How to Craft Leaves for Bridal Pillows

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					How to Craft Leaves for Bridal Pillows

Now that you have started to create your bridal pillows, you will need to add leaves to join, assemble, and
finish. To help you finish we have written the following directions.

How to create leaves:
Chain fourteen stitches into the single crochet at the third chain and away from your hook, single again
working it into your chains and through to the previous chain. You will need to work three singles into the
previous chain and continue back, working to the facing side. Once you reach your chain, single crochet it
into the ends of your chains and turn before creating two chain stitches. Work the fresh chains into your
back loops and single crochet into the middle single at the leaf baseline. Work three singles into the
following stitch and single crochet into the stitches up until the preceding stitch. Omit the last stitch and
recur your steps three times.

Next, create 24 smaller leaves. Chain fourteen stitches into your single crochet, and onto the third chain,
away from your hook: Single crochet into the chains and continue to the preceding chain. Now, work the
length of the back facing side of your chain and continue with a single crochet at the ends of your chain,
turn, and create two more chains. Work the fresh chains into your back loops and work the single into the
stitches you created, working toward the middle single at the leaf base. Add three singles and work to a fresh
stitch, a single into the stitches and into the previous stitch. Omit the last stitch and continue three times,
repeating your last steps.

Now you are ready to join. Start with the whipstitch, i.e. oversew your larger leaves you have dressed up and
at the baseline work to your three-lobe leaves (Trefoil), working toward the corner. You will need to make
trefoils for each of your finished squares. Now you will need to add your flower, rose, etc, design. Rest it on
your creation in the center and add three-lobe leaves to the corners making sure that leaf at the center is
pointing in the opposite direction of your leaves. You want to point four of your between leaves, pointing
the tips so that they are in the direction of a clock’s hands, around your squares.

Once you join your parts use thread and connect it with a slipstitch. Work through the tips of your smaller
leaves and chain four stitches, a slipstitch into the tops of your following larger leaf. Once you finish chain
thirteen stitches, a slipstitch and work it into the second decorative loop. Work the second décor into the
neighboring edge of your undulated fabric. (Scallop) Continue to the leaves and chain ten stitches into a
slipstitch on the third loop, and the shorter larger leaf. Chain 10 stitches into slipstitch into your last loop and
onto the identical undulated fabric. Stitch fifteen chains into a slipstitch. Work the stitch into the tip of your
larger leaf and chain four stitches to a slipstitch at the small base of your leaf. Chain ten stitches into another
slipstitch and work to the following loop onto the identical undulated fabric of the leaves. Chain ten into a
slipstitch and at the tip of your smaller leaf. Finish by recurring, your steps about the finish and until the
slipstitch at the beginning base of the chain. Complete the remaining squares.

Now you can assemble your bridal collection. You will need to connect the blocks of squares by joining
your three-lobe leaves into the cloth. Finish with ½ inches seam. Next, cut your bridal collection at the front
and at the back of your collection. Cut the strips that do not fit if applicable.

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