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									Information for OPSEU members in the Liquor Board Employees Division - Issue 18 - May 2008

LBED pre-bargaining conference May 24-25
Delegates set to study the issues and elect bargaining team
With about 10 months to go before LBED’s
contract with the LCBO expires, more than 60
local representatives from across Ontario will
gather May 24-25 in Mississauga to begin the
process of identifying key issues and electing a
bargaining team that will lead the division into
negotiations with management.
      “I’m really quite excited about the conference         The first day of the pre-bargaining
and what we expect to achieve,” said LBED chair,       conference will cover reports from LBED’s nine
Vanda Klumper. “We’ve had a fantastic response         standing committees, with recommendations
to our demand setting survey and that tells me         on where our current contract falls short
our members have set their sights on a strong          in categories such as health and safety,
and significantly improved contract.”                  privatization, PVR, pay and employment equity,
      In fact, more than 90 per cent of locals         benefits and pensions. Delegates will then
submitted completed surveys for the pre-               break out into three workshops for additional
bargaining planning committee to study before          discussion on these key issues.
presenting the findings to delegates next                    The second day will feature a morning
weekend.                                               plenary session dedicated to building solidarity
      The pre-bargaining conference — the first        between LBED’s three sectors (retail, logistics
for liquor board employees since they became a         and head office), before heading into elections
division of the Ontario Public Service Employees       for a bargaining team.
Union (OPSEU) – promises a full agenda with                  “We’ve crammed a whole lot of discussion
plenty of opportunity for delegates to examine         and activity into two days, but in the end I think
closely what LBED’s 6,000 members have                 the exercise will be well worth it,” said Klumper.
identified as key issues in their workplaces and       “Our aim is to negotiate the strongest possible
employment status.                                     contract and the pre-bargaining conference is a
      OPSEU president Warren (Smokey)                  vital first step.”
Thomas will open the pre-bargaining conference
on May 24 with an address that is expected to
reinforce the union’s central message that
                                                                  PLEASE POST
2008-09 represents the “perfect storm” in labour
negotiations with the provincial government
                                                                 AND CIRCULATE
and its agencies – including the LCBO — with            Ontario Public Service Employees Union
contracts covering 90,000 members set to                100 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario M3B 3P8
                                                        1-800-268-7376 or (416) 443-8888
LBED Executive Contacts        Letter to the Editor:
Vanda Klumper
LBED Chair                     Sister Mary Berry
Local 165, Stratford            strikes back!
Denise Davis                   Local 286 president replies to
LBED Vice-Chair/ Local 378
Durham Warehouse, Whitby       reader’s call for LCBO privatization

Paula Sossi                    Privatization of the                           Employees are occasionally
LBED Secretary-Treasurer
Local 285, New Hamburg
                               LCBO is no solution                       threatened. We work closely
                               (St. Catharines Standard, May 12, 2008)
                                                                         with local police to ensure social
                                                                         responsibility and community
Susan Lusty                    Re: Privatize liquor sales                safety. Last year alone, the
Chair, Benefits & Pension
                               and invest in health care,                LCBO challenged more than 1.7
Local 376, Alcona              (St. Catherines Standard, May 1, 2008)    million customers provincewide
                                                                         who appeared to be drunk or
Tracy Vyschaft                       Readers should not be               underage. More then 112,000
Chair, Health & Safety         misled by the views of Grace              were refused.
Local 377, Oshawa
                               Griffiths on the LCBO.                         Privatization is no solution.                 I can say with certainty that       In the past five years the LCBO
Colleen McLeod
                               no retail LCBO worker earns               has generated $5.2 billion to
Chair, Education &             anything close to the Sunshine            build and maintain schools,
Communication Committee        List. Most of the LCBO’s
Local 5107
                                                                         hospitals, recreation facilities   workforce is casual (part-time)           and much more.
                               and receives no benefits, no                   The public should be very
                               pension and no job security.              troubled by the increase in
Get on                               We do a lot more than put           privately-run LCBO Agency
the list!                      wine in bags. Our responsibilities        stores. Agency stores represent
You can receive the            include stocking shelves,                 creeping privatization of
                               unloading trucks, operating cash          the LCBO. Close to 100
Echo directly by fax or
                               registers, performing office and          communities served by Agency
e-mail. Just let us know
                               banking duties and cleaning the           stores should have a real LCBO
how to reach you.Give
                               interior and exterior of stores.          outlet, which would trigger
us your secure email
                               We are customer service agents            economic development, social
address or fax number          who are expected to maintain              responsibility and increased
by calling OPSEUdirect :       a thorough knowledge of the               revenue to the provincial
1-800-268-7376 or              products we sell.                         treasury.
416-443-8888.                        Equally important, we                    The LCBO is a well-
                               are the eyes and ears of the              run business that belongs
                               community when it comes                   to the people of Ontario.
                               to monitoring who actually                Public ownership means the
                               purchases product. We keep                LCBO’s well-trained staff puts
                               alcohol out of the hands of               community safety ahead of the
                               minors and those who arrive               bottom line.
                               intoxicated. We’re expected to
                               perform these jobs with a smile           Mary Berry, president, Local 286,
                               on our faces at all times.                Ontario Public Service Employees
                                                                         Union, Fonthill

LBED stewards: Your ally on the frontlines
Union stewards are your eyes and ears on our           when it comes to reimbursement while working
collective agreement. Unfortunately, their hard        on behalf of members. That is, if a steward
work too often goes unrecognized by many               classified as a casual is scheduled to work
members.                                               four hours, but participates in an eight-hour
     Get to know your workplace steward.               committee meeting, that person is only paid for
He or she is your first line of defense when           four hours under Article 1.5 (b) of the collective
management puts the squeeze on us. LBED                agreement. The rest is volunteer time on your
is fortunate that so many of its stewards are          behalf.
extremely dedicated volunteers who often put                Your LBED steward makes the workplace
in many more hours than are required when it           a whole lot more equitable for all us. They are
comes to taking care of union business.                hard working folks who deserve our unreserved
     For example, a casual employee who has            support.
taken on the job of steward can be shortchanged

 LCBO plays hardball over new contact centre
                    LBED to take re-location issues to arbitration
LCBO management is giving every indication             planned to open the new contact centre. The
it’s prepared to ignore Article 49 of the collective   move downtown will affect about 25 members
agreement by refusing to acknowledge there will        working at head office (Local 5109) and at the
be significant technological changes affecting         GTA Help Desk and Gifting (Local 5107).
our members caused by the re-location of the                Our members have several concerns about
contact centre from Mississauga to 1 Yonge             the change, including hours of operation, opting
Street in downtown Toronto.                            in-out provisions, job security, “green circling,”
      In a May 8 note to LBED negotiator Rob           seniority, call monitoring and ergonomic design
Field, LCBO’s director of employee relations,          that affects health and safety.
Wayne Zachar, flatly declared: “Based on the                “The employer has left us no choice but to
information available to me at this time, there        take this grievance to arbitration,” said Field.
has been no violation of the collective agreement      “We’ve had five meetings with the LCBO over
and this grievance is denied.”                         this since the beginning of the year and it’s quite
      LBED filed a grievance earlier this year after   clear management chooses to ignore Article 49.”
the employer gave notice last December that it              Field expressed the union’s frustration with
                                                       the employer’s stonewalling in a note to Zachar.
   The Echo is authorized for distribution by:              “The policy grievance was filed in an effort
                                                       to address members’ concerns that were not
                                                       being resolved by the Employer. If the Employer
   Vanda Klumper                                       is unwilling to acknowledge and address those
   Chair, LBED                                         concerns, then the Union has no other recourse
                                                       but to move this matter on to arbitration
                                                       forthwith,” wrote Field.
                                                            No date has been set for the arbitration
  Warren (Smokey) Thomas
  President, OPSEU

        Got a question? Call OPSEUdirect at 1-800-268-7376

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