, organization
and/or presentation of cultural community events, faculty scholarship related to community action, student
scholarship related to community action, participation on community organization boards, and community-based
student learning activities such as service learning projects, internships, and capstone experience projects.

                                    Activity                   Community Partner             Outcome/Impact

B. Staff

Karen Barth        Served on food line at the UWF Holiday      UWF                   Demonstrated caring attitude

Vance Burgess      Relay for Life                              American Cancer       Supported cancer research

                   Charitable organizations supported by
                   Solomon’s Porch Church

Lam Chu            Provided updated video for Global           Global Corner         Enhanced understanding of
                   Corner “International Learning Center”                            world cultures by local children

John Crane         Volunteered to participate in the WUWF      UWF                   Facilitate WUWF’s impact on
                   Fall Fund Drive                                                   local community

Janusz             Plans to establish UWF Volleyball Sport     UWF                   Promotes physical fitness
Chudzynski         Club

Cindy              Participated in Emerald Coast United        United Way            Multiple national impacts
Mersereau          Way Day of Caring – received 10-year
                   service award

                   Attended Hand to Paw Community              Hand to Paw           Help people help their pets
                   planning meeting

Annual Report, 2010-2011

     Annual Report, 2010-2011

     Department/Division:     Academic Technology Center


     Part III-A, Strategic Planning Goals/Objectives for 2011-2012 (specify time frame; e.g., 2011-2012, 2011-2016).

     List strategic plan goals/objectives and planned method of assessment (if applicable).

                                                   Related UWF Strategic Goals &
                                      a                                                                                 d
           Strategic Goal/Objective                       WPU Strategies                       Method of Assessment
                                                            b            c
                                                         SP         WPU
Double number of Quality Matters (QM)            1a; 1c           1a                    QM Program certification
certified online courses and begin online                                               implemented (Ed. Leadership or
program QM certification                                                                M.P.H.) and at least eight more
                                                                                        internally or externally QM certified

Develop plan for promoting more Blended or       1a; 1c              1a                 Collaboration with ITS and Registrar
Hybrid (reduced seat time courses) online                                               to develop and deploy blended or
courses and programs - QM procedures                                                    hybrid technology code to track
already in place                                                                        course enrollments/completions

Continue online enrollment growth                2a; 2d; 2e          2c; 2d; 2e         Track overall enrollment and online
                                                                                        program enrollment by student type

Begin development of UWF online courses for      1c; 2a; 2d          2c                 Established pilot program of online
mobile delivery                                                                         courses delivered to mobile devices

Complete distance learning state authorization   2a; 2d              2c                 Track out-of-state course and
plan to determine qualification of online                                               program enrollments by state and
student (from every state) for UWF course or                                            online program
program registration/admission

Increase online enrollments using the Florida    2d; 4a              4e                 Track enrollments from other state
Distance Learning Consortium catalog and                                                institutions through new registration
new online statewide registration system                                                system

Improve efficiency of student support on         3a                                     Track eLearning Help searchable
technical aspects of eLearning system                                                   database utilization

Train more UWF faculty in online course          5c; 5d              5d                 Track course enrollment through
design, development, and effective                                                      Reservation Desk and completion via
implementation utilizing newly developed                                                ATC training records
online training courses

Improve efficiency of faculty support on         5d                                     Track AskATC searchable database
technical aspects of eLearning system                                                   utilization

      Add lines as needed.
      Insert Focus/Goal number/letter (e.g., 1.a) from the UWF Strategic Priorities, 2008-2012 (SP).

     Annual Report, 2010-2011

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