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Position Title:            2012 Campus Culture Director

Reporting to:              Program Events Coordinator

1.        General

The USU manages a very comprehensive “outside the classroom” student experience. The USU student
experience and engagement programs are major cultural capital for both the USU and the University. The
Campus Culture Director’s (CCD’s) role is to add further value to the cultural and intellectual lives of
members of the university community. The community values the atmosphere of The Verge Festival and
Orientation Week; the CCD’s will be charged with generating that kind of mood all year round.

The CCD’s are employees of the USU who report to the Program Events Coordinator. As paid members of
the USU staff the CCD’s shall, in accordance with USU policies, organise, administer and publicise a regular
program of events each semester. As employees, the CCD’s must adhere to USU the code of conduct and
give due consideration to all USU stakeholders.

The CCD’s will work with the “cultural clubs” in the C&S Program when generating the events calendar. The
definition of “cultural club” will be broad. By working at this deeper level with clubs the USU will demonstrate
the value it places on their role in the cultural development of the university community.

2.      Position Information

The USU will appoint two (2) Campus Culture Directors. The successful applicants will be required to
commence work in November 2011 and will continue in the role until November 2012. The Directors will
oversee the development of a program of 2 major outdoor, mid week culturally focused events per semester.
The hours of work will vary and will include time over the Summer vacation.

3.        Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

USU Management and staff are committed to assisting the Campus Culture Director’s achieve their KPIs.
The KPIs form the framework on which the programs are run and provide valuable sign posts to ensure that
targets are being met and outcomes delivered.

As a minimum, Campus Culture Director’s are required to achieve the following:

                 2 x significant events in Semester 1;
                 2 x significant events in Semester 2;
                 4 x post event reports (to be submitted to Board);
                 Assistance in the management of the Annual Policy Conference;
                 Attendance at that Annual Policy Conference;
                 Regular attendance at meetings as required.

                    University of Sydney Union – creating a dynamic, supportive and inspiring university community
4.          Specific Responsibilities

To manage the campus culture program; specifically

         In consultation with the Programs Event Coordinator to develop a year long program of two events
          per semester. Each event is to be student focused, held mid week, be out door, and easily
         Manage the administrative duties associated with the program, including providing information for
          the USU website and other marketing collateral.
         To report to Board on all events undertaken in the form of a post event report
         To work with the Festival Directors, Student Event Coordinators, relevant C&S and USU staff on the
          development and presentation of the program.

5.        Submission material

Applicants are required to submit the following material:

                   A completed General Application Form
                   A Cover Letter addressing the Selection Criteria and the specific position responsibilities.
                   A CV (maximum 2 pages), including at least two telephone referees.
                   An outline of your program ideas for 2012. Please be as detailed as possible – include
                    contacts you might have, ideas for catering, ideas of budget, etc. You should also
                    demonstrate how they enhance the Union’s existing programs and members’ student
                    experience. You need to convince the Selection Panel that you are the only person for the

6.       Essential Selection Criteria

All applicants must be 2011 Access Card holders, current members of the USU and currently
enrolled students of the University of Sydney for the duration of your tenure.

        Demonstrated knowledge of and participation in the USU C&S program
        Demonstrated knowledge of the USU and its activities
        Ability to work with a broad range of people from diverse backgrounds
        Demonstrated ability to plan and organise events
        Excellent written and verbal communication skills
        Ability to work autonomously and as a member of a team
        Proven ability to work to set deadlines and to prioritise.
        Demonstrated knowledge of the University, and its associated bodies.
        Ability to adhere to an allocated budget.

Desirable Selection Criteria

      Demonstrated participation in the USU’s C&S and the USU’s committees.
      A current NSW Driver’s Licence


Successful Applicants
Successful applicants will be issued with a Letter of Agreement which must be signed and returned before

An honorarium of $3,000 is awarded with this role. Payment is made on the basis of a Management
recommendation following satisfactory completion of duties and the acceptance of reports by Board.

                     University of Sydney Union – creating a dynamic, supportive and inspiring university community
If Management does not believe that all requirements of the position have been fulfilled, payment may be

Payments will be processed through the USU payroll.

Application Dates
Applications open Monday 22 August 2011 and are due by no later than 5pm Monday 10 October 2011 to
USU Human Resources, Level 5, Holme Building, University of Sydney, 2006.

Applicants should attend the 2012 Student Leadership Information session in the Isabel Fidler Room at 1pm
on Thursday 22 September 2011.

Selection Dates
Short listed applicants must make themselves available for interviews in the week commencing 17 or
24 October 2011 and will be contacted and advised of their interview time as soon as possible following the
close of applications.

Term of Office
The CCD’s term extends from November 2011 to November 2012.

Hours of Work
The hours of work will vary but administration will have to take place during non-semester times, notably over
the Summer Vacation.

Applicants are advised to make an appointment with the Programs Manager prior to the closing date to
discuss any issues, ideas or questions and ensure their application is complete.

To make an appointment with the Programs Manager, contact: Human Resources team on

Please Note
Your application material will be kept on file and not returned to you. If we have your material on file we may
refer to it and/or consider you for other positions. Please indicate if you would prefer that we not keep your
material on file. Please supply no original material.

                   University of Sydney Union – creating a dynamic, supportive and inspiring university community

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