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									Multicultural Highlights
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Queensland Government funding for multicultural and ethno-specific
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Message from the Minister
As our state‟s cultural diversity increases, with one in six people living in Queensland born overseas,
activities to strengthen and promote multiculturalism in our state are crucial.
This report captures the actions government departments have taken in 2008–09 to support this outcome.
They are aligned to the four key strategies of Queensland‟s multicultural policy:
• community relations and anti-racism
• supporting communities
• strengthening multiculturalism in the Queensland public sector, and
• the productive diversity economic strategy.
Our priority areas include refugee issues, in particular African refugees, Pacific Islander communities and
the responsiveness and accessibility of services delivered by non-government organisations and funded by
the Queensland Government.

On 26 October 2009, I released a discussion paper, A multicultural future … for all of us, to generate
discussion about the issues impacting our culturally diverse communities. It is a key part of the
government‟s strategy in reviewing our current multicultural policy.
A multicultural policy is not only for the Government but for the community and will map the way forward for
building and strengthening all of Queensland‟s communities.
I congratulate all agencies and their staff on the initiatives they have undertaken to strengthen
multiculturalism in our state.
Annastacia Palaszczuk MP
Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs

The 2008–09 year was another significant year for multiculturalism in Queensland.
With almost half our population growth residing from overseas migration, it is important that the
Queensland government reviews its 2004 multicultural policy.
The review ensures that the government‟s multicultural policy remains relevant and capable of meeting the
future needs of all Queenslanders.
As Chair of the Multicultural Community Ministerial Advisory Committee (MCMAC), our mandate is to
provide the Minister with advice and guidance on all emerging multicultural issues, including the new policy.
Our committee comprises of people from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds, who are
qualified to provide relevant and timely advice on multicultural matters.

The 2009 Multicultural Highlights report will draw your attention to the many contributions Queensland
government departments are making to ensure a healthy, multicultural future for our state.
These actions address the larger multicultural picture of achieving organisation-wide cultural change where
multicultural principles and practices are seen as essential to the way all government departments conduct
their everyday business.
I congratulate everyone on their achievements.
Julie Attwood MP
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs
      The Queensland Government‟s Multicultural Policy
A multicultural society promotes social justice and equity. It fosters economic development and
participation, which underpins community unity and respect for diversity.
The Queensland Government‟s Multicultural Policy, Multicultural Queensland – making a world of
difference, demonstrates our commitment to these values and recognises our society‟s many cultures,
languages and religions.1
Published in 2004, the multicultural policy has four key strategies:
• Community relations and anti-racism – to further strengthen social unity
• Supporting communities – to fund community development, community events, services, projects and
• Strengthening multiculturalism in the Queensland public sector – to improve the responsiveness
  and accessibility of services
• Productive diversity economic strategy – to secure and promote the economic and cultural benefits
  of diversity.
Government departments use these strategies to guide service delivery, identify development opportunities
and capture the social and economic advantages of our cultural and linguistic diversity.

How we deliver our commitment
Multicultural Queensland – making a world of difference recognises that all government departments have
a role in meeting the growing and changing needs of our population. The policy provides a reporting
framework for departments and specifies the development of Multicultural Action Plans to instigate,
monitor, implement and review initiatives focusing on the needs of our communities. 2
Multicultural Affairs Queensland within the Department of Communities coordinates, supports and
promotes this process across government.
The first Multicultural Action Plans were developed in 2005-06 and have provided the groundwork for
successive annual plans. Each year new initiatives are implemented to expand and refine the government‟s
response to emerging opportunities and challenges.
Departments are encouraged to consult with community groups and service providers in developing
Multicultural Action Plans and initiatives. Collaboration with other government and non-government
agencies is also a vital part of this process.
Many departments establish multicultural action teams which may include representatives from business
and the community. This partnership approach allows non-government stakeholders to help inform the
development and implementation of Multicultural Action Plans and ensures the government is inclusive and
responsive to identified community needs.

Priority areas
The Queensland Government endorsed three priority areas to be addressed through Multicultural Action
Plans in 2008–09, in addition to the ongoing commitment of assisting the Australian South Sea Islander
community. The three priority areas are:
• refugee issues, particularly African refugees
• Pacific Islander communities
• responsiveness of Queensland Government funded non-government organisations.
These priorities address a number of issues and assist vulnerable people and groups at risk.
Departments must monitor the implementation of their Multicultural Action Plans and evaluate the effectiveness
of key initiatives. This report summarises the key achievements of each department against the four strategies
for the reporting period. Departments have reported under the new government structure that was created by
the Machinery of Government changes in 2009.

Future directions
The Queensland Government is committed to supporting and engaging with our culturally and linguistically
diverse communities and to the creation of a unified and harmonious society.
To ensure that the Queensland Government‟s multicultural policy remains relevant and responsive to the
state‟s changing needs, the policy is being reviewed.
In October 2009 a discussion paper, A Multicultural Future…for all of us was launched. The discussion
paper provides a starting point to generate future directions for multiculturalism in Queensland.

To get a copy of Multicultural Queensland – making a world of difference, contact Multicultural Affairs Queensland on 13 13 04 or online at
 Each department‟s multicultural action plan is published on its website. Links to each department are on the Multicultural Affairs
Queensland website

Community relations and anti-racism

       Strengthening the sense of belonging Queenslanders have in their local
       environment and in the global community.
The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has developed a program, For the Love of the Game which aims
to reduce tensions between young people of different cultural backgrounds through sport. It is one of a
number of programs the QPS network of Cross Cultural Liaison Officers conducts throughout the state.
The commitment of the Cross Cultural Liaison Officers in assisting their local communities was recognised
when Sergeant Jim Bellos of Metropolitan South Region was declared the 2009 Suncorp Queenslander of
the year for his commitment to multiculturalism.
In 2008–09, the number of Police Liaison Officers from different cultural groups was established and
increased by 10 per cent which has helped foster greater trust between the QPS and new and emerging
The Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland (ADCQ) delivered 15 targeted information and
training sessions on the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. These involved more than 250
participants from non-government organisations, culturally and linguistically diverse community
organisations as well as the Queensland Police Service Cultural Liaison Officers.
In conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission, the ADCQ delivered nine Harassment Free Sport
training sessions. These sessions focused on race discrimination and vilification.
The ADCQ partnered with the Queensland State Library for International Human Rights Day to deliver the
Speaking Out Against Discrimination: Deepening the Conversation forum and the Brisbane Living Books
event. The forum included a panel discussion with representatives from the multicultural, political and
sporting sector. The Brisbane ‘Living Books’ event included prominent community figures from culturally
diverse communities.
The Cairns ‘Living Books’ event included people from all cultures in the region. An estimated attendance of
350 confirmed the success of the event and the Cairns office is exploring the inclusion of Living Books as
an annual International Human Rights Day event.
A targeted media campaign on radio 4EB included five interviews with the then Anti-Discrimination
Commissioner Susan Booth on human rights and racial and religious discrimination. Community
announcements focused on engaging migrant and refugee communities.
A total of 463 complaints were received and progressed during 2008–09 with around 66 per cent settled
through conciliation. These included 61 received as race discrimination, seven as religious discrimination
and five as racial vilification complaints.
Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) partnered with the Confronting Racism in Communities project to deliver
anti-racism training for staff in four regional offices (Woodridge, Ipswich, Southport and Toowoomba). LAQ
intends to provide annual training for all first contact and grants staff.
The Queensland Corrective Services, a division of the Department of Community Safety, operates an
Official Visitor Scheme which ensures a regular, easily accessible and independent program of visits to
help prisoners manage and resolve complaints. In 2008, official visitors received training on investigating
anti-discrimination complaints.
Correctional Centres also promoted and encouraged the celebration of multicultural events, such as the
Embracing Diversity Symposium: the Practice of Inclusion (Logan), Harmony Day, A Taste of Harmony
(Toowoomba) and Festuri – Language in Harmony Festival (Sunshine Coast).
In October 2008, the Department of Communities hosted the Queensland Multicultural Festival. The
festival was attended by approximately 65 000 people.
Several departments participated in the government information marquee at the festival and the
Department of Public Works conducted its annual Chess Challenge with support from staff and
community members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
A partnership between Brisbane Roar Football Club (and Multicultural Affairs Queensland delivered the
Queensland Roars Against Racism (QRAR) campaign. An international match against the Palmeiras
Football Club (Brazil) was held on 12 July 2008 with more than 13 000 people attending.
QRAR was again supported by the Department of Transport and Main Roads through match day
sponsorship and providing and coordinating public transport to and from the event. Brisbane Roar won the
match and was awarded the TransLink Cup.
The Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Protocol Queensland managed five multicultural
community functions in 2008–09.
These included Queensland‟s Australia Day 2009 festival, which attracted 50 000 people with
performances from 16 cultural groups. The festival also included a multi-faith ceremony with seven
Brisbane faith leaders presenting the message of “to grow with unity, harmony, respect and hope”.
The Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh MP, hosted four multicultural community receptions in 2008–09,
with over 1200 attendees in total, for the African community, the Islamic community, the Indian community
and Chinese New Year.
The Royal National Agricultural Queensland Government Pavilion hosted Drumfire (African Djembe Drums)
and the Jahbutu Calypso Band in 2008.
The State Library of Queensland celebrated the 20th anniversary of Shanghai and Queensland becoming
sister states with Shanghai Week, 24-30 June 2009. The exhibition, Great Walls of China, displayed
Chinese artefacts and attracted over 118 000 people.

Priority Areas
The Queensland Police Service Police Liaison Officers include seven from the Australian South Sea
Islander community, eight from Pacific Islander backgrounds, and three from African backgrounds.
The ADCQ’s information and training sessions on the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 included audiences
from refugee and Pacific Islander communities. In 2008, ADCQ provided advice that the non-provision of
interpreter services by government funded non-government service providers may be a breach of the Anti-
Discrimination Act 1991.
The Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Protocol Queensland managed the African Community
Reception in 2008–09. The reception was hosted by the Premier and attended by a number of African

Supporting communities

      Funding and investing in Queensland communities to further
      multiculturalism through research, policy development, advocacy,
      community awareness, festivals, services, projects and networks.
The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation established the Migrant
Settlement Support program to develop information and settlement support services to state sponsored
skilled and business migrants. A total of 12 forums were conducted with skilled and business migrants and
employers to gather research data.
A total of 24 grants and $574 000 in funding was provided to culturally and linguistically diverse
communities through the Gambling Community Development Fund.
The department implemented 30 projects across the state under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work
program. Some of these projects provided paid work placements in community organisations developing
multicultural events and resource materials for jobseekers from culturally and linguistically diverse
Queensland Health provided funding to the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) to
develop a new workforce role, the Multicultural Community Health Worker. ECCQ developed and
implemented a training program for Multicultural Community Health Workers for nine communities. The
community selection was based on the prevalence of chronic diseases and included Sudanese,
Vietnamese, Pacific Islander, Filipino, Spanish-speaking, Arabic-speaking, Greek, Indian and Bosnian
A culturally tailored training package called Living Well was developed, with health education, healthy
eating and physical activity modules for these communities. Community relevant resources such as food
pyramids with community foods were also developed.
The Multicultural Community Health Workers were also used as a pilot strategy to reach non-English
speaking communities targeted by the Measure Up social marketing campaign. In partnership with ECCQ, a
facilitator‟s manual was developed and 17 information sessions were conducted across 10 communities.
More than 100 people from non-English speaking backgrounds participated in the pilot.
A new resource was developed by the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre in collaboration with
the Multicultural Mental Health Australia BRiTA Futures program. The resource, Stepping Out of the
Shadows aims to reduce community stigma of mental illness. A multicultural depression program was also
developed, including participant handouts in 10 languages.
Legal Aid Queensland’s (LAQ) Access and Equity Reports have been developed to identify groups
accessing key services. This allows LAQ to measure access to services for people from non-English
speaking backgrounds and to analyse and investigate trends and emerging issues.

LAQ has also implemented a strategy to distribute translated legal aid information to culturally and
linguistically diverse communities, including a new translated promotional poster.
Regional education and training sessions on community needs included:
• Bundaberg office staff delivered training to Magistrates Court staff on access to brochures from LAQ‟s
  website, including material for culturally and linguistically diverse communities
• All regions established Regional Legal Assistance Forums to address the delivery of and access to legal
  services for disadvantaged clients, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
The Department of Public Works’ Queensland State Archives regularly conducts guided tours for various
cultural groups and presents tailored seminars.
Queensland State Archives develops an annual themed exhibition to celebrate Harmony Day in March
each year. The fourth annual exhibition, 2008–09, focussed on Australian South Sea Islanders and
featured recruitment, indenture, deportation and repatriation records of Australian South Sea Islanders in
the late 1800s and early 1900s. The exhibition also highlighted more recent records including enrolment
and school records.3
Members of the Australian South Sea Islander community attended the Queensland State Archives
Harmony Day celebrations. Activities included the launch of a portable three banner display, an online
index of records relevant to the Australian South Sea Islander community and a seminar about the records.
Since it was unveiled on 20 March 2009, the exhibition has been exhibited by Mackay City Council,
Sunnybank Hills Library, Friends of Toowong Cemetery and the Queensland University of Technology‟s
library. The Queensland State Archives has also used the Australian South Sea Islander exhibition for
National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC).
The 2008 Queensland Multicultural Festival showcased previous exhibitions by the Queensland State
Archives featuring the records of Chinese, Dutch and Greek communities.
The Department of the Premier and Cabinet funded 22 organisations during 2008–09 through the
Community Funding Program. One of the organisations, Brisbane Birralee Voices Inc, produced a program
encouraging young Australian South Sea Islander performers in seven regional areas to develop and
create new choral works inspired by Australian South Sea Islander stories.
As part of Queensland‟s Q150 celebrations a number of grants were provided for projects raising
awareness of culturally diverse communities throughout Queensland‟s history.
Arts Queensland provided $412 896 in funding to support artists from culturally and linguistically diverse
backgrounds through:
• nine Career Development Grants for professional development activities
• 16 Development and Presentation Grants for the creation of new work, exhibitions, delivery of industry
  development and cultural engagement activities.
The Brisbane Writers Festival 2008 showcased a program of writers from culturally diverse backgrounds,
including 26 international writers and attracted record crowds of 32 000.
The Storylines Q150 Digital Stories Project, implemented by the Queensland State Library, included the
creation digital stories celebrating the cultural and linguistic diversity of Queensland.
The Yonder Project: KITE Arts Education Program at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre included 75
students from a range of cultural backgrounds participating and performing in the project. Initial evaluation
indicates significant social, emotional and academic benefits for these students.
Queensland Treasury and the Department of Transport and Main Roads provided sponsorship for the
Unity in Diversity Conference in Townsville and the related CultureFest. Queensland Treasury staff
attended the conference which informed the department‟s diversity program.
At both events, the Department of Transport and Main Roads managed an information display. The
conference enabled participants to network with other multicultural champions to explore best practice. The
department also managed an information display in the Government Pavilion at the 2008 Queensland
Multicultural Festival.
The Department of Transport and Main Roads had a Smart Travel stall at the Paniyiri Festival, providing
information on public transport to culturally and linguistically diverse communities. TransLink was a festival
The Department of Community Safety’s Emergency Services divisions have developed resources and
awareness training to help Emergency Services personnel assist newly arrived migrants, particularly
refugees, with emergency response processes, emergency helplines, electrical safety issues, emergency
evacuations and issues such as living in a cyclone prone area.
A key initiative is the Operation Safe-Home Program, where firefighters assess fire and safety risks in the
home. Information sheets have been translated into 12 languages.4
As part of the Adult Migrant English Program, five Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS)
presentations were made at the Southbank Institute of Technology to approximately 750 newly arrived
adult migrants.
In 2008–09 the Department of Communities’ Housing and Homelessness Services approved $250 840
(excluding GST) for seven Community Renewal projects targeting culturally and linguistically diverse
communities. These included projects which developed skills in local communities to support local arts and
cultural identity, promote cultural harmony and foster healthy family relationships.
To inform people of disability legislation, the department translated an overview of the Disability Act 2006
into 15 languages.5
The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) translated the Renting in Queensland fact sheets into 10
The RTA also allocated 42 per cent ($73 878 out of $180 000) of its total Community Education Grants
Scheme budget for 2008–09 to five community organisations for the development of initiatives to improve
the understanding of a tenant‟s rights and responsibilities among culturally and linguistically diverse
communities, in particular those tenants from emerging communities. One of these grants was funding for
the Nambour Community Centre to raise awareness of tenancy rights and responsibilities amongst
international students and temporary visa holders through five information sessions held on the Sunshine
In 2008–09, the Department of Education and Training (DET) established a new English as a Second
Language centre at Woodridge State High School and Woodridge State School.
Skilling Solutions Queensland assisted people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds by
providing access to information on training and career options. In 2008–09, 76 clients from Australian South
Sea Islander backgrounds and 1070 from non-English speaking backgrounds were assisted with tailored
information in training and career options. A total of 20 Australian South Sea Islander clients and 197 non-
English speaking clients were also referred for recognition of prior learning.
Skilling Solutions Queensland scholarships helped 95 skilled migrants participate in vocational training.
This training provided qualifications in health, aged care and English language, linking participants to
employment and training opportunities. In consultation with industry and training providers, a Skilled
Migrant Engineers Work Program was also developed. This program assisted 40 engineers and facilitated
employment or postgraduate training for 12 people.

Priority Areas
Queensland Health developed the Pacific Islander Health Needs Assessment and Consultation Project
which aims to identify the priority health needs in four Queensland Pacific Islander communities: Papua
New Guinean, Samoan, Fijian and Fijian-Indian. Through a partnership with the Ethnic Communities
Council of Queensland, the needs in the Tongan and Cook Islands communities have also been assessed.
Focus groups were conducted in Cairns, Logan and Brisbane. The project uses bilingual/bicultural
facilitators and is guided by a project advisory group. Age standardised hospital separation and mortality
data is now available for these communities for the first time in Queensland.
Regional office senior solicitors in Legal Aid Queensland (LAQ) with a high percentage of newly arrived
African refugees in their communities have formed a working group to respond to local legal needs and
issues in new and emerging communities. The Toowoomba office of LAQ participated in the Community
Awareness/Strengthening Families project by co-presenting a training model on legal issues to
representatives from African communities. The Toowoomba office also worked with the Refugee and
Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) to deliver two information sessions for teenagers - one at the
Information Day for African Communities and one with the Queensland Program of Assistance for Survivors
of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT).
The Inala office of LAQ facilitated information sessions for groups of Sudanese refugees and gave
information to community workers about LAQ and how to access services.
The Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, Department of Education and Training, delivered work
readiness programs under the Refugee Get Set for Work Project. This included a partnership with
Coorparoo Secondary College where 23 participants from refugee backgrounds completed the Certificate
1-Skills for the Future qualification. In collaboration with Yeronga State High School and the Construction
Training Centre, 15 Samoan volunteers undertook a course to support Samoan school children in the
Woodridge area. A total of 30 students participated in training focused on work readiness skills, life skills,
employability skills and language literacy and numeracy skills.
The Queensland State Library in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet published Children of War
about the lives of children whose parents fled war in their homeland. This initiative provides the public with
a greater understanding of the experiences of refugees.
Staff from the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) Toowoomba District, Department of Community
Safety undertook training on issues experienced by people from refugee backgrounds. This was delivered
by the Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT).
Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) and Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) collaborated
with TAFE Queensland and the Multicultural Families Organisation Inc to provide Emergency Services
Familiarisation workshops on the Gold Coast for newly arrived refugees.
The Department of Justice and Attorney-General, through the Legal Practitioner Interest on Trust
Accounts Fund, provided $240 427 to RAILS in South Brisbane. RAILS is the only legal agency in
Queensland specialising in refugee and migration law. As an independent not-for-profit organisation
working with volunteers, it provides free legal advice, assistance and community education to
disadvantaged people.
The department also held a Harmony Day raffle and proceeds were donated to Spiritus Arms, which
supports refugees and migrants with their settlement needs.
The department introduced an offender support program for members of the Samoan community who have
been placed on community-based orders. In 2008–09, four offenders took part in the program. Fifty per
cent of these participants did not re-offend.
The Queensland Police Service provided funding to South Pacific Youth Justice Inc to hold a function to
facilitate cooperation between Pacific Islander and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in
Deception Bay and Redcliffe.
The Residential Tenancies Authority’s Community Education Public Grants Scheme funded the Youth
and Family Service Inc in Logan to improve access to tenancy information and advocacy to newly arrived
migrants by developing promotional/information calendars in six languages with contact details for tenancy
advocacy services and basic tenancy information included on the calendar. These calendars were
distributed through the humanitarian settlement program.
    Information sheets are available on the website:
 Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, Sudanese, Tagalog and
Vietnamese. Copies available from Disability Information Service:ph:        (07) 3224 8444 or 1800 177 120 (toll-free within
Australia)TTY:    (07) 3896 3471 or 1800 010 222 (toll-free within Australia)email:
    French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Samoan, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and simplified and traditional Chinese.

Strengthening multiculturalism in the Queensland
public sector
         Changing how activities of Queensland Government agencies are planned
         and delivered to ensure that all Queenslanders, regardless of cultural and
         linguistic background, have access to services.
Mines and Energy, in the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation,
undertook an international and skilled recruitment process to address skills shortages. This resulted in the
recruitment of six skilled workers from the United Kingdom and India and has enabled the department to
provide more effective services to clients.
In 2008, the Department of Transport and Main Roads developed an online multicultural awareness
training program for all staff called Harmony. The training aimed to enhance communication with people
who speak English as a second language, improve understanding of when to use an interpreter and build
awareness of the differences in cultural courtesies. As at 30 June 2009, 549 staff completed the program
with 96 per cent responding positively to the benefits of the course. The Service Delivery Network, which is
responsible for the department‟s front line customer service has included the program in its staff induction.
The program is being considered for use by other agencies.
The department has also done work in 2008–09 to support staff from culturally and linguistically diverse
backgrounds and their managers. This included developing an orientation booklet and cultural support for
new international recruits, and providing diversity information and resources on the department‟s intranet.
Three referrals have been made in 2008–09 to the Local Area Multicultural Partnership network to link staff
members with their new communities and provide other assistance, such as financial budgeting.
In 2008–09, the department created a Community Jobs Plan initiative offering skilled migrants work
experience opportunities. One placement was provided through partnerships with Bridgeworks Employment
and Training in information technology and eight placements were provided through partnerships with
Brisbane North Institute of TAFE in engineering.
The department increased its interpreter usage by 18 per cent from 2007-08. A total of 2260 interpreter
services were provided in over 90 languages, using an internal online pilot booking system which aims to
improve the management and administration of interpreter services.
Queensland Treasury provided cross-cultural training to 17 graduate staff in 2008–09. This training will be
included in the induction programs for new staff in 2009-10.
The department provided six placements through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative. Over 13
week placements, participants gained experience in line with their skills and qualifications. The placement
also led to further employment for three participants. Participants were from China, Singapore, India and
The Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), a division of the Department of Community Safety
developed a cross-cultural training package for its staff and delivered it to 419 newly recruited staff as part
of their entry level training. This training package was also expanded to include custodial entry level
QCS developed a Quality Assurance Framework to consider the needs of offenders from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds. This framework includes using culturally appropriate staff in offender
management panel reviews and providing spiritual centres such as in the new Townsville Women‟s
Correctional Centre, commissioned in December 2008.
Further strategies include the development of the QCS Food and Nutrition Policy and Implementation Plan.
Guidelines, resources and standards to support the religious and celebratory meals needs for offenders
from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have been developed. Correctional facilities
undertook a libraries audit to ensure there are adequate resource materials available for offenders from
culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
In 2008–09, the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) recruited 57 internationally qualified paramedics,
including nine from non-English speaking countries. The QAS North Coast Regional Office accepted seven
applicants from Mexico, Russia, Philippines, Thailand and Germany through the „EMERGE‟ program. This
16 week program allows participants to use and develop their existing administrative skills in an Australian
work environment, build confidence in speaking English and adjust to their new work environments.
The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) received 20 applications from people from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds in 2008–09. A total of 15 applications were immediately accepted and
three were case managed and subsequently accepted. Firefighter mentors for applicants from culturally
and linguistically diverse backgrounds have been identified and a register of mentors is to be developed.
The Department of Justice and Attorney-General consulted with culturally and linguistically diverse
community groups to identify potential barriers to employment. Feedback included that job descriptions are
complex, bureaucratic and do not provide sufficient information for applicants and the interview process did
not provide the best opportunity for community members to demonstrate their skills and abilities.
Using this feedback, the department trialled an AO2 competency-based job description and undertook a
recruitment campaign for temporary AO2 vacancies exclusively for members of culturally and linguistically
diverse communities. Assessment centres were used to test competencies and identify the most
meritorious candidates. Five of the six applicants assessed were from culturally and linguistically diverse
backgrounds and were all offered employment.
Since implementing this strategy in May 2008, the department has used assessment centres to test
competencies for many advertised positions. Two people from culturally and linguistically diverse
backgrounds have been offered permanent employment.
Industrial Relations staff worked with the Griffith University‟s Centre for Environment and Population Health,
the Guangdong Province Prevention and Treatment Centre for Occupational Diseases and other health
institutes throughout China to translate the Australian Occupational Health and Hygiene text book into
Mandarin. The book was published in 2009.
The department also developed the Community Engagement Toolkit to help regional offices engage with
culturally and linguistically diverse organisations and communities. The toolkit included tips for engaging
with multicultural communities, key contacts, background information on priority communities, and statistics
about culturally and linguistically diverse communities including languages spoken at home for each region.
The toolkit has helped regional staff to make valuable contacts with local organisations and communities. It
has also created a greater understanding of multicultural issues and the delivery of more culturally
appropriate departmental information and services. The toolkit was piloted in Logan and implemented in
Brisbane, Cairns, Logan, Townsville and Toowoomba.
Queensland Health, through its Multicultural Program, established a state-wide Multicultural Steering
Committee and Multicultural Advisory Groups in a number of districts to facilitate inclusive health service
planning and delivery.
During 2008–09, the Queensland Health Multicultural Program adopted a strategic initiative to build the
cultural competency of clinical and non-clinical staff. Extensive consultation with field experts, stakeholder
groups and other jurisdictions identified a set of five cross-cultural capabilities, an Australian first. The
Queensland Health Cross Cultural Learning and Development Strategy, which will integrate these cross
cultural capabilities into existing staff training programs, is being finalised with the collaboration of key
learning and development areas.
Two Multicultural Clinical Support Officers were trialled in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to build cross
cultural capabilities for nursing and allied health professionals. Approximately 200 cultural competency
training sessions were delivered at the Royal Brisbane and Women‟s Hospital, with attendance by more
than 2000 staff. A total of 92 cultural competency training/education sessions were piloted and attended by
more than 2250 staff on the Gold Coast.
Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre has 13 Multicultural Mental Health Coordinators in seven
District Mental Health Services, an increase of two coordinators from the previous year. Multicultural Mental
Health coordinators delivered 103 training sessions involving 520 mental health services staff. The centre
delivered 72 sessions during 2008–09 reaching 1527 participants. It recruited 32 new bilingual mental
health consultants, cultural consultants and bilingual mental health promoters. Their languages of expertise
included Karen, Burmese, Khmer, Dinka, Farsi, Burundi, Samoan and Mandarin. The Centre won the public
sector category of the Queensland Mental Health Achievement Awards in 2008.
Queensland Health established a multicultural data working party to review the collection and reporting of
data from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Eight multicultural communities have so far been
examined and the data highlights a range of health inequalities.
In 2008–09, Queensland Health completed the third phase of the Queensland Health Interpreter Service
which introduced the Interpreter Service Information System (ISIS) to allow online interpreter service
coordination. A total of 42 Health Service District Interpreter Coordinators were trained in Central, Southern
and Northern Health Service Districts, nine external interpreter service provider staff were trained and 386
ISIS requester training sessions were provided to 2607 staff across Queensland.
After 18 months of operation, the Queensland Health Interpreter Service increased its interpreter bookings
by 177 per cent state-wide. This outstanding level of improvement in interpreter service provision was
recognised when the Queensland Health Multicultural Program was awarded the 2008 Highly Commended
Queensland Multicultural Award.
The Queensland Health Interpreter Service was also awarded the inaugural Queensland Health Award for
Excellence in the Improving the health and well-being of Queenslanders category in April 2009.
The Department of Public Works developed A Valuing Diversity handout which was widely distributed
throughout the department. Diversity information is available to staff on the department‟s intranet.
A diversity e-newsletter has been developed and distributed and contains information about events and
other initiatives to advance multiculturalism in the department. The e-newsletter is promoted at staff
induction programs, human resources information sessions and through the department‟s library.
In 2008–09, the department commenced a trial of the Communication in the Workplace training program
delivered by TAFE for staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Approximately 25 staff
participated and managers have reported that communication in the workplace has improved as a result of
the program. This training was initially offered in Project Services with further programs planned for 2009-
The Department of Infrastructure and Planning7 established a culturally and linguistically diverse
reference group to increase staff awareness and understanding of the issues facing people from culturally
and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Representatives from this group attended the department‟s Diversity
The reference group was formed in 2008 following a skills audit of staff from culturally and linguistically
diverse backgrounds to provide a focal point for information to be disseminated. The reference group has
developed an Equity and Diversity Newsletter to build internal awareness. Members of the reference group
represented the department at the Queensland Multicultural Festival and the Unity in Diversity Conference
in Townsville.
A new Equity and Diversity Committee will be established in 2009-10.
The Queensland Police Service developed the Multicultural Awareness Online Learning Product (MOLP).
MOLP is an innovative interactive web-based course to increase police awareness of cross-cultural issues
and develop understanding of cultural diversity. Between February and June 2009, approximately 1075
officers and staff completed MOLP training.
The Queensland Police Service also developed the Multicultural Quick Reference Guides (MQRG), which
provides police with relevant information about diverse communities and contact details. MQRGs are
currently available for Sudanese, Samoan, Tongan and Maori communities, with another 15 planned.
Both products aim to improve police communication skills with people from culturally and linguistically
diverse backgrounds and create more effective policing responses for these communities.
A regular evaluation of the Queensland Police Service‟s interpreter and translating services use led to
modified or reinforced policies to address issues such as quality of interpreters and misuse of services.
A total of 33 officers attended the Cross Cultural Liaison Officers Conference in September 2008. The five-
day training and networking conference brought officers together from across the State to discuss and
develop ideas for helping diverse communities and individuals.
In 2008, the Queensland Police Service Cultural Advisory Unit was awarded the Queensland Multicultural
Award (Government Category) in recognition of the co-ordination role performed, and the network of
regionally based officers to enact policies, procedures and community engagement.
As part of Harmony Day celebrations, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet – Queensland State
Library‟s Multicultural Service Strategy was launched in March 2009. The strategy provides a guide for the
State Library and Queensland public libraries in their commitment to build collections and services for
culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
The Department of Environment and Resource Management’s culturally and linguistically diverse
network coordinated monthly lunchtime forums to promote increased staff awareness and understanding of
the issues facing people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
A Discover Workforce Diversity intranet site has been established by the department with information on
internal and external training programs, toolkits and interpreter services. A SharePoint site was also
developed to enable online discussion, sharing of information and promotion of events.
The Department of Communities’ Disability Services delivered 13 Multicultural Capability Workshops
across all regions with 264 participants during 2008–09. Cross-cultural training was provided to 129
Residential Care Officers as part of the Certificate III in Community Services.

The Department of Child Safety Services engaged an internationally recognised expert in cross-cultural
practice in child protection to present at a research forum and lead a workshop to enhance existing
culturally and linguistically diverse consultation methodologies. More than 100 people attended from
government and non-government organisations.
The Department of Child Safety, through Multicultural Affairs Queensland and the Interdepartmental
Committee on Multicultural Affairs, developed four Common Outcome Areas to provide consistent reporting
across government on the Queensland Government Multicultural Policy. These Common Outcome Areas to be
reported on initially for the 2009-10 year reporting are:
• cultural competence of staff
• access to interpreters for clients when accessing services
• communication and engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse communities and organisations
• recruitment and retention strategies for staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
The Common Outcome Areas will help departments to identify key achievements, improve consistency
across government in implementing the government‟s multicultural policy, and provide general avenues for
departments to evaluate the effectiveness and practicality of their Multicultural Action Plans.
Four departments participated in the Migrant Work Experience Program in 2008–09, placing six migrants in
government positions.
• Department of Transport and Main Roads
• Department of Public Works
• Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
• Department of Community Safety

Priority Areas
Queensland Health’s Refugee Health Queensland service provides initial health assessments, catch-up
vaccinations, coordination of short term health management and referral to general practitioner services for
continuing care for newly arrived humanitarian entrants and asylum seekers. As of December 2008, 227
humanitarian entrants had received an assessment in four weeks of arrival and 100 per cent were referred
to a community General Practice for ongoing care.
Refugee Health Queensland commenced services in Toowoomba, Logan, Zillmere, Cairns and Townsville
in July 2008. The South Brisbane clinic opened in February 2009. Between January and June 2009, 772
humanitarian entrants were assessed. Since the opening of the Logan Refugee Health Clinic in July 2008,
over 1000 refugee clients have attended the clinic.
The Department of Communities’ Child Safety Services undertook a 12 month trial project in Toowoomba
to increase engagement with the Sudanese community and enhance the cross-cultural skills of frontline
staff. The pilot project delivered:
• three Strengthening Parenting Workshops to 54 Sudanese participants
• a child protection protocol between Child Safety Services, the Queensland Police Service and the
  Sudanese community
• a Sudanese Elders Committee elected by the community to guide development of the protocol and
  provide ongoing cultural advice to staff
• research into Sudanese cultural ways of parenting and child protection
• training for 40 staff from government and non-government service providers on working with interpreters
  and six cross-cultural sessions on issues for Sudanese refugees to all Child Safety staff based in

Productive diversity economic strategy
     Strengthening our Smart State standing as a place that values and wishes
     to attract intellectual capital, overseas investment and secure further gains
     through harnessing cultural diversity in key areas such as trade, skilled
     migration, education industry onshore, tourism and science/technology.
The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation helped 1165 business and
skilled migrants in 2008–09, generating an estimated potential capital investment of over $457 million and
created over 2800 potential jobs.
The department‟s Food and Wine Industry Development Unit contributed to 13 regional and Brisbane-
based wine and food events to highlight the diversity of Queensland wine and winemakers from overseas
including Italy, Argentina, Greece and South Africa.
The department facilitated a range of inbound and outbound trade missions, events and conferences in
2008–09. These provided networking opportunities with the potential to develop international markets,
research collaborations and funding opportunities. Countries involved included China, Vietnam, Malaysia,
Korea, Botswana, Czech Republic, Latin America, Pakistan, Singapore, Ghana, Japan, Cuba, Bangladesh,
Iran, Italy, Mongolia, Nigeria, South Africa and Spain.
The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and AusAid projects were promoted to
international stakeholders including Brunei, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, China, Vietnam, Laos,
Cambodia, Fiji, the Philippines, India and Pakistan.
The Department of the Premier and Cabinet hosted 64 official visits to Queensland including 21 by
foreign government heads of diplomatic missions.
Close co-operation between the Queensland Police Service and peak state and national bodies, including
the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security, has
ensured a co-ordinated and collaborative response to issues involving international students. Responses
have included a continuation of the Queensland Police Service‟s engagement with education service
The Department of Environment and Resource Management, as part of a whole-of-government
commitment to supporting school based traineeships, provided placements for four school-based trainees
from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Queensland Government funding for multicultural and
ethno-specific programs and projects
Department of Communities
Multicultural Affairs Queensland — Multicultural Assistance Program
funding 2008–09
 Iconic festivals

 Organisation name                         Purpose                                           Amount

 Australian-Italian Festival Association   Australian-Italian Festival                       $15 000

 Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for      Mt Isa Multicultural Festival                     $15 000
 the Diocese of Townsville T/A Good
 Shepherd Parish

 Greek Orthodox Church of St George        Paniyiri Greek Festival                           $50 000

 Townsville Intercultural Centre Ltd       Townsville Cultural Fest                          $20 000

 Queensland Folk Federation Inc.           Woodford Folk Festival: Folklines Multicultural   $15 000
Major multicultural festivals

Organisation name                        Purpose                                          Amount

Buddha‟s Light International             Buddha‟s Birthday Festival                       $10 000
Association of Queensland Inc.

Cairns and Regional Multicultural        Q150 Tropical Wave Festival 2009                  $9000
Association Inc.

Central Highlands Regional Council       2009 Emerald Multicultural Festival               $8000

Co.As.It. - Italian-Australian Welfare   Festitalia 2009                                   $5000
Association Inc.

Eritrean Community Association in        Eritrean Multicultural Festival 2009              $8000
Queensland Inc.

FESTURI - A Multicultural                FESTURI 2009 - A Multicultural Celebration       $10 000
Celebration Inc.

Fraser Coast Cultural Festival Inc.      Fraser Coast Cultural Festival: Cultures under   $10 000
                                         the Southern Cross

Gladstone Multicultural Association      Gladstone Multicultural Festival 2009             $5000

Gold Coast Multicultural Festival        Gold Coast Multicultural Festival 2009           $10 000
Association Inc.

Cassowary Region Arts Council            Innisfail Karnivale                               $9000
Association Inc.

Into People Inc.                         Into Global Rhythms Festival 2009                 $6000

Ipswich Events Corporation Ltd           Global Fiesta - Ipswich Festival                  $9740

Mackay Regional Council                  Global Grooves in the Gardens Multicultural       $6000

Mareeba Multicultural Festival           Mareeba Multicultural Festival: Cultural         $10 000
Committee (Sponsor: Tablelands           Respect
Regional Council)

Multicultural Association of             Caboolture Multicultural Festival 2009           $10 000
Caboolture Shire Inc.

Qld Eidfest Association Inc.             Eidfest 2009                                      $9000

Redcliffe Multicultural Community        Redcliffe Multicultural Harmony Day Festival      $8000
Association Inc.                         2009

Rockhampton Regional Council             Central Queensland Multicultural Festival         $9000

Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise         Bundaberg Multicultural Festival                 $10 000
Major multicultural festivals

Organisation name                      Purpose                                          Amount

Shire of Tara Development              Tara Festival of Culture                          $3000
Association Inc.

T.H.E. Foundation                      Multicultural Football Carnival Project           $5000

Te Korowai Aroha (Sponsor: Multilink   Waitangi Day Festival 2009                        $5000
Community Services Inc.)

The Australian Asian Society of        Toowoomba Languages and Cultural Festival        $10 000
Toowoomba Inc.

Zillmere Multicultural Festival        Zillmere Multicultural Festival 2009             $10 000
Association Inc.

Cultural celebrations

Organisation name                      Purpose                                          Amount

Australian South Sea Islander United   Rockhampton Australian South Sea Island           $3000
Council Independent Rockhampton        2009 Recognition Expo
and District Inc.

Brazilian Association of Queensland    Queensland Brazilian Carnaval 2009                $3000

Cairns and District Chinese            Cairns Chinese New Year Street Festival 2009      $3000
Association Inc.

Fiji Senior Citizen Satsang            South Asian New Year Festival: Baishakhi          $2500
Association of Qld Inc.                Mela 2009

Gereja Kristus Brisbane Incorporated   Indonesian Cultural Festival                      $2600

Hazara Association of Australia Inc.   Nowrooz                                           $2500

Hindu Society of Queensland Inc.       2009 Festival of Lights                           $2500

Iranian Society of Queensland Inc.     Iranian/Persian Cultural Events                   $3000

Kurdish Association of Queensland      Kurdish New Year: Newroz                          $3000
(Sponsor: The Ethnic Communities
Council of Queensland Ltd)

Linking Disability Pacifica            Samoan Culture Celebration Day                    $3000
Queensland Organisation Inc.

Mundubbera Community                   Taste of the Burnett - Celebration of Cultures    $2675
Development Association Inc.

Murweh Shire Council                   Welcome to Charleville                            $3000

“Polonia” Polish Association of        Polish Multicultural Spring Festival              $2500
Queensland Incorporated
Cultural celebrations

Organisation name                          Purpose                                             Amount

Pan Pacific Oceania Inc.                   Moreton Bay Pasifika Celebration 2009                 $3000

Queensland Police-Citizens Youth           Biloela Meets Brazil                                  $3000
Welfare Association

Sinhala Association of Queensland          Saralanga Music and Cultural Festival                 $2500

Sudanese Community Association of          Sudanese Cultural Festival                            $3000
Queensland Incorporated

Taj Association of Australia Inc.          Nowrooz Celebration 2009                              $2500

Tamil Association (Queensland) Inc.        Festival of Light - a cultural celebration to         $2500
                                           promote diversity in Queensland

The Ethiopian Community                    Cultural Celebration                                  $3000
Association of Queensland (Sponsor:
The Ethnic Communities Council of
Queensland Ltd.)

The Romero Centre (Sponsor: The            Iraqi Independence Community Festival                 $3000
Corporation of the Trustees of the
Order of the Sisters of Mercy in

Vietnamese Community in Australia          Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival 2009               $2500
(Queensland Chapter) Incorporated

Woodridge Rodelu (Uruguay) Sports          Uruguayan National Day                                $2450
and Social Club Inc.

Major projects

Organisation name                          Purpose                                            Amount

Assisting Collaborative Community          African Women Talking                              $15 000
Employment Support Services Inc.

Griffith University (Centre for Public     Community Media Link Queensland                    $29 847
Culture and Ideas)

Community Living Association Inc.          Culture Sharing Project                            $25 000

Community Praxis Co-Op Ltd                 Promoting Community Cohesion and                   $30 000
                                           Understanding: intra-cultural and inter-cultural
                                           youth conflict in Brisbane

Mater Misericordiae Health Services        Behind and Beyond the Mask                         $30 000

Griffith University (Multi-Faith Centre)   Youth Interfaith Leadership Institute              $10 000
STEPS Disability QLD Inc.            Mobilising Community Connection to              $18 389
                                     Recognise Multicultural Value

Wynnum Districts Soccer Club Inc.    Brisbane Wolves Participation and Awareness     $22 000
                                     through Sport Project

Multicultural Development            World Refugee Day 2009                          $30 000
Association Inc.

The Ethnic Communities Council of    Queensland Multicultural Summit                 $30 000
Queensland Ltd.

Together for Humanity Foundation     Together for Humanity Program – Queensland      $30 000

Small community projects

Organisation name                    Purpose                                          Amount

                                     Positive Community Relations through
Al-Nisa Youth Group Incorporated                                                        $6130
                                     Parenting Program

Glad Tidings City Church             Making Life Better - life skills workshops         $7000

                                     Muslims of Queensland - Historical Exhibition
Crescents of Brisbane Inc.                                                              $7000
                                     and Workshop

Cultural Star Gazers Incorporated    I Shine                                            $7000

Bundaberg and District
                                     Diversity in Motion                                $6970
Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

Jugglers Art Space Inc.              Word on the Street 2                               $6950

Saule Limited                        Recipes from a Suitcase                            $7000

Leroy Loggins Foundation Company     Inclusion of at-risk Sudanese youth in the
Ltd                                  Sporting Chance Academy

North-East Community Support         “Journeys” Multicultural Community Arts
Group Inc.                           Project

Pacific Youth Association of         Pacific Island Dance and Drama Extravaganza:
Queensland Inc.                      Pacifica Waves

South Western Districts Basketball
                                     Sudanese Community Action Plan                     $7000
Association Inc.

The Corporation of the Trustees of
the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of    Expressive Therapies Project                       $3250

Vulcana Women‟s Circus Inc.          Logan Suitcase Circus                              $7000
Sport and Recreation Services — Community Partnerships program funding
Organisation name                                                                          Amount

The Australian Panrhodian Society (Colossus) Queensland Inc                                $49 200

Sudanese Community Association of Queensland Inc                                           $27 450

Aiga Samoa Association North Brisbane Inc                                                  $45 758

African Communities Association Gold Coast Inc                                             $23 494

Linking Disability Pacifica Queensland Organisation Inc.                                   $41 850

The Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland Limited                                       $26 565

Greek Orthodox Community of St George                                                      $27 811

Organisation name          Purpose                                                         Amount

Junction Park State        Helping New Arrivals Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices             $43 425

Ozpol Community            Bowen Hills‟ Polish Seniors‟ Health and Wellness Respite        $45 410
Care Association Inc       Clinic/Centre/Day Programme

Townsville Multicultural   Addressing the Holistic Health Needs of Humanitarian            $42 521
Support Group Inc          Entrants and Migrants in Townsville

Ipswich Multicultural      Eat Well and Be Active in Ipswich                               $25 174
Projects Inc

The Uniting Church In      E-Youth Positive Lifestyles Program                             $44 623
Australia Property
Trust (Q.)

Community                  Brisbane Active Women‟s Development Program                     $50 000
Queensland Inc

South Western Metro        South West Metro „Get Active and Healthy‟ Multicultural Youth   $50 000
Basketball Inc             Initiative

The Inala Youth Care       Acacia Ridge Community Centre Saturday Youth Program for         $9 350
Community Inc              2009

North-East Community       A confident future for Karen community through healthy eating   $17 886
Support Group Inc          and exercise

St Vincent De Paul         Refugee Health and Play for Life Brisbane                       $35 938
Society Queensland

Griffith University        HYPE Hip Hop = Healthy – street dance for Logan youth           $49 945

Queensland Program         Refugee Family Health and Recreation Program                    $48 695
of Assistance to
Survivors of Torture
and Trauma
(Association Inc)
Organisation name         Purpose                                                       Amount

Australian Red Cross      Healthy Communities Nutrition Packs                            $34 168

Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
Gambling Community Benefit Fund
Organisation name                      Purpose                                          Amount

Vulcana Women‟s Circus Inc             Costs towards Logan migrant refugee             $8287

Hmong Queensland Association Inc       Purchase office and musical equipment           $28 826

Mackay Regional Council for Social     12 month welcome centre project                 $44 741
Development Ltd

Maltese Australian Gold Coast          Purchase laptop, printer and drink containers   $2475
Association Inc

Sisters Of Mercy - Mercy Family        Funding for two camps for refugee children      $16 098

Ethnic Communities Council Of          Research project – barriers to tenancy          $40 941
Queensland Inc

Ethnic Broadcasting Association of     Purchase outside broadcast van                  $30 000
Queensland Ltd

Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Group    Artists in Paradise workshop                    $23 980
in Collaboration Inc

Townsville Greek Orthodox              Purchase audiovisual equipment                  $20 255
Community of Saints Theodore Inc

Assisting Collaborative Community      Purchase vehicle                                $30 000
Employment Support Services Inc
(Access Inc) Woodridge

Multicultural Communities Council      12 month project – develop framework for        $106 691
Gold Coast Inc                         practice

Centacare - Toowoomba Refugee          Install blinds to verandah                      $5759
and Migrant Support Centre

Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces       Purchase second hand vehicle                    $18 000
Association Inc

Sudanese Community Association of      Purchase vehicle                                $30 000

Holy Spirit Parish Bray Park           Multicultural Christmas Parade 2009             $30 000

Tuvalu Association of Queensland       Tents and sporting equipment                    $1794

Gold Coast Multicultural Festival      Purchase marquee, portable stage and storage    $29 158
Association Inc
    Organisation name                           Purpose                                                      Amount

    Awulian Community Development               Sudanese community life stories                            $22 527
    Association Inc

    Northside Basketball Action Inc             Development of strategic and fundraising plan              $8526

    Ipswich Multicultural Projects Inc          Portable stage, drums and computer equipment               $17 426

    Hmong Australia Society Brisbane            Purchase computer, printer and desk                        $2332

    Congregational Christian Church in          Electronic equipment, tables and chairs                    $10 042
    Samoa - Australia (Pine Rivers
    Congregation) Inc

    St Vincent De Paul Society -                Installation of a new kitchen                              $17 952
    Ozanam House – Ipswich

    Logan Samoa Advisory Council                Employ project worker for 9 months                         $28 198

2008–09 Skilling Queenslanders for Work grant-funded multicultural specific
  The Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) initiative aims to assist approximately 21 000 disadvantaged jobseekers to develop skills and
experience to get and keep a job. People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, particularly migrants and refugees, are a
key target group of SQW. Approximately 15 per cent of SQW participants are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In
2008–09, SQW gave 2640 people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds customised help including an understanding of
Australian workplace culture, job preparation, paid work placements and accredited training. Although people from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds are eligible for generic SQW projects, there is help specifically targeted at people from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds. The 2008–09 targeted projects are above. The initiative also helps with subsidised traineeships or
apprenticeships (including school based).

    Organisation name          Purpose                                                                       Amount

    The Roman Catholic         Improving employment prospects for refugee and migrant                       $112 320
    Trust Corporation for      job seekers in the Cairns community through case
    the Diocese of Cairns      management and accredited training

    Multicultural              Job preparation and work placement help for people in                        $617 930
    Development                Brisbane from culturally and linguistically diverse
    Association Inc            backgrounds to help them enter the workforce, including
                               understanding of the Australian workplace culture, job
                               search, job application and interview skills training

    Assisting Collaborative    Job preparation, accredited training and job placement help                $1 361 200
    Community                  for jobseekers from culturally and linguistically diverse
    Employment Support         backgrounds living in Brisbane‟s Southside including
    Services Inc               Beenleigh, Inala, Logan Central and Southport, including
                               language and literacy assessment, understanding of the
                               Australian workplace, job search and job application

    Maroochy                   A range of activities including work placement, job                          $486 790
    Neighbourhood Centre       preparation and accredited training to help a minimum of fifty
    Inc                        jobseekers from culturally and linguistically diverse
                               communities, refugees, newly arrived migrants and mature
                               age jobseekers in the Sunshine Coast area

    Harvest Rain Christian     A community literacy program for residents of the Ipswich                     $48 930
Organisation name          Purpose                                                          Amount

Care Ltd                   region: individual assessment of literacy skills, learning
                           requirements and personal aspirations, and personalised
                           tuition in adult literacy and numeracy

Townsville Intercultural   A range of activities including job preparation, work            $236 520
Centre Ltd                 placement and accredited training to help jobseekers from a
                           culturally and linguistically diverse background in the
                           Townsville area

Bridgeworks Personnel      Transition into the workforce help for people from culturally    $507 880
Limited                    and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Ipswich.
                           Participants were placed with several host community
                           organisations to give them experience in an Australian
                           workplace. Help was given in literacy and numeracy and job
                           search skills

Coorparoo Secondary        This project assisted disengaged refugees aged 15 to 19           $74 100
College                    who face both cultural and literacy barriers to school and
                           work. Participants undertook a combination of the existing
                           school curriculum, job preparation and accredited training.
                           Job preparation activities included social and life skills,
                           industry visits and work experience and job search and
                           preparation skills

The Migrant Centre         Job preparation help for jobseekers from non-English              $90 670
Organisation Inc           speaking backgrounds, including refugees and recently
                           arrived migrants, in the Southport area.

Pan Pacific Oceania        Practical help for one hundred jobseekers from the Pacific       $150 000
Inc                        Islander communities in the Logan and Woodridge areas,
                           including job search, resume writing, addressing selection
                           criteria, workplace communication and the Australian work

Multicultural Centre for   Training for people from culturally and linguistically diverse    $71 540
Mental Health and          backgrounds, including refugees and recently arrived
Well Being Inc             migrants in the South Brisbane area, to assist them to enter
                           the workforce. Assistance included learners licence training,
                           providing child care and the opportunity to complete an
                           accredited adult literacy and numeracy course

Acacia Ridge               Literacy and numeracy training for jobseekers in the              $29 900
Community Support          Brisbane area from culturally and linguistically diverse
Inc                        communities, including Indigenous jobseekers, as a pathway
                           towards sustainable employment

Assisting Collaborative    Assisted disadvantaged jobseekers, especially people from        $149 980
Community                  culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, in the
Employment Support         South West Corridor area, including Inala and Ipswich
Services Inc               areas, such as help in gaining recognition of overseas

The Corporation of the     Supported jobseekers in the Brisbane area to improve             $127 120
Synod of the Diocese       language, literacy and numeracy skills to enable effective
of Brisbane                participation in the labour market

Multicultural              A range of activities including job preparation, work            $495 080
Community Centre           placement and accredited training to assist migrants and
Limited                    refugees in the Brisbane area

Vocational Education       Accredited English language communication training for            $27 750
Organisation name         Purpose                                                            Amount

and Training              jobseekers in the Gold Coast region from culturally and
                          linguistically diverse backgrounds as a pathway towards
                          employment and/or further training

Peter Pan Literacy        A range of activities including job preparation, work             $261 660
Club (Inc)                placement and accredited training to assist local jobseekers
                          in Maryborough from a non-English speaking background to
                          obtain employment in the community service area

The Corporation of the    A range of activities including job preparation and accredited    $144 420
Synod of the Diocese      training to assist local jobseekers in the Deception Bay area
of Brisbane

Bridgeworks Personnel     A range of activities including work placement, job              $1 373 580
Limited                   preparation and accredited training to assist jobseekers from
                          non-English speaking backgrounds from the Aspley,
                          Bracken Ridge, Chermside, Grange, Kedron, Lutwyche, Mt
                          Gravatt and Nudgee areas

Mount Isa Community       Funded a coordinator and a mentor to support participants          $35 660
Development               to do a course in volunteer tutoring. The project supported
Association Inc           the delivery of a structured adult literacy and numeracy
                          program to help culturally and linguistically diverse people
                          from the Mount Isa community overcome language barriers
                          that could impact on their employment opportunities

Bridgeworks Personnel     Adult literacy and numeracy help and training to the               $27 340
Limited                   culturally diverse community of Ipswich and surrounds

Pan Pacific Oceania       Employed Deception Bay and Redcliffe people from Pacific          $134 450
Inc                       Islander background to develop a Pacific Island radio
                          program. Participants did activities including program
                          development and production, media communication,
                          marketing, advertising, promotion and sales

Community Agency for      Helped refugees and migrants from non-English speaking            $311 000
Development               backgrounds from the Caboolture and surrounding areas
Employment &              gain meaningful employment through a combination of job
Training Inc              preparation, accredited training and work placement

Assisting Collaborative   Helped culturally and linguistically diverse people from the       $93 200
Community                 Logan City area to better integrate into existing TAFE
Employment Support        English language programs. Literacy and numeracy support
Services Inc              will be given to participants doing workplace/industry skills
                          training programs such as Skilling Queenslanders for Work.
                          Also, newly arrived refugee parents will receive literacy
                          training in a non-institutionalised setting that aims to
                          encourage and improve English interaction between
                          themselves, their children and teachers

Multicultural             Forty participants in the Brisbane area from culturally and        $50 000
Community Centre          linguistically diverse communities received training in
Limited                   workplace language, literacy and numeracy. A further ten
                          participants are expected to do volunteer adult literacy tutor

Assisting Collaborative   Consisted of two Islamic faith employment workers to do            $91 750
Community                 activities in the Brisbane South area to support unemployed
Employment Support        Muslim people who are disadvantaged in the labour market.
Services Inc              The workers have a particular focus on examining the
                          barriers to employment for Muslim people and engaging in
Organisation name         Purpose                                                              Amount

                          strategies to overcome these barriers to increase the
                          involvement of Muslim people in the workforce

Deception Bay             The project provided young Pacific Islander people in the             $85 000
Community Youth           Deception Bay area with a culturally appropriate youth
Programs Assoc Inc        worker to implement initiatives that bridge the gaps in
                          support services such as employment and training projects.
                          Strategies will be implemented to build relationships with
                          young Pacific Islander people increasing referrals to other
                          programs or local support services

Pan Pacific Oceania       The project provided young Pacific Islander people in the             $85 000
Inc                       Deception Bay area with a culturally appropriate worker to
                          implement initiatives that bridge the gaps in support services
                          such as employment and training projects

Pan Pacific Oceania       This project helped Pacific Islanders from Logan and                  $40 000
Inc                       surrounding areas who are currently disadvantaged in the
                          labour market to enhance their employment opportunities
                          through accredited training in security

Assisting Collaborative   Helped individuals who are disadvantaged in the labour                $69 950
Community                 market and primarily from a non English speaking
Employment Support        background from Logan and the surrounding area with an
Services Inc              opportunity to do the full Certificate III in Aged Care or
                          Certificate III in Youth Work in a culturally appropriate and
                          supportive environment

Queensland Health
Organisation name         Purpose                                                              Amount

Family Planning           Multicultural Women‟s Health (Female Genital                         $104 837
Queensland                Mutilation) Education Project to educate health          (total $480 921 for 1
                          professionals about female genital mutilation             October 2004 to 30
                          issues                                                             June 2009)

Ethnic Communities        HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Sexual Health                             $202 585
Council of Queensland     Program: for people from culturally and                  (total $405 170 for 1
Ltd                       linguistically diverse backgrounds                      July 2007 to 30 June

Ethnic Communities        Development of a training package for volunteers                      $20 000
Council of Queensland

Ethnic Communities        Development of resource materials for HIV/AIDS,                       $45 000
Council of Queensland     Hepatitis C and Sexual Health Programs: for
Ltd                       people from culturally and linguistically diverse

Ethnic Communities        Non-government chronic disease coordinator for                         $77 000
Council of Queensland     culturally and linguistically diverse communities: to    (total $264 000 for 1
Ltd                       support the Queensland Chronic Disease Strategy            December 2007 to
                          and for the analysis of chronic disease data in                  30 November
                          Queensland‟s culturally and linguistically diverse          2009)$40 700 (for
                          communities                                                      data analysis)
    Organisation name          Purpose                                                              Amount

    Ethnic Communities         Community Education Project: targeting                              $28 000
    Council of Queensland      communities at risk of blood borne virus infections
    Ltd                        and sexually transmitted infections

    Ethnic Communities         Measure Up Campaign: for Queenslanders from a                        $28 000
    Council of Queensland      non-English speaking background (pilot)

    Ethnic Communities         Measure Up Campaign: for Bosnian                                       $2000
    Council of Queensland      Queenslanders (pilot)

    Ethnic Communities         Qualitative research/desktop study on culturally                   $40 700
    Council of Queensland      and linguistically diverse population and chronic                   $45 000
    Ltd                        disease issues with Bond University

    Ethnic Communities         Australian Better Health Initiative funding: includes                $10 692
    Council of Queensland      a literature review on the effectiveness of a
    Ltd                        multicultural health worker model and chronic
                               disease self-management approach for culturally
                               and linguistically diverse communities

    Migrant Women‟s            Sexual Assault Support and Prevention                                $173 327
    Emergency Support                                                                   (total $346 654 1 Jul
    Service Inc –                                                                          2007 to Jun 2009)
    Immigrant Women‟s
    Support Service

    Ethnic Communities         Chronic Disease Prevention and Self                               $136 000
    Council of Queensland      Management program for culturally and
                               linguistically diverse communities: expansion of
                               existing Ethnic Communities Council of
                               Queensland program on multicultural community
                               health workers into the Brisbane north region

    Ethnic Communities         Gold Coast Primary Care Partnership Council                          $25 000
    Council of Queensland      funding: community consultation with the Maori
    Ltd                        population (Gold Coast) regarding chronic
                               disease, health education, physical activity and
                               healthy eating. Recruitment and training of a
                               multicultural health worker, Maori community,
                               Gold Coast

    Ethnic Communities         Metro South Health Service District, Connecting                   $124 685
    Council of Queensland      Health Care in Communities funding: Partnership                      (08-09)
    Ltd, Brisbane South        Project between Healthy Lifestyle Management
    Division of General        Team Southside and South Brisbane Division of
                                                                                       $115 685 (southside)
    Practice, Healthy          General Practice to pilot a new model linking a
    Lifestyle Management       general practitioner with multicultural community
    Team, Metro South          health worker and allied health professionals to        $ 136 480 (northside)
    Health Service District    support culturally and linguistically diverse
                               patients with chronic disease conditions

     for 1 June to 30 December 2008
      for period 1 June to 30 December 2008
      Over 2 years
      Over 3 years
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Organisation name        Purpose                                                           Amount

The Refugee and          The department administers a grants scheme funded by the         $186 627
Immigration Legal        Legal Practitioner Interest on Trust Accounts Fund. The
Service (RAILS) in       Attorney-General allocates recurring or one-off funding on an     $53 800
South Brisbane           annual basis to Community Legal Centres that provide
                         services to socially disadvantaged communities

Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Arts Queensland
Organisation name        Purpose                                                           Amount

Brisbane Festival 2008   Brisbane Festival: included a number of events and activities   $3.88 m in
                         featuring international artists and promoting cross-cultural        2008
                         collaboration and appreciation, e.g. Into Africa,
                         Scheherazade, Running with Kites

Brisbane Writers         Brisbane Writers Festival: included opportunities for            $250 000
Festival 2008            Queensland audiences to attend events featuring writers                  14
                                                                                          in 2008
                         from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

World Interplay          To bring together more than 20 young playwrights from             $40 000
Festival                 around the world to exchange ideas and collaborate with
                         leading international artists

Contact Inc              A community cultural development program in Brisbane             $127 720
                         supporting young people from diverse cultures to safely and        (2009)
                         meaningfully meet

Crossroad Arts           To provide an arts and cultural development program in           $101 848
                         Mackay which engages culturally and linguistically diverse         (2009)
                         communities, Australian South Sea Islanders and Aboriginal
                         and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Woodford Folk Festival   Woodford Folk Festival: included a broad range of                $100 000
2008                     performances, activities and events promoting cultural             (2008)

Multimedia Art Asia      To support the development and promotion of media art in          $50 000
Pacific (MAAP)           the Asia Pacific region                                            (2009)

Gold Coast               To develop and publish Children of War, a documentation of        $40 000
Multicultural Arts       the lives of children whose parents fled their homeland to
Group in Collaboration   escape war

Cooktown and District    To develop and tour the exhibition Beyond Palmer River            $32 600
Historical Society       Goldfields – Chinese migrants in Far North Queensland

Asialink                 To support four Queensland artists to do professional             $30 000
                         residencies with leading arts organisations in Asia                (2009)

Brisbane Multicultural   To support artists from culturally and linguistically diverse     $40 000
Arts Centre (BEMAC)      backgrounds through professional development and                   (2009)
                         performance opportunities
 Organisation name             Purpose                                                            Amount

 Townsville Community          A series of 20 concerts with a wide range of musical styles         $25 000
 Music Centre                  and including artists from culturally and linguistically diverse

 Individual artists from       Career Development Grants to support professional                   $28 200
 culturally and                development activities for artists
 linguistically diverse
 backgrounds (8)

 Individual artists from       Development and Presentation Grants for initiatives such as        $384 696
 or groups representing        the creation of new work, exhibitions and productions, and
 culturally and                the delivery of industry development and cultural
 linguistically diverse        engagement activities
 backgrounds (15)

     A component allocated to activities with a multicultural focus
     A component allocated to activities with a multicultural focus

Events Queensland
 Purpose                                                                                          Amoun

 St Patrick‟s Day, 14 March 2009                                                                  $ 40 000

 The Dreaming, 5-8 June 2009 (part of a cross-agency funding agreement lead by Arts               $100 000

Q150 Community Funding: (Round 3)
 Organisation name                                 Purpose                                        Amount

 Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre                Producing two night markets of world            $10 000
                                                   music and cuisine that will celebrate the
                                                   important benefits that migrants and
                                                   refugees have brought to Queensland

 Co.As.It. Italian Australian Welfare              Conducting an indoor Italian Market Day         $10 000
 Association Inc                                   to explore the many Italian products that
                                                   are available in Queensland.

 Eight Mile Plains State School Parents            A school art gallery of 150 views of Logan       $7 770
 and Citizens Association                          Road, 8 Mile Plains “Yesterday, Today
                                                   and Tomorrow” over the past 150 years -
                                                   with artwork created by students
                                                   commemorating Logan Road and its
                                                   impact on the local environment and
                                                   people across time

 Ethnic Communities Council of Logan Inc           Holding “Q150 Kaleidoscope - A Street           $10 000
 (ECCL)                                            Festival Project” - on 17 May 2009, which
                                                   seeks to celebrate 150 years of
                                                   Queensland rule, with one of the State‟s
                                                   specific achievements being its role in
                                                   developing and promoting diverse and
                                                   harmonious community.
Organisation name                        Purpose                                       Amount

Yandina Chamber of Commerce Inc -        Providing a series of workshops through       $10 000
Festivities Committee                    the Events in the Tent project - conducted
                                         during the Yandina Street Festival.

Burdekin Area Youth Watch Incorporated   Celebrating Queensland‟s 150th                $10 000
                                         Anniversary in a way which recognises the
                                         contributions Indigenous people have
                                         made in the past, the significance of
                                         Indigenous people in the present, and the
                                         increasing participation of Indigenous
                                         people in the Burdekin‟s economic and
                                         cultural future.

Erub Erwer Meta Torres Strait Islander   The creation, installation and launch of a    $10 000
Corporation                              series of ceramic sculptures that will
                                         portray the connection of Torres Strait
                                         Islanders to the sea from past and future.

FAITH Committee (Fitzgerald Aboriginal   Holding an event to share the rich cultures    $4 000
Islanders Teacher Helpers)               of the Aboriginal, Torres Strait, and
                                         Australian South Sea Islander
                                         communities with school children, and the
                                         wider community.

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council       A two-day celebration to promote the           $9 960
                                         opening of the new multipurpose sport and
                                         recreation centre.

Malaruch Aboriginal Corporation Ltd      Q150 festival gates project at 2009 Weipa     $10 000
                                         Fest event

Nambour Community Centre Inc             The organisation of “Aboriginal Cultural       $4 100
                                         Heritage Tours” that will provide
                                         participants with the insight into the deep
                                         Aboriginal ownership, history and culture
                                         of the area.

Yugambeh Museum, Language and            “We are still here” project - painting a      $10 000
Heritage Research Centre                 picture of the Aboriginal characters who
                                         were prominent community members in
                                         the Yugambeh language region in 1959,
                                         and to link them with the current
                                         community - through exhibitions and a
                                         historical video.

Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council     Holding a community event to celebrate        $10 000
                                         the opening of the Cultural Centre.

Australian Lebanese Historical Society   Creating the project „Generations -            $9 987
Inc (QLD)                                Hawking, Haberdashery and Other
                                         Enterprises‟ – a visual art exhibition and
                                         multi-media experience of the narratives of
                                         Lebanese people associated with the
                                         hawking and retail industry.

Federazione Cattolica Italiana North     To rediscover the work and life of a 19th      $7 000
Brisbane                                 century Italian sculptor Andrea Stombuco
                                         (1820-1907) who contributed to the
                                         building and shaping of Brisbane through
                                         lectures, bus tours and displays.
Organisation name                             Purpose                                        Amount

Greek Orthodox Community of St                Digitally recording and displaying the         $10 000
George, Brisbane                              history of the Greek community in

Happy Seniors Club of Brisbane Inc.           „A Chinese migrant becomes a                    $7 800
                                              Queenslander‟ project - a series of
                                              lectures and events for members and
                                              guests about understanding, participating,
                                              and integrating with the mainstream

Hungarian Reformed Church of Australia        Organising lectures about the history,          $3 300
Brisbane Qld District Inc.                    culture and the diversity of religions in
                                              Queensland, with the idea to create
                                              stronger relations with different cultures.

Minjerribah-Moorgumpin Elders-in-             Promoting community awareness in                $9 500
Council                                       Aboriginal culture and traditional heritage
                                              and to spotlight this journey for the people
                                              of North Stradbroke Island.

University of Southern Queensland             Creation of an original play and theatrical     $8 950
                                              production for children bases on the
                                              Dreaming stories.

Yungaburra State School Parents and           Production of a history book and artistic      $10 000
Citizens Association                          and cultural displays celebrating the
                                              foundation of the school in 1909.

Zillmere Multicultural Festival Association   Towards the cost of running the 2009           $10 000
Inc.                                          Zillmere Multicultural Festival

Residential Tenancies Authority
Community Education Public Grants Scheme
Organisation name                             Purpose                                        Amount

Multicultural Development Association         To develop and implement short and long        $14 945
                                              term strategies and resources to inform
                                              and assist tenants who are humanitarian
                                              settlement clients of the organisation
                                              living in the wider Brisbane area

Ethnic Communities Council                    To implement a research project                $15 000
                                              identifying the elements of successful
                                              models of tenancy information delivery to
                                              meet the needs of emerging culturally
                                              and linguistically diverse communities

Red Cross Toowoomba                           To develop an educational culturally           $15 000
                                              appropriate DVD to promote tenancy
                                              knowledge and reduce potential
                                              homelessness for Sudanese refugees in
Organisation name                              Purpose                                      Amount

Youth and Family Service (Logan City)          To develop 4000 writable fridge calendars    $15 000
Inc                                            informing tenants in the Logan area about
                                               tenancy rights and responsibilities in six
                                               languages for tenants from Burma,
                                               Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, and Burundi

Nambour Community Centre Inc                   To identify information delivery gaps and
                                               to subsequently develop and deliver five     $13 933
                                               tenancy information sessions to
                                               international students on the Sunshine

Department of Transport and Main Roads
Organisation name                             Purpose                                       Amount

Townsville Intercultural Centre               Unity in Diversity Conference and             $10 838
                                              CultureFest, Townsville

Multicultural Affairs Queensland              Queensland Multicultural Festival              $1 300

Queensland Treasury
Organisation name                  Purpose                                                  Amount

Migrant Resource Centre            Sponsorship of the Unity in Diversity Conference in       $2 200

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