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					Today’s Monday, and like every Monday
evening, Mum’s going to her painting
class. She’s already in the stairwell,
but before she shuts the door she
shouts, “Be good, now, Raphaël and
Coraline! And that applies to you too,
big boy!”
   I’m Raphaël. Coraline is my little sister. She’s two

years old and as pretty as a princess. “Big boy” is Dad.
On Mondays he comes home from work earlier so he can
look after us. The good thing about it is that we don’t
eat soup for dinner. Instead we make pasta in candy
sauce. And we play pirates, and also at boxing and
fighting. Tonight we’re playing Star Wars. Dad is
Blackwarrior. He’s cunning but I win every time because
he’s not very good with a lightsaber. I pretend to hack
off one of his arms and a leg, and he acts like he’s dying
in agony. He falls flat on his back and bawls, as if he’s
suffering, “Aaah! Argh! Ouch! You got me, Skyrunner!”
   Coraline comes trotting up and straddles Dad across
his tummy while he’s writhing in pain on the wooden
floor. She gets up again and then plunks herself down
on him, shouting, “Giddy’up! Giddy’up!”
   It makes Dad breathless and he gasps between each
word, “Wait—gasp! I have to heat up some water—gasp!
                  for the pasta—gasp! But before that—
                  gasp! I’m going to exterminate that
                  little star pirate—gasp!”
                    I’m the star pirate. Dad wants his
                  revenge because, as Blackwarrior, he
hates the heroes who are better than him with their
   Dad pushes little sister Coraline aside gently and
whispers, “Get back inside your spaceship for shelter,
little space princess! And beware! There will be blood!”
   And he gets up and starts running after Skyrunner—
that is to say, me.

  The odious Blackwarrior is hot on my heels, so I pilot
my black rocket at top speed around the table.
Awesome chase, and very noisy, too! Little sister is
delighted. She claps her hands and shouts, “Giddy’up!


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