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					Workshop Outline
                                                                                                                                             Creating Accessible FlashAthens, GA

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       Flash Accessibility
       a. Accessibility as it applies to Flash
       b. Benefits
       c. Challenges
       d. About Screen Readers
       Flash MX Basics
       a.   Symbols                              T                   Difference between Graphics and Movie Clips                             Flash MX Basics:1
                                                            Beg.     Create a Symbol                                    flashmx_basics:12
       b.   Text                                            Beg.     Create Static, Dynamic and Input Text
       c.   Accessibility Panels                 T                   Hidden movie clip                                                       Flash MX Basics: 3
                                                            Beg.     Make a movie clip invisible to screen readers      flashmx_basics: 18
                                                 T                   Accessible movie clip                                                   Flash MX Basics: 6
                                                            Beg.     Make a movie clip accessible to screen readers     flashmx_basics: 34
                                                           Interm.   Assign a shortcut to a button                      flashmx_basics: 39
       Considerations by Disability
       a.   All Disabilities
       b.   Hearing Disabilities                 T                 Flash with audio and captions                                             Steps by Disability:2
                                                            Beg.   Notify the user that audio is present                disability: 13
       c.   Photo Epilepsy                       T                 HTML page with blinking Flash (What NOT to do!)                           Steps by Disability:3
       d.   Motor Disabilities                             Interm. Create a keyboard shortcut                           disability : 15
                                                 T                 Navigating an animation using your keyboard                               Steps by Disability:4
       e.  Cognitive Disabilities
       f.  Low Vision
       g.  Blindness
       Considerations by Strategy
       a.   Hiding Flash Content                 T                   HTML page with a hidden Flash banner                                    Steps by Strategy:2
       b.   Providing Alternative Content        T                   HTML page with alternate content                                        Steps by Strategy:4
       c.   Providing Context                               Beg.     Provide context using the Description field        strategy : 17
                                                 T                   Visual Cues Interactive Quiz                                            Steps by Strategy: 5
       d.   Keyboard Access/Reading Order        T                 Animation illustrating tabIndex coding                                    Steps by Strategy:8
                                                           Interm. Assign tab order using the tab.Index command         strategy: 19
       e.   Providing Text Equivalents           T                 Example of a relational animation                                         Steps by Strategy:10
                                                            Beg. Create an effective text equivalent for an animation   strategy: 21
       f.   Buttons                              T                 Animated Button (What NOT to do!)                                         Steps by Strategy:12
       g.   Handling Animation                   T                 HTML page with blinking Flash (What NOT to do!)                           Steps by Strategy:14
       h.   Color                                T                 Color used as only emphasis (What NOT to do!)                             Steps by Strategy: 15
                                                 T                 Color AND text used to provide instruction                                Steps by Strategy: 16

                                                                                                                                                      University of Florida (c) 2004
                                                                                                                                                           Marcela Pineros - CITT

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