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									                                    The Gosnells Grapevine
     Suite 7, Level 1
                                          Gosnells Women’s Health Service Inc.
   Gosnells Community                   Supporting women in the south-east metro area
     Lotteries House
 (next to Australia Post)
                                                                        Term 4, 2011
                                                  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 2232c Albany Highway
                                                  Our office will be closed from Friday, 16th December and
(entrance off Dorothy St)                             re-open to the public on Monday,16th January .

                                         Congratulations                                                    Thank You
                                  Earlier this year, one of our managers,
     P O Box 422                  Emma Basc, was nominated in two
                                  categories for the annual Telstra Busi-
                                                                                              GWHS held our ‘Bazaar Nights &
GOSNELLS WA 6990                                                                              Camel Bites’ fundraiser on Saturday
                                  ness Women of the Year Awards. The
                                                                                              1st October 2011 at Roleystone
                                  categories were the White Pages
                                                                                              Country Club. It was a fantastic
                                  Community and Government Award
    GPS Co-ordinates                                                                          evening with Belly dance, Bollywood
                                  and the Marie Claire Young Business
                                                                                              and Tribal dance performers and
    32° 4' 17" South              Woman of the Year Award. Emma
                                                                                              just about everyone managed to get
                                  was successful in getting through to
     116° 0’ 9" East              the finals which was celebrated at the
                                                                                              up and share a shimmy with us.
                                  Hyatt on Tuesday 20th September at a
                                                                                              Thanks go to GWHS staff who gave
                                  Gala luncheon. Nine supporters were
                                                                                              up their weekend to attend and help
                                  invited to join Emma to share this cele-
         9490 2258                bration.
                                                                                              with the smooth running, to John
       Fax 9490 1365                                                                          Salis our DJ and Tabla player who
                                  A wonderful achievement for Emma
                                                                                              did a fantastic job for the third year
                                  and also for GWHS. Well done Emma
                                                                                              running, to Roleystone Country Club
                                  and our congratulations. You did us
                                                                                              who allowed us to use their venue,               proud.
                                                                                              to Bailey’s Coffee and Cream who                                                                           once again supported the event, to
                                                                                              the Mad Camel Dancers, Free Spirit                                                                          Dance      Community,      Fires    of
                                                                                              Armada, Jewels of the Nile and
                                                                                              Young Jewels of the Nile who all
     Opening Hours                                                                            donated their time to perform for the
                                                                                              evening and of course to the 100
Mon-Fri 9.00am - 4.30pm                                                                       people who came along and made
Closed 12.30pm - 1.30pm                                                                       the evening a huge success.
                                      CRECHE VOLUNTEERS
                                            THURSDAYS                                         Check out our Facebook page to
                                                                                              see some photos of the night!
          Our Aim                          AT GOSNELLS
                                    9.15am - 12pm during school
 Gosnells Women’s Health            terms. Contact Narelle 9490
 Service promotes the overall        2258. Current Working With
 we ll be in g, self -es te em,       Children Check is a must!                                                                      Catering
 independence, self                                                                                                                 Specialists
 responsibility and health                          GWHS is proudly sponsored by Lotteries WA, WA Health Department,
 awareness of women in our                              Department of Family, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.
                                    GWHS is accessible and inclusive. For any specific requirements please contact our Administration Officer to
 community.                                                                            discuss.
                                                                  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
                                         News & Events
       WE NEED YOU!                            Sewing & Crèche                              Donations of
    We need your help to make our
      organisation a success!
                                              Volunteers Wanted                               Stamps
                                           GWHS are seeking dedicated
                                           volunteers. A current Working With
                                                                                     GWHS      is currently looking for
            Volunteering:                                                            donations of used postal stamps.
                                           Children Check will be required if
 Do you have a skill you could share?                                                We are collecting them as a
                                           you are volunteering in our crèche,
                                                                                     fundraising effort and ask if you
 Do you enjoy working with children –      along with signing a Confidentiality
                                                                                     have any letters arrive with a
   perhaps you could help out in our       Statement. No cost will be incurred.
                                                                                     postage stamp, please tear it off
                crèche!                    SEWING VOLUNTEERS                         and drop them in to us!
 Do you have a couple of hours spare       MONDAYS AT GOSNELLS for the
     per week? - Maybe you could           Save the Children Program
                                           9am - 12.30pm. Contact Christine,
 volunteer in our charitable donation      chris-
      Are you interested in health         CRECHE VOLUNTEERS
promotion? - You could volunteer on a      MONDAYS,        WEDNESDAYS
                                           FRIDAYS AT GOSNELLS for the
                                                                                      GWHS Carer’s Key
  regular basis or for one off events!     Save the Children Program
                                           9.30am - 12.30pm during school
             Children’s fair               terms. Contact Christine,
                                                                                     Gosnells Women’s Health
  Can you help with our children’s fair?        Service
 23rd October 2011. We are looking for                                                    Acknowledges, respects and
                                           CRECHE & SEWING
               people for:                 VOLUNTEERS        TUESDAYS           AT   supports the valuable contribution
  Organising prior to the event, goody     GOSNELLS                                  made by carers to those they care
                                           9am - 12pm during school terms.           for and to the community
 bag stuffing, event set up, assist with
                                           Contact Anna on 9490 2258.                     Accept the significant role of
running a craft activity, event pack up—                                             carers, along with those receiving
                other???.                  We are also seeking donations of
                                                                                     care with GWHS
                                           materials for our sewing classes. If
                                                                                          Ensure information is provided
                                           you’re wanting to donate, please
                                                                                     to carers on their rights when
             Donations                     contact Anna on 9490 2258.
                                                                                     working with GWHS
 We are looking for donations of wool,                                                    Acknowledge carers as
 knitting needles and crochet hooks!                                                 individuals with their own needs
                                            Charitable Donation                      within and beyond the caring
     We are looking for people to knit             Centre                                 Value the expertise and skills
                                                                                     of carers in relation to their caring
    scarves for teddy bears. We need
                                           GWHS staff have been awe                  role
                                                                                          Acknowledges and identifies
                                           inspired by the generosity of our
                                                                                     the diversity of carers’ individual
                                           members.       Three years ago we
                                                                                     needs, taking into consideration
                                           started a project asking for donations
                                                                                     cultural differences, age, disability,
                                           of non-perishable food, clothing, toys
    GWHS Subscription                      and home wares that we could pass
                                                                                     religion, socio-economic status,
                                                                                     gender identification and location
Want to become a subscriber of our         on to a local women’s refuge. The
fabulous organisation? Membership                                                         Ensure that programs and
                                           support has been overwhelming
is only $10 and is valid for one year                                                service for carers are responsive,
                                           meaning that we are able to offer
(October– October) Subscription in-                                                  timely, coordinated, innovative,
                                           support to families in need. As a
cludes access to:                                                                    flexible, and appropriate
                                           result we have opened a dedicated
∼     GWHS Women’s Topic Library           Charitable Donation centre where               Ensure the appropriate sharing
∼     Groups run by our Health             items can be stored until they can be     of information and decisions on
      Promotion      officers     and      re-homed (free of charge) with a          care with the carers in matters that
      counsellors (the groups that         family that really needs them.            affect them or the care they
      say free for members)                                                          provide.
∼      Up to 10 one-on-one counselling     For more information on the centre
                                           or to find out how you can volunteer
                                           time to make this a success please
                                           contact GWHS—9490 2258.
                                                                                                                 Page 2
     Building Stronger                                                                 General Counselling
                                         Perinatal Mental Health
Family brings out the best and the       What is Perinatal Mental Health?         In    a   supportive,   confidential,
worst in each of us. Families and        Perinatal depression is the collective   warm and friendly environment we
relationships are hard work and          term used to describe both antenatal     offer counselling in the areas of
sometimes we need some help. Our         and postnatal depression.                depression, anxiety, self esteem,
professionally qualified counsellors                                              grief,      personal      growth,
offer counselling in a supportive,       Some women may experience                relationships,   and     domestic
confidential, warm and friendly          depression during pregnancy and          violence.
environment.                             this is referred to as Antenatal
                                         Depression. Around 10 per cent of
Family counselling is very similar to    pregnant     women    in   Australia
                                                                                       The Sexual Assault
individual or couple counselling, in
                                         experience antenatal depression and
                                         it is less common than depression
                                                                                        Resource Centre
that the counselling process may
help to promote better relationships
                                         which is experienced after the birth               (SARC)
                                         of a baby. Postnatal depression
and understanding within a family to
                                         (PND) is the name given to               Where:The Gosnells Women’s
nurture change and development.
                                         depression     that    a     woman       Health Service - Outreach
The counsellor helps to facilitate the
                                         experiences in the months after the      When: Mondays 9am to 5pm
process to enable each family
                                         birth of her baby. Postnatal
member the opportunity to express
                                         depression    affects   almost   16      The Sexual Assault Resource
and contribute within the sessions.
                                         per cent of women giving birth in        Centre (SARC) is a free and
                                         Australia.                               confidential service provided by
Family Counselling can help families
who are experiencing separation,                                                  the Department of Health. One
                                         Developing postnatal anxiety or          day a week at the Gosnells
divorce, the approaching death or
                                         depression does not mean you do          Women’s Health Service, SARC
death of a family member; it can
                                         not love your baby. In fact, these       provides a counselling service for
also be useful for new relationships
                                         mothers tend to be overwhelmed           female        clients over the age of
and marriages where children or
                                         with concern about their babies and      13yrs. Professional social workers
young adults are involved.
                                         the fear that they are not being a       and psychologists provide short to
                                         "good enough" mother                     medium term counselling to
                                                                                  people who are experiencing
                                         Adjusting to life as a mother can be     difficulties as a result of a historic
                                         difficult. At GWHS we can help           or recent sexual assault or sexual
                                         mother’s learn more about Postnatal      abuse.
                                         Depression like:
                                         • Postnatal Depression Therapy           SARC also provides a 24 hour
 Useful Phone Numbers                    Group         presented by Tiffany,      crisis service to support any male
                                         Clinical Psychologist.                   and female individual over the age
    for All Women                        • Postnatal       Depression     Free    of 13yrs who have experienced a
 Lifeline (24 hrs) 13 11 14              Information Session presented by         recent sexual assault and who
 Beyond Blue Info Line                   one of our qualified counsellor.         may benefit from a medical,
 1300 22 4636                            • One on one counselling session         forensic and/or a crisis counselling
 Suicide Call Back Service               with one of our professionally           service, as well as ongoing
 1300 659 467                            qualified counsellors.                   counselling support at different
 Crisis Care (24 hrs) 9223 1111 or                                                locations across Perth. SARC can
 1800 199 008                            If you would like to know more about     provide information related to
 SANE Mental Illness Helpline            the courses above or to receive          reporting to the police and will
 9682 5933 or 1800 187 263               notification of when our quarterly       support a client in their choice
 Parenting Line (24 hrs) 6279 1200       newsletter is available on our           whether to involve the police or
 or 1800 654 432 (country calls)         website, as well as being kept up to     not.
 Post Natal Depression Support           date on what’s happening at GWHS,
 Association 9340 1622                   please supply us with your email           To refer for counselling during
 Women’s Domestic Violence               address                  business hours, or to access our
 Helpline (24 hrs) 9223 1188 or                                                    24 hour crisis service for recent
 1800 007 339                                                                              sexual assaults,
 Sexual Assault Resource Centre                                                         phone (08) 9340 1828
 24hrs Crisis Line 9340 1828
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                Gosnells Women’s Health Service
                    What’s On At A Glance

     Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday        Thursday              Friday   Saturday/
3                   4                         5           6                      7            8
                    Dr Appointments (PM)                  Dr Appointments (AM)
                    Multicultural Playgroup

10                  11                        12          13                     14           15
                    Dr Appointments (PM)                  Dr Appointments (AM)
                    Multicultural Playgroup               Kids in the Kitchen

17                  18                        19          20                     21           22
                    Dr Appointments (PM)                  Dr Appointments (AM)
                    Multicultural Playgroup               Belly Dancing
                                                          Young Mum’s Group
                                                          Mums & Daughters
                                                          Belly Dancing
                                                          PND Therapy Group
                                                          (Partner Evening)

24                  25                        26          27                     28           29
Aboriginal Walk & Dr Appointments (PM)                    Dr Appointments (AM) Strollers in   Heartbeat
Talk Group        Multicultural Playgroup                 Babies to Babes      the park       Club
Self Esteem                                               Women Working Out
Babies to Babes                                           Girls Night In
Women Working                                             Belly Dancing
Out                                                       Young Mums Group
                                                          Mums & Daughters
                                                          Belly Dancing
                                                          PND Therapy Group

Aboriginal Walk &
Talk Group
Self Esteem
Babies to Babes
Women Working

                                                                                                   Page 4
     Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday          Thursday             Friday    Saturday/
                     1                         2             3                     4             5
                     Dr Appointments (PM)                    Dr Appointments (AM) Strollers in
                     Multicultural Playgroup                 Babies to Babes      the park
                                                             Women Working Out
                                                             Belly Dancing                       6
                                                             Young Mums Group
                                                             Mums & Daughters
                                                             Belly Dancing
                                                             PND Therapy Group
7                    8                         9             10                    11            12
Aboriginal Walk &   Dr Appointments (PM)       PND Therapy   Dr Appointments (AM) Strollers in Bendigo
Talk Group          Multicultural Playgroup    Group         Babies to Babes      the park     Bank Seniors
Self Esteem                                    (Partner      Women Working Out                 Weeks Dance
Babies to Babes                                Evening)      Belly Dancing
Women Working Out                                            Young Mums Group
Eat Well, Live Well                                          Mums & Daughters
                                                             Belly Dancing                     13
                                                             PND Therapy Group

14                   15                        16            17                    18            19
Aboriginal Walk &   Dr Appointments (PM)                     Dr Appointments (AM) Strollers in
Talk Group          Multicultural Playgroup                  Babies to Babes      the park
Self Esteem                                                  Women Working Out
Babies to Babes                                              Belly Dancing                       20
Women Working Out                                            Young Mums Group
Eat Well, Live Well                                          Mums & Daughters
                                                             Belly Dancing
                                                             PND Therapy Group

21                   22                        23            24                    25            26
Aboriginal Walk &   Dr Appointments (PM)                     Dr Appointments (AM) Strollers in
Talk Group          Multicultural Playgroup                  Babies to Babes      the park
Self Esteem                                                  Women Working Out
Babies to Babes                                              Belly Dancing                       27
Women Working Out                                            Young Mums Group
Eat Well, Live Well                                          Mums & Daughters
                                                             Belly Dancing
                                                             PND Therapy Group

28                   29                        30
Aboriginal Walk &   Dr Appointments (PM)
Talk Group          Multicultural Playgroup
Self Esteem
Babies to Babes
Women Working Out
Eat Well, Live Well

                                                                                                 Page 5
     Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday          Thursday               Friday        Saturday/
                                                            1                      2                  3
                                                            Dr Appointments (AM)   Strollers in the Heartbeat
                                                            Babies to Babes        park             Club
                                                            Women Working Out
                                                            Belly Dancing
                                                            Young Mums Group                          4
                                                            Mums & Daughters
                                                            Belly Dancing
                                                            PND Therapy Group
                                                            PND Free Info

5                   6                         7             8                      9                  10
Aboriginal Walk & Dr Appointments (PM)        PND Therapy   Dr Appointments (AM)   Strollers in the
Talk Group          Multicultural Playgroup   Group         Babies to Babes        park
Babies to Babes                               (Partner      Young Mums Group
Women Working                                 Evening)      Women Working Out                         11
Out                                                         PND Therapy Group
Love Languages
Eat Well, Live Well

12                  13                        14            15                     16                 17
Love Languages      Dr Appointments (PM)                    Dr Appointments (AM)   Office Closes
                    Multicultural Playgroup                                         at 12.30pm
                                                                                    will reopen
                                                                                   January 16th

19                  20                        21            22                     23                 24

26                  27                        28            29                     30

                          January Events
                                19th—Kids in the kitchen
                                  10.00am—             5-
                           TIME: 10.00am—12.00pm 5-7 years
                                 2.00pm—           8-
                                 2.00pm—4.00pm 8-12 years
                          COST: $5. Bookings essential 9490 2258
                                                                                                           Page 6
                        Gosnells Women’s Health Service Inc.
                                 Calendar of Events
                                    Term 4, 2011
Aboriginal Women and Children’s                                           Belly Dancing
                                                                          Dancing is a great way to get fit and find some physical
Walk and Talk                                                             activity. We have:
Come along for a walk and morning tea in the park.
DATE:     Every week Monday from 24th October to 5th December             Belly Dancing Come and join us to have fun and get fit.
TIME:     9:30am walk and 10:30am talk                                    Introductory belly dancing classes are offered by an experienced
COST:     FREE                                                            teacher. A fantastic way to meet new people, do some exercise
WHERE: Outside the Gosnells Australia Post office (opposite the           and have a great time.
Gosnells Community Lotteries House Foyer)                                 DATES:        20th October—1st December (7 weeks)
Attend and go in the draw to win a prize!                                 TIME:         7pm - 8pm
                                                                          COST:         $55. Bookings essential 9490 2258.
                                                                          WHERE:        Lyal Richardson Hall, Agonis building
Babies to Babes– 7 Week Group                                                           (next to the Knowledge Centre)
                                                                          Parking available out the front of Bailey’s Coffee Shop (Albany
Personal Training                                                         Hwy side) or the Knowledge Centre (along Federation Parade).
Have you recently had a baby and want to get fit? The program is a
great way to meet other mums, get fit and have fun with your baby         Mums & Daughters Belly Dancing Class is designed so
by your side. There are no worries about your baby crying as this         that the dances are appropriate for both mum and daughter
program is designed for mums and babies! Just bring yourself, your        (child). It is a fun and relaxed dance class where mums and
baby in their pram, suitable shoes and a water bottle.                    daughters can spend time laughing and dancing together.
MONDAY CLASS                                                              DATES:          20th October—1st December (7 weeks)
DATE:      Every Monday from 24th October to 5th December
                                                                          TIME:           6pm - 7pm
TIME:     11am– 12pm
                                                                          COST:           Mums $55, Children $25.
COST:     $25. Bookings essential 9490 2258.
                                                                                          Bookings essential 9490 2258.
WHERE: Richard Rushton Hall
                                                                          WHERE:          Lyal Richardson Hall, Agonis building
          24 Barron Street, Gosnells
                                                                                          (next to the Knowledge Centre)
THURSDAY CLASS                                                            Parking available out the front of Bailey’s Coffee Shop (Albany
DATE:     Every Thursday from 27th October to 8th December
                                                                          Hwy side) or the Knowledge Centre (along Federation Parade).
TIME:     10am - 11am
COST:     $25. Bookings essential 9490 2258.
WHERE: Maddington Community Centre
                                                                          Child Car Restraint Checks
                                                                          Book an appointment to get a Roadwise qualified child car restraint
          (cnr Alcock & Yule St)
                                                                          checker to ensure that your children’s car seats are correctly fitted.
WHAT TO BRING: Please ensure you wear
appropriate clothing and footwear, and bring a bottle of water and        WHEN: Monday afternoon, Friday afternoon
towel.                                                                          No appointments during school holidays.
                                                                                Bookings essential 9490 2258.
                                                                          COST: $5 for families (up to 3 seats),
Bendigo Bank Seniors Week Dance                                                 $5/seat for Day Care Centre's

                                                                          Eat Well, Live Well Group
If you love fun, laughter, music and dancing then this is for you! With
                                                                          Get ready for summer! Come along and meet other women working
a live swing band, dancing, food and great company it is an event not
                                                                          on losing weight and staying healthy. Having a group for support
to be missed,. If you love dancing but your not sure how, take
                                                                          helps to stay motivated and keep positive about your goals. The
advantage of our dance facilitators who will be on the dance floor to
                                                                          group meets weekly and will set healthy achievable goals, discuss
show you some new moves. Friends and family of all ages are
                                                                          physical activity options, weigh in (if you choose) and cook healthy
DATE:         Saturday 12th November
                                                                          DAY:      Every Monday from 7th November—5th December
TIME:         3:00-5:30pm
                                                                          TIME:     9:30-10:30am
COST:         FREE
                                                                          COST:     $2 per session
              Bookings essential 9490 2258.
                                                                          WHERE:    GWHS Group Room
WHERE:        Nancy Jones Hall, Amaroo
              Village, Rotary Ave, Gosnell's
                                                                                                                                    Page 7
  Girls Night In                                                            Multicultural Playgroup
  Girls Night In is an initiative to raise much needed funds for research   Supported playgroup with activities for Mums and children. For
  into prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Join us for an
  ultimate girly night in of pampering, a movie and yummy treats. Just      more    information   please      contact   Anna     Lambeck
  $5 entry and all money will be donated to the Cancer Council.   
  Receive an extra door prize entry for each buddy you bring along
  with you and wear your best looking PJ’s for your chance to win!          DATE:      Tuesdays
                                                                            TIME:      10am - 12pm
  DATE:      27th October 2011                                              COST:      FREE
  TIME:      6:00 - 9:00pm                                                  WHERE: Multicultural Playgroup (Ground
  COST:      $5 donation                                                    Floor of Lotteries House Building)
  WHERE:     GWHS Group Room

                                                                            Postnatal Depression Free
                                                                            Information Session
Heartbeat Club                                                              Pregnancy and early parenthood can be a stressful time. It can
                                                                            be difficult to know whether you are just feeling a little down or
Workshops designed to teach the correct method of performing
                                                                            stressed, or whether you have symptoms of depression or
resuscitation on babies and young children in the home.
                                                                            anxiety. Attending this free information session evening can be
DATES:        29th October OR 3rd December                                  your first step to the recovery process. The information session
TIME:         9.30am - 12.30pm. Please arrive at 9.15am.                    will be useful for all who are impacted by PND including
              Please use the intercom. Morning tea provided.                partners.
WHERE:        GWHS Group Room                                               (Beyondblue, Emotional Health During Pregnancy and Early
              Babies can attend in prams. No crèche available.              Parenthood, 2009)
COST:         $20 per person.
TO BOOK:      Ring Royal Life Saving Society 9383 8200.                     Information session includes, overview of PND, PND video,
                                                                            symptoms, risk factors and treatment options. Presented by
                                                                            Cindy Professionally Qualified Counsellor.
                                                                            DATE:       1st December
                                                                            TIME:       5.30pm - 8.00pm. Refreshments provided.
                                                                            COST:       Free. Bookings essential 9490 2258.
 Kids in the Kitchen                                                        WHERE:      Upstairs meeting room 2
 Do your children enjoy cooking? Do you not have the time to                            (1st floor of Gosnells Community Lottery House)
 cook with them? This school holiday cooking program aims
 to teach kids kitchen safety, their way around the kitchen and
 some simple recipes that they can cook for the whole family.
 DATE:  Thursday 19th January 2012
 TIME:  10.00am—12.00pm 5-7 years                                           Postnatal Depression Therapy
        2.00pm—4.00pm 8-12 years
 COST:  $5. Bookings essential 9490 2258
 WHERE: GWHS Kitchen                                                        Presented by Tiffany, Clinical Psychologist
                                                                            DATES:     20th October—8th December
 One parent to attend with their child                                                (10 sessions)
 Payment is required at time of booking to reserve your place.              TIME:      9.30am - 11.30am. Morning tea
                                                                            There are 3 partner/support person evenings on 20th Oct,
                  Love Languages                                                       9th Nov & 7th Dec. 6pm—8pm.
             What is your love language?                                               Refreshments provided.
                                                                            COST:      Free for Members. An initial
There are five different ways that people show and understand love.
                                                                                        assessment is essential for new clients prior to
Come along to our workshop and find out your and/or your partners
love language, what it means and how you can use it to connect to
                                                                            WHERE: GWHS Group Room
your loved ones.
                                                                                       Crèche available for all sessions. $5/child.
DATE:        5th & 12th December                                                       Crèche bookings essential. Contact Cindy 9490 2258.
TIME:        9.30—11.30
COST:        $20 or Free for Members.
             Bookings essential 9490 2258.
WHERE:       GWHS Group Room
Presented by Joanne (professionally qualified Counsellor)

 Page 8
 Self Esteem                                                               Women Working Out– 7 Week
 Self Esteem is the way you look at yourself. Do you lack self             Group Personal Training
 confidence, doubt your ability and/or think negatively of yourself.
                                                                           For many families joining a gym is not affordable. This 10 week
 This course involves you getting to know more about yourself and
                                                                           workshop is designed to teach women how to exercise and tone
 developing a greater sense of self worth and self esteem. Topics
                                                                           their bodies without the need of a gym membership. The workouts
 include: Self-Confidence, Self-Talk, Self-Praise, Assertiveness,
                                                                           and exercise techniques you will learn over the 10 weeks will give
 Communication, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution and Goal
                                                                           you the skills to work out in the comfort of your own home and
                                                                           achieve your weight loss or fitness goals.
 Presented by Joanne
                                                                           MONDAY CLASS
 Professionally qualified Counsellor.                                      DATE:  Every Monday from 24th October to 5th December
 DATES: 24th October—28th November                                         TIME:  11am - 12:pm
        (6 weeks)                                                          COST:  $25. Bookings essential 9490 2258.
 DAYS: Mondays                                                             WHERE: Richard Rushton Hall
 TIME:  9.30am - 11.30am                                                          24 Barron Street, Gosnells
 COST:  $20 or Free for Members. Bookings essential 94902258.
                                                                           THURSDAY CLASS
 WHERE: GWHS Group Room
                                                                           DATE:     Every week Thursday from 27th October—8th December
                                                                           TIME:     9am - 10am
                                                                           COST:     $25. Bookings essential 9490 2258.
 Strollers in the Park                                                     WHERE: Maddington Community Centre
 Join some other mothers for a walk around scenic                                    (cnr Alcock & Yule St)
  Pioneer Park, Gosnell's followed by tea and coffee                       WHAT TO BRING: Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing
 in our Group Room. There are also toys for the                            and footwear, and bring a bottle of water and towel.
 children to play with.

 DATES: Every Friday from the 28th October to
        9th December
                                                                                       Group Room for Hire
 TIME:  9.30am walk, 10.30am tea/coffee
 WHERE: Meet in Gosnell's Community Lotteries House foyer
                                                                           Overlooking        the   beautiful    Pioneer     Park,     our
                                                                           spacious and air conditioned Group Room is
 FREE activities or information sessions after walking                     available for hire for meetings and workshops for just
 starting at 10:30am in GWHS Group Room.                                   $15. For community based organisations it is only
 4th November                 Immunisation Information
                                                                           $10. A      laptop/data projector and whiteboard are
 11th November                Make Your Own Baby Food                      included if required. The room is also adjacent to our
 18th November                Baby Massage                                 modern kitchen complete with cooking facilities. For
 2nd December                 Baby Led Weaning                             further enquiries please phone 9490 2258 or
 9th December                 Christmas Morning Tea              

 If you would like to only attend the free activities and not the         Class Payments & Refunds
 walk please call us on 9490 2258 to book your place.                     We accept cash and have EFTPOS. We accept credit card
                                                                          payments over the phone. Your place is not reserved until you
                                                                          have paid the fees 5 business days before the class begins.
Young Mums Group 25 & Under                                               Refunds are a perennial problem for all non-profit
                                                                          organisations, like GWHS, that run classes and courses. We
GWHS is introducing a new Young Mums Group for women 25 and               try to ensure that there are enough enrolments to allow
                                                                          classes to proceed for the benefit of participants without being
We want your help in naming our new Young Mums Group. By                  uneconomical for GWHS.
helping us find a name you could win a prize. We also want your           The first rule is that your place is not reserved until you have
input into what topics you would like to see covered in your group.       paid the fees (minimum 5 business days before the class
The group offers young women a place to meet which reduces                begins). This means that we can make a decision on whether
isolation, a chance to talk to others about what its like to be a young   the class runs. If there are too few enrolments, we cancel the
mum and to take positive steps to improve their lives and the lives       class and refund the fees in full. If the numbers are sufficient,
of their children.                                                        we can book the presenters and rooms. GWHS cancels very
Educational topics such as Postnatal Depression, Anxiety,                 few courses due to lack of numbers.
attachment, parenting skills, healthy relationships etc. There will       GWHS policy is that once you have paid your registration fee,
also be guest speakers to help mums with issues they feel are im-         you may withdraw from the class up to five (5) business days
portant.                                                                  prior to the commencement of the class. You will be given a
DATES: 20th October—8th December                                          refund less a $5 administration fee.
DAYS: Thursdays (Weekly)                                                  Inside the 5 business day period, GWHS is committed to
TIME:  9.30am—11.30pm                                                     running the course so we are unable to give a refund. The
COST:  $20 or Free for Members.                                           only exception is if you have a medical reason supported by a
                                                                          medical certificate.
       Bookings essential 9490 2258.
                                                                          GWHS staff are not permitted to vary these rules. If you would
WHERE: Upstairs Meeting Room
                                                                          like to talk about this, please contact the Managers, Emma
                                                                          Basc (Mon, Fri) or Narelle Stanley (Tues, Thurs am, Fri am).
 Page 9
Children’s Week
     Family Fun-Day
 Sunday, 23rd October, 2011    ☺   Dancing
                               ☺   Modelling presentation
Beckenham Community Centre     ☺   Children’s choir
                               ☺   Sausage sizzle
  (Streatham St, Beckenham)
                               ☺   Bouncy castle
      9:00am to 3:00pm         ☺   Face painting
                               ☺   Donkey rides
                               ☺   Craft stalls
 Come along and join           ☺   Soccer demos
                               ☺   Petting zoo
   the celebration!            ☺   Climbing wall
 Everyone is welcome!          ☺   Stalls from local service
  Raffles, giveaways and       ☺   Food & drink stalls
PRIZES to be won on the day!   AND MUCH MUCH

    Gosnells Women’s Health Service
  would like to take this opportunity to
  wish you all a very Merry Christmas
        and a Happy New Year.

Your continued support throughout 2010
has been appreciated and we thank you,
  and look forward to continuing our
          association in 2012.

  GWHS is committed to assisting the
under privileged women and children in
 our local community throughout the
   year and especially at Christmas.

Thank you to all who have donated items
 during this year We are in the process of
starting a Charitable Donations Centre so
that we are able to offer support to many
             families in need.

  From the Managers and Staff GWHS
                         Our Services for Members
        For just Mental Health
      Perinatal$10/year membership you can access:
             Free and confidential counselling in the areas of:
    In a supportive, confidential andHealth
               Perinatal Mental warm and
                 General Issues (depression,
    friendly environment we offer counselling in self esteem, anxiety, grief, assertiveness,
    the areas personal growth, domestic violence)
                  of postnatal depression and
    antenatal depression.
    For just $10/year Membership you can
    access any        our counselling services,
If you would likeofcounselling you can ring or come into our office, or a Doctor, Mental
    some of our groups and classes, and library
    free of charge. an agency can phone
Health Nurse or Information on who can on your behalf. We can not accept calls from
family or friends. and information on other
    make referrals
    counselling services for drug or alcohol use
    or complex we are unable to can any
Unfortunately mental health issuesoffer be support with complex mental health issues (inc.
    found on the back of this newsletter. You
suicide intentionstoor psychiatric history). Please contact the Armadale Mental Health
    may also wish       make a tax deductible
    donation to 555
Service 1300GWHS. 788 or go to Armadale Kelmscott Hospital at 3056 Albany Hwy,
         Advice for New Mums
~   Groups and Workshops
    We offer many exciting opportunities to increase your knowledge, get fit and
    improve your health with a wide variety of classes. Come in and pick up a copy of
    our latest quarterly newsletter or go to

~   Library
    Our library has a variety of items available for loan. For 2 weeks you may borrow up
    to 3 items.

~   Health Promotion and Education
    A Health Promotion Officer is available to offer information on women’s health to
    community groups.

~    Women’s Health Clinic
     Visit our Women’s Health Clinic which is held on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm and Thursdays
     9am-12pm. This service is attended by a visiting female Dr and is fully bulk billed (no
     cost to you). She speaks five languages-English, Urdu, Punjabi, Swahili and Gujarati.
     Appointments are essential. Please bring your Medicare card and health care card (if
     you have one). Unfortunately we do not have facilities for implants, IUDs and
     diaphragms to be fitted or other intrusive procedures to be done.            

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