A Glimpse of Sarawak in Malaysia

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					                             A Glimpse of Sarawak in Malaysia

                                            Map Of Sarawak

If you are planning for a holiday to escape the crowd of daily life and get back to nature, Sarawak
certainly is a promising choice in Malaysia. This largest state of Malaysia boasts the wealth of wildlife
and diverse eco-system. You are going to unwind by having adventure in here and taste of the bush
since it is well-known for a range of awe-inspiring national parks, caves and indigenous rich cultural

                                           Kuching Landmark

The major city and capital of Sarawak is Kuching, where 26 native groups live. At the doorstep of
Kuching, Sarawak's cultural village represents a multi-ethnic society that considers as live museum.
Visitors will get an introduction of different indigenous groups of east Malaysia in here. The village
reflects the lifestyle of different indigenous groups like dwellings, crafts and traditions. However,
traditional dances are the main attraction of the village due to the vibrant and colorful performances
of native people.
                                 Largest Cave In The World, Mulu Cave.

A good number of national parks are scattered in the different parts of Sarawak and few of them
are- Bako Park, Batang Ai Park, Gunung Gading Park, Gunung Mulu and Niah Cave National Park.
The wide and virgin rainforests of these Parks own exotic creatures, flora and shrubs. These parks
offer magnificent views of wildlife that includes wild pigs, lizards, the near extinct orangutans,
hornbills, different species of Monkeys like silver-leaf monkey, proboscis monkeys and gibbons.


What is more, Refflesia, the world's largest flower, is available in Gunung Gading National Park. This
park is also worthy to visit for picturesque mountain stream for swimming.A cat museum has
established in Kuching and that features and preserves things related with cats. This is certainly an
exceptional museum in the world. In addition, many old buildings can be found in here, even the
building of sixteenth century. The city is divided by the river of Sarawak and its waterfront is
worthwhile to visit.

The other attractions of Sarawak are crocodile farm, Wind and Fairy cave, wildlife sanctuary.Sarawak
is indeed a combination of culture, heritage and nature for abundant birth-taking views and wildlife.
For this reason it can be considered as a hidden paradise of Malaysia. You will certainly experience
the joy of endless adventures by visiting Sarawak. This stunning part of Malaysia not only helps you
to wind down your stress but also recharge you to kick-start the life newly.

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