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Dendroica Fall Newsletter Volume19 Number3


									             Teaming Research with Education to Promote Bird Conservation

                        Dendroica                                                                              FALL 2011
                                                                                                     VOLUME 19 NUMBER 3

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 Inside this issue...                                                                  
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        We are located in the Crane Creek - Magee Marsh region of Northwest Ohio
     Black Swamp
   Bird Observatory
                                          MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Teaming Research with Education
  to Promote Bird Conservation      Dear Friends,
     13551 West St. Rt. 2
    Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449          Recently a well-known birder, admired by many
     419 898-4070 (voice)
                                    (including yours truly), spoke out publicly about
      419 898-1363 (fax)
                                    her belief that banding and color-marking is bad
                                    for birds. Of course this is not the first time
                                    these research methods have been criticized.
                                    Humans have active minds and diverse interests
Fall Gift Shop Hours                and beliefs; we are always going to disagree on
    Fri., Sat., & Sun.              some things, and that’s okay. But this particular
    11 a.m. - 5 p.m.                situation felt like a blow because it drew such an
                                    emotional reaction from people who, I believe,
                                    actually know better.

    Observatory Staff               Whether the topic at hand involves birds or some
                                    other issue, when emotion overrules facts it is
      Kimberly Kaufman
                                    cause for concern. This is a delicate issue, and to be honest, I’m not sure I’m the
       Executive Director
                                    right person to take this on. Truth is, I would rather just ignore it and focus on things
      Julie Shieldcastle            like the upcoming Ohio Young Birders Conference and all the other positive things
     Conservation Director
                                    BSBO has going on. But part of what creates this problem is the fact that we need
      Mark Shieldcastle             more and better communication. If I simply walk away from this issue, I become part
       Research Director            of the problem. So I’m going to share some thoughts and hope they will help people
          Ken Keffer                come to terms with the ongoing necessity for bird research.
       Education Director
       John Sawvel
                                    You know, now that I think about it, maybe I am the right person to tackle this issue.
 OYBC Membership Coordinator        This is as much about people and emotion as it is about science. I may not a Ph.D.
                                    ornithologist or biologist. But, I have been a volunteer bird bander for more than 12
      Megan Reynolds
                                    years and have assisted with many kinds of bird research, banding, color-marking,
    Administrative Assistant
                                    radio telemetry, and others. But I am also a passionate birder, and I’m not afraid to
                                    say that I love birds and that I get pretty emotional about it sometimes. I’m not
                                    going to talk to you like a scientist, throwing around terms like spatial movements,
        BSBO Board                  site fidelity, or functional connectivity of habitats. Instead, I’m going to share my
           Tim Bollin               thoughts about the merits of research in my own plain language.
                                    I have been blessed as a woman and as a birder. I am married to the love of my life
         Delores Cole
          Vice Chair                and together we have traveled the world to study birds. I have been moved in ways
                                    I could never have imagined by our experiences with birds of every size, shape, and
            Bill Heck
            Treasurer               color. Birds inspire our emotions. There is a strong visceral response to birds that
                                                                                    can be powerful enough to change
         Jane Garling                                                               the course of peoples’ lives. I know.
                                                                                    It happened to me.
           David Horn                                                                 On a trip to the Antarctic, I knelt on
           Andy Jones                                                                 the damp, spongy soil of South
          Kevin Joyce
         Kenn Kaufman
                                                                                      Georgia Island and wept as a
        Joe Komorowski                                                                yearling King Penguin waddled up
         Randy Kreager                                                                within a few feet to investigate this
         Barry McEwen                                                                 strange creature in garish yellow
          Pam Pullella                                                                “plumage” that had suddenly arrived
         Mark Skolnicki
                                                                                      in his land.     I felt a surge of
            Will Sogg
          Elliot Tramer                                                               overwhelming joy at my first
                                                                                      glimpse of parrots in the wild - a
                                                                                      flock of Maroon-fronted Parrots -
                                                                                      gliding against the backdrop of a
                                                                                      lush green mountainside in Mexico.
  Cover Photo by Nichole Robinson
                                                                                      And I have been driven to my knees

Page 2                              Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter
in astonishment at the sight of a Sword-billed Hummingbird in Ecuador. But some of
the most amazing moments I have experienced with birds have had nothing to do
                                                                                              BLACK SWAMP
with observations. They had to do with discoveries about the lives of birds, and            BIRDS & BUSINESS
these discoveries came through research.                                                    ALLIANCE MEMBERS

Research is about learning. About gaining a greater understanding of what birds do,
                                                                                          We encourage you to patronize these
how and why they do it, and monitoring population trends. The more we know, the               establishments that support
more insight we gain, the better our chances of helping birds. When something goes                 the Observatory.
amiss on the wintering grounds or the breeding grounds, banding stations will be           Please tell them that BSBO referred
among the first to sound the alarm call. And let’s face it: some of this information is       you to them and thank them
                                                                                                     for their support.
more inspiring, more fascinating, more moving, than any mere sighting could be.
For example…                                                                                America’s Best Value Inn
                                                                                            Barnside Creamery
                                                                                            Bench Farms (SR-2)
Think Northern Cardinals don't migrate? Think again. On June 1st, 2009, BSBO
                                                                                            BirdWatching Magazine
banded a female Northern Cardinal at the Navarre Marsh Banding Station near Oak             Birds and Beans Coffee
Harbor, Ohio. Ten months later, on April 28th, 2010, BSBO volunteer bander Julie            Blackberry Corner Tavern
West recaptured the same bird at her banding station at Shaker Lakes Nature                 Brian Zwiebel Photography
Center, in Shaker Lakes, Ohio, 94 miles away!                                               Bumble Bee Cottages
                                                                                            Camp Sabroske
                                                                                            Common Grounds Coffee & Deli
                                                   At 60 years old, Wisdom, a Laysan        Deer Run Lodge
                                                   Albatross, is the oldest wild bird       Discovery Tours of Cleveland
                                                   known in the U.S. First recorded in      Eagle Optics
                                                   1956 as she incubated an egg,            Eagle's Nest Sweet Retreat
                                                   Wisdom was wandering the Pacific         Fasttrack Urgent Care
                                                                                            Five Bells Inn
                                                   when the first human was                 First Solar, Inc.
                                                   launched into space, when the            Great Lakes Popcorn Co.
                                                   Berlin Wall came down, and when          Jet Express
                                                   Black Swamp Bird Observatory was         Jordan Specialty Advertising
                                                   founded. Her most recent, and            Holiday Inn Express - Oregon
                                                                                            Kaufman Field Guides
                                                   perhaps      most    impressive
                                                                                            Kokomo Bay Restaurant
                                                   accomplishment, was surviving the        Lakeside Association
                                                   tsunami that hit Midway Island           Marblehead Peninsula
                                                   after the massive 2011 earthquake          Chamber of Commerce
                                                   struck Japan. How do we know             Maumee Bay Lodge &
   Wisdom, A Laysan Albatross first banded in                                                 Conference Center
                                                   that Wisdom is 60 years old?
   1956, mothering what is likely to be her 30th                                            Maumee Bay General Store
                                                   Because Wisdom is wearing a              Miller Boat Line
   to 35th chick.
                                                   band.                                    Minuteman Press
                                                                                            McCarthy's Restaurant & Pub
Blackpoll Warblers make a mind-boggling journey each fall in route to their wintering       National Bank of Oak Harbor
grounds. These tiny birds, weighing less than an ounce when they’re all fattened up         OurGuest Inn & Suites
                                                                                            Our Sunset Place B & B
and ready to go, will make an 80 hour, nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean to          Porky’s Pizza Trof
reach their wintering grounds in South America. This fall, BSBO is smack-daddy in           Residence Inn by Marriott -
the middle of Blackpoll Warbler migration. We have banded a record number so far,             Maumee/Oregon
and the season isn’t over. More importantly, we have recaptured seven Blackpolls            RRI Energy
banded in years past, including one that was banded as an adult in 2006. This tells         Schaffner Publications
                                                                                            Schedel Arboretum and
us that for at least six years this tiny bird has been making a journey that we can
scarcely even imagine. Also remarkable is the fact that the bird was recaptured             Swarovski Optik USA
within a few hundred feet of where it was originally netted in 2006. There are no           Tadpole Inn
magic optics that could tell us something as extraordinary as that. No expert               The Island House Resort
observer could have recognized this bird as an individual and documented just how           Time & Optics, Ltd.
                                                                                            Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
critical this habitat has been to this bird and millions of others just like it. Now,
                                                                                            Victorian Inn B & B
thanks to a tiny, virtually weightless band of aluminum, we know this to be fact.           Wild Birds Unlimited - Toledo

There are still so many questions about birds and many ways to gather this data.
Yes, we can (and do) stand on the edge of a flooded field observing shorebirds every       For more information on
day, for the same length of time, from the same location, and count the number of         the BSBO Birds & Business
birds we see, documenting their presence / absence. But when that flock of 500             Alliance program contact
Dunlin takes flight and whirls out of sight, where do they go? Why do they move                Kimberly Kaufman
from one habitat to another? How long do they stay? What is their energetic                     at 419 898-4070
condition (in other words, how much fat do they have) when they get there?

                                    Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                                           Page 3
How much fat do they need before they leave our area to        then we do a great disservice to ourselves and to the birds.
continue their migration? How long does it take them to build  If we approached our interactions with humans in the same
up these reserves? These are questions no binocular on the     manner, we wouldn’t be much of a society, would we? We
market can answer. We’ve got to have the bird in hand to       fall in love as we get to know something, and at BSBO we
get at these details, and we need these details to garner      are as much about helping people fall in love with birds as
support for habitat conservation, and to assist with           we are about answering research questions. In fact, we use
managing these habitats.                                                      those detailed answers learned through
                                                          When                scientific studies to help build that initial
With the battle for funding hitting everyone                                  curiosity about birds into a passion. And it
hard, we cannot simply say that there are “a lot”    I can show her works. I’ve seen it over and over and over. It’s
of birds in this area; that we need to draw down       that birders           undeniable. Bird banding is an invaluable tool
more of these diked impoundments because                                      for learning and for inspiring people to care
there are “a lot” of shorebirds depending on
                                                          spent               more deeply about birds. As a teacher, as a
these mudflats during migration. Anecdotal           approximately bander, as a dedicated bird conservationist, I
observations will not cut it.          We need          29 million            hope no one—especially those with big voices
documentation of these needs.           We need                               in the birding community—ever tries to take
                                                      dollars in her          this powerful learning and teaching tool away
                                                     district, then I from us.
In a similar vein, if I walk into our                  have more than
congresswoman’s office and tell her that there                                   We live in an age where with the click of a
are “a lot of birds” in this region, or that “a lot of      just her             mouse, we can find a staggering amount of
birders” are visiting the area and spending “a lot         attention.            information on just about everything. The one
of money,” how far do you think I’ll get in
                                                       Now I have her answer that isn’t out there is the solution to
convincing her that conserving bird habitat is                                   these human dilemmas.         Perhaps the best
important?      But when I present more than             district’s best         answer lies within us. Is it impossible to think
500,000 banding records—more than 10,000               interests on the that we could learn to respect one another, in
from last spring alone—it is irrefutable evidence.                               spite of our differences, and do our best to
When I can show her the results of our 2011
                                                             table.              achieve the highest level of understanding that
Biggest Week In American Birding post-event                                      we possibly can - before we send our opinions
economic impact study, indicating that birders spent              out into the ether? With bird conservation as our common
approximately 29 million dollars in her district, then I have     ground, surely we can arrive at some level of compromise.
more than just her attention. Now I have her district’s best      When thousands of intelligent people who love birds enough
interests on the table.                                           to dedicate their lives to bird conservation all agree that
                                                                  research is necessary and that banding is safe, perhaps it is
Learning is something that I love, and I especially love          not out of the question to ask for a measure of faith and
learning about birds. When we stop the learning process at        trust. Perhaps we can all work together for the good of the
the point where we can pin a name on a bird,                      birds and all that they add to our quality of life.


                                                                                    Kimberly Kaufman
                                                                                    Executive Director

  The Lake Erie Birding Trail covers the entire 312 miles of Ohio shoreline, from Conneaut to Toledo and the trail in-
  cludes the lake’s greatest birding locales. The Lake Erie shore and its immediate environs offer some of the best
  birding in the Great Lakes region. The eighty-four sites included in the Lake Erie
  Birding Trail are the best of the best, and collectively nearly 400 species have been seen in these areas. There is a
  wealth of information for each site.

  The Lake Erie Birding Trail is divided into seven loops. The sites within each loop are similar in habitat type and
  landscape. You may choose to visit the entire trail in one trip or explore the trail loop by loop. For ease-of-use, the
  website is organized by loop.

  You can find it at:
  Or just Google Lake Erie Birding Trail on the net.

 Page 4                                   Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter

Summer: Once a slow, lazy time. A            conservation report in this issue of          this end, a need to identify areas of
time to recover from spring migration        Dendroica.                                    use well beyond the banding stations
and prep for fall migration. Ah, the                                                       is needed, so several species are
good old days! This summer has been          BSBO personnel have been assisting            being color-marked with dye on their
hectic with strange weather affecting        with a new and exciting shorebird             breast feathers. BSBO provided major
birds and bird biologists. Breeding          project in the Lake Erie Marsh region.        support in spreading the word to
bird field studies had to deal with one      Led by investigators at Ohio State            birders about reporting sightings of
of the hottest summers on record. It         University, the project expands the           these color-marked birds.
was boom or bust for rain as weeks           on-going work of Tom Kashmer and              Information on how to report
went by void of precipitation only to        Tom Bartlett who have been banding            sightings and a form to use for
be followed by multi-inch deluges and                                                      reporting can be found on the BSBO
then a repeat of the process. It is still                                                  website at Any
too early to make any comments on                                                          sightings by observers can be of
breeding results but it has been hard                                                      great use to the study so while out in
on the resource. Literature indicates                                                      the field keep your eyes pealed.
both extremes, as both hot and dry,
and extremely wet conditions can                                                                               ~ Mark Shieldcastle
impact nest success and fledgling                                                                                Research Director

The BSBO research team also took
part in what felt like a never-ending
review, comment, and additional                         Color-marked
                                                     Semipalmated Plover
review on federal Avian guidelines for
Wind Power. Thanks to the incredible
leadership of BSBO’s volunteer legal         shorebirds the past few years. This
advisor Mark Skolnicki, the                  study takes the work a tremendous
Observatory managed to plow                  step forward by assessing shorebird
through round after round of changes         habitat use, energetic condition of the
and review/comment periods. More             birds and assessing regional land
details can be found in the                  management plans for shorebirds. To

                                               2011 SUMMER RECAPTURES
       While banding has many values for a wide variety of biological questions, one of the oldest, stemming from the very
       first birds banded, is that of movement between and within sites. BSBO migration and breeding studies saw a host of
       both this past spring and summer. Some same site “returns” at the Navarre banding station include a Yellow Warbler
       and Gray Catbird first banded in 2005; several Yellow Warblers, a Common Yellowthroat and Baltimore Oriole from
       2006; and a Prothonotary Warbler from 2008. Oak Openings returns were highlighted from a Chipping Sparrow and a
       Eastern Wood Pewee banded in 2006. Several of “our” birds have been recaptured elsewhere. A Magnolia Warbler
       banded on May 12th was recaptured by our own Joe Komorowski at his home near Dundee, Michigan on May 22nd. A
       Gray Catbird banded at Navarre on May 22nd was reported near Vickery, Sandusky County (south of Sandusky Bay)
       on June 14th, a back-tracking event. The most note worthy recovery was of a Ruby-throated Hummingbird banded at
       Navarre on May 14th recovered near Blissfield, Michigan on July 9th. For those wondering if there is a connection from
       the big migratory landbird habitats along the lakeshore and the Blissfield area, where a heated debate about a major
       wind turbine facility is currently raging, there is your answer. Several foreign recoveries (birds banded elsewhere)
       were also encountered this spring. They include Magnolia Warblers captured at Navarre that were banded at Braddock
       Bay, New York and one at Long Point, Ontario in 2010. These are both well known migratory stopover sites. A White-
       throated Sparrow banded near Earlton, Ontario (now this is way north of Ottawa close to the Quebec border) in 2007
       was captured at Navarre. This is the third bird linking this far northeast banding station and the Lake Erie marshes.
       These are just a few of the amazing feats these wonderful creatures are accomplishing.

                                            Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                                        Page 5
OYBC Finds State Endangered                    that help develop a deeper awareness and      conference.
Species at Port Clinton’s                      appreciation of our natural world. We also
                                               recognize that it takes more than the         The revolutionary OYBC Conference
Lakefront Preserve During
                                               ability to identify birds to be good          provides a unique venue for members to
July BioBlitz
                                               stewards of our natural resources. We         address an audience of their peers.
                                               strive to give young people the tools to      Students give professional presentations
The Ohio Young Birders Club (OYBC)
                                               empower their ability to be strong            on conservation topics of their choosing.
hosted a BioBlitz at Port Clinton’s
                                               conservation leaders. Financial support is    In addition, the OYBC conference includes
Lakefront Preserve on July 23, 2011, and
                                                                                                     a field trip, door prizes, and a bird
the results might surprise
                                                                                                     quiz led by noted author Kenn
you. Nearly 200 species of living
                                                                                                     Kaufman and OYBC members.
things were documented on the
                                                                                                     This year, Rachael Butek—
property which lies on the shores
                                                                                                     reigning American Birding
of Lake Erie between City Beach
                                                                                                     Association Young Birder of the
and Water Works Park. This area,
                                                                                                     Year— will be the keynote
a coastal wetland habitat, provides
                                                                                                     speaker. A student will be
a home to many unique plants and
                                                                                                     presenting about his recent
                                                                                                     volunteer experience monitoring
                                                                                                     shorebirds in artic Alaska. Other
Over 30 people, including student
                                                                                                     students will be talking about their
members from Michigan and
                                                                                                     experiences assisting on bird
Illinois, participated in the daylong
                                                                                                     banding research here in Ohio, the
BioBlitz event. A BioBlitz is an
                                                                                                     value of OYBC service learning
effort to identify all of the living
                                                                                                     projects, and the restoration of
things on a Property. Participants
                                                                                                     the Lake Erie Water Snake.
collected species information that
serves as a valuable tool for                    Port Clinton Lakefront Preserve BioBlitz           All participants leave the
helping to maintain the habitat,
                                                                                                    conference fully inspired by the
and provides baseline data that will assist
                                               critical for conservation efforts, and        knowledge and passion of the presenters,
in evaluating the success of ongoing
                                               teaching the students about fundraising       and we hope you can be a part of the
restoration efforts.
                                               and charitable giving is an important part    excitement this year.
                                               of their leadership development.                                             ~ Ken Keffer
In addition to surveying the property for
                                                                                                                       Education Director
birds, insects, turtles, and snakes, the
                                               Black Swamp Bird Observatory members
group also sampled Lake Erie for aquatic
                                               are encouraged to support the OYBC Big
critters including fish and mussels.
                                               Sit for Conservation. The Ohio Young
Assisted by University of Toledo graduate
                                               Birders Club is your club too. Donations
student Todd Crail, the Young Birders Club
                                               can be made securely online at
was able to document the state
                                      or by calling the BSBO
endangered Eastern Pond Mussel and the
                                               office at 419-898-4070.
Rayed Bean Mussel, a species that is                                                             Want to support the future
currently being considered for the United                                                          of bird conservation?
States Endangered Species List.
                                               The Most Inspiring Event in                        Become an OYBC Adult
                                               Conservation: Ohio Young
                                                                                                Supporting Member TODAY!
Big Sit for Conservation                       Birders Conference
                                               Another way for BSBO members to be
The Ohio Young Birders Club expects to         “encouraging, educating, and empowering
add many additional bird species to the        our youth conservation leaders,” is to
BioBlitz tally for Lakefront Preserve during   support the 5th Annual Ohio Young
their Big Sit for Conservation fundraiser.     Birders Conference. This year the
The Big Sit will be held on the property on    conference is November 5, 2011 at the
October 15th. The club will be raising         Grange Insurance Audubon Center in
money for restoration efforts at the           Columbus. More information can be found
Lakefront Preserve, and for the OYBC           online at:
annual conference.
                                               Pre-registration is required for the
The mission of the Ohio Young Birders          conference. Adults can attend for just
Club is to encourage, educate, and             $20, or can sponsor the event for as little
empower our youth conservation leaders.        as $100. Ask you employer about
We provide monthly outdoor experiences         matching funding programs to sponsor the

 Page 6                                        Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter
BSBO Expresses Concerns                       fit more closely with the industry’s wishes.
                                              This version came out for a short review in
                                                                                                 BE A VOICE
About Oak Openings Land
Management Plan                               August along with another meeting and             FOR THE BIRDS
The Observatory has been conducting           attempt by the FAC to dictate USFWS                BUY BIRDS & BEANS
breeding bird studies near Ostrich Lane in    policy. BSBO again supplied extensive           SHADE-GROWN, CERTIFIED
                                              comments centered on the major back
the Oak Openings Metropark for over 20                                                         BIRD FRIENDLY COFFEE
years, documenting the bird use of various    stepping of the document. Presently this is
habitats in the area. This information has    in another re-write with a possible                  Available in the
been used to assist land management of        additional review by the public.                     BSBO Gift Shop
this unique area. June 2010 saw severe
                                              BSBO’s main concerns about the                   We carry the following
storms and tornadoes rip through the Oak
Openings Region, altering the habitat and     guidelines are: 1) They are only voluntary       blends of Birds & Beans
creating more open areas with fewer trees.    and offer no regulatory authority to FWS;                      Coffee:
The BSBO research team was eager to           2) They do not specifically address mid-
                                                                                                           Scarlet Tanager
evaluate how the birds would respond to       sized turbines. We await the final                             Dark Roast
these habitat changes. Some of the            document with baited breath, and hope
                                              that our comrades at USFWS are steadfast                     Chestnut-sided
downed trees were removed last summer                                                                         Warbler
with the request from BSBO that the           in the job this country has charged them
                                                                                                           Medium Roast
Metroparks only remove trees within 100       to do.
                                                                                                            Wood Thrush
feet of the trails for safety purposes.                                                                     Light Roast
During this summer’s field season, it         Observatory Hosts Meeting
became obvious that more trees were           with The Nature Conservancy                                 Baltimore Oriole
being removed and logging truck trails        and Black Swamp Conservancy
were opening up the habitat even further,     In August, the Observatory coordinated a
and compacting the soil. BSBO sent a          meeting with The Nature Conservancy
letter to Tim Gallaher, land manager of       (TNC) Ohio and Black Swamp Conservancy           For just $15 you can help
Oak Openings, inquiring about the short       to discuss wind energy in the Lake Erie          conserve wildlife habitat.
term and long term management for the         Marsh Region, as well as additional
                                                                                                  PURCHASE YOUR
Ostrich Lane site and requesting an on-site   opportunities for our organizations to
meeting. The meeting went well and Mr.        partner together for the good of the                CONSERVATION
Gallaher addressed the questions about        region. The meeting included a tour of              STAMPS TODAY!
the land alteration and tree removal. His     known proposed turbine sites in the Lake
reasoning involved keeping “fuel” to a        Erie Marsh Region, Black Swamp
minimum in areas that are scheduled for       Conservancy’s land trust easement sites,
prescribed burns to maintain the Wild         and the primary protected areas of Ottawa
Lupine plant population. He explained that    National Wildlife Refuge, Magee Marsh
the soil in the Oaks is naturally nutrient    State Wildlife Area, and Winous Point
deprived and to allow for a large amount      Marsh Conservancy. Following the tour,
of decomposing matter would change the        BSBO executive director Kim Kaufman
soil composition. Sometime in early 2012      gave an overview of the wind power
the Observatory will sit down with Oak        issues; BSBO research director Mark
Openings land managers to discuss their       Shieldcastle provided a short program on            OHIO WILDLIFE
management plan map for the region            Observatory regional research efforts               LEGACY STAMP
included in our study area.                   concerning wind power; and BSBO legal
                                              advisor Mark Skolnicki provided
Wind Energy in the Lake Erie                  background on Fish & Wildlife guidelines
Marsh Region                                  for terrestrial wind and eagle guidelines.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service            The meeting generated encouraging dialog
submitted for review their latest Wind        and TNC agreed to investigate their
Power Guidelines last March. BSBO’s           organization’s comments on the proposed
volunteer legal advisor Mark Skolnicki        USFWS wind guidelines and to consider
provided extensive comments on the            endorsing BSBO’s proposed 3-year, 3-mile
document during the public comment            moratorium on wind turbines.
period. Overall, it was a good document                                                        FEDERAL DUCK STAMP
with the greatest concern being the
voluntary nature of compliance. However,                              ~ Julie Shieldcastle         Available in the
after serious pushback by the Federal                               Conservation Director      BSBO Gift Shop and in our
Advisory Committee (FAC) (controlled and                                                        Online Swamp Shop at
led by the wind industry itself), a major                                               
overhaul was completed by the USFWS to

                                         Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                                       Page 7
      Supporting                     MBS Killdeer Korner                   Lawn Maintenance
     Balinda Ferree                  for Kids                              Jim Mollenkopf
       Jane Ruvolo                   Sr. Marya Czech
                                     Jane Garling                          Financial // Accounting
  John & Betsy Searight
                                     Eileen Jarc                           Bill Heck
      Sally St. Clair                Christine Lotenero
                                     John Sawvel                           Legal Council
           Family                                                          Mark Skolnicki
      Doyle Dietterick               BSBO’s MBS Birding
    Russ & Jean France               Information Booth                     Development Work
       Herb Gabehart                 Dana & Tim Bollin                     Barry McEwen
  Erin & Mathew Hazelton             Craig Caldwell
    Ron & Judy Skleney               Karen Czerniawski                     For all the ways she gives,
                                     Doreen Linzell                        and gives, and gives
     Julia & Dan Smith
                                     Paula Lozano                          Delores Cole
        Stacy Tornio                 Hallie Mason
                                     Kathy Mock
        Individual                   Dan Sanders
    Barbara Shagawat                 Mark Shieldcastle                   A very special THANK YOU to Hallie
                                                                         Mason for lending her enthusiastic
        Bob Placier
                                                                            voice to the Donate The Guia
      Brenda Baber                                                               program during the
        C. J. Yager                  BSBO Sales Booth at MBS
                                     Sr. Marya Czech                        Midwest Birding Symposium.
     Denise Costanzo
                                     Sally Deems-Mogyordy
      Frank Knapke                                                         Thanks to Hallie, 20 Guias were
                                     Judy Kolo-Rose
        Gary Reed                    Ronnie Macko                          donated during MBS and will be
   Gloria Patricia Welsh             Jim Mollenkopf                         shipped out to our partners at
      Melissa Luebbe                 Hugh Rose                            Sonoran Joint Venture to be used
     Michael Godfrey                 Tom & Faye Stahl                          as valuable tools for bird
      Robert Hikida                  Karen Zach
                                                                                Thank you, Hallie!
     As of September 30, 2011        Banding Programs
                                     Barb & Dan Myers

                                             At BSBO’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic, Karen Zach and
                                             Delores Cole received the highest honor the bird observatory awards
                                             each year when they were presented with the prestigious
                                             Shieldcastle Award for outstanding volunteer service. BSBO is
                                             blessed with so many outstanding volunteers that to receive the
                                             Shieldcastle Award requires an intense level of commitment to
                                             BSBO’s mission. Both Karen and Delores epitomize the very
                                             essence of what makes BSBO’s volunteers so remarkable.

                                             Thank you, Karen and Delores, for your steadfast commitment to
                                             BSBO, for the boundless energy you bring to every project, for the
                                             investment of time and support that you give to BSBO, and for
                                             believing in what we do with your whole hearts. For all these
     Karen and Delores pose with their
        awards and beautiful smiles
                                             reasons, and more, we offer you our sincere appreciation.

Page 8                              Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter
                         THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS!                                          THANK YOU FOR
Anonymous                      Ohio Young Birders Club    Trenholm & Bette Meyer          DONATING A GUIA!
Ronald & Barbara Bauer         BIG SIT                    Steve Miller                 (Spanish Language Bird Guide)
Campbell Cottage B & B                                    Laura Peskin
Jim Chamberlin                 Claudia Anders             Carolyn Ragan
Clark County Audubon           John Badhorn               Jay Rine
Delores Cole                   Robert Beck                Ann Rosenberg
Jenny Eldridge                 Jim Beckman                Arrye Rosser
Elmwood Group Home             Barbara Berg               Randy Rowe
Marcia M. Etzwiler             Carol Bertrand             George & Lana Sakash
Friends Limited                Martha Burrows             John Sawvel
Herb Gabehart                  Garnet Byrne               John & Polly Sawvel
Lee & Jane Garling             Joan Clapp                 Beulah Shanks
Emily Hamblen                  Jo Fedor                   Shannon Shepard-Bash
Robert Hikida                  Steve Gabrey               Arthur W Shantz, Jr
Frank Knapke                   Lee & Jane Garling         John Sharpe
Marilyn Maynard                Aaron Gyllenhaal           Stephen Haptonstahl
Marty Reynard                  Ann Hannon                 Dan & Patricia Voydanoff
Luke Schrader                  David & Shelly Hopson      David K. Welles Jr.
Nelson S. Talbott              Ronald Howenstine          Georgia Welles
Carol Wilson                   Eleanor Imke               Amy Winnicki
Stacy Tornio                   John & Faye Jaeger         Ed,Sandy & Alex Wood                   Lesley Amolsch
Trilogy Health Services        Carl Koebel                Norma Wygant                            Linda Benner
Jim & Cynthia Waymer           Randy Kreager              Jan Lou Young                           Linda Burton
Judi Williamson                Carol Leininger            As of September 30, 2011              Denise Costanzo
Karen E. Wood                  David Lewis                                                       Jan Hollerbach
                               Kathy Lieb
                                                         GIFTS WE ARE VERY                       Carol Leininger
EMPLOYEE                       Grace Lusher
                                                           THANKFUL FOR                           Ronnie Macko
MATCHING GIFTS                 Ronnie Macko
                               Anita Manzeck                Warbler Carvings                        Lois Main
                               Barry McEwen                 and nature books                      Harma Nyhof
Key Foundation                 Louis & Bev McLove        from Christine Lotenero           Michael & Wendy Quintero
Kroger Rewards                 Frank Merritt                                                      Gail A. Ralich
                                                                                             Brian & Nancy Rippon
                                                                                                Rebecca Setzer
                                                                                           Jon Siemien & Mary Pfaffko
                              MEMORIAL GIFTS                                                  Ron & Judy Skleney
                                                                                                 Mark Skolnicki

   In Memory of                         This beautiful bench was
  Emil “Moe” Zach
 Anita & Dick Manzeck
                                         donated in memory of
     Hallie Mason                        Marty Michener by her
      Bill Sullivan                        friends and family.
   As of September 30, 2011

       Gifts to
     BSBO are a
       way to                                                                           Help us distribute copies of Kenn’s
                                                                                      Spanish language bird guide to people
      honor the                                                                      across the southwestern US and northern
                                                                                        Mexico. These books will be used as
     memory of                                                                             valuable tools for bird guide
     a friend or                                                                                training workshops.

     loved one.                                                                         To make your $12.00 donation
                                                                                        call 419 898-4070 or visit the
                                                                                         BSBO Online Swamp Shop at

                                       Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                                     Page 9
The Ohio Young Birders Club hosted a BioBlitz at Port Clinton’s
Lakefront Preserve on July 23, 2011, and the results might
surprise you. Well over 200 species of living things were
documented on the property which lies on the shores of Lake Erie
between City Beach and Water Works Park. This area, a coastal
wetland habitat, provides a home to many unique plants and

                                                                       More than 30 people, including student members from
      Northern Cardinal                                                Michigan and Illinois, participated in the daylong BioBlitz
                                                                       event. A BioBlitz is an effort to identify all of the living
                                                                       things on a property. Participants collected species
                                                                       information that serves as a valuable tool for helping to
                                                                       maintain the habitat, and provides baseline data that will
  In addition to surveying the property for birds, insects, turtles,   assist in evaluating the success of ongoing restoration
  and snakes, the group also sampled Lake Erie for aquatic             efforts.
  critters including fish and mussels. Assisted by University of
  Toledo graduate student Todd Crail, the Young Birders Club
  was able to document the state endangered Eastern Pond
  Mussel (pictured) and the Rayed Bean Mussel, a species that is
  currently being considered for the United States Endangered
  Species List.

                                                                       Other species highlights from the day included Bald Eagle,
                                                                       Painted Turtle, and Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. The Young
                                                                       Birders Club will continue to monitor the species that are
                                                                       using the property. The group expects to add many
                                                                       additional bird species during their Big Sit for Conservation
                                                                       Fundraiser to be held on the property in October.

        The Ohio Young Birders BioBlitz was a collaborative effort between the Black Swamp Bird
      Observatory, the City of Port Clinton, and the Black Swamp Conservancy. The BioBlitz was also
              supported in part to thanks to grants from the Harry Stensen Memorial Trust
                              and the Ottawa County Community Foundation.

Page 10                                   Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter
During spring migration I ventured to Magee Marsh Wildlife Area       songs, and to inspire so many people...what an incredible life.
for International Migratory Bird Day. I watched a bird banding
demonstration by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, and I was          If American habitat isn't saved, then the birds in South America
able to release a Gray Catbird. When I released this beautiful        will have no summer home to come home to! And if South
bird, it was incredible to feel the energy as it launched into the    American habitat is destroyed, our migrants will have no winter
air. What power, grace, and determination is packed into their        vacation home! If habitat worldwide isn't protected, birds will
tiny bodies! And such detailed feather topography and mysterious      cease to exist. Rachel Carson warned us of a "silent spring", and
eyes.                                                                                it is a very real possibility. Without everyone's
                                                                                     help, passion, and dedication, our feathered
Birds are amazing creature and really                                                friends will have no homes. With no homes, they
deserve to be loved, conserved, and                                                  have no where to raise their young. Without a new
watched with passion!! I'm so very glad to                                           generation, once the current generation passes,
be a birder, to be part of an everyday                                               there will be no more birds. It's a very scary and
effort to conserve and learn about these                                             sobering thought, but it's necessary to keep it in
complex animals.                                                                     mind as we go about our daily lives. Birds are an
                                                                                     important part of our world and without them; life
I'd like to relate to you how important it is                                        would never be the same.
to conserve and protect birds and their
habitats. We must realize that the actions                                           So, help the birds. Help the world. Support efforts
we take here in America will affect                                                  to conserve birds and their habitat! Get outside
countries like Venezuela and Ecuador; and                                            and appreciate the birds! Take photos and paint
what they do will affect us. Why? Birds!                              pictures of these wonderful creatures, and share their beauty
                                                                      with others. We have harmed their habitats, but we are the
Birds connect us all. They spend winters in South America and         solution!
breed in North America in the spring and summer. I think of
Baltimore Orioles I've seen in my neighborhood. Just weeks            BE THE CHANGE!
before they fly around with streamers of hay, hair, and grass,
building their nests in Ohio, they were in South America. By the      If birding has taught me one thing, it is to appreciate and learn
time autumn comes, they've got to raise a family and fly back         from our avian neighbors, and to share that passion with others.
across the Gulf until next spring, when (if they survive) they get    They are deserving of our efforts, time, and love, and we must
to do it all over again. Being a bird is hard, but I am sure they     do all we can to preserve these amazing, astounding, beautiful,
have so much joy with it. To be able to fly, to sing such beautiful   inspiring, incredible, stunning, and powerful beings.

Kristina Polk is an active nature photographer, blogger, and social media guru. She is 16 years old and lives in North Ridgefield, Ohio.
In addition to birds, Kristina enjoys horses, Orcas, and the White-tailed Deer in the woodlot down the street from her house.

                                                                                                    Registration and hotel
  5th Annual Ohio Young                                                                              information online at
                                                         KEYNOTE SPEAKER:
    Birders Conference                                                                   
    November 5, 2011                             Rachael Butek, of Colfax, WI.
                                                     Rachael is an amazing artist and                 Registration Deadline:
  Hosts: Grange Insurance Audubon Center
          and Columbus Audubon                           birder. She is the 2010                       OCTOBER 25, 2011
            505 Whittier Street
           Columbus, Ohio 43215
                                                      American Birding Association’s
                                                                                                         Students: $10
                                                    Young Birder of the Year!
                                                                                                          Adults : $20
           SPECIAL GUEST:
                                                Program Lineup:
         Jessie Barry,                          Doug Whitman, Service Learning Helps the OYBC Central Chapter Take Flight
    Cornell Lab of Ornithology                  Lukas Padegimas, An Epic Adventure in the Alaskan Arctic
     Learn about opportunities for              Kathleen Seeley, Beyond Birds with the OYBC, The Lake Erie Water Snake
    young birders including Cornell             Robert Reynard, Bird Banding Past, Present, and Future
     camps and online workshops.                Rachael Butek, No Scope, No Car, No Problem!

                                           Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                                            Page 11
Black Swamp Bird Observatory could
                                                                             PLANNED GIVING
not function without the assistance of
volunteers. You may choose to help                    PLEASE CONSIDER A GIFT TO BSBO IN YOUR ESTATE PLANNING
occasionally or regularly, as your
schedule permits. No experience is               You can support our research and education efforts by including Black Swamp Bird
necessary.                                         Observatory in your estate plans. Bequests of any size are gratefully accepted.

Benefits: Opportunities to learn,                You will help us continue to help birds and conserve their habitats when you name
share with others who have similar                                   Black Swamp Bird Observatory to receive:
interests, and promote the Bird
Observatory’s mission. Please contact
                                             ♦    A specific dollar amount
us by phone at 419 898-4070, or              ♦    A percentage of your estate's value
email to join the             ♦    All or part of the remainder of your estate in your will or trust
team!                                        ♦    All or part of the proceeds of a Life Insurance policy or Retirement Plan
    Gift Shop and BSBO Office
                                                             Consider supporting Black Swamp Bird Observatory
Meet people from all over the world,
                                                                and bird conservation as part of your legacy.
help BSBO do all the “behind-the-
scenes” work that is so vital to the         Before completing your bequest to Black Swamp Bird Observatory, please contact the
Observatory’s success. Answer the            Observatory’s Executive Director, Kimberly Kaufman, so that we can help ensure that
phone (that thing NEVER stops                your philanthropic goals will be met. She can be reached at 419-898-4070.
ringing these days!), greet customers
in the gift shop, ring up sales, interact
with visitors and answer questions.                          CONSIDER A CHARITABLE GIFT OF STOCK TO BSBO

   Data entry and clerical work
       Northern Cardinal                     Black Swamp Bird Observatory has an account with Edward Jones, 126 East 2nd
Many of our programs and projects            Street, Port Clinton, Ohio, to assist you with your stock transfer gifts. Please call
require hundreds of hours of data            Kimberly Kaufman at 419-898-4070 for stock transfer details.
entry and clerical work. The job might
not be all that exciting, but it’s an
integral part of research. We REALLY
appreciate the people who help us out
with this task ---like Tracy Marr, for
example! : )                                                            WAYS YOU CAN HELP
Mowing grass, keeping the walking
trail clear of brush and litter, adopt-a-               EQUIPMENT:
highway cleanup days, cleaning                          •  A new laptop for our Executive Director
gutters, shoveling snow, maintaining
our nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds
                                                        •   22” Flat Screen Computer Monitor
and Tree Swallows. You know, helping                    •   Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
BSBO look beee-u-tee-ful!                               •   Carl® 15" Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer
                                                        •   New Upright Vacuum Cleaner
   Passerine Banding Station
Volunteers needed 7 days per week                       •   Desktop PC for our administrative assistant
during spring and fall migration. The                   •   LCD PowerPoint projector
spring season runs from mid-April to                    •   6, 8-foot long Value-lite conference tables
early June and the fall season is from                  •   Two, 8-foot picnic tables
mid August to mid-October.
**Volunteers must attend a
                                                        SUPPLIES, SOFTWARE, & MISC.:
mandatory training workshop to
participate in this project, which is                   •  Mist nets for our songbird banding project
scheduled in April for the 2012th                       •   HP LaserJet 53X black print cartridge
season.                                                 •   Thistle seed for the bird-feeding station
                                                        •   45-gallon trash bags
    BSBO Booth/Display
We are looking for volunteers to help                   •   Recycled copy paper
work our booth and portable store at                    •   Recycled paper towels
various festivals and events. It’s a lot
of fun and it really helps spread the                   Have you been given GIFT CARDS you will never use?
BSBO message!                                           Well, we can certainly use them!

    Many thanks to all the                              •   Staples or OfficeMax for office supplies
 volunteers who do so much                              •   Walmart for office supplies
  to help us! Without you,                              •   Lowe’s or Home Depot for maintenance supplies
   the Observatory’s work                               •   BP, Sunoco, or Marathon gas for the Bird Bus
    would not be possible!

Page 12                                     Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter
                                     SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS

  Best of the Outdoor Page
                                     By Steve Pollick

                              Stop by the
                            BSBO Gift Shop
                               to get your
                            AUTOGRAPHED                   SAVE THESE DATES! MAY 4- 13, 2012
                            copy of Steve’s
                              latest book!
                                                               Winners of the Adam Grimm
                                                                  Original Illustrations!

 No text books, please!

                                                            Tracy Marr                  Jay Farkas

                YOU CAN WIN A
 Roger Tory Peterson Puffin Lithograph
        Signed, limited edition
    35-1/2 x 27” matted and framed
 Visit our Online Swamp Shop at to
  purchase your $10.00 raffle ticket, or call 419 898-
  4070. Take a chance to win a really great item AND
            support BSBO at the same time!

                                                                          Winner of the
                                                               Louise Zemaitis Long-eared Owl print:

                                                                           Bill Schmoker

                                  Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                               Page 13
                         OYBC Youth Advisory Panel Members
                         Sarah Winnicki and Wyatt Miller
                         presented an engaging presentation on
                         recruiting new birders during MBS.

      Northern Cardinal

                                               “Whooo” is hiding
                                             behind the owl mask?
                                             Why it’s Jacob Parry!
 Young Birders proudly show off
their owl puppets and homemade                                                Killdeer Korner Student Art Winner
  binoculars at Killdeer Korner                                                      Kelley Spicer, age 12

 BSBO and the Ohio Young Birders Club were thrilled to be a part of the Midwest Birding Symposium. In addition to
 the great time had by young people at the Killdeer Korner activities station, BSBO gained several new members, we
 sold 36 conservation stamps, 20 Guia de campo a las aves de Norteamerica were donated (see page 9 for the list of
 donors), and during their inspiring keynote presentation, BSBO’s own Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman encouraged
 people to take someone new birding through their incredibly generous Kaufman Field Guide Challenge: one free
 Kaufman Field Guide of choice for anyone who would commit to inviting someone new to try birding in the next
 year! It was a wonderful event filled with sunshine, wonderful camaraderie, and some good birding, too! We can’t
 wait for 2013 when the MBS returns to northwest Ohio!

Page 14                            Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter
                        Most of the coffee sold in America today       Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center are behind the SMBC
                        is literally killing the songbirds we love –   certification and this means “Bird Friendly”® is the gold
                        and destroying a sustainable method of         standard. SMBC certified farms support great biodiversity, they
                        farming that supports rural communities        are organic and cultivated in large part by families and Coops.
                        in Latin America and keeps farm workers
                        and their children away from                             Coffees sold with SMBC certification must use only 100
                        toxic chemicals.                                         percent certified beans, (other shade grown coffee may
                                                                                 have little as 30 percent shade grown beans). SMBC
                         In the time it takes you to                             farms must meet stringent criteria for rich and
                         drink your next cup of coffee,                          structurally complex habitat. Other shade grown coffee
                         acres of tropical forest will be                        may be from plantations with a single species of shade
                         lost. Along with it will go the                         tree, heavily pruned and not supporting much more
                         diversity of birds and other                            biodiversity than sun grown plantations. The science is
                         wildlife that depend on it.                             very strong on this point; SMBC certification is the best
Wouldn’t it be gratifying to know that by choosing to buy shade-       for birds. So coffee drinkers and bird lovers who want to make
grown coffee, you’d be helping to conserve wildlife habitat?           the biggest difference buy SMBC coffee. ”Be Certain. Buy
Birds & Beans the good coffee™ is the best choice for Birds:
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) “Bird Friendly”®              And in case you’re wondering, It also tastes great, too!
coffee is not just any shade-grown coffee.
Over twelve years of research and field inspections by the

         Look for Birds & Beans coffee in the BSBO gift shop or online at

                                           BIRDING GOES HOLLYWOOD
                            The following review of The Big Year       seem to be under. With a few exceptions, birders are just a nice
                            is an excerpt from Birding with Kenn       bunch of people, and I thought the movie did a wonderful job of
                            and Kimberly, a blog maintained by         portraying that. Sure, the "Kenny Bostic" character played by
                            BSBO’s executive director, Kimberly        Owen Wilson made some rather edgy choices. But even he had
                            Kaufman and her husband Kenn               moments of sincerity. Nothing dorky or nerdy at all!
                                                                       And the Greg Miller
                             Kimberly writes: Black Swamp Bird         character portrayed
                             Observatory loaded a bunch of             by Jack Black? Well,
                             birders into our awesome Bird Bus         of course he was
                             and went to see the movie The Big         my favorite. I'm an
                             Year on its opening night. The film is    intelligent woman,
                             based on the book The Big Year: A         but I do love some
                             Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl              crazy, slapstick
                             Obsession written by Mark                 humor, and Black
Obmascik. The book features Ohio's own Greg Miller, who is             happens to be one
portrayed in the film by Jack Black. To be honest, I was more          of my faves. I
than a little concerned that Hollywood would simply adopt the          suppose the fact
model perpetuated by the media for decades and cast us in the          that we know and
same stereonerdical role. I was wrong.                                 adore Greg Miller                Jack Black and Greg Miller
                                                                       introduces at least
Steve Martin's character, "Stu Preissler," is a powerful, wealthy,     some bias. But, Greg'll do that to ya. He's a pretty great guy.
executive who is obsessed with birding. His colleagues all bow to      Black's character in the movie was that of the lovable underdog,
his executive prowess and on more than one occasion, they              and he even looks a bit like Greg, which is fun!
actually beg him to rescue them in challenging business
negotiations. But here's the beauty. He's also a really nice guy.      I'm going to be careful not to spoil it for you, so if you haven't
He loves his family, and while on occasion (with some gentle           seen it, GO! See the film, represent birders, drive the box office
admonishment from his loving and supportive wife) he skips a           ratings up, and help send a message to the world that we are a
few family moments to see great birds (sounds familiar, doesn't        mass consumer market and that what we want really matters.
it?), he's still a great guy. To me, it was a spot on portrayal of     Maybe then, they'll start to hear our cries for conservation-
the "friendly umbrella" that birders around the world always           minded products like certified bird friendly coffee.

                                          Dendroica, BSBO’s Quarterly Newsletter                                              Page 15
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2011-2012 Fall & Winter Programs & Events
We are located inside the entrance to Magee Marsh Wildlife Area.
Gift shop and window on wildlife hours vary by season.
FALL AND WINTER GIFT SHOP HOURS 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

OCTOBER                                                            NOVEMBER
Saturday, October 22                                               Saturday, November 5
9 a.m. to noon                                                     10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Highway Cleanup                                                    Nature Tots—Program TBA (ages 3—5)
Join BSBO as we do our part to keep this special area              Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
beautiful. Our stretch of highway is in front of BSBO,             Registration required. Parents welcome to attend. FREE!
Magee Marsh, and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. As               Call Laura Bonneau at 419 898-0014.
an added incentive: Award winning outdoor writer Steve
Pollick will be helping us (as he has been right from the          Sunday, November 6
very beginning!) and this is a great opportunity to get an         8 a.m.
autographed copy of Steve's latest book, Best of the               Ottawa NWR Monthly Census Count
Outdoor Pages!                                                     Meet in the Auto Tour entrance parking lot.
                                                                   No experience necessary! Dress for the weather!
Please wear sturdy shoes (or boots) and bring gloves.
                                                                   Saturday, November 12th
BSBO will provide all other supplies, and some yummy
snacks when we're all done!                                        Lake Erie Pelagic
                                                                   ---------SOLD OUT--------------
NOVEMBER                                                           Sunday, November 13
                                                                   9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  Saturday, November 5                                             Self-guided Refuge Auto Tour
  8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., registration start at 10 a.m.               Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge - FREE!

  Ohio Young Birders Club                                          Sunday, November 13
                                                                   2 p.m.
  5th Annual Conference                                            Naturally Speaking - Program TBA
  Grange Insurance Audubon Center                                  Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
                      505 W. Whittier Street
                      Columbus, OH 43215
                      Students - $10
                      Adults - $20                                 Saturday, December 3
                      Lunch included                               10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
                             This conference is NOT just for       Nature Tots—Program TBA (ages 3—5)
                             young birders! Adults are en-         Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
                             couraged to attend and we             Registration required.
                             promise you that you'll come          Call Laura Bonneau at 419 898-0014.
                             away feeling inspired by these        Parents welcome to attend. FREE!
                             amazing young conservationists,
                             and you'll learn some things,
                             too!                                                          BSBO’S ANNUAL
  Hosted by the Grange Insurance Audubon Center and Co-                                 HOLIDAY CELEBRATION
  lumbus Audubon Society, the conference offers a quality                                    Sunday, December 4
  experience for a very low registration fee.                                                 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  Our 2011 Keynote Speaker is Rachael Butek of Colfax, Wis-                              Join BSBO for our annual holiday
  consin. Rachael is an amazing artist and birder. She was            celebration! This year’s special event will feature A
  awarded the prestigious Young Birder of the Year honor for          Taste of Ottawa County, with some of the region’s
  2010 by the American Birding Association.                           finest foods, coffees, and treats; wonderful holiday
                                                                      gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list;
  To register call 419 898-4070 or use PayPal at                      book signings by a few of our favorite nature
                                                                      writers; activities for kids; and much more!
 13551 W. State Route 2 Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449 ◊ 419 898-4070

2011-2012 Fall & Winter Programs & Events
We are located inside the entrance to Magee Marsh Wildlife Area.
Gift shop and window on wildlife hours vary by season.

11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

DECEMBER              (CONT’D)

Sunday, December 4
8 a.m.
                                                                         WINTER BLUES
Ottawa NWR Monthly Census Count
Meet in the Auto Tour entrance parking lot.
No experience necessary! Dress for the weather!
                                                                          Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area
Sunday, December 11                                                        Saturday, February 11th, 2012
2 p.m.
Naturally Speaking - Best of the Outdoor Page                               Meet at the Sportsmen’s Center
An Illustrated Look at Nature and More" with Steve                           On the corner of Twp. Hwy 108
Pollick, Toledo Blade.                                                       and former County Highway 75
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
FREE!                                                                              Birding at 9 a.m.,
                                                                                 potluck lunch at noon,
Sunday, December 17                                                        & birding after lunch on your own
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Self-guided Refuge Auto Tour                                       Join BSBO for our annual Winter Blues Blowout Party
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge - FREE!                            with the Ohio Young Birder’s Club! The OYBC brings
                                                                   sharp eyes and ears, so we'll have lots of help
                                                                   searching for owls and wintering hawks, which is what
Fremont Christmas Bird Count                                       Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area in Wyandot County is
Saturday, December 31                                              known for. Bring a dish to share for the potluck
7 a.m. - ???                                                       lunch. Electricity is available for crock pots. Hot and
Join OYBC & BSBO for the annual Fremont Christmas                  cold drinks and tableware will be provided.
Bird Count. For assignments, meet at Karen's Restaurant
                                                                   The field trip will begin at 9 a.m. at the Sportsman’s
at 7 a.m. in downtown Fremont. The restaurant opens at
                                                                   Center on the corner of Twp. Hwy 108 and former
7 a.m. The restaurant is located at 921 E. State St. It's a
                                                                   County Highway 75. During the morning hours we
little difficult to spot from the road. The restaurant sits
                                                                   will carpool to the regular spots to see owls, hawks,
next to the Double A Motel, so look for a big green and
                                                                   and waterfowl.
yellow sign.
                                                                   After lunch some choose to continue birding on their
Post-Count Compilation Party                                       own. Many stay to see the Short-eared Owls at dusk.
The Fremont CBC post-count Compilation Pizza Party will            Dress for the weather and be prepared to have some
be held at Green Creek Hunting Club. We buy the soda               fun!
pop and the 28-piece Jumbo Pizzas from AJ's Heavenly
                                                                   Please call 419-898-4070 to let us know that you’re
Pizza in downtown Fremont. Donations are welcome!
                                                                   coming and how many people you’ll be bringing with
                                                                   you. Meet at the Sportsmen’s Center at 9 a.m. to
For details and driving directions visit:
                                                                   carpool around the area.

Call BSBO at 419-898-4070 for more information
                                       5th Annual Ohio Young
                                         Birders Conference
                                     Saturday, November 5, 2011
                                                Grange Insurance Audubon Center
                                              505 W. Whittier St. Columbus, OH 43215
          Visit                                       8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
   for more info about                 GROWN-UPS & NON-MEMBERS WELCOME!
     the conference.
                                     These are first-rate presentations that anyone
                                       interested in birds and nature will enjoy!

                                                                               Bird walk & banding demo at 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                   Registration opens at 10:00 a.m.
                 PRESENTATIONS                                                  Opening remarks begin at 10:30 a.m.

   Doug Whitman, age 12                 Kathleen Seeley, age 17                   Special Guest Speakers:
 Service Learning Helps OYBC Beyond Birds with the OYBC,
  Central Chapter Take Flight The Lake Erie Water Snake                          Jessie Barry, Cornell Lab
                                                                                  Opportunities at the Cornell
 Lukas Padegimas, age 18                                                             Lab of Ornithology
                                        Robert Reynard, age 16
    An Epic Adventure in               Bird Banding Past, Present,
     the Alaskan Arctic                        and Future                             KENN KAUFMAN
                                                                                     BIRD PHOTO ID QUIZ

KEYNOTE Speaker: Rachael Butek, age 19                                                THANKS TO OUR
             "No Car, No Scope, No Problem!"                                       CONFERENCE SPONSORS
               Rachael Butek from Colfax, WI, competed in the American
               Birding Association's Young Birder contest. It was the first
               time she had participated in this event, and to her
               astonishment and delight, she won the overall 'Young Birder
               of the Year' award. She had spent most of that year scouring
               her family's small hobby farm; taking notes on local
               populations of breeding birds, attempting to photograph and
               paint birds she knew well, and writing about her experiences.
               She'll be speaking about her participation in this wonderful
               competition. Come and learn why your own backyard is the
               best place to bird, and how you can contribute to science
               without even leaving your property!
                                                                                    Christine Lotenero / John Sawvel /
                                                                                              Susan Setterlin
                         Registration is just $10 per student // $20 per adult
                                Registration information on side two

                                                   OPTICS RAFFLE!

                                GREAT DOOR PRIZES AND RAFFLE ITEMS

                                Registration Fee Includes a Delicious Lunch!
                                 Deadline for Registration is November 1st!
       Register online with PayPal at or call 419-898-4070 or use the form(s) below.

NAME: ____________________________________________________________
Please list additional registrants on a separate sheet of paper and return along with this form and payment

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________ STATE: _______ ZIP: ___________

PHONE: ________________ EMAIL: ____________________________________

Students _______ X $10 = __________                                   Adults _______ X $20 = __________

OYBC Donation: __________________                                              Total Enclosed: _____________

          Mail to: Black Swamp Bird Observatory, 13551 W. State Route 2, Oak Harbor, OH 43449

NAME: ____________________________________________________________
Please list additional registrants on a separate sheet of paper and return along with this form and payment

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________ STATE: _______ ZIP: ___________

PHONE: ________________ EMAIL: ____________________________________

Students _______ X $10 = __________                                  Adults _______ X $20 = __________

OYBC Donation: __________________                                             Total Enclosed: _____________

          Mail to: Black Swamp Bird Observatory, 13551 W. State Route 2, Oak Harbor, OH 43449

NAME: ____________________________________________________________
Please list additional registrants on a separate sheet of paper and return along with this form and payment

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________ STATE: _______ ZIP: ___________

PHONE: ________________ EMAIL: ____________________________________

Students _______ X $10 = __________                                   Adults _______ X $20 = __________

OYBC Donation: __________________                                              Total Enclosed: _____________

           Mail to: Black Swamp Bird Observatory, 13551 W. State Route 2, Oak Harbor, OH 43449

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