Steps to completing the CO2 Dragster by stariya


									           Steps to completing the CO2 Dragster
1. Complete thumbnail sketches

2. Complete 3 design sketches

3. Complete final drawing

      Determine length and mark in both FRONT AND TOP VIEWS

      Draw axle holes in FRONT VIEW (4.5 mm)

      Project axle holes into TOP VIEW using hidden lines

      Draw front view

      Draw top view

      Draw wheels (F-38mm, R-40mm)

      Check Requirements

      Complete Rubric

      Correct any issues

4. Turn in Drawing and Rubric

5. Check design for compliance with requirements – complete rubric & turn in

6. Create car design template

7. Transfer design to styrofoam blank (mark axle holes, Draw front view on right side and top view on
   BOTTOM of blank)

8. Drill axle holes

9. Use hotwire cutter to cut out front view

10. Hold pieces together and cut out top view

11. Sand if necessary to smooth out blank (sand OVER a garbage can)

12. Put on wheels
13. Test in SMOKE TUNNEL – take a photo of smoke tunnel

14. Evaluate photo for areas of poor aerodynamic performance

15. Adjust design if necessary and retest in smoke tunnel

16. Complete steps 6 – 10 to complete wood blank

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