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					9:39 PM Nov 18, 2004    Rob
This is a test!

5:43 PM Nov 18, 2004   dcb
Hey, this is new. What a cool feature!

6:03 PM Nov 18, 2004    The G
angst, man... angst.

6:06 PM Nov 18, 2004    The G

7:53 PM Nov 18, 2004   Rob
Yeah, I thought it was pretty nifty, too. Keeme set one up, so I swiped
his. :)

8:20 PM Nov 18, 2004   Ru
Woo Hoo. Live fighting!

1:20 AM Nov 19, 2004   Ru
Hey you, what are you doin?

1:21 AM Nov 19, 2004   Rob
Me? I'm bloggin'! Finally.

1:23 AM Nov 19, 2004   Ru
Yeah, like put down the halflife!

2:10 AM Nov 19, 2004    Keeme

2:36 AM Nov 19, 2004   Rob
Half-Life 2. Show some respect.

3:23 PM Nov 19, 2004   Ru
Whacks Rob with Chinese food carton...

3:36 PM Nov 19, 2004   Keeme
mmmmmmmmmmmm food "me next"

4:07 PM Nov 19, 2004   Todd's Spleen
The zne of half life...

5:16 PM Nov 19, 2004    Rob
What's "zne?"

2:23 AM Nov 20, 2004   Keeme
Think he meant NES ... do they make HL2 for Nintendo?

9:56 AM Nov 20, 2004   The G
I think Spleen meant Nez, the bastard cousin of Pez. O.o

11:14 AM Nov 20, 2004   Todd's Spleen
zen damnit
11:37 PM Nov 20, 2004 Keeme
Is that the same Zen Afleck that was with Jenifer Lopez?

11:43 PM Nov 20, 2004 Ru
Oh and here I was talking about a zone alarm file extension. Or he

8:06 AM Nov 21, 2004   The G
Gumby, dammit!

1:19 AM Nov 22, 2004   Ru

1:19 AM Nov 22, 2004   Ru
dammit janet!

5:39 AM Nov 22, 2004   The G
gah! No RH please! :'(

11:21 AM Nov 22, 2004 Rob
Flashbacks, G? I'll bet you were either Brad or the Doctor in one of
those midnight dress-ups, weren't you?

5:34 PM Nov 22, 2004   The G
Nah, RH was the 'cool' thing to do in high school for all the kids that
weren't cool. Since I was cool in neither group, I have blissfully never
seen the movie 8D

6:29 PM Nov 22, 2004   Rob
So, you've never seen it but you're still complaining about it? Huh.

12:19 AM Nov 23, 2004 The G
One of my ex's (looong time ago) was a big toast-tosser... so while I
never saw it, I was exposed to much too much...

2:23 AM Nov 23, 2004   Ru
I have since had the um, experience to see the movie on TV. I never even
knew until after the phenomenon passed that there was such a thing as
toast tossing.

2:45 AM Nov 23, 2004   The G
BTW Rob, you missed celebrating the first anniversary of CD...

3:51 AM Nov 23, 2004   Rob
Eek! So I did! I was going to bake one of those fractal-shaped bundt
cakes, too. Damn. Ah, well, let this small comment stand as a tribute to
our first year in bidness.

8:50 AM Nov 24, 2004   Todd's Spleen
Is the Turkey still frozen?

2:16 PM Nov 24, 2004   Ru
Funny you should ask. We were just looking at it and the downstairs frig
seems to have kept it a little too cold...

10:28 AM Nov 25, 2004 Todd's Spleen
Watch ouf for the Bumpus's dogs.

11:57 AM Nov 30, 2004 Rob
Okay, new comment. The dogs thing was a riot, but I can't keep looking at
it anymore.

10:25 PM Nov 30, 2004   Ru
What are you wearing?

11:11 PM Nov 30, 2004 The G
:::does NOT want to hear Rob's response:::

9:56 AM Dec 1, 2004    dcb
FTR... I don't want to hear (or read) the response either....

1:06 PM Dec 1, 2004    Ru
That question always gets a reponse...

2:19 PM Dec 1, 2004    dcb
Couldn't you just go with something like "hey, pass the salt"?

2:25 PM Dec 1, 2004    Todd's Spleen
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

2:25 PM Dec 1, 2004    Todd\'s Spleen
When will Rob Change the quote at the top o fthe page?

11:46 PM Dec 1, 2004   The G
When will see another post by the Spleen? :o

8:42 AM Dec 2, 2004    dcb
Spleen: African or European?

12:19 PM Dec 2, 2004   Rob
Blogger's having a nervous breakdown, or I'd have changed the quote by

1:05 PM Dec 2, 2004     Rob
There, better?

5:22 PM Dec 2, 2004    Todd's Spleen
I like a girl who knows her swallows.

5:23 PM Dec 2, 2004    Todd\'s Spleen
Yes Rob, that's better.

6:05 PM Dec 2, 2004    The G
I like this quote better from The The: "If the real Jesus Christ were to
stand up today, he'd be guynned down cold by the CIA."
7:27 PM Dec 2, 2004    dcb
LOL. Spleen, you are dirty....

11:50 PM Dec 2, 2004   Ru
Ahh yes, Armageddon Days....

11:57 PM Dec 2, 2004   Ru
Drop your posessions, all you simple folk...

12:46 AM Dec 3, 2004   The G
BTW, I do think that Mind Bomb is one of the most lyrically brutal albums
of the 90s... definitely in my top 50 of all time.

7:52 AM Dec 3, 2004    Lisa
Came to see who dropped by the old blog and liked yours so I'm
blogrolling you.

9:47 AM Dec 3, 2004    Rob
Thanks, Lisa! Isn't a blogroll one of the sandwiches they make with a
tortilla and, um, blogs?

1:14 PM Dec 3, 2004    lfbb
Spleen -- quit flirting with my wife.....

3:48 PM Dec 3, 2004    Lisa
yes, tortillas and blogs with loads of mayonaise. They're perfect for
people on a low-carb diet.

4:14 PM Dec 3, 2004    Rob
Is it really flirting if she only <i>talks</i> about swallows?

11:12 PM Dec 3, 2004   Todd's Spleen
I was just admiring her ornithological skills

4:02 PM Dec 4, 2004    Rob
Doesn't that mean she's into birds?

7:35 PM Dec 4, 2004    lfb
Alright Spleen, you are off the hook.......

7:36 PM Dec 4, 2004    lfb
D, get your mind out of the gutter.......on second thought, keep it
there. I will be home in half an hour!

2:06 AM Dec 5, 2004    The G
¡Viva la gutter!

12:57 PM Dec 5, 2004   Keeme
Ay caramba and all that goes with an AY CARAMBA

12:58 PM Dec 5, 2004   Keeme

12:14 AM Dec 6, 2004   Ru

12:18 AM Dec 6, 2004    Rob

12:30 AM Dec 6, 2004    The G

4:07 AM Dec 6, 2004     Keeme

1:48 PM Dec 7, 2004    The G
yellow snowcones! errr, wait O.o

10:15 PM Dec 7, 2004    Ru
Lemon? I hope :P

10:16 PM Dec 7, 2004   Ru
Okay, for those new to Gherdeet Bedee... this is the name of some poor
New York Cabbie

10:17 PM Dec 7, 2004   Ru
We liked his name so much after seeing him on CNN that we use it to
replace the Marco - Polo location game thing

9:04 AM Dec 8, 2004    Todd's Spleen
I thought it was some sort of spolied milk based dish.

6:43 PM Dec 8, 2004    Ru
Nope, not a stuffed sheep stomach either.

10:24 PM Dec 8, 2004    Todd's Spleen
Nor is it cake.

12:24 AM Dec 10, 2004   Todd's Henchman
Were all doomed!

9:49 PM Dec 10, 2004   Rob
ShoutMix seems to be back up again. Finally. Buttheads.

12:41 AM Dec 11, 2004 Todd's Angst
Doomed as doomed can be, I must say...

1:34 AM Dec 11, 2004   Rob
I don't care for Doom. I'm Half-Lifed as can be.

10:54 AM Dec 11, 2004 Todd's Spleen
I didn't realize I had henchmmen. Back to work you!

11:49 AM Dec 11, 2004 Rob
You clearly have angst, too.

5:30 PM Dec 12, 2004   Ru
I want henchmen! Do they do laundry?
6:15 PM Dec 12, 2004   The G
no, but they do hang out in the belfry... wait, that's hunchback...

8:58 PM Dec 12, 2004   Todd's Spleen
I'm lucky if he bathes.

1:29 PM Dec 13, 2004   Keeme
I like Medal of Honor Allied Assault... who wanna play me?

1:30 PM Dec 13, 2004   Keeme
Hey! I remember playing Carmen San Diego and they had Henchmen... is that
who yer talking about?

2:00 PM Dec 13, 2004   Rob
Carmen? Didn't you date her in high school?

5:14 PM Dec 13, 2004   Ru
Didn't you date San Diego in College?

4:01 PM Dec 14, 2004   The G
Ahh... San Diego... where it is 80 degrees with a soft cool breeze right
now... 8D on December 14th... ahh...

4:52 PM Dec 14, 2004   Todd's Spleen
Mmm 80 and tectonically unstable, with a hint of smoke in the air...

6:10 AM Dec 15, 2004   The G
Hey, that smoke is for medicinal purposes, and completely legal!

4:00 PM Dec 16, 2004   Ru
Sure, medicinal - as in you're going to need medicine.

5:47 PM Dec 16, 2004   Rob
Isn't that smoke from a bushfire? Or arson? Or a thermal inversion? Ahhh,
never trust air you can't see.

7:04 PM Dec 16, 2004   Ru
Spoken like a true So Cal-ian

7:27 PM Dec 16, 2004   Ru
Wait, bushfire or brushfire? Slip-o-the-finger?

9:38 PM Dec 16, 2004   Tood's Spleen
Is this more of that flaming bush nonsense?

7:02 AM Dec 17, 2004   The G
Bush is gay? Which Bush? Does Cheney6's daughter know?

2:47 AM Dec 19, 2004   Ru
So, all your shopping done?

2:47 AM Dec 19, 2004   Ru
Happy birthday to the founder!
12:30 PM Dec 20, 2004 dcb
I am not only done shopping, I am done wrapping gifts. This year, I am an

12:58 PM Dec 20, 2004 Ru
Wrapped, too! DCB: OCD, LOL!

2:02 PM Dec 20, 2004   dcb
He he he... I don't get it.... (sorry, Uncle Buck moment.)

3:45 PM Dec 20, 2004   dcb
Upon re-reading, it turns out I get it after all. LOL

11:09 AM Dec 21, 2004 cs
i've done no shopping at all. i might buy a couple of things... but i
don't know. it's getting too late, isn't it.

11:58 AM Dec 21, 2004 Rob
I'm pretty sure anyone I haven't finished shopping for by now is getting
an awsome assortment of pasta and McCormick spices from Dominick's.

6:26 PM Dec 21, 2004    Tood's Spleen
Garlic Salt please

6:30 PM Dec 21, 2004    Rob
Nice Tood, mr.

7:49 PM Dec 21, 2004    Todd's Spleen
I'm typing impaired.

6:17 PM Dec 23, 2004   dcb
Ok kids, we are out of here for a few days. Everyone have a Merry
Christmas (or whatever you celebrate).

11:52 PM Dec 23, 2004 Ru
Merry Christmas to you too! Travel safely.

7:52 AM Dec 26, 2004   Keeme
Merry Return Present Day!

1:55 PM Dec 26, 2004   Ru
Yah, good luck with that, Keeme!

12:20 AM Dec 31, 2004   Ru

10:01 AM Dec 31, 2004 The G
nope (what, has this replaced the comments section?)

3:48 PM Dec 31, 2004    Ru

4:06 PM Dec 31, 2004    Rob
Pix of the evil squirrel invader now posted below the fold.

9:10 PM Dec 31, 2004   Keeme
That is one mighty comfortable looking squirrel

9:11 PM Dec 31, 2004   Keeme
You will spend the rest of your days looking for whatever makes noise in
your home going forward... I know I do.

2:46 AM Jan 2, 2005    Ru
I usually blame those noises on Rob.

2:58 AM Jan 2, 2005    Rob
Hey! -poot- What -snrfl- in the world -weez- do you -hic- mean?

5:20 AM Jan 2, 2005    Fucka

12:31 PM Jan 2, 2005   Rob
Just had to nuke some comments spam. Does this mean we've arrived?

4:28 AM Jan 3, 2005    Keeme
Without a doubt!!!

4:30 AM Jan 3, 2005    Keeme
I have not yet read the "I squeeze bunnies?" post but...I can't stop
laughing at "Bite the wax tadpole" ... this is now stuck in my brain like
"this is the song that never ends"

5:22 AM Jan 5, 2005    victor

11:44 AM Jan 5, 2005   Ru
Bolshoe spasebo

12:13 AM Jan 8, 2005   Ru
DCB, where are you? You haven't posted!

10:40 AM Jan 8, 2005   dcb
I'm here. I just been busy. More posts coming soon.

7:39 PM Jan 10, 2005   Rob
Culture Ghost is missing, but Mike Daisey's back from his self-imposed
hiatus, in case you didn't notice.

8:32 PM Jan 10, 2005   dcb
Yippee! We bought a pool table today!

11:04 PM Jan 10, 2005 Rob
Hey! Now people can start complementing your rack!

12:51 AM Jan 11, 2005 haydesigner
She'd probably prefer if you didn't comment on her balls.
3:10 AM Jan 11, 2005   Ru
Culture Ghost! Are you okay? Hey! Hay is back!

8:37 AM Jan 11, 2005   dcb
I would love people to comment on my rack. There's a first time for

10:42 AM Jan 11, 2005 Todd's Spleen
Be careful, or you'll get felt all over your rack...

1:59 PM Jan 11, 2005   Ru
OR chalk. I hate chalk on my rack.

2:09 PM Jan 11, 2005   Rob
No you don't...

2:12 PM Jan 11, 2005   Allison
I don't mind chalk so much, it's the cue sticks that kill...

2:23 PM Jan 11, 2005   Rob
Which end are you using? That might be the problem...

3:03 PM Jan 11, 2005   Keeme
*Sigh* I have not played pool in a long time *sigh*

3:16 PM Jan 11, 2005   Rob
Like, really not played pool, or not "played pool..."?

1:48 PM Jan 12, 2005   Ru
Okay, Hay, unless I missed it... What is the biggest binge drinking day?

8:24 PM Jan 12, 2005   Ru
Our climate is offically altered. A couple of days ago it was 14 inches
of snow and freezing. Now it is 52 and we're having a violent
thunderstorm. In January, IN CHICAGO.

12:04 PM Jan 13, 2005 Allison
Ru, I had my air conditioner on yesterday and today it's in the 40's.
That's Texas for you though. We are all developing pneumonia.

2:07 PM Jan 13, 2005   dcb
I don't know what it's like up there now, but the thunderstorms have been
replaced with snow. And cold. Something extremely bizarre is going on
with our weather lately.

2:21 PM Jan 13, 2005   Ru
Today, there was flooding and then it is going to drop into the single
digits again, just to make sure anything wet gets good and icy.

2:25 PM Jan 13, 2005   Ru
Oh, it is snowing here, approx. 1" I'm so confused. It is difficult to
figure out what to wear.

3:16 PM Jan 13, 2005   dcb
In a pinch, I always refer back to Ann's outfit: one pink cowboy boot,
one snow boot, chemistry goggles, and a snow hat that looks like a
pineapple. Of course, she was 2 at the time, so that probably explains
the strange looks I get in public.

5:51 PM Jan 13, 2005   Keeme
It is like some huge evil-take over the world-guy has a big weather ray
pointed at us and the batteries are low... causing some freaky
weather.... Or something else.

5:51 PM Jan 13, 2005    Keeme
Rob... both!

6:45 PM Jan 13, 2005   Ru
Right, I'm out to find a pink cowboy boot in my size

7:05 PM Jan 13, 2005   dcb
Hey, you said you needed something to wear. There were no specifics
given. I just went with my fallback outfit. You could also go with a tube
top and some cutoffs.

2:16 PM Dec 31, 2001   Todd's Spleen
Just don't let Rob pick his own shorts.

2:59 PM Dec 31, 2001   The G
that... sounds.... .... YEECHIE!

4:48 PM Dec 31, 2001   Ru
Yah, I have not been able to wear anything like a tube top since about 11
yrs of age. Cutoffs are okay. I definitely have chemistry goggles, snazzy

5:28 PM Dec 31, 2001   dcb
I am changing my opinions on this now. I am currently at work wearing a
long sleeved t-shirt under a sweater under a fleece pullover. And I am
inside. WTF happened? It is colder than a well-digger's kiester...

6:51 PM Dec 31, 2001   Rob
I never pick my shorts. That's gross.

6:56 PM Dec 31, 2001   Rob
Did the internet's watch stop or something? The comment date is in 2001,
and the tracking data seems to be stuck at several days ago. Hmmm.

9:17 PM Dec 31, 2001   Ru
Yah, the 4th dimension needs some winding

12:47 AM Jan 15, 2005   Rob
Ghost's back.

2:40 AM Jan 18, 2005   Rob
Truth Girl, Julius and SpaceCity are all releasing new stuff again.

12:52 PM Jan 18, 2005   Ru
Yea! Everyone is back and rested I hope!

7:50 PM Jan 19, 2005    RJio
Does this work?

11:18 PM Jan 19, 2005   Rob
Yes, it works. :)

8:43 AM Jan 20, 2005   Todd's Spleen
Don't forget kids! Its coronation day!

9:49 AM Jan 20, 2005   Stacey
Coronation day + this link, mmmmmm

9:49 AM Jan 20, 2005   Stacey
Damn enter key!

10:39 AM Jan 20, 2005 Todd's Spleen
Can we hit two birds with one stone? Just combine the events?

1:39 PM Jan 20, 2005   Ru
HA! How appropriate, Stacey. It is also my mom's 74th b-day so I can
ignore the lavish worship of the Demon George.

2:23 PM Jan 21, 2005    Rob
Nice post, D.

2:29 PM Jan 21, 2005   Rob
Haloscan commenting is having a little sit-down while it gathers its
thoughts, in case you were wondering.

3:24 PM Jan 21, 2005   Rob
I think it's feeling better now.

3:46 AM Jan 22, 2005   haydesigner
Wow... catching up, way behind no stuff...

3:48 AM Jan 22, 2005   haydesigner
Wow... catching up, way behind no stuff... Ru: Biggest drinking day is
Halloween, believe it or not! DCB: nice rack! Rob: stop...picking...
your... shorts... eewww. And did I miss spleen's last post? :P

9:32 AM Jan 22, 2005   dcb
Thanks sunshine. Did you kids get a lot of snow up there?

9:33 AM Jan 22, 2005   dcb
Thanks H. I have been getting so many compliments lately, I may not need
those implants afterall.

5:18 PM Jan 22, 2005   Ru
We have over a foot of snow and more is coming down. Aggh! Now it is
blowing about and collecting against my back windows! God Bless huge
4:59 PM Jan 23, 2005   Ru
Did you get any snow, D?

4:55 AM Jan 24, 2005   The G
Nah, it has been mid 70s the past couple of weeks here. Oh, wait... you
were D, not G... my bad. 8D

4:57 AM Jan 24, 2005   The G
errr... you were ASKING D...

8:24 AM Jan 24, 2005   dcb
Yeah, we got about 6-8". Not horrible, but enough to need the snowblower.
When we were out getting insulation on Sat., it was intermittantly sunny
and then snowstorm. Weather this year has been so bizarre...

2:52 PM Jan 24, 2005   Ru
Well G, at least the only rumbling we get around here is the snowplow
drving by. San diego is near some pretty shaky ground these days. :O

11:51 PM Jan 24, 2005   Keeme

8:58 AM Jan 25, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Grins and runs

10:01 AM Jan 25, 2005 Allison
K, anything before 1950 totally freaks me out.

3:22 PM Jan 25, 2005   Rob
Blogger seems a little dazed today. Perhaps it's cold medication...?

8:28 PM Jan 26, 2005   Ru
Todd, I just heard it. That was SOOO funny!

12:18 PM Jan 27, 2005 Stacey
You may be interested in, they gave a talk to Oakton CC

2:45 PM Jan 27, 2005    Rob
I'll take a look.

11:50 AM Jan 28, 2005 jim clark
How'bout those Texas borders now! Is our so called government going to
stick their heads in the sand on this! We should demand our federal and
state governments to protect us from any foreign invasion!

11:52 AM Jan 28, 2005 Rob
First, we should demand our schools to teach us how verbs work.

12:23 AM Jan 29, 2005 Ru
No no verbs in the schools. Next you'll want condoms and lunch with
5:08 AM Jan 29, 2005    Great Cthulhu
eh? hullo?

1:04 PM Jan 29, 2005   Rob
It's 5 am, and a tentacled daemon pops up, looks around and says,
"Hullo?" Welcome to Chaos Digest.

2:34 PM Jan 29, 2005   Todd's Spleen
It's kinda wierd, the same thing happened to me. Must be to much Keeme
style salmon.

2:35 PM Jan 29, 2005   Ru
I do so like guests for breakfast.

3:06 AM Jan 31, 2005   Keeme
Rob's the one who told me to use shoe polish on the fish... Please don't
eat me... I am rich with sodium.

2:47 AM Feb 1, 2005    Ru
Don't take recipes or dares from Rob. Also, if he asks you if you want to
see something weird, you don't.

2:47 AM Feb 1, 2005    Ru
Don't take recipes or dares from Rob. Also, if he asks you if you want to
see something weird, you don't.

2:49 AM Feb 1, 2005    Ru
Don't accept recipes or dares from Rob. Also, if he asks you if you want
to see something weird, you don't.

2:49 AM Feb 1, 2005    Rob
Haloscan's overmedicated this evening. Comment at your own risk.

8:54 AM Feb 1, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Are you sure it was shinola?

4:30 PM Feb 1, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Are there lots of women in Iraq wearing "I voted Today " stickers on
their burkas?

4:41 PM Feb 1, 2005    Rob
ShoutMix is a little squirrely, too.

5:50 PM Feb 1, 2005    Ru
No more squirrels, please.

11:34 PM   Feb 3, 2005   Ru
In fact,   nothing with fur, or a beak or lots of legs (demons excluded, of
course).   Spring must be here, 'cause the animals are out there (or
invading   the house).

1:19 AM Feb 4, 2005    The G
what about squids? Do tentacles count as legs?
8:05 AM Feb 4, 2005    dcb
Don't you already have a couple of things with fur living in your house?
(Rob not included, of course.)

8:22 AM Feb 4, 2005    Rob
Why am I not included? You'd think once you spot something this big and
hairy around the house, you'd definitely keep it in mind, at least.

10:45 AM Feb 4, 2005   dcb
I was assuming you didn't want to get kicked out of the house. Maybe that
was an incorrect assumption...

12:18 PM Feb 4, 2005   Ru
Well so far, squids have not been trying to get into the house. I won't
rule it out. I suppose my domesticated fur balls and Rob can stay ;) But
I draw the line at 4 legs.

1:03 AM Feb 7, 2005    Ru
Any nominations for Best Super Bowl Ad?

4:40 AM Feb 7, 2005    The G

11:08 AM Feb 7, 2005   dcb
I don't remember which company it was for (shame on you, marketers!), but
the commercial about the mama's boy doll was pretty funny. It actually
made me laugh out loud.

12:29 PM Feb 7, 2005   Ru
That was degree antipirspirant, I think

6:10 PM Feb 7, 2005    Ru
I actually liked the Ameriquest ads where it looks like the guy is just
about to off the cat. It reminds me of the old Guardian ads about pre-
judging situations.

1:57 PM Feb 8, 2005    dcb
There was another Ameriquest ad where the guy was on his cell phone
telling his friend that he was getting robbed by his mortgage broker.
Unfortunately, he said that while he was checking out at the 7/11. And
that is when the beatings started. Pretty funny.

2:02 AM Feb 9, 2005    Rob
Two things: first, I've been dinking with the CSS, and there's more in
the works; second, we now support previews and Gravatars in the comments.
CHeck out to set up your own little picture.

3:23 AM Feb 9, 2005    chaosdigest
Two things: first, I've been dinking with the CSS, and there's more in
the works; second, we now support previews and Gravatars in the comments.
Check out to set up your own little picture.

3:24 AM Feb 9, 2005    Rob
Two things: first, I've been dinking with the CSS, and there's more in
the works; second, we now support previews and Gravatars in the comments.
Check out to set up your own little picture.

3:32 AM Feb 9, 2005    Ru
Praise be to the programmers.

9:04 AM Feb 9, 2005    Keeme
I like pictures... thats why I don't go to fancy restaurants

1:20 PM Feb 9, 2005    Rob
Did anyone notice that Daou Report got sucked up behind the Salon
advertising "curtain?"

1:49 PM Feb 9, 2005    Ru
Lame. Of course Firefox blocks most of the curtain.

1:58 PM Feb 10, 2005   Ru
Franken just announced that he is not running in 2006

10:51 AM Feb 12, 2005   Keeme
Franken as in AL?

11:02 AM Feb 12, 2005 Keeme
Hey gang! I was feeling really good and I have to give y'all some credit
for that. I was thinking about all my bloggin over the last year (next
month is a year for me) and whilst reading the addicting name thingie I
was overcome with good vibrations... and just wanted y'all to know I dig

11:03 AM Feb 12, 2005 Keeme
And I did just take a strong narcotic and think it is kicking in. But
still.. much love. Now I want some cheeto's

1:39 PM   Feb 12, 2005   Ru
Hehehe,   Keeme. Yah, Al Franken. He is a MN native but he says he is going
to stay   with his radio gig for another couple of years. Glad to hear that
you are   feeling good!

8:02 PM Feb 12, 2005   The G
White Cheddar Cheetos are much better

8:03 PM Feb 12, 2005   The G
White Cheddar Cheetos are much better....

9:08 PM Feb 12, 2005   Todd's Spleen
Yeah, no orange fingers.

12:37 AM Feb 13, 2005 Ru
That sounds excellent! BRB!

6:21 PM Feb 15, 2005   Keeme
NO ORANGE FINGERS! That is no way to live.
10:38 PM Feb 17, 2005 Ru
Wish us luck. we have lots of driving to do this weekend!

4:18 AM Feb 18, 2005   keeme
Much luck wished! Where ya going?

8:28 AM Feb 18, 2005   Ru
Table Rock Lake, Missouri.

8:35 AM Feb 18, 2005   Ru
So, our only connection to the world will be through satellite! Or *gasp*

3:14 PM Feb 19, 2005   Allison
Safe travel wishes to you from Texas!

2:05 AM Feb 20, 2005   Rob
Weren't you just on the west coast? Man, you get around.

3:16 AM Feb 20, 2005   The G
Robert! Not a very nice thing to say to a lady! Especially such a
beautiful one... :D

4:43 PM Feb 20, 2005   Ru
Surprising phrase: "There is a problem with how dude ranches are showing
up in the database" ( I personally took it to mean the database had
become accidentally infested).

5:11 AM Feb 22, 2005    keeme
I need me some Fritos

9:35 AM Feb 22, 2005   Ru
Yah, Chili Cheese Fritos would be nice.

12:19 PM Feb 22, 2005 dcb
Gak! Fritos? Those are foul! You should make the switch to White Cheddar
Cheezits. Little squares of white cheddar heaven...

2:32 PM Feb 23, 2005   Ru
The white cheddar thing is a nice trend all around. We're back, BTW,
thanks for the MOJO.

6:57 PM Feb 23, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Mojo Jojo?

9:03 PM Feb 24, 2005   Ru
NO disobedient monkeys, please.

10:44 PM Feb 24, 2005 Todd's Spleen
You know what we do to naughty monkies...

12:36 AM Feb 25, 2005   Ru
Elect them president?
2:38 AM Feb 28, 2005   Ru
Give them syndicated conservative radio talk shows?

9:43 AM Feb 28, 2005   E
No, naughty monkies are what their reporter, I mean gay prostitute lover
calls them....

3:42 PM Feb 28, 2005   Ru

9:14 PM Mar 1, 2005    dcb
Did you know the Hitchhiker's Guide is coming out as a movie? Where have
I been?

9:31 PM Mar 1, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Don't panic D

1:34 AM Mar 2, 2005    Ru
D - You haven't had to wait impatiently as long as the rest of us.

8:10 AM Mar 2, 2005    dcb
I wasn't aware that I was panicking... I just happened to notice it when
I was looking for the War of the Worlds trailer.

11:15 AM Mar 2, 2005   Rob
-sigh- "Don't Panic" is a cultural recognition symbol. It's okay,
everything will make sense soon. (heh.)

11:24 AM Mar 2, 2005   dcb
Hey, I haven't read the book lately. And I didn't get a lot of sleep last
night. Gimme a break. :p

11:27 AM Mar 2, 2005   Rob
No sleep? Were you trapped under something heavy?

2:28 PM Mar 2, 2005    dcb
Yes. How did you know?

12:22 PM Mar 3, 2005   E
She was trapped under something than sounds dirtier
than I meant it to be.....

12:25 PM Mar 3, 2005   dcb
That's why I didn't go there.

1:45 PM Mar 3, 2005    Rob
Yeah, that's nice. Where's my brainwash...?

6:41 PM Mar 4, 2005    Keeme
I think Friday should be called GET OUT OF JAIL DAY

6:43 PM Mar 4, 2005    Ru
Jail! Who is in Jail??
9:07 PM Mar 4, 2005     Todd's Spleen
Hello, Dad?...

12:43 AM Mar 6, 2005   Keeme
Jail would be better than home about now.

4:17 AM Mar 6, 2005     The G
Was, not was...

11:52 PM Mar 7, 2005   Ru
Wow, there was just a huge Bang outside.

12:38 AM Mar 8, 2005   Ru
Nothing appears to be on fire, so I am going to sleep!

10:47 AM Mar 8, 2005   Todd's Spleen
That's my nightly checklist.

2:21 AM Mar 9, 2005    Ru
Mine also includes an all personnel accounted for line item but I guess
we have a similar list.

2:22 AM Mar 9, 2005    Ru
Must have been the military base last night. we're not too far away from
a large one...

3:35 PM Mar 10, 2005   Rob
Blogger's acting retarded again. We'll be posting more in a bit.

11:10 AM Mar 12, 2005 dcb
After catching up on some of my Tivo'd Daily Shows, I have a new favorite
word: Islamangelicals.

6:34 PM Mar 13, 2005   Ru
I wonder if followers of Islam are as horrified about the radicals as I
am about my religion being overrun by zealots.

12:14 PM Mar 14, 2005 E
I am afraid of the zealots running THE COUNTRY!!!!

3:33 PM Mar 14, 2005   Ru
It is sacery how super-violent they are in the name of religious freedom.

10:48 PM Mar 14, 2005   The G
sacery? ;)

10:53 AM Mar 15, 2005 Ru
Okay so I have ham hands, lately. I thin I have written 100 pages of
stuff in the past week, so I have an excuse. I'll fix it later.

7:16 PM Mar 15, 2005    The G
"I thin"? 8D
12:04 AM Mar 16, 2005   Rob
No you not!

2:31 AM Mar 16, 2005    The G
pot<->kettle @)

2:56 AM Mar 16, 2005   Keeme
When I misspell stuff (hourly) I just say "DANG ANOTHER DEFECTIVE

8:46 AM Mar 16, 2005   dcb
Hey, you guys never finished the story regarding the ADD kid in
'Rantucky' and Fiona. How did that all turn out?

9:28 AM Mar 16, 2005   Rob
I forgot to finish an ADD story? Let us all bow our heads for a moment of

10:37 AM Mar 16, 2005   dcb

10:41 AM Mar 16, 2005 dcb
I believe you got sidetracked by your urinal story. (The mental images of
which make me want to take my eyes out with an icepick.)

10:54 AM Mar 16, 2005 Ru
They got along great, although the ADD kid said that Fiona talks too
much. Pot meet kettle... They both talked so much that I had to ask them
to give me breaks every once in a while. "I need 5 minutes to think,
please" This child returns for an overnight, Easter weekend.

10:57 AM Mar 16, 2005 Ru
Typos are going to happen! You can figure out what I meant to say as I
have so many other things to get my panties in a bunch over. ;P

10:59 AM Mar 16, 2005 Ru
The urinal story was a little disturbing, wasn't it?

11:05 AM Mar 16, 2005 Ru
The very sad part for the ADD child is that she was neglected by a step
parent and then abandoned. I don't know when her father, the only
remaining parent, will be allowed to return. He is in Iraq with the Army.
My family will care for her as long as she needs a home.

4:01 PM Mar 18, 2005   E
Here is some interesting

4:55 PM Mar 18, 2005   ninj4
nice blog u got here ... its so clean .. keep it up!

5:05 PM Mar 18, 2005   Rob
Thanks! We're into our second year now, and no one's done yet. :)
5:08 PM Mar 18, 2005   The G
Hey, I thought Mr. E could actually post entries on this blog. Why's he
using this chatter area instead? :p

5:10 PM Mar 18, 2005   The G
Clean? CLEAN? Damn, I gotta start being more offensive again... 8D

5:21 PM Mar 18, 2005   Rob
Hey, yeah! Do a post, ya goon...

5:30 PM Mar 18, 2005   Keeme
Hey would you cats like to do an interview? 5 Questions.

5:58 PM Mar 18, 2005    Rob

6:30 PM Mar 18, 2005   The G
I call dibs on question #4

9:37 PM Mar 18, 2005   E
I knew I'd get razzed for that....

9:38 PM Mar 18, 2005   dcb
I keep telling him that, but he never does it...

9:59 PM Mar 18, 2005   dcb
My new pool table will be arriving sometime in the next 7 days (awaiting
delivery schedule). Who wants to come down and check out my rack? ;)

10:47 PM Mar 18, 2005 The G
How come no comments on E's stick? o.o I'm all for equal qpportunity

10:45 AM Mar 19, 2005 Rob
Well, it's cue, not a "stick," and I'm just grateful you managed to avoid
bringing up his balls.

12:13 PM Mar 19, 2005 Ru
I'll take the cue and ask to see 12 balls. ;P

3:40 AM Mar 20, 2005   The G
:s Are we suppose to all chip in for you to get 12? Belly up boys!

9:35 AM Mar 20, 2005   Todd's Spleen
Just try not scratch in front of the ladies.

11:08 AM Mar 20, 2005   dcb
Too late.

2:22 PM Mar 20, 2005   Ru
So much for keeping it clean.

7:26 PM Mar 20, 2005    The G
Oh suuure... who was the one who mentioned balls first, hmm? And who was
the one promoting her rack? Women are SUCH pigs 8D

1:11 AM Mar 21, 2005   Ru
I notice you do not blush and run away...

10:38 AM Mar 22, 2005 E
That is how I ended up with her, she was promoting her rack and I was

6:09 PM Mar 22, 2005   Todd's Spleen
Did she make it in shop class?

11:29 PM Mar 22, 2005 The G
:O I hear she wields a mean lathe, so ya better watch out E!

12:32 AM Mar 24, 2005 Ru
So, road trip to Maine?

11:15 AM Mar 24, 2005 Todd's Spleen
I want to go , but Stephen King has made it "The Creepy State"

11:57 AM Mar 24, 2005 Ru
So, creepy is bad then?

6:18 PM Mar 25, 2005   The G
So who the f is Pedro?

10:12 PM Mar 25, 2005 Ru
You have not seen Napoleon Dynamite

10:59 PM Mar 25, 2005   The G

1:22 AM Mar 26, 2005   Allison
So you must be like a new kid or something.

12:05 AM Mar 28, 2005 The G
I think we should vote for The G 8D

11:59 AM Mar 28, 2005 Rob
Sure, so you can spend the whole online chatting with babes.

12:00 PM Mar 28, 2005 Rob
"day online". I meant there to be a "day" in there. Idiot.

1:11 PM Mar 28, 2005   Rob
Blogger's having problems. More posts coming up.

2:18 PM Mar 28, 2005   Ru
I like that I get the "idiot" comment. :) You have to watch to movie.
Concurrent drinking is recommended.

5:26 PM Mar 28, 2005    Ru
Sumartra just had another huge earthquake (8.9)

6:05 PM Mar 28, 2005   Ru
Okay 8.7 now. No major tsunami but 300 or so dead so far.

2:26 PM Mar 29, 2005   anonymous
Blogger's a train wreck again today, so posting is a little erratic. But
then, so are some of the posters...

2:26 PM Mar 29, 2005   Rob
That was me...

4:05 PM Mar 30, 2005   Ru
The asterisk next to the links indicates blogs that have updated in the
last three hours. If you were curious.

7:17 PM Mar 30, 2005   Allison
Erratic poster here, checkin in. Hey, take a sec to come to my blog and
write a letter to ABC for Keeme

1:31 PM Mar 31, 2005   Ru
Yay Allison! It would be awesome if Keeme got it!

2:18 PM Mar 31, 2005   dcb
I love that show and rarely miss it. It is so refreshing to see people
doing something so nice for someone who truly deserves it. While I don't
know him well, I will dash off something for you.

7:31 PM Mar 31, 2005   The G
10 posts in one day?? Methinks Rob has no paying work today... (and the
day is not yet over, either)

7:55 PM Mar 31, 2005   dcb
Nah, remember that post about drinking? We're all off the gin for the

8:52 PM Mar 31, 2005   Ru
Everyone around here gets one or two days off a month.

11:07 PM Mar 31, 2005 Rob
Postings should now show total comments, as well as the number of new
comments since the last time you read comments. We're setting a cookie to
keep track of your counters, so everyone's counts should be personalized.
Stick a comment in the chatter if something looks broken.

1:56 AM Apr 1, 2005    Ru
How many times can you use the word comment in a sentence?

5:40 AM Apr 1, 2005    The G
Oh, and Ru just haaaaad to comment on that... :p

7:53 AM Apr 1, 2005    E
I would actually side with a 48 hr gin induced sleepless binge...lest you
forget that Rob + Gin = endless chatter?

3:12 PM Apr 1, 2005    Ru
Sorry, did I beat you to it?

3:53 PM Apr 5, 2005    Rob
You know, E, there was a time I could have left you at a truckstop with
something obscene written on your forehead, and I didn't. (I don't think
I did...)

4:26 PM Apr 5, 2005    E
And for this, D is thankful....(most days)....It is a rare occasion one
is able use you as an object of jest (although I have not known you

5:25 PM Apr 5, 2005    Rob
Let's have some more martinis and see what other funny stuff I come up

8:00 PM Apr 5, 2005    The G
8) Man, I could crack on Rob for hours at a time! And his only comeback
would be a middle digit salute...

9:13 PM Apr 5, 2005    Rob
Already have that t-shirt...

10:22 PM Apr 5, 2005   Rob
The return translation for that Russian stuff came back, "Put fork in I
eat, it makes." So, um, we're idiots, but only to Russians.

8:22 AM Apr 6, 2005    dcb
I didn't think you were going to leave him at a truckstop, but I did
think there were threats of head shaving... Of course, it's hard to
remember specifics through the alcoholic haze...

3:33 PM Apr 6, 2005    Ru
Although I was sober, I just remember having to nearly pull over because
of the laughing and the antics at the CD player.

4:17 PM Apr 7, 2005    Keeme

4:53 PM Apr 7, 2005    Ru
I'll have to make a post and every one can add their comments...

3:43 PM Apr 8, 2005    E
There is already a pretty incriminating photo below where Rob is reaching
for the 'oxygen'....

11:53 PM Apr 9, 2005   Ru
Everyone has to check The Sneeze if you haven't done so lately. Steve ate
12:58 AM Apr 10, 2005   jr

6:39 PM Apr 10, 2005   thehim
This is a cool feature. I've gotta check out how to set this up...

7:10 PM Apr 10, 2005    dcb
Ru- That's very

7:10 PM Apr 10, 2005   dcb
Ru- That's very "diary of

7:10 PM Apr 10, 2005   dcb
Ru- That's very "diary of regrettable

7:11 PM Apr 10, 2005   dcb
Oh my god, this thing sucks.... Ok, One more time... That is very diary
of regrettable food...

7:12 PM Apr 10, 2005   dcb
Evidentally, I insulted the comments when I said they suck on my previous
attempt at posting. Now, to finish my thought (and sound a little less
like a rapper...) that post is very diary of regrettable food.

9:52 PM Apr 10, 2005   Ru
LOL, Now you made it angry. I agree, it is like Lileks, without the

2:54 AM Apr 12, 2005   Ru
Need major Mojo today. My 74-year-old mom is having surgery on her eye.

3:06 AM Apr 12, 2005   The G
All good vibes from SD promptly sent to Ru's mum :)

6:46 PM Apr 13, 2005   Ru
My mom is okay, her surgery went well. My dad tried to have a heart
attack today so if you have any other Mojo, I'd appreciate it. I'm off to
the catheter lab... I'll blog when I have more news.

8:41 PM Apr 13, 2005   Keeme
KEEMES' MOJO X 1000000

4:57 PM Apr 14, 2005    Rob
Chatter's back up.

7:53 PM Apr 14, 2005    The G

11:08 PM Apr 14, 2005   Ru

9:45 AM Apr 15, 2005    Todd\'s Spleen
10:28 AM Apr 15, 2005 Ru
My Dad's ECG this morning looed really good. He may come home Monday.

4:11 PM Apr 15, 2005   dcb
Yea, for Ru's dad. Sending you good thoughts and mojo for a continuing
good recovery.

5:28 PM Apr 15, 2005   Rob
Anybody know who works for Hologic? They dropped me a note earlier today,
but I deleted it before I had a chance to read it. Anyone?

7:08 PM Apr 15, 2005   Ru
I had some wierd messages that the security software deleted before they
got to me. Hmm.

1:56 PM Apr 16, 2005   Ru
My Dad is home. He is doing great.

4:21 AM Apr 18, 2005   The G
Tell dad he's not allowed to do that for at least 10 years or so

10:45 AM Apr 18, 2005 Ru
I woke to find that someone had set up coffee for me. Life is good.

10:51 AM Apr 18, 2005 Ru
Yeah, I do not think 10 years is unreasonable.

9:05 AM Apr 19, 2005   dcb
I had an intruder in my basement yesterday... he was small, hairy, and
had 4 times the allowed amount of legs. If this problem doesn't get
solved soon, I may never play with my rack again...

11:57 AM Apr 19, 2005 Ru
Aghh! I hear you, D. Eight-legged intruders are horrifying.

1:04 PM Apr 19, 2005   Rob
Girls, girls...

2:01 PM Apr 19, 2005   dcb
Hey, I can handle just about anything, but spiders are much too
disturbing. It is one phobia I am not interested in overcoming.

2:48 PM Apr 19, 2005   The G
:P I think Edison might be willing to take over exclusive rack handling

4:00 PM Apr 19, 2005   dcb
Does this mean that he's going to handle my rack? Or he is now going to
be showing his rack? I'm so confused...

10:49 PM Apr 19, 2005 Ru
Yah I can fly, climb, dive, suture, and endure just about anything, but
not spiders.
10:25 AM Apr 20, 2005 Rob
d: If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them...

10:44 AM Apr 25, 2005 Rob
The chatter's been through a huge saga of changing servers, seeking
sponsrship , and getting punted at least once last week. Should be
better shortly.

5:15 PM Apr 25, 2005   The G

3:00 PM Apr 26, 2005   Ru
By the way, dcb's rack was very impressive    . The room she keeps it in
is nice, too.

3:25 PM Apr 26, 2005   dcb
Awww, stop. You're making me blush! We did have a good time; when ya
coming down again?

4:01 PM Apr 26, 2005   Ru
We had a great time. Put on the "we're open" sign and we'll be there. I'd
love a chance to play without the mini-us, too.

4:32 PM Apr 26, 2005   dcb
I'm thinking of having a "name the bar" contest. I want to call it the
"Bucktown Bar", but E came up w/ something like the "Crusty Nipple". Any

4:33 PM Apr 26, 2005   dcb
Nothing makes you want to hit the gin like going to the "Crusty Nipple".
(Feel free to make fun of him at will.)

4:35 PM Apr 26, 2005   Ru
Crusty nipple? Gah. I'll have a martini with a side of Aquaphor.

4:49 PM Apr 26, 2005   The G
The Leaky Nipple

6:08 PM Apr 26, 2005   The G
The Angry Areola

6:55 PM Apr 26, 2005   E
I tend to say things incorrectl   y like if a person is named Mike
Maloney, I will call him Brad Baloney or something.

6:56 PM Apr 26, 2005   E
I was thinking Rusty Nickel and it came out crusty nipple....

8:49 PM Apr 26, 2005   The G
The Felt Rack

1:28 AM Apr 27, 2005  Ru
Ball-Stack ing Rack whackers
2:48 AM Apr 27, 2005   The G
now that just rolllls off the tongue...

8:40 AM Apr 27, 2005   dcb
"The Felt Rack", now that could be a winner... :-)

4:43 PM Apr 27, 2005   The G
Does the namer get to enact the name? <img
src="" alt=";)" />

9:53 PM Apr 27, 2005   Ru
Wait. Let me get the cameras ready....

3:06 PM Apr 28, 2005   dcb
Don't push it... (or grope it, as the case may be...) ;-)

4:32 PM Apr 28, 2005   The G
Hey now, I was just thinking that it might be an incentive for other to
start brainstorm ing names, 'tis all <img
src="" alt="8D" />

4:33 PM Apr 28, 2005   The G
(or perhaps to let E get a wee bit more creative with his naming
suggestion s)

5:05 PM Apr 28, 2005   Rob
The Crabby Rack?

5:35 PM Apr 28, 2005   Todd's Spleen
The Rack n Balls. Sort of an English pub feel.

3:09 AM Apr 29, 2005   The G
Scratchy Balls

8:15 PM Apr 30, 2005   The G
Rack or Scratch

11:25 PM Apr 30, 2005 Ru
I am cringing as I type this... Wet Felt

11:31 AM May 2, 2005   Rob
OK, this is no way to start the week...

9:21 PM May 2, 2005    The G
Sir, setting the "Week Reset" machine, sir!

11:04 PM May 2, 2005   Ru
It is May 2nd and we have a freeze warning. Wha? Apparently we go from
winter directly into summer. Where's MY SPRING?

5:50 AM May 3, 2005    The G
umm, freeze warning? Dunno whatcha talking 'bout Willis... it's 80
here... <img src="" alt=":*)" />
1:53 PM May 3, 2005    Rob

4:08 PM May 3, 2005    The G
Boy, you don't know your cultural references , do ya? <img
src="" alt="8B" />

8:08 PM May 3, 2005    Ru
NO he is making fun of the fact that you are white.

8:08 PM May 3, 2005    Ru
YOu need to be sayin' Whatcha talkin' bout Regis.

5:34 AM May 4, 2005    The G
Methinks you need to be a bit more ethnically sensitive. .. I prefer
pigmentall y-challeng ed, thankyouve    rymuch <img
src="" alt=";)" />

6:53 PM May 4, 2005    The G
or "tan-adver    se"

7:17 PM May 4, 2005    Ru
Tan resistant?

10:33 AM May 6, 2005   Rob
Just beige.

2:22 PM May 6, 2005    The G
more like pastey white (not pastry, mind you, just pastey)

9:35 AM May 7, 2005    Rob
Mmmm, pastry...

9:47 AM May 7, 2005    The G

10:30 AM May 7, 2005   Rob

9:44 PM May 7, 2005    The G

4:33 AM May 8, 2005    The G
and I prefer "oink-enha      nced" <img
src="" alt="8D" />

3:09 PM May 8, 2005    Rob
Hey, a swine by any other name...

6:26 PM May 8, 2005    The G
you just like staring at my curly tail

3:47 PM May 9, 2005    Keeme
UM, I see your 2GB and raise you 10!
3:48 PM May 9, 2005    Keeme
Hola all~

4:34 PM May 9, 2005    Rob
Hey, Keeme. How's the meatloaf coming?

6:56 PM May 9, 2005    Ru
Keeme, Dude!

12:28 AM May 10, 2005 The G
<img src="" alt="8B" />

5:59 PM May 11, 2005   Rob
Blogger's having some sort of brain freeze at the moment...

2:46 AM May 12, 2005   jr
hope you have a good weekend

4:14 AM May 12, 2005   The G
Man, does jr start his weekend's early or what? <img
src="" alt=";)" />

12:34 PM May 12, 2005 Rob
Hey, I'm all in favor of the five day weekend.

8:01 PM May 14, 2005   The G
I think I'm going to cut down on the big posts for awhile. Sorry... <img
src="" alt=":&#0124;" />

6:43 PM May 16, 2005   Ru
<img src="" alt="Oo" /> oh, our
accident/p olice report shows that Ms. Smashintou s did not just get a
ticket, she was arrested. I can't wait to show up at the court date.

9:56 PM May 17, 2005   Todd's Spleen
Back from vacation, fighting a cold, ready to rumble.

12:09 AM May 18, 2005 Ru
Welcome back Spleen. Feel better soon!

1:35 AM May 20, 2005   Rob
For anyone who cares, I got the CSS fixed in the trackback windows so
they're not all solid black anymore.

12:46 AM May 25, 2005 Rob
Blogger is, once again, freaking out. I gotta get Moveable Type set up...

2:05 AM May 25, 2005   The G
MT costs moolah, right?

2:50 AM May 25, 2005   Rob
I'll jus take it out of the blog slush fund that's already doing hosting,
comments, etc. (I think we need a corporate sponsor...   )

1:36 PM May 25, 2005   dcb
Hey, I can see the chatter again! This Firefox thing is good. (Thanks,
Ruth) :-)

6:42 PM May 25, 2005   The G
Wait... We have a slush fund? Damn, no wonder I haven't been getting paid
for this... <img src=""
alt=":burn:" />

7:29 PM May 25, 2005   Rob
The problem is, it's really slush. Just melted Slurpees. Very disappoint

11:22 PM May 25, 2005 The G
I've been thinking of a new site design... suppose we should think about
advertisin g too, huh? Dare we get readers opinions? <img
src="" alt="8B" />

1:12 PM May 26, 2005   Rob
Okay, readers, any serious complaints about adding some ads? C'mon, all
the other blogs are doing it...

7:35 AM May 27, 2005   John Johnson
Just as long as it isn't one of Matt Furey's ads.

12:25 PM May 27, 2005 Ru
LOL, yeah no combat conditioni     ng and no body part enlargemen    t.

12:38 PM May 27, 2005 Rob
Puts me in mind of Rex Kwon Do. <a href=" [<a
;return false"
a>] target="_b   lank">link </a>

12:38 PM May 27, 2005   Rob
Oh, that's pretty...

1:00 PM May 27, 2005   dcb
I actually was going to vote *for* body part enlargemen    t. <img
src="" alt=";)" />

1:10 PM May 27, 2005    Rob

8:21 PM May 27, 2005   The G
Man, if mine gets any bigger, I won't have any choice but to wear bell-
botto ms all the time <img
src="" alt="8B" />
1:25 PM May 28, 2005    Ru

7:37 PM May 28, 2005   The G
Or was DCB talking about enlarging her own already infamous rack? <img
src="" alt=":P" />

7:38 PM   May 28, 2005   anonymous
:z <img   src="" alt=":O" /> h,
and any   other opinions about ads? (c'mon, there's gotta be more than one
regular   reader here)

9:49 PM May 28, 2005   Todd's Spleen
I'll just use Adblock any way.

10:34 PM May 31, 2005 Haydesigne r
I'm entertaini   ng out-of-tow    ners until monday, so I likely will be
incognito until then... just letting all my peeps know <img
src="" alt=":s" />

8:25 PM Jun 3, 2005    dcb
Actually, my rack is not that large, hence the need for enlargemen     t
ads. I need to start shopping for a provider..     .

5:41 AM Jun 4, 2005    Haydesigne r
I merely said infamous <img
src="" alt="8B" />

2:00 AM Jun 5, 2005    Ru
Count yourself lucky with: eye contact, clothing fit, less fear of
gravity and superior back health!

3:54 PM Jun 6, 2005    dcb
Yeah, but how will I get discounts on car repairs or free drinks at bars?
<img src="" alt=";)" />

7:19 PM Jun 7, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Isn't that MR.dcb's responsibi    lity?

12:57 AM Jun 8, 2005   Rob
Oh, no way, his rack is hardly bigger than hers.

1:28 PM Jun 8, 2005    Ru
I believe they share a rack

4:01 PM Jun 8, 2005    dcb
You're all very fixated on my rack lately. (Not that I can blame you,
it's fabulous) Any reason? Are the pictures circulatin   g on the
internets again?

4:49 PM Jun 8, 2005    Todd's Spleen
ummm It's spring. And umm well you know what happens in the spring
11:48 PM Jun 8, 2005   Ru
Thoughts go to playing pool and fabulous racks?

11:49 PM Jun 8, 2005   haydesigne r
I thought it was winter when it got nipply out... <img
src="" alt=":*)" />

11:50 PM Jun 8, 2005   Rob
Each spring, every young man's fancy turns to thoughts of racks, rack
polishing and other rack-relat     ed lore.

12:53 AM Jun 9, 2005   Ru
No Rob, I said I wish you would use the rake more often.

8:19 AM Jun 9, 2005    dcb
LOL. A simple mistake. Obviously thinking with the wrong head...

1:55 PM Jun 9, 2005    Rob
And where do you get the nerve talking about winter, anyway, hay? Why,
I'll bet there are hardly any nipples at all in Southern California .

3:06 AM Jun 10, 2005   Ru
They can only afford really small ones there

4:31 PM Jun 11, 2005   Rob
It's summer. Go outside.

12:22 AM Jun 13, 2005 Ru
Hay, are you guys okay out there? I saw the EQ report

2:04 AM Jun 13, 2005   Haydesigne r
60+ miles NW of us... personally , we didn't hear/feel a thing <img
src="" alt="=>" />

1:58 PM Jun 13, 2005   Ru
Yah, here it is a different story, we tend to feel 5.0 earthquake      s
over 100+ miles.

4:11 PM Jun 14, 2005   Haydesigne r
That is one of my main complaints here, that we can't know if someone
posted a new comment unless it is one of the last 4-6 posts...

4:12 PM Jun 14, 2005   Haydesigne r
Hey Rob, does Movable Type (or any other blog software) support a "Mosr
Recent Comments" section?

4:12 PM Jun 14, 2005   Haydesigne r
Hey Rob, does Movable Type (or any other blog software) support a "Most
Recent Comments" section?

4:17 PM Jun 14, 2005   Ru
Hmm. I think there's a Haloscan hack for that. Let me look.

11:11 PM Jun 14, 2005   Haydesigne r
Woo-ho! Now we're under tsunami alert! <img
src="" alt=":shocked:" /> Supposed
to hit around 10:15PST

12:44 AM Jun 15, 2005 Rob
It's 10:45. Did you make it?

1:25 AM Jun 15, 2005   Haydesigne r
Cancelled. How lame. Never anything fun around here. <img
src="" alt=">,O" />

12:49 PM Jun 15, 2005 Keeme
I have been away tending the many fires/life things. I wanted to come say
hello and tell you guys I am so glad you have many things for me to read.

12:50 PM Jun 15, 2005 Keeme
I can't see what I posted so I hope this is not going into some crazy
limbo thingie... where the tune limbo rock is playing "Limbo Lower"!!!!

12:51 PM Jun 15, 2005 Keeme
I, sadly enough, cannot do the Limbo

1:07 PM Jun 15, 2005   Rob
What you need is a higher stick.

1:18 PM Jun 15, 2005   Ru
Welcome back Keeme! I have trouble doing the limbo, too, so we can be in
charge of the stick.

4:14 PM Jun 16, 2005    Rob
Haloscan's temporaril   y down, be back shortly.

4:38 AM Jun 17, 2005   Keeme
I can do that... but I may get a piñata flashback so watch me ok?

1:08 PM Jun 17, 2005   Rob
hehehe I just got a mental picture of you going from limbo-stic        k
holder to madman flailing wildly at the ceiling lamp with a limbo

11:47 PM Jun 18, 2005 Ru
Flailing? WE decide who wins the contest.

11:54 PM Jun 18, 2005 Ru
Best sentence of the weekend: What am I supposed to do with all of these
filthy bunnies? -Rob

9:21 PM Jun 21, 2005   dcb
It sounds like there is a story there, but I am not sure I want to hear

11:33 PM Jun 22, 2005 Ru
Smart. Difficult to describe, anyway.
3:55 AM Jun 24, 2005    Keeme

11:35 AM Jun 24, 2005 Rob
Hey, there you are! I can't get your site to load. Hosting fail?

8:25 AM Jun 27, 2005   dcb
I dig the squirrel pic -->. This wasn't the one living in your fireplace,
was it?

12:07 PM Jun 27, 2005 Rob
That's not a squirrel, that's a flower! Goofball.. .

1:30 PM Jun 27, 2005    dcb
So, is that a "no"?

1:53 PM Jun 27, 2005   Ru
The squirrels were on the beach in Carmel, CA. They were so tame. They
climbed on us, ate and rummaged through my purse.

1:54 PM Jun 27, 2005   Ru
We have to clean up the photos. We've just discovered that our scanner is

6:34 AM Jun 28, 2005   haydesigne r
is there a peripheral doctor in the house?

12:32 PM Jun 28, 2005 Ru
Sadly, the medicine costs more than a replacemen    t scanner.

9:05 PM Jun 30, 2005   dcb
Bye kids. We are off to the wonderful northwoods of Wisconsin. We'll be
back in a week. If they have wi-fi up there, I may stop by and chat a

9:31 PM Jun 30, 2005   dcb
Hey, I just went to the CafePress store... mugs and pins, but no thongs?

11:13 PM Jun 30, 2005 Ru
Yah, Rob, we really need our identity on white butt floss!

11:14 PM Jun 30, 2005   Ru
Safe trip, D& E

11:33 PM Jun 30, 2005 JDodge
That photo of Pixel creeps me out!

2:07 AM Jul 1, 2005     Ru
The one in the pot?

3:57 AM Jul 2, 2005    haydesigne r
Where's the header quote from? <img
src="" alt="=O" />
11:51 AM Jul 2, 2005   Rob
DeLay was talking about Clinton, during the war in Kosovo.

12:37 AM Jul 3, 2005   Todd's Spleen
Every now and then Pixel popsw up in the random photo and tells me to
kill people.

1:45 AM Jul 3, 2005    Ru
That does not sound like him... If you'd said fart/drool on people and
deposit huge blobs of fur...

2:23 AM Jul 3, 2005    Ru
OH maybe it was kill for people? Kill for fourty people?

5:34 PM Jul 6, 2005    dcb
Hey kids. We're back. Anything good happen while we were gone?

5:52 AM Jul 7, 2005    haydesigne r
I gained weight and lost hair

7:13 AM Jul 7, 2005    Ru
Major bombing in London, Warnings in other European nations.

8:38 AM Jul 7, 2005    dcb
Yeah, I heard. Very sad and tragic. I have always wondered when the other
shoe would drop.

8:46 AM Jul 7, 2005    Rob
I notice the narional terror alert level isn't moving...

9:49 AM Jul 7, 2005    dcb
According to news sources, they are targeting Italy, GB and Denmark. They
don't expect them to hit the US.

9:49 AM Jul 7, 2005    dcb
Because the G8 is in Europe, I guess I would expect them to hit there
before here. But who can tell?

10:24 AM Jul 7, 2005   Ru
National Threat level just rose to orange for mass rail and transit lines

11:37 AM Jul 8, 2005   natch
You guys got good snark!

3:27 PM Jul 8, 2005    Rob
I left my snark in my other pants. This is just domestic sarcasm.

4:44 PM Jul 8, 2005    haydesigne r
I thought snark was some new drink, and you guys weren't sharing it with
me... <img src="" alt=":,(" />

5:04 PM Jul 8, 2005    Rob
I promise to share all my snark with you.
7:31 PM Jul 8, 2005    haydesigne r
<img src="" alt="=." /> umm... <img
src="" alt="=." /> I, err, um, am
married Robert...

8:51 PM Jul 8, 2005    Ru
Hay, are you hittin on my man?

12:25 AM Jul 9, 2005    Ru
Oh, and thanks Natch!

1:36 AM Jul 9, 2005    Haydesigne r
I'm pretty sure he was the one scopin'... <img
src="" alt=":*)" /> tryin' to slip me
a snark indeed!

2:15 AM Jul 9, 2005    Rob
I don't think this conversati      on belongs on the same page with the
headline "Little furry butts." Just my opinion...

8:56 PM Jul 12, 2005   haydesigne r
Ma & Pa Kettle in town fer a spell... most likely will be incognito for a
bit <img src="" alt="=S" />

11:32 PM Jul 12, 2005   Rob
Tell them we said Hi!

2:06 AM Jul 13, 2005   haydesigne r
I sure will, once I get them out of the c-ment pond

9:45 PM Jul 14, 2005   dcb
So we think E broke his toe. How purple does a toe have to be before you
head to the ER?

9:50 PM Jul 14, 2005   Ru
Well, if it is not flopping about, and you can walk on it. I'd say tape
it and see how it heals. They won't do much about it anyway unless it is

12:51 AM Jul 16, 2005 Ru
Sup with Haloscan? It is only allowing one comment per article.

9:31 AM Jul 16, 2005   dcb
I was having problems with it yesterday. If I posted the same time as you
or Brian, my post was erased and I had to retype. Annoying..   .

12:50 PM Jul 16, 2005 Rob
Haloscan done gone all loopy. We're aware of the situation. That is all.

12:58 AM Jul 18, 2005 Rob
Hey, G, I like that with the horiz lines. I just softened them a little,
so they didn't draw your eye away from the white space between articles.

2:04 PM Jul 20, 2005    haydesigne r
check out CD2

4:54 PM Jul 20, 2005   Rob
Hate(!) the header. The type treatment on the "tools" looks okay, maybe a
wee bit too small. Can you come up a size?

9:13 PM Jul 20, 2005    Ru
Hey how is E's Toe?

9:23 PM Jul 20, 2005   haydesigne r
Toe? He don't need no stinkin' toe... <img
src="" alt=":cool:" />

10:52 PM Jul 20, 2005 Ru
These days it may be good for a young man to be without one...

8:46 AM Jul 21, 2005   dcb
Still purple, but he can walk on it now w/o it hurting. We never did go
to the ER for x-rays. He has bad luck with feet. You'd think he just got

3:02 PM Jul 21, 2005   haydesigne r
Driving to Vegas for the weekend in a few hours... anyone want me to
place bets on da Bears for them? <img
src="" alt=":B" />

3:02 PM Jul 21, 2005   haydesigne r
Driving to Vegas for the weekend in a few hours... anyone want me to
place bets on da Bears for them? <img
src="" alt=":B" />

3:23 PM Jul 21, 2005   dcb
Nah, but you can get me a shirt that says "Eat At the Pink Taco" if you
are heading to the Hard Rock Hotel. I meant to get one when we were

3:34 PM Jul 21, 2005   Ru
Bears to lose, spectacula    rly. <img
src="" alt=":(" />

4:22 PM Jul 21, 2005    Haydesigne r

8:00 PM Jul 21, 2005    Ru
D is very tiny.

10:43 PM Jul 21, 2005 Rob
Nice quote. <img src="" alt=":)" />

8:25 AM Jul 22, 2005   dcb
It just needs to cover my rack. Oh, and put $10 on #17, while you're at
it... <img src="" alt=";)" />

10:36 AM Jul 24, 2005   Rob
Hot enough for you?

1:20 PM Jul 24, 2005    Ru
sizzle-pop !

10:19 AM Jul 25, 2005 dcb
Down here it's storming like the world's gonna end. But it was certainly
hot enough yesterday. Sheesh.

12:47 AM Jul 26, 2005 Korie
lookin for hott guys to chat dirty with

11:16 AM Nov 4, 2005   Rob
Testing, 123. Engaging an anti-comme    nt spam tool. We're starting to
draw some spam.

5:40 PM Nov 4, 2005     Ru
What did youo change?

5:20 AM Nov 6, 2005    hair style
This is the best. Congrats, very nice site.

2:10 PM Nov 6, 2005    Daniel
Free spam for everyone! Yummy.

2:11 PM Nov 6, 2005    haydesigne r
Apparently 'hair style' doesn't think much of your anti-spam fix...

7:09 PM Nov 6, 2005     Rob
Give it a sec.

11:12 AM Nov 8, 2005   Rob
Hey, Keeme's sick. Throw good vibes at him.

12:20 PM Nov 8, 2005    haydesigne r

8:50 PM Nov 8, 2005    dcb
:: <img src="" alt=":s" /> ending
good mojo:::

8:50 PM Nov 8, 2005    dcb
or "sending".    .. whatever..     .

2:06 PM Nov 10, 2005   Rob
Welcome, Daou readers! Thanks for dropping in...

11:50 AM Nov 11, 2005 Carpool Dave
Ru, I got your message at Keeme's email me and we can talk about custom
made pens. Website is above.

1:29 PM Nov 11, 2005    Ru
Cool, thanks Dave!
6:23 PM Nov 11, 2005    haydesigne r
Dude! Daou!

3:37 AM Nov 12, 2005   Daler
Good site, thanks.On your site I found informatio     n I've searched!

12:35 PM Nov 13, 2005 Ru
Wish us good travel mojo, we're on the road again.

7:05 PM Nov 13, 2005    haydesigne r

7:15 PM Nov 13, 2005   E
Killer movie trailer... [<a
onclick="go('');return false"

7:16 PM Nov 13, 2005   E
D is traveling too....wis     h her happy trails...

9:17 PM Nov 13, 2005    dcb
On the road again....

9:18 PM Nov 13, 2005   dcb
That was my willie nelson impersonat     ion...

6:40 AM Nov 15, 2005    Zetal
Beautifull website!

12:09 AM Nov 16, 2005 haydesigne r
where all you cats at, anyway?

5:18 AM Nov 16, 2005    Ru
Detroit area

1:41 PM Nov 16, 2005   dcb
Washington DC, but I'm home now.

8:13 PM Nov 16, 2005   haydesigne r
how come Bush is still in charge then, dcb? <img
src="" alt=":B" />

7:31 AM   Nov 17, 2005   dcb
I asked   Ru if she wanted ethics reform as a gift, but she didn't think
that it   would fit in my suitcase. Oh, and he was in Asia. Hard to kick
him out   when he's not there...

11:30 AM Nov 17, 2005 Todd's Spleen
That explains all the vacations.

1:33 PM Nov 19, 2005   E
Perhaps he is merely searching the world for ethics....    oh wait, that'll
be the next talking point by Mehlman
11:55 AM Nov 23, 2005 Tina
Hey Ruth. I sent you an email. Not sure if you've got me blocked or not.

12:30 PM Nov 23, 2005 Rob
Engage the Tina shields!

7:46 PM Nov 23, 2005   dcb
Ru- Ring is being repaired. Peace has been restored. If you're gonna buy
jewelry, go to Fey & Co.

7:46 PM Nov 23, 2005   dcb
Happy Thanksgivi ng Everyone!

8:58 AM Nov 24, 2005   Ru
That is really good news DCB! Cograts! Happy Thanksgivi   ng!

1:01 PM Nov 25, 2005   Cat
I thank you for a wonderful site. You have done very good job.

12:36 AM Nov 26, 2005 haydesigne r
Happy to have NOT participat ed in the mythical Black Friday...

7:01 AM Nov 26, 2005   haydesigne r
hi of 72 here tomorrow <img
src="" alt="8D" />

1:22 PM Nov 26, 2005   Ru
We're heading into the 50's after a pretty dusting of snow. It was
perfect while were were decorating the (ahem) HOLIDAY tree.

1:30 PM Nov 26, 2005   Ru
Headin' to Target in defiance of a nutcase attempting to define Christmas
in secular terms. We did not go Black Friday shopping.

4:22 PM Nov 26, 2005   dcb
Pretty much all of my shopping was done by Wed. of this week. I refuse to
go into stores afterTgvg. People are just too cranky.

9:43 PM Nov 26, 2005   thehim
Happy Thanksgivi ng, guys. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend.

7:43 AM Nov 27, 2005   haydesigne r
nope... too much damn homework here... <img
src="" alt=":angry:" />

8:06 PM Nov 27, 2005   Ru
Thanks thehim. Hope you and theher have a great holiday, too!

8:56 AM Nov 30, 2005    haydesigne r
what about theit?

10:56 AM Nov 30, 2005   Ru
thethem... theus...
11:10 AM Nov 30, 2005 haydesigne r
what if the was plural?

4:00 PM Nov 30, 2005   Rob

5:17 PM Nov 30, 2005   haydesigne r
Okay, what if <b>the</b> was possesive of multiple <b>its</b> ?

5:18 PM Nov 30, 2005   haydesigne r
Whadda ya mean I can't use basic HTML?? Bah!

12:57 PM Dec 2, 2005   Rob
Don't feel bad, your advanced HTML isn't any worse...

2:47 PM Dec 2, 2005    haydesigne r
Oh, believe me, it is... <img
src="" alt=":S" />

10:29 PM Dec 5, 2005   Ru
Okay my epitaph was going to be "get off my lawn." Now I am thinking
"What you need money?"

4:34 AM Dec 6, 2005    haydesigne r
The modern conservati ve is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in
moral philosophy ; that is, the search for a superior moral justificat
      ion for selfishnes     s. - John Kenneth Galbraith

11:22 AM Dec 6, 2005   Ru

8:42 PM Dec 6, 2005    haydesigne r
it is a bit long for an epitaph though... <img
src="" alt=":P" />

10:52 PM Dec 6, 2005   Ru
Okay, how about WHAT?!

11:46 AM Dec 7, 2005   dcb
Hey, we're getting new cell phones. Any phone or carrier recommenda

12:44 PM Dec 7, 2005   Ru
The new Nokia like Rob's is cool. You can get them from Cingular, but it
is so new that not all shops have the phone.

2:02 PM Dec 7, 2005    dcb
So you kids have Cingular? What about Verizon? I already have T-Mobile
and my Crackberry from work is on that, so I know how the network is.

2:03 PM Dec 7, 2005    dcb
I guess I should say "soon-to-b   e my Crackberry     ..."
7:53 PM Dec 7, 2005    Ru
verizon was nice, but really 2x as costly dfor the same service as
Cingular. Cingular hass updated tehir netwwork lately and I get signal,
even in this house.

8:03 PM Dec 7, 2005    Ru
Verizon is fine, but pricey. Cingular offers the same coverage for less.
Good CS, too. They were the only ones with the Nokia 6682

1:34 AM Dec 8, 2005    haydesigne r
t-mobile has always had very good coverage for us, both in Chicago/N. IL
as well as San Diego.

7:11 AM Dec 8, 2005    dcb
T-mobile is good, but they don't have coverage everywhere . Up in No. WI
where my grandma is, I can't get a call. Actually, I can't get a call
north of Madison.

9:11 PM Dec 8, 2005    dcb
Did you kids get a lot of snow up there?

9:58 PM Dec 8, 2005    Todd's Spleen
Yea. Still snowing 10:00

11:37 PM Dec 8, 2005   Ru
Still snowing at 11:30 p.m.

11:38 PM Dec 8, 2005   Ru
I counted 7 inches of snow so far in the back yard

5:59 AM Dec 9, 2005    haydesigne r
forcast of 75 degrees today here

7:23 AM Dec 9, 2005    dcb
Hay, Shush. Ru & TS: we probably got about a foot overall.

9:54 AM Dec 9, 2005    Rob
Ran the snowblower for an hour and a hlaf this morning.

9:59 AM Dec 9, 2005    Rob
Ran the snowblower for an hour and a half this morning.

9:59 AM Dec 9, 2005    Rob
Hay, didn't you guys just have an earthquake ?

11:40 AM Dec 9, 2005   dcb
E pretty much cleared the driveways and walkways for all of our neighbors
last night. I think he cleared 4 houses (in addition to ours). Our
neighbors must love us.

5:28 PM Dec 9, 2005    Ru
It is very pretty and quiet outside. A truck went by and the sound was
really muffled.
3:16 PM Dec 11, 2005   dcb
How's Lushy McDrunkens tein today? Any hangover after last night's
festivitie s?

6:14 PM Dec 11, 2005  Ru
Martinipal ooza seems to have claimed no victims

11:15 AM Dec 13, 2005 Rob
Two days of special intensive Starbucks treatment and now I'm all better.

4:34 PM Dec 13, 2005   cres
is this how you say "thank you" in Finnish or Swedish? Can't remember

4:37 PM Dec 13, 2005   chay
is this "thank you" in Finnish or Swedish? kiittää te

5:08 PM Dec 13, 2005   anonymous
In finnish "kiittää te" is "thanking all of you." Thank you is Kiitos.

5:11 PM Dec 13, 2005   Ru
Sorry, that was me. You can also say Kiitos Paljon (Thanks a lot) or
paljon kiitoksia (Lots of thanks) It is a very complicate d language.

6:01 PM Dec 13, 2005   chay
Thanks! My Prof. tonight is Finnish and our last slide says thank you in
Finnish. I wanted to make sure it's not a swear word. I would love to
hear HOW to say it.

10:10 AM Dec 14, 2005 haydesigne r
who's this chay person?

10:55 AM Dec 14, 2005 Ru
Phonetical ly it is Keetos Accent is always on the first syllable.

1:38 PM Dec 14, 2005   Rob
Sounds like a student on his Finnish final.

2:25 PM Dec 14, 2005   haydesigne r
Or someone giving her final presentati   on in one of her MBA classes.

2:35 PM Dec 14, 2005   Ru
Hope the classes go well!

3:47 PM Dec 15, 2005   haydesigne r
1 more week... <img src=""
alt=":lookup:" />

9:02 PM Dec 15, 2005   Ru
Wow, that is a long semester. Hang in there.

10:06 AM Dec 19, 2005   haydesigne r
bush just said "secret prisons are unacceptab le" <img
src="" alt="Oo" /> apparently he
means only in Iraq

10:40 AM Dec 19, 2005 Ru
I'll bewt he means that they should not be secrets from him.

10:54 AM Dec 19, 2005 Ru
Maybe he hears "secret" and thinks someone is holding out on him. We are
talking about the guy who wants to violate the law to spy on people.

10:55 AM Dec 19, 2005   Ru
Happy Birthday, Rob!

12:22 PM Dec 19, 2005 Rob
Yah, so much for aging gracefully ...

12:58 PM Dec 19, 2005 dcb
Yeah, Rob. Happy Birthday. You're what, 20 now? <img
src="" alt=";)" />

2:04 PM Dec 19, 2005   Rob
Obviously, I must be 21. Didn't you see all those martinis?

12:25 PM Dec 20, 2005 haydesigne r
1 thing I don't get from Bush's last speech... he said he can do wat he
wants in times of war... didn't he declare the war over like 2 years ago?

12:38 PM Dec 20, 2005 Daniel
Maybe that "Mission Accomplish    ed" banner meant something else.

7:01 PM Dec 21, 2005   dcb
Bye, kids. We're off to the northwoods for a week. Everyone have a great

9:20 PM Dec 21, 2005   Rob
Don't die! Bring a St. Bernard with a cask of gin!

10:34 PM Dec 21, 2005 Ru
Have a great, safe trip and have fun with the family!

1:04 PM Dec 25, 2005   haydesigne r
“Not all who go to church are hypocrites      , but all hypocrites go to
church." Merry x-mas all! <img
src="" alt=":masked:" />

10:45 PM Dec 26, 2005 Ru
Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta 2006!

8:23 PM Dec 27, 2005   dcb
Yesterday I learned that snowboardi     ng is not as easy as it looks on
tv. We are both very sore, but thankfully no bones were broken. See (some
of) you in a few days!
9:19 PM Dec 28, 2005   Rob
I was kind of hoping for one of those "agony of defeat" whipeout

12:47 AM Dec 29, 2005 Rob
"Whipeout" - n. A portmantea u word combining "whiteout" and "wipeout,"
useful in describing snow-relat    ed mistakes with an acrobatic

12:26 PM Dec 29, 2005 Ru
I once broke a ski in a spectacula r crash (I was moving very fast).
Coming down the hill the rest of the way on one ski was nearly impossible
      . I decided then that I would proably hate snowboardi     ng.

5:32 PM Dec 29, 2005   dcb
Well, we don't think anything was broken, but E has two very lovely blue
fingers, so our assumption   s could be wrong. As for spactacula     r
wipeout photos, we didn't have enough ability to take pics and stay
standing. Sorry!

5:33 PM Dec 29, 2005   dcb
Oh, and when people tell you snowboardi ng is harder than skiing, believe
them. Learning to ski was no where near as hard as learning to snowboard.

7:31 PM Dec 29, 2005   Ru
If he can move his fingers and they are not really painful, just tape tem
together and let them heal.

6:40 PM Jan 1, 2006    dcb
Happy New Year everyone!

11:46 AM Jan 2, 2006   Ru
Jan. 2 in Chicago - we're having a thundersto rm. Climatic change a myth?
Uh huh, sure.

9:31 AM Jan 3, 2006    dcb
It was near 50 by us yesteray. I thought that Jan 2 was always below
zero. Obviously not anymore.

8:12 PM Jan 3, 2006    Daniel
It was 80 down here on Sunday.

9:43 PM Jan 3, 2006    remi
sometime we dont know to fire it our the way God wants us to be, but
instead if we pray, He hear us and set all the things right.. we should
make the best to our family and friends and to our some we love.. i love
LOVE so much.. thanks.. Peace God bless..rem i

10:44 PM Jan 3, 2006   Rob
Aren't you slow roasting in a biiig barbecue down there right now anyway?

4:35 AM Jan 4, 2006    haydesigne r
forecast high of 78 tomorrow here <img
src="" alt="8B" />
8:39 AM Jan 4, 2006     Rob
41! Woooo!

1:17 AM Jan 5, 2006    Ru
I am actually hoping for snow. I like seasons.

10:15 AM Jan 5, 2006   Rob
Instant death! Look out! Aiee!

12:20 PM Jan 5, 2006   Todd's Spleen
Must be a Blue state. In a red state slow agonizing death is the law

7:42 PM Jan 5, 2006    dcb
OMG. These pictures of NYE are great! I love the one of Tina grabbing
Justin's butt!

9:18 PM Jan 5, 2006    Rob
Edison trying to psychicall y dissove the marker is pretty good, too.

9:46 AM Jan 6, 2006    dcb
Oh, that's what he was doing...

12:51 PM Jan 6, 2006   Ru
I like how Justin and Mark seem to be ignoring Tina hanging off of his
butt. Like it happens a lot.

1:45 PM Jan 6, 2006    Rob
Yeah, "who's that chick pole-danci ng on the mannequins   ?"

3:02 PM Jan 6, 2006     Ru

10:55 PM Jan 6, 2006   haydesigne r
man, I never get invited to the cool parties...

7:01 PM Jan 8, 2006     abby
i hate smelly persons

8:21 PM Jan 8, 2006    Rob
Hay, who's she talking about?

10:58 PM Jan 8, 2006    Ru
Great, good to know!

3:41 PM Jan 10, 2006   dcb
Hey, I thought you were going to change the header to "1,2,3...

4:05 PM Jan 10, 2006   Rob
Come on, can you imagine passing up that quote?

8:14 PM Jan 10, 2006    dcb
Fair enough.
4:52 PM Jan 11, 2006   Rob
Hey! We hit 2,000 posts today. Wow.

11:45 PM Jan 11, 2006 Rob
Did a bit of conditiona       l CSS hacking, the page should look right
again for IE6 users.

11:07 AM Jan 12, 2006 haydesigne r
we woulda never made 2000 without E's help!

4:31 PM Jan 12, 2006   Ru
I don't think "write dammit," helps. Perhaps encouragem ent...

7:39 PM Jan 12, 2006   dcb
Have you been listening to our conversati      ons again?

9:59 PM Jan 12, 2006   haydesigne r
does that photo thingie ever change? Kind lame seeing the same big one
each time...

11:51 PM Jan 12, 2006 Rob
I need to mess with it. Buzznet's coding is community-    based, so they
take forever to update stuff.

7:42 PM Jan 14, 2006   haydesigne r
for those that saw it, sorry about the that Chip Kidd post... meant for a
different blog...

9:39 PM Jan 14, 2006   Ru
Yah, you better keep the heavy duty graphic arts stuff off budddy, Kids
might read it. <img src="" alt=";)"

8:53 AM Jan 15, 2006   haydesigne r
nah, it was a follow-up to a research paper <img
src="" alt="=P" />

7:42 PM Jan 16, 2006   E
You mean all those things I posted weren't here??? Crap!!!

12:07 AM Jan 18, 2006 Ru
Greetings from snow sodden Detroit

11:59 AM Jan 18, 2006 dcb
Working on Keller's stuff again?

9:47 AM Jan 19, 2006   Ru
Yah fixed all office and home systems.

10:59 AM Jan 25, 2006   Rob
Hay's on a roll!

12:06 PM Jan 25, 2006   haydesigne r
actually, was working late last night and was waiting for PDFs to
finish... so I posted somethings <img
src="" alt=";)" />

5:17 PM Jan 25, 2006    dcb
1, 2, 3...Punjab i!

10:39 PM Jan 25, 2006   Ru

8:08 AM Jan 26, 2006   dcb
Hey! I made the contributo    r's list!

10:19 AM Jan 26, 2006 Rob
So now go write something. <img
src="" alt=":P" />

10:31 AM Jan 26, 2006 dcb
Write? You mean I have to write? Man, talk about the fine print!

12:28 PM Jan 26, 2006 haydesigne r
keep reading that fine print lady... more surprises inside... <img
src="" alt=":shocked:" />

3:33 PM Jan 26, 2006   dcb
Hay, how do ya like my rack? --> I know you've been waiting to see it...

4:01 PM Jan 26, 2006   Rob
How long have you been holding that "rack" in?

6:45 PM Jan 26, 2006   haydesigne r
It is a bit pointy for my taste (apologies to E) <img
src="" alt=";)" />

10:03 PM Jan 26, 2006 dzinf
You Have a great site here! [<a href=""
onclick="go('');return false"

7:35 PM Jan 28, 2006   dcb
I'm going through a Madonna phase.

10:39 AM Jan 29, 2006 Todd's Spleen
which is, of course, much easier to deal with than the pre-Madonn      a

2:37 AM Jan 31, 2006   haydesigne r
The big thieves hang the little ones. - Czech proverb

9:21 PM Feb 1, 2006   Ru
What contemptib le scoundrel stole the cork off of my lunch? W.C. Fields

10:50 AM Feb 7, 2006    Rob
"I love to drink Martinis, Two at the very most, Three I'm under the
table, Four I'm under the host." --Dorothy Parker

12:55 PM Feb 7, 2006   dcb
The quote above may be the single greatest quote I've ever read.

11:15 PM Feb 8, 2006   Ru
Did Alberto (torture is fun) Gonsalez imply that George Washington used
electronic surveillan ce?

2:25 AM Feb 9, 2006    haydesigne r
I heard G. Wahington used anal probes. So those are fair game now too.

4:28 PM Feb 9, 2006    Rob
You're thinking of Cartman.

1:27 AM Feb 11, 2006   Ru
To the individual who found this blog through some inexplicab   ly sick
search string - Go get help. You are one serious sicko.

12:33 PM Feb 11, 2006 Rob
We now feature some live news feeds. If you have a feed you'd prefer, or
you have any technical problems with the way the page is rendered, speak

4:45 PM Feb 11, 2006   haydesigne r
renders fine here on Safari, but 2 thoughts: Too big, and too many

6:33 PM Feb 11, 2006   Rob
Not sure what youmean by too big. Too many, though, I'm thinking I agree.
I think the Media Matters one might not add enough value to bother with.

12:13 AM Feb 12, 2006 Todd's Spleen
Looks a little too busy.

12:29 AM Feb 12, 2006 Rob
Nuked two feeds. Try that.

1:24 AM Feb 12, 2006   Todd's Spleen

5:16 AM Feb 12, 2006   haydesigne r
too big as in typesize..     . secondary elements should be noticable
smaller, like the chatter size (the LINKS section should be smaller too

5:18 AM Feb 12, 2006   haydesigne r
oh, and I won't be offended if my Flickr pics get bumped down <img
src="" alt="8D" />

11:57 AM Feb 12, 2006 dcb
Hi kids. Heading out to Cali tomorrow. Send me good travel mojo. <img
src="" alt=":)" />
1:12 PM Feb 12, 2006   Ru
Have a good trip!

8:43 PM Feb 12, 2006   haydesigne r
going back to cali, cali, cali...

8:44 PM Feb 12, 2006   haydesigne r
not gonna stop and visit moi? <img
src="" alt=":cry:" />

2:37 PM Feb 13, 2006   dcb
Do you want to come up to San Jose and say hi? I'll be here until
Thursday.. .

7:47 PM Feb 13, 2006   haydesigne r
Sorr, I screwed up a link... missing a " in there, oops

8:07 AM Feb 14, 2006   Ru
I need good breathing Mojo. I'd like my lungs back by Friday, if

8:18 AM Feb 14, 2006   haydesigne r
dcb, send your limo to pick me up...

9:11 AM Feb 14, 2006   dcb
Sure, it's on the way. Be ready by noon.

9:12 AM Feb 14, 2006   dcb
RU, did you get that flu that is going around? I hope you are feeling

4:34 PM Feb 14, 2006  Ru
Asthma/pne umonia. Out of nowhere, really. Fi got it too. We had flu

4:35 PM Feb 14, 2006   Ru
Flu tests all negative (odd strains, too). Some bizarre fast-actin     g

7:52 PM Feb 14, 2006   dcb
There is definitely something going around, and depending on your luck,
you either get the bad virus or the worse virus. Hope you guys are doing
better soon!

11:39 PM Feb 15, 2006 Ru
We're improving but yikes! We scared Rob.

1:54 AM Feb 16, 2006   haydesigne r
I just found out the Professor had an emergency appendecto     my last
week! Yeesh, get better everybody. ..

8:36 AM Feb 16, 2006   Rob
Geez! Feel better, Roy!
12:27 PM Feb 16, 2006 Ru
Feel better, Professor!

11:19 PM Feb 17, 2006 Rob
Hay, did you nuke your Flickr icon? Wanna send me a camera obscura
instead for the contributo   r stack?

12:28 PM Feb 18, 2006 dcb
I'm back from CA. Hay, why didn't you come and visit me with the car I
sent? <img src="" alt=":)" />

2:41 AM Feb 19, 2006   haydesigne r
When I said limo, I expected a strech, not a mere Caddy. You can't treat
stars like me like that! <img src=""
alt="):&#0124;" />

12:55 PM Feb 19, 2006 Rob
Hay's also in his pre-Madonn a phase.

6:13 PM Feb 19, 2006    dcb

11:24 PM Feb 19, 2006 haydesigne r
man, did those pics of me in a mesh shirt and a bra get leaked on the

7:11 AM Feb 21, 2006   haydesigne r
thanks, it was me mums.

10:21 PM Feb 21, 2006 haydesigne r
or was it me pops? <img src=""
alt="=s" />

9:04 AM Feb 22, 2006   Ru
Argh! Too much informatio     n!

2:27 AM Feb 24, 2006    Keeme
Where is DA BLOG?

7:27 AM Feb 24, 2006   Rob
Keeeeeme! Hey, dude! That thing to the right over there, that's it.

7:57 AM Feb 24, 2006    Ru

10:46 PM Feb 24, 2006   Todd's Spleen
Kaaaaaaaaa hn!

5:45 AM Feb 26, 2006   haydesigne r
Windsor Castle has a full-time clockmaker just to take care of the 450
clocks! Takes him 16 hours to change all of them twice each year. <img
src="" alt="Oo" />

10:48 PM Feb 27, 2006   haydesigne r
Does anyone else view this blog in Safari? If so, are your links all
screwed up too, or is it just my cpu?

11:15 PM Feb 27, 2006 Rob
My Safari's been OK. Been testing in Firefox, IE6 and Safari, all seem to
be working.

11:51 PM Feb 27, 2006 haydesigne r
i think it might be someting with the blogwire feed... I'll keep an eye
on it.

1:15 PM Mar 2, 2006    Rob
It's like Goofy Crap Friday came early this week...

1:41 PM Mar 2, 2006   Ru
harrrrrrrr rrruuaagh!

11:07 PM Mar 2, 2006   Ru
Now if only I had something to save my screams for later.

9:59 AM Mar 3, 2006     dcb

10:13 PM Mar 3, 2006   Ru
You could get some machine on machine action by using your scream body to
talk to your blendie.

8:27 PM Mar 5, 2006    Ru
Would most "bushies" get the presnit's mistake in the above quote?

8:25 AM Mar 6, 2006    dcb
LOL. I heard about this on Friday's Bill Maher.

11:36 AM Mar 7, 2006   Ru
You'se arabs is our pals. Uhh, you only produce 62,000 barrels of oil?

9:07 AM Mar 10, 2006   dcb
While the quote above is good, I still like "Astroglid      e, it's
lubricant for your spaceship.     "

10:07 AM Mar 10, 2006   Rob

10:09 AM Mar 10, 2006 Rob
Hay, I took the Flickr thing offline for a bit. Their server is running
so slowly our pageloads were sneaking into the 2 minute range.

4:46 PM Mar 12, 2006   haydesigne r
not a prob, it was never meant to be permanent anyway

4:48 PM Mar 12, 2006   haydesigne r
Are you sure it was flickr tho? I've always gotten hang-ups before that,
and it seemed to be more from blogrollin      g (and blog wire seems
hiccuppy too)
8:50 PM Mar 12, 2006   Ru
It was flickr on Friday. It was the URL loading at the bottom. Every web
site has their bad days. It is probably okay now.

11:04 PM Mar 12, 2006   Rob
I agree Blogrollin      g's been flaky. It's been too convenient to kill,

5:24 PM Mar 14, 2006   haydesigne r
so no one is doing a CD NCAA tourney pool?

7:55 PM Mar 14, 2006   Rob
Is that baseball again?

9:14 PM Mar 14, 2006    Ru
Happy Pi Day.

9:24 PM Mar 14, 2006   dcb
I'm in the pool for my previous company. I'm also a force to be reckoned
with. In the past 5 years, I've won once and placed in the top 3 every
other year.

3:22 AM Mar 15, 2006   haydesigne r
but none for all the loyal CD readers only?

8:08 AM Mar 15, 2006   dcb
If you want to fill out your bracket and send it to me, I'll be happy to
administra te.

9:52 AM Mar 15, 2006   Ru
I wouldn't have time to research team stats or watch a game. I'm not much
of a gambler unless you count investing.

10:05 AM Mar 15, 2006 dcb
I'll post a little something on the science of bracketolo gy later today.
Maybe that'll help! <img src=""
alt=";)" />

2:21 PM Mar 15, 2006    Ru
Happy birthday to D!

2:43 PM Mar 15, 2006   dcb
Thank you! I will be using your gift tomorrow! I'm very excited!

10:32 PM Mar 15, 2006 haydesigne r
Man, did Ru already buy you a new rack? Ah, happy b-day anyway then...

12:09 AM Mar 16, 2006 Ru
No, better...a   nd it surely involves touching.

12:13 AM Mar 16, 2006   Ru strangers. ..
3:26 AM Mar 16, 2006   haydesigne r
Cool! I'm most definitely strange!

8:11 AM Mar 16, 2006   dcb
Yeah, that's true... but do you work at the spa?

11:03 AM Mar 16, 2006 Rob
Let's hope not. Can you see him coming at you with the hose after the

5:31 PM Mar 16, 2006   dcb
I will never be able to sleep again...

7:15 PM Mar 16, 2006   haydesigne r
freudian slip?

8:49 PM Mar 18, 2006   haydesigne r
the quote at teh top of the page is one of the best I have read in a
long, long time! <img src=""
alt="=D" />

12:52 PM Mar 19, 2006 Ru
Send good trip mojo to Rob. He is on the way to the left coast.

4:00 PM Mar 19, 2006   haydesigne r
that pinko leftie

4:20 PM Mar 19, 2006   Ru
He'll be at Santa Ana shortly, then picks up another connecting flight.

7:22 PM Mar 19, 2006   haydesigne r
should I be expecting a late-nite knock at my door? <img
src="" alt=":shocked:" />

9:19 PM Mar 19, 2006   Ru
Nah, he has to go the other direction.

9:20 PM Mar 19, 2006   Ru
no, he has to go north

3:05 AM Mar 20, 2006   haydesigne r
yeah, sure... methinks that is what a member of Homeland Security would
say... hmmmmm?

5:12 AM Mar 20, 2006   haydesigne r
tell the white boy to give me a call if he wants to killl some time...
I've been meaning to chat about a few things with him anyway

9:02 AM Mar 20, 2006   Rob
Maybe Thursday eve?

9:46 AM Mar 20, 2006   haydesigne r
“A truth that is merely theoretica l and to which we do not have access,
is for all practical purposes non-existe       nt.” - DQ McInerny
10:13 AM Mar 22, 2006   Ru
So there is no truth?

6:24 PM Mar 22, 2006   kaiserperm anente
only angst

3:39 PM Mar 23, 2006    Ru
That makes me uneasy

8:23 PM Mar 23, 2006   haydesigne r
"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." - Voltaire

2:03 PM Mar 25, 2006   Ru
Doubt is the father of invention. - Galileo

2:05 AM Mar 26, 2006    Ru
dubito ergo sum

6:39 PM Mar 28, 2006   haydesigne r
Rob, you need to go through and clean up blogroll.. . some haven't been
updated in months, some have new URLs

8:30 PM Mar 28, 2006   Rob
Which ones did you spot that need cleaning? Give me a head start.

12:37 AM Mar 29, 2006 haydesigne r
Bloggerman n (one post in what 3 months?), Firedoglak     e, CapitolBuz
      z (which weirdly always has an *),

12:38 AM Mar 29, 2006 haydesigne r
maybe weed out some that you haven't looked at in months, maybe add some
that aren't so partisan?

12:39 AM Mar 29, 2006 haydesigne r
And that Haggis Ain't Cake one... I mean, who really likes haggis anyway?
<img src="" alt="Oo" />

1:23 AM Mar 29, 2006    Ru
No not KEEME!

9:17 AM Mar 29, 2006   Rob
There, sniff at that for a while.

2:01 PM Mar 29, 2006   Rob
"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolution     ary
act." - George Orwell

3:41 AM Mar 30, 2006   haydesigne r
"The man who lets himself be bored is even more contemptib     le than
the bore." - Samuel Butler

4:15 AM Mar 31, 2006    haydesigne r
"Men occasional ly stumble over the truth, but most of them pick
themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." - Sir Winston

5:19 PM Apr 1, 2006    dcb
Bye everyone. I'm out of here tomorrow, heading to the land of the mouse.
Wish me good travel mojo!

6:24 PM Apr 1, 2006    Ru
Enjoy the trip! Stay Safe.

2:57 PM Apr 2, 2006    haydesigne r
Pack plenty o' cheese (the smellier the better)!

5:41 AM Apr 4, 2006    haydesigne r
"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish
thing." - Anatole France

5:48 AM Apr 4, 2006    haydesigne r
Rob, could you add [<a href=""
onclick="go('');return false"
title="">link</a>] to Blogroll, por
favor? He is a sharp, sharp legal writer whose writings have taught me
much the past few months.

8:34 AM Apr 4, 2006     Rob

9:19 AM Apr 4, 2006    Rob
I did some style sheet fixes, and "blockquot e" is working properly in
the comments now.

11:52 PM Apr 4, 2006   haydesigne r
cool, me like the blockquote s!

9:14 PM Apr 5, 2006    Rob
G, got your letter out, finally. Couldn't find it, had to recover it from
an old backup.

9:19 AM Apr 6, 2006     haydesigne r
groovy thank doooode!

9:20 AM Apr 6, 2006    haydesigne r
groovy thanks doooode!

11:52 AM Apr 6, 2006   haydesigne r
you still got the email to send it to?

12:46 PM Apr 6, 2006    Rob
Ya, mon. Long gone.

2:10 AM Apr 8, 2006    haydesigne r
Rob, you know why the comments # resets to zero on all the posts in the
archives after 3 weeks? Nothing is there after 3/15 <img
src="" alt="):&#0124;" /> Imean, the
comments are still there, but it looks like there are none...

3:56 PM Apr 8, 2006    Rob
Well, there's a calculatio     n that happens on the fly when you load the
page, so doing them for more   than a few weeks of data per pageload would
probably break the server. I   assume the host sets some kind of cutoff

6:47 PM Apr 8, 2006    haydesigne r
Ah... so I can't blame you then? Damn! <img
src="" alt="8B" />

10:55 PM Apr 8, 2006   haydesigne r
"Cyn-ic: An idealist whose rose-color   ed glasses have been removed,
snapped in two, and stomped into the ground, immediatel y improving his
vision." ~ Rick Bayan

12:07 PM Apr 12, 2006 Rob
"I look at the roses through world-colo red glasses." — Ron Schwarz

9:36 PM Apr 13, 2006   haydesigne r
I wrote on 4/11 that gas is about $2.85 here in SD. Two days later, most
stations have jumped to about $2.99. <img
src="" alt=">:&#0124;" />

10:19 PM Apr 13, 2006 dcb
It jumped a dime here overnight. We're now at $2.79/gal. Not far behind
you. Closer to the Stevenson, it's more like $2.89.

10:44 PM Apr 13, 2006 Ru
Oh man, we are being pelted with golf-ball sized hail. I think it cracked
our skylights. Hoefully all of our cars are not damaged.

12:08 AM Apr 14, 2006 Rob
$2.89 for regular here.

1:31 AM Apr 14, 2006   haydesigne r
hey dcb's back! (and aparently leaving again soon)

1:46 AM Apr 14, 2006   haydesigne r
You get fifteen democrats in a room, and you get twenty opinions. -
Senator Patrick Leahy

11:08 AM Apr 14, 2006 dcb
Yeah, I'm back, but I leave again in two weeks (not for Australia- for
Vegas). Australia'     s not until July.

3:16 AM Apr 15, 2006   haydesigne r
Cool, I'll drive up then! I know all the best strip clubs in LV...

3:17 AM Apr 15, 2006   haydesigne r
Oh wait... I probably shouldn't have posted that in public... where my
wife could see... (she's already jealous of your rack)
12:38 PM Apr 15, 2006 dcb
Yeah, I get that a lot...

7:06 PM Apr 15, 2006   haydesigne r
“I have an incredible belief in the future and in technology   . I even
believe that we will begin to solve our social problems. I think that
people are basically good and that the good qualities will prevail.   -
Tibor Kalman

4:19 PM Apr 18, 2006   #1teacher
I went to H.S. w. haydesigne r. Live in Lakeland, FL now. Gasoline is
2.93 for reg unl.

6:53 PM Apr 18, 2006   haydesigne r
<img src="" alt=":shocked:" />
heya, who dat? I only talk to 3 people from HS still, and none of them
are in FL (that I know of)

7:49 PM Apr 18, 2006   Todd's Spleen
"I have observed the video tapes of the president and it is my opinion
that he is in a persistant vegatative state." - seen on

3:47 AM Apr 19, 2006   haydesigne r
I have seen gas as high as $3.03 now in northern SD... <img
src="" alt=":burn:" /> about a
$.40 jump in a week!

7:29 PM Apr 19, 2006   haydesigne r
check that... $3.19

3:00 AM Apr 20, 2006   haydesigne r
How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct. - Benjamin

11:59 PM Apr 20, 2006 haydesigne r
"A wise man who stands firm is a statesman, a foolish man who stands firm
is a catastroph e" - Adlai Stevenson

8:37 PM Apr 21, 2006   haydesigne r
$3.27 cash or $3.33 credit/gal    lon now on 4/21

8:42 PM Apr 21, 2006   haydesigne r
50 cent jump in 10 days <img
src="" alt=":lookup:" />

9:42 AM Apr 22, 2006   dcb
I paid over $30 to fill my tank. About 6 months ago, it was $10 cheaper
to fill it. At least I'm getting over 30 miles to the gallon.

9:43 AM Apr 22, 2006   dcb
At what price will people start rioting in the streets? It ranges between
$2.89-$3.0 9/gal here, depending on where you go.
12:34 AM Apr 23, 2006 Todd's Spleen
We are almost to the (inflation adjusted) highs of the 80's. I recommend
Kraft stock, Mac and Cheese sales should be increasing dramatical    ly.

5:49 PM Apr 23, 2006    haydesigne r
Suburbanit es will be hardest hit, the ones with an hour+ commute in
exchange for the white picket fence. Urbanites will at least have teh
public transporta tion option.

10:15 PM Apr 23, 2006 Rob
Good quarter to own stock in broadband and networking interests.
Telecommut ing is the wave of the present, I think.

7:59 AM Apr 24, 2006   dcb
I have already talked to Peg about telecommut ing 1-2 times a week. A lot
of our staff already does.

8:28 AM Apr 24, 2006   Rob
From a management standpoint , it

8:30 AM Apr 24, 2006   Rob
Let's have coffee! Okay, from a management standpoint     , it's a lot
more challengin g than having your team in one place, but if your
workflow can support it, the cost savings are huge. The only insurmouta
      ble issue I keep running into centers around morale and motivation
- something about being at home eventually saps you of your will to do
onerous, grinding tasks over and over again.

10:46 AM Apr 24, 2006 Rob
Blogger is screwed this morning. Stay tuned.

2:34 AM Apr 26, 2006   haydesigne r
The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also
to hate his friends. - Friedrich Nietzsche

7:09 AM Apr 26, 2006   haydesigne r
Preserving health by too severe a rule is a worrisome malady. - Francois
de La Rochefouca uld

5:17 PM Apr 28, 2006   haydesigne r
Rob (and loyal readers), I tweaked the blockquote tag. Lemme know if it

5:19 PM Apr 29, 2006   Rob
I ooched it back up a hair, was too crowded to read when ascenders &
descenders overlapped .

2:40 AM Apr 30, 2006   haydesigne r
gotcha, thanks!

10:41 AM Apr 30, 2006 dcb
Well, kids, I'm outta here again. See you all in two weeks. I'll check in
when I can!
2:36 PM Apr 30, 2006    Ru
Safe trip, D!

11:58 PM May 2, 2006   haydesigne r
A different language is a different vision of life. - Federico Fellini

6:47 PM May 3, 2006    haydesigne r
San Diego County average gas price $3.33... th eone closest to us is
$3.47 cash, $3.52 credit

3:01 PM May 4, 2006    anonymous
Good news! Oil came down $2 a barrel. Relief is on the way. (I crack
myself up...)

3:02 PM May 4, 2006     dcb
Whoops. Thant was me.

7:16 PM May 4, 2006    haydesigne r
For a minute there I thought W was going around letting all of us know
that he meant what he said and is trying to help us...

1:15 AM May 5, 2006    haydesigne r
daedal: skillful; artistic; ingenious.

11:33 PM May 6, 2006   haydesigne r
Sanity is a madness put to good use. - George Santayana

12:28 PM May 7, 2006   haydesigne r
Man, I never found out who my high school stalker was... she never came
back here to tell me... <img src=""
alt=":,(" />

2:08 PM May 7, 2006    dcb
Bye kids (again). I just got back but I'm off again. Can I bring anyone
anything from Orlando?

2:22 PM May 7, 2006    Ru
Sunshine and warm weather! Safe trip again!

6:39 PM May 7, 2006     haydesigne r
dcb was here?

10:15 AM May 8, 2006    Todd's Spleen
but, now she's gone

1:40 PM May 8, 2006    dcb
But now I'm back again! It's hot in Orlando today.

3:23 PM May 8, 2006    Ru
I could deal with some of that...don    't much enjoy spring. I can't
decide what to wear and the pollen is crazy.

3:44 PM May 8, 2006    Rob
Did you bring us anything?
3:46 PM May 8, 2006    dcb
What would you like?

4:52 PM May 8, 2006    haydesigne r
A cannoli?

6:00 PM May 8, 2006    Todd's Spleen
A gator?

2:15 AM May 9, 2006    haydesigne r
Hey Rob, is it possible to add an underline tag in the comments?

2:17 AM May 9, 2006    haydesigne r
dcb, how about a geodesic dome?

9:38 PM May 9, 2006    haydesigne r
Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come. - Carl Sandburg

8:17 AM May 10, 2006   dcb
I was thinking more in line of a Shrek pen.

3:46 PM May 10, 2006   Todd's Spleen

10:05 AM May 19, 2006 Rob
Well, let's see how this works, now. Shoutmix had some sort of seizure
last week...

1:24 PM May 20, 2006   haydesigne r
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. -

9:51 PM May 21, 2006   Rob
Inaction is a weapon of mass destructio n. - Faithless

1:45 AM May 22, 2006   haydesigne r
There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought
to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty. -
John Adams

1:46 AM May 22, 2006   haydesigne r
Saw the weirdest thing the other day... a car with both a "Bush '04" and
an "Air America 1360" bumper stickers.

11:55 AM May 22, 2006 dcb
Mary Matalin & James Carville?

2:05 PM May 22, 2006   Rob
Did it have Canadian plates?

2:21 PM May 22, 2006   Ru
8:23 PM May 22, 2006   haydesigne r
CA plates, but it was being followed by 14 black SUVs...

10:44 AM May 25, 2006 Ru
Happy Towel Day (or sad Towel Day in rememberan    ce, if you prefer).

12:32 PM May 25, 2006 dcb
I don't know about Towel Day, but it is Internatio nal Pickle Week.

8:36 PM May 25, 2006   Ru
In memory of Douglas Adams. I don't know if he liked pickles.

8:45 PM May 25, 2006    dcb

8:45 PM May 25, 2006   dcb
Don't forget your towel. I remember now. It is still Internatio        nal
Pickle Week, in case you're interested .

8:46 PM May 25, 2006   dcb
Oh, and I had a carriage return problem below, hence "Don".

9:57 PM May 25, 2006   haydesigne r
I thought you meant Don Adams.

11:10 PM May 26, 2006   haydesigne r
Viva la Get Smart!

1:02 PM May 30, 2006    Todd's Spleen

6:04 PM May 30, 2006   haydesigne r
happy anniversar y to me...

8:09 AM May 31, 2006   Ru
happy anniversar y to you...

8:17 AM May 31, 2006   dcb
Happy anniversar y. Did you get your slippers?

10:59 AM Jun 1, 2006   haydesigne r
No... :::grumble grumble:::

8:18 AM Jun 3, 2006    dcb
Bye, everyone. We're off again. This time, Myrtle Beach. See you in a few

10:51 AM Jun 3, 2006    Ru
Have fun!

10:51 PM Jun 3, 2006   Rob
Gee, the trolls are quiet lately. Something in the air, perhaps...     ?

10:53 PM Jun 4, 2006    Allison
What'd you call me?

11:07 PM Jun 4, 2006   Rob
Troll? No, I called <i>you</i> "Banana Hound."

12:54 AM Jun 5, 2006   Ru
That could be misconstru    ed.

1:30 AM Jun 5, 2006    haydesigne r
She's a witch!! <img src=""
alt=":shocked:" />

7:26 AM Jun 5, 2006    dcb
It's beautiful down here. I may not come home.

1:28 PM Jun 5, 2006    haydesigne r
too much putt-putt make dcb never come home.

6:32 PM Jun 5, 2006    Ru
**** Cheney visited nearby. It took an hour home from the store (normally
5 mins). Every intersecti    on had a cop and an ambulance.

6:33 PM Jun 5, 2006    Ru
Heh. the VP's first name sets off the profanity filter. How appropriat

1:06 PM Jun 6, 2006    Ru
I'd post if blogger would let me... It is National Hunger Awareness Day.
Visit [<a href=""
onclick="go('');return false"

6:23 AM Jun 7, 2006    haydesigne r
The next couple of weeks look to be tré busy for moi, so I probably won't
be able to post as much as usual (hint to the irregular contributo   rs)
<img src="" alt="T_T" />

11:12 AM Jun 7, 2006   dcb
Heading home. I'll try to post this weekend.

4:25 PM Jun 7, 2006    Rob
Allison, did you nuke your blog completely    ?

9:44 PM Jun 7, 2006    Allison
"nuke" is such a strong word. that's what i do to my lunch at work. the
blog is just hiding for a while.

3:32 PM Jun 8, 2006    Rob
Wanna do a guest posting gig here? You're a riot!

8:38 PM Jun 8, 2006    Allison
I would LOVE to! I'd have to come up with something especially awesome...
      the bra is set pretty high around here...
8:38 PM Jun 8, 2006    Allison
holy crap i said "bra"

10:21 PM Jun 8, 2006   haydesigne r
Yeah, my bra tends to pinch and ride high too. <img
src="" alt=":*)" />

10:23 PM Jun 8, 2006   Rob
Okay, cool! Email me your contact info at rob(at)cha     osdigest(d
      ot)com and I'll get you plugged into the roster so you can post
directly! Yay! How cool is that!?

10:44 PM Jun 8, 2006   Ru

2:58 PM Jun 9, 2006    haydesigne r
Does this mean I can finally have a vacation now?

3:37 PM Jun 9, 2006    Rob
You poor man. Go, loosen your bra and put your feet up for a few days.

11:58 PM Jun 10, 2006 haydesigne r
I say we make her get five of her friends to start commenting , and they
get 5 more each, and so on... and soon we'll have, like, a dozen readers!

1:07 AM Jun 11, 2006   Allison
Looks like I'll have to hire some friends then. Money's tight right now,
but I'll see what I can do.

11:54 PM Jun 14, 2006 Rob
Saw Coulter/Ca   rlin, was a dud. She vamped her scrawny undead bit, and
he sat a politely smirked. Lame.

11:55 PM Jun 14, 2006 Rob
Saw Coulter/Ca   rlin, was a dud. She vamped her scrawny undead bit, and
he sat and politely smirked. Lame.

2:58 AM Jun 15, 2006   haydesigne r
I watched Colbert on Letterman instead.

1:33 AM Jun 17, 2006   haydesigne r
you know, it is embarrasin   g to have my comment about wearing my bras
still up on chatter... people should comment here more to push it down!

5:51 PM Jun 17, 2006   Allison
Yeah I think that's why people aren't commenting   , they're enjoying
that too much. Or maybe it's just me.

10:12 PM Jun 17, 2006 haydesigne r
not that I wear bras, mind you... nosiree!

11:39 PM Jun 17, 2006 Ru
Really? I didn't bat an eye at the idea.
9:44 AM Jun 18, 2006   Rob
It's really been a quiet week online. I'm guessing summer stuff is
pulling people away from the computers for a while.

2:48 PM Jun 18, 2006   haydesigne r
"Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves.      " -
Carl Sagan

1:30 PM Jun 19, 2006   Allison
"My karma ran over your dogma." -a bumper sticker that was funny the
first time I saw it

9:38 PM Jun 19, 2006    Rob
Where's Edison?

1:56 PM Jun 20, 2006   Ru
Organize a search party...

5:14 PM Jun 20, 2006   Ru
OR are we playing a new game?

11:12 PM Jun 20, 2006   Todd's Spleen

2:43 AM Jun 21, 2006    haydesigne r
right hand green!

11:06 PM Jun 21, 2006 Rob
Hay, where's your contributo r pix?

1:21 AM Jun 22, 2006    haydesigne r
In me 'ead.

8:58 AM Jun 22, 2006   Rob
Well, as amusing a delivery medium as that might be, perhaps you'd
consider rendering something in pixels and sending it along?

10:04 AM Jun 22, 2006 Rob
Don't forget your link, too.

2:28 AM Jun 23, 2006   haydesigne r
Such brilliance cannot be reduced to mere pixels, man!

10:11 PM Jun 25, 2006 Todd\'s Spleen
Read on teh internets "Don't you know who our President is? A working
class man who started out with nothing in life but two strong hands and a
brain, and now has to make due with just the hands."

8:33 AM Jun 26, 2006   Ru
Yikes. those people are stupid. He is a child of a very rich dynasty.

8:34 AM Jun 26, 2006   Ru
But I agree he has no brain.
8:13 PM Jun 27, 2006   haydesigne r
Don't zombies eat brains?

6:06 PM Jun 28, 2006   Todd's Spleen
Yes, but apparently so do cows.

6:25 PM Jun 28, 2006   Ru
Cows also dig eating chicken poop. I am into eating cows anymore.

6:28 PM Jun 28, 2006   Rob
Cows also dig eating chicken poop. I am not into eating cows, anymore.

5:54 AM Jun 29, 2006   haydesigne r
So does that make Cheney a zombie or a cow then?

5:55 AM Jun 29, 2006   haydesigne r
A coalition of groups is waging a massive propaganda campaign against the
president of the United States. an all-out attack. Their aim is total
victory for themselves and total defeat for him. - Gerald Ford

10:30 AM Jun 29, 2006   Rob
Yah, poor Nixon...

9:03 PM Jun 29, 2006   Rob
Ford wandered off to trip on something just after saying that.

7:53 AM Jul 4, 2006    Ru
Happy and Safe 4th of July, everyone.

9:59 PM Jul 5, 2006    haydesigne r
Happy 5th, everyone! <img src=""
alt="=B" />

10:54 PM Jul 5, 2006    Ru
I'll take a fifth...

5:10 PM Jul 7, 2006    haydesigne r
The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons. --

12:02 AM Jul 9, 2006   Ru
OH nothing is funnier than watching your confused spouse turn his laptop
over and over looking for the power cord... until he realizes there is a
little orange light coming from my laptop...

7:52 AM Jul 10, 2006   haydesigne r
Art is an imitation of an imitation of reality. -- Plato

11:15 PM Jul 10, 2006 Todd's Spleen
one cigarette costs 2 minutes of your life. one bottle of beer costs 4
minutes of your life. one working day costs 8 hours of your life. You

3:40 AM Jul 11, 2006    haydesigne r
drink while you work?

7:11 AM Jul 11, 2006  haydesigne r
"Education 's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." -
Malcolm Forbes

11:25 AM Jul 14, 2006 dcb
Two weeks from today, we leave for Australia. What can I bring back for

12:43 PM Jul 14, 2006 Ru
Shirt or little toy for the offspring (really, little)

11:33 AM Jul 15, 2006 Allison
I'd like a kangaroo please?

10:47 PM Jul 15, 2006 dcb
It may be hard to fit in my suitcase, but I'll see what I can do.

10:53 PM Jul 15, 2006 dcb
We just got back from seeing "An Inconvenie   nt Truth". It's definitely
worth heading to the theater to see.

11:28 PM Jul 15, 2006 Todd's Spleen
how about a local newspaper.

3:52 AM Jul 16, 2006    haydesigne r
throw me a boomerang

2:30 AM Jul 17, 2006   haydesigne r
"Art is intent. All else is either marketing or criticism.     "

8:53 PM Jul 17, 2006   Ru
Wait, doesn't your " <img src=""
alt="Oo" /> ps" post immediatel    y make this untrue?

9:26 PM Jul 17, 2006   haydesigne r
You could argue that the photograph     er took the pic with the intent
exploit the child's unique position. (nice face, btw)

10:09 PM Jul 17, 2006 Ru
Allright, perhaps in this one photo. What about the other accidents?

10:58 PM Jul 17, 2006 Ru
Oh and the face was an, err, happy accident.

6:54 AM Jul 18, 2006   haydesigne r
You are arguing for serendipit    y then? Is there such a thing as *true*
serenditpi ty?

4:47 PM Jul 18, 2006   Ru
Sure. Quite a number of my best photos have been an accident. Serendipit
      y is also involved whem the observer happens to be at a place at
the right time to record it.
6:26 AM Jul 23, 2006   haydesigne r
But there is always *some* conscious decision being made at some point,
so *true* seredipity can never really happen (or, at least, never

9:34 AM Jul 24, 2006   Ru
Acting on accidental circumstan    ces makes them no longer an accident?

11:49 AM Jul 24, 2006 Rob
Blogger's a mess again today. Posting will be spotty.

12:28 AM Jul 28, 2006 Lily
Hey there, found a link to your site from    . Wanted to let
you know I really like your site.

12:43 AM Jul 28, 2006 haydesigne r is spam... please, no one go there.

10:54 AM Jul 28, 2006 Rob
Comment spam deleted, IP block banned.

2:45 PM Jul 28, 2006   Ru
Certe, toto, sentio nos in kansate non iam adesse

3:03 PM Jul 28, 2006   dcb
Bye guys! We're outta here. I'll try to check in every once in a while to
let you know how things are going. We'll take lots of pics and bring back

4:05 PM Jul 28, 2006   Rob
Don't get tossed on the barbie!

12:25 AM Jul 29, 2006 Ru
Safe flights, have fun!

5:14 PM Jul 29, 2006   haydesigne r
g'day mates!

7:21 PM Jul 31, 2006   dcb
Adelaide is great. It's a beautiful city but cold here! I'll post
pictures soon! Hope you're all doing well!

9:43 PM Jul 31, 2006   Ru
You picked the right week to be gone...hea    t index may reach 114 F.

1:43 AM Aug 1, 2006    haydesigne r
heat wave just broke here in SD... lasted almost 3 weeks. <img
src="" alt="Oo" />

1:45 AM Aug 1, 2006    haydesigne r
Of course, heat wave meant that we turned on the AC four whole times in
those 3 weeks <img src=""
alt="=B" /> (we only turned it on twice all of last year)
6:51 PM Aug 1, 2006    dcb
It's not that hot down here. Yesterday' s high wasin the 50s. It is nice
to be away from all the heat.

10:18 PM Aug 1, 2006   Ru
Today, the heat index was 118 and inside a closed car was 160 F. Looks
like we'll get some relief tomorrow evening in the form of severe
thundersto rms.

12:31 AM Aug 2, 2006   haydesigne r
Not often you look forward to severe thundersto    rms, eh? <img
src="" alt="=,(" />

3:16 AM Aug 2, 2006    dcb
Wow. You guys keep cool up there. Heading to Sydney tomorrow.

11:57 PM Aug 3, 2006   Ru
Ahhh, 68 degrees and only a little hard rain.

4:41 PM Aug 4, 2006    haydesigne r
leaving tonight for a wedding in Rochester. Then I leave Thurs for Denver
(annual baseball trip), so not much from me for a couple of weeks.

4:42 PM Aug 4, 2006    haydesigne r
The Professor volunteere     d to to pick up the slack and post more <img
src="" alt=";)" />

5:36 PM Aug 4, 2006    Ru
Safe travels Haydesigne     rs!

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