; Good Afternoon
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Good Afternoon


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									Good Afternoon ! Carol (Passola) says: Hi How about our dispatch of plastic parts from China ? Please kindly let me know when you are know the exact date of dispatch ? Thank you very much for your help, continous support and co-operation with us ? Carol (Passola) says: i would like to say the timing you asked is good, i just check with my factory few mins ago, and the exact delivery will be September 5 Thanks for your info Carol (Passola) says: welcome Carol (Passola) says: hello Carol (Passola) says: one question Welcome, you can ask

Carol (Passola) says: the barrel for PA-501, please confirm the image
where can I see this image ?

Carol (Passola) 傳送一個檔案 "PA-501.jpg" 給聊天室所有成員 Carol (Passola) says: pls receive the image Thanks, I receive it

Carol (Passola) says: do you see the diffference
Okay, I will let you know a few minutes later Carol (Passola) says: see any answer ?

the shape for your last one is blue one CHAT WITH LOVELYCAROL1129

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