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									           German Microbiology Testing Market

Comprehensive 983-page analysis of the German microbiology testing market.

Major issues pertaining to the German microbiology laboratory practice, as well as key economic,
regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the
next ten years.

Current scientific views on the definition, epidemiology, and etiology of major infectious diseases
and microorganisms.

Ten-year test volume and sales forecasts for nearly 80 microbiology tests performed in German
hospitals, blood banks and commercial laboratories.

Instrumentation technologies and feature comparison of leading analyzers.

Sales and market shares of leading suppliers.

Emerging diagnostic technologies and their potential market applications.

Product development opportunities.

Profiles of current and emerging suppliers, including their sales, market shares, product portfolios,
marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements and
business strategies.

Business opportunities and strategic recommendations for suppliers.

Table of Contents :

Worldwide Market and Technology Overview

A. Major Infectious Disease Tests


a. Background

0 Structure and Composition

0 Classification

0 Origin of AIDS
0 Animal Lentivirus Systems

0 Virus Receptos

0 HI Infections in Humans

- Pathogenesis & Pathology: Overview of

HIV Infection Course

0 CD4T Lymphocytes and Memory Cells

0 Monocytes and Macrophages

0 Lymphoid Organs

0 Neural Cells

0 Viral Coinfections

- Clinical Findings

0 Plasma Viral Load

0 Pediatric AIDS

- Neurologic Disease

- Opportunistic Infections

- Cancer

0 Immunity

- Virus Isolation

- Serology

- Detection of Viral Nucleic

Acid and Antigens

0 Infectivity

0 Epidemiology

- Worldwide Spread of AIDS

- United States

- Routes of Transmission

b. Diagnostic Tests
0 Laboratory Diagnosis

- Enzyme Immunoassay Interpretation

- Specific, Sensitivity, and Predictive

Value of Enzyme Immunoassays

0 Competition Assays

0 Western Blot Technique

0 Immuno-Fluorescence Assay (IFA)

0 Radioimmunoprecipitation

0 HIV-1/HIV-2 Combination Testing

0 Methods of HIV-Antigen Detection

0 Antigen Assays and Blood Screening

0 Urine Tests

0 Immunopathogenic Mechanism of HIV Infection

0 DNA Probes

- Overview

- Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction

- In Situ PCR

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