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					                                                       Department of Economics
                                                 University of Maryland – College Park
                                                       College Park , MD 20742

                                                     2008/2009 Job Placement List

                  Maureen Cropper, Placement Director                                    Pablo D’Erasmo, Placement Director
                            (301) 405-3483                                                         (301) 405-3529
                                                        Terry Davis, Placement Coordinator
                                                                  (301) 405-3266

Name/Address/Phone              Fields of Interest            Job Market Paper Title                          References
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Araujo, Juliana Dutra           Primary                       Financial Integration with Heterogeneous Home   Vegh, Carlos (Chair)
4504 Fordham Lane, #6           International Finance         Financial Market Access                         Mendoza, Enrique
College Park, MD 20740                                                                                        Shea, John
202-390-8170                    Secondary
Website                         Econometrics

BenYishay, Ariel                Primary                       A Mobility Curse? The Impact of Migration on    Betancourt, Roger (Chair)
6325 Dunn Ct.                   Development Economics         Access to Credit                                McKelvey, Christopher
Springfield, VA 22150           Applied Microeconomics                                                        Soares, Rodrigo
Website                         Industrial Organization
                                New Institutional          Economics
Bergstresser, Keith D.      Primary                     In-Group Bias in Giving Preferences and Trusting   Sanders. Seth (Chair)
11561 Rolling Green Ct.,    Experimental Economics      Behavior                                           Ozbay, Erkut
#101                        Behavioral Economics                                                           Cramton, Peter
Reston, VA 20191            Labor Economics

Website                     Secondary
                            Microeconomic Theory   Game Theory

Cangiano, Giulia C.         Primary                     Friends, Partners and Competitors: The Impact      Kranton, Rachel (Chair)
2701 Calvert Street NW      Applied Microeconomic       of Social Networks on Entrepreneurs                Murrell, Peter
Apartment 1024              Theory                                                                         Vincent, Daniel
Washington, DC 20008        Network Theory                                                                 Ozbay, Erkut

Website                     Secondary
                            Public Finance       Economics of Institutions

Chesnes, Matthew            Primary                     Capacity and Utilization Choice in the US Oil      Rust, John (Co-Chair)
119 North Wayne Street      Industrial Organization     Refining Industry                                  Jin, Ginger (Co-Chair)
Apartment 6                 Applied Microeconomics                                                         Cramton, Peter
Arlington, VA 22201

Website                     Secondary
Daysal, N. Meltem             Primary                  Does Uninsurance Affect the Health Outcomes of     Hellerstein, Judith (Chair)
32 Crescent Road, Apt. E      Health Economics         the Insured? Evidence from Heart Attack Patients   Duggan, Mark
Greenbelt, MD 20770           Labor Economics          in California                                      Gaskin, Darrell
301-982-5503                                                                                              Betcherman, Gordon
                                                                                                          Pagés, Carmen
                              Secondary           Applied Microeconomics

Garcia-Perez, Monica Isabel   Primary                  Does it Matter Who I Work For and Work With?       Haltiwanger, John, (Chair)
1606 East West Highway        Labor Economics          The Hiring Patterns of Firm Owners and Workers     Shea, John
#242                          Public Finance           Wages                                              Sanders, Seth
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Website                       Macroeconomics
                              Economic Demography

Garthwaite, Craig             Primary                  Economic Benefits of Medical Innovations: Vioxx    Duggan, Mark (Chair)
1307 R St. NW #1              Public Finance           and Labor Supply                                   Charles, Kerwin
Washington, DC 20009                                                                                      Kearney, Melissa
202-746-0990                  Secondary                                                                   Evans, William
                              Health Economics
Website                       Political Economy
Hayford, Tamara           Primary                     The Impact of Hospital Mergers on Treatment        Duggan, Mark (Chair)
5118 Kennebunk Terrace    Health Economics            Intensity and Health Outcomes                      Jin, Ginger
College Park, MD 20740    Public Economics                                                               Kearney, Melissa
Website                   Industrial Organization
                          Applied Microeconomics

Hennessey, Jessica        Primary                     The Adoption of Constitutional Home Rule: A Test   Wallis, John (Chair)
1401 Blair Mill Road      Public Economics            of Endogenous Policy Decentralization              Oates, Wallace
Apt. 816                  Economic History                                                               Duggan, Mark
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Website                   Economics of Institutions
                          Political Economy

Herrera Dappe, Matías     Primary                     Sequential Uniform-price Auctions                  Cramton, Peter (Chair)
1700 Harvard St., NW      Auctions                                                                       Ausubel, Lawrence M.
Apt. 612                  Market Design                                                                  Rust, John
Washington, DC 20009      Energy Economics
Website                   Industrial Organization
Hu, Bingjie                Primary                     The Impact of Local Norms on Contractual   Murrell, Peter (Chair)
428 Ridge Road, Apt. 6     Economics of Institutions   Structure: Evidence from US Agriculture    Kelejian, Harry
Greenbelt, MD 20770                                                                               Kirwan, Barrett

Website                    Secondary
                           Applied Microeconomics          Development Economics

Hutton, Stephen            Primary                     Optimal Government Policy in the Case of   Cropper, Maureen (Co-
5118 Kennebunk Terrace     Microeconomic Theory        Pandemic Influenza                         Chair)
College Park, MD 20740     Industrial Organization                                                Cramton, Peter (Co-Chair)
301-853-2579                                                                                      Over, Mead
Website                    Environmental Economics

Ilzetzki, Ethan            Primary                     Rent-Seeking Distortions and Fiscal        Drazen, Allan (Chair)
Department of Economics    International Finance       Procyclicality                             Reinhart, Carmen
3105 Tydings Hall          Macroeconomics                                                         Shea, John
College Park, MD 20742                                                                            Végh, Carlos
202-361-3326               Secondary                                                              Aruoba, Boragan
                           Political Economy
Miller, Sebastian           Primary                   The Effects of Income Distribution on Electoral    Drazen, Allan (Chair)
4320 Rowalt Dr., Apt. 201   Political Economy         Outcomes: The Role of the Middle Class             Vlaicu, Razvan
College Park, MD 20740      International                                                                Lopez, Ramon
301-226-9485                Macroeconomics
                            Economics of Inequality
                            Macroeconomics         Environmental Economics
                            CGE Modeling
Mohommad, Adil              Primary                   Trends in Manufacturing Sector Productivity at     Hulten, Charles (Chair)
8600 16th Street, #912      Political Economy         the Aggregate (All-India) and State Level (1970-   Kelejian, Harry
Silver Spring, MD 20910     Institutions              2003)                                              Oates, Wallace
Website                     Macroeconomics

Nguyen, Ha M.               Primary                   Valuation Effects Under Transitory and Trend       Vegh, Carlos (Co-Chair)
1901 Chapman Rd.            International Finance     Output Shocks                                      Korinek, Anton (Co-Chair)
Hyattsville, MD 20783       Open Economy Macro                                                           Mendoza, Enrique
240-505-2470                Macroeconomics

Website                     Secondary
                            Institutional Economics         Computational Economics
Paz, Lourenço              Primary                   The Impacts of Trade Liberalization on Informal   Limão, Nuno (Chair)
6030 California Circle     International Trade       Labor Markets                                     Sanders, Seth
Apt. 211                   Labor Economics                                                             McKelvey, Christopher
Rockville, MD 20852
301-442-2149               Secondary
                           Applied Economics

Rasteletti, Alejandro G.   Primary                   Self-Employment, Labor Market Frictions and       Haltiwanger, John (Co-
2325 17th Street NW        Macroeconomics            Credit Constraints                                Chair)
Washington, DC 20009       Labor Economics                                                             Shea, John (Co-Chair)
240-383-7497                                                                                           Aruoba, Boragan
Website                    Public Economics

Tang, Li                   Primary                   The Impact of Health Insurance on Cancer          Jin, Ginger (Chair)
Department of Economics    Health Economics          Prevention: Ex Ante and Ex Post Moral Hazards     Duggan, Mark
3105 Tydings Hall          Applied Microeconomics                                                      Sanders, Seth
College Park, MD 20742
301-256-8336               Secondary
                           Industrial Organization
Website                    Development Economics
Trandafir, Mircea         Primary                  The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on     Hellerstein, Judith (Chair)
Department of Economics   Labor Economics          Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence from the   Sanders, Seth
3105 Tydings Hall         Applied Microeconomics   Netherlands                                 Wallis, John
College Park, MD 20742                                                                         Cull, Robert
240-422-5662              Secondary

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