Chasseur d’Images awards Samsung WB1000 TL320 with 5 stars

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Chasseur d’Images awards Samsung WB1000(TL320) with 5 stars

Chasseur D’Image, a leading photography magazine in France, recently awarded the Samsung WB1000(TL320) with 5, out of 5, stars. Besides highly praising the Samsung WB1000(TL320), for its top-notch performance, Chasseur D’Image did not unstinting in Samsung’s praise by stating, that Samsung finally established itself among the top of digital imaging companies. As for the Samsung WB1000(TL320), Chasseur D’Image was amazed by the great product design, which also includes the attached AMOLED display. Furthermore, the review also emphasized the ease-of-use, resulting out of the smart-wheel. Chasseur D’Image also broke down the quality of each pictures in different ISO-setting, which proofed to be, as outstanding as the other components of the Samsung WB1000(TL320). The Samsung WB1000(TL320), not only delivered very good results at low ISOsettings, but also impressed at high ISO-settings. The Samsung WB1000(TL320), which is the current digital compact camera flagship of Samsung Digital Imaging, is the world first 3.0 hVGA AMOLED camera. Besides a 24mm ultra wide angle lense, it combines full manual control for the ultimate userexperience. Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.