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                  Victorious Faith Ministries
                    helping start Bible schools that train nationals to take the Gospel to their nations

                                                                                        Ron and Jill Stafford
                                                                                               PO Box 700012
                                                                                        Tulsa, OK 74170-0012
                                                                                        Phone: (918) 249 3800

                                          April 5, 2010

 To Whom It May Concern,

 Victorious Faith Ministries had Donna Perugini help write a course for Children’s
 Ministry to be included in the International Victory Bible Institute curriculum, an affiliate
 of Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma. IVBI has nearly 1,000 Bible schools
 around the world in which this course is being taught. “Don’t Hug A Grudge” is included
 in the teaching material.

 Serving Him,

 Ron Stafford
 President, Victorious Faith Ministries
 Director, International Victory Bible Institutes

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