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					                          3 Cultures

     Native                West African              European

“Five hundred years ago, frequent contact began among Native
Americans, Europeans, and West Africans on the shores of
North America. The resulting conflicts and interactions among
these different cultures had far-reaching effects, sometimes
tragic and destructive, for the people of these three worlds.”

                            -America: Pathways to the Present
Student Task:

The goal of this assignment is to explore the beginnings of
early American history through the experiences and
interactions of 3 distinct cultural groups: Native Americans,
West Africans, and Europeans.


Step 1- 3 Cultures Collide

Read Chapter 1, Sections 1-3 in the textbook and begin the
complete the Venn Diagram that is located at the back of the
packet. This diagram will highlight the similarities and differences
in each of the cultures presented. (Native American, West African,
and European)

Step 2- Native American History

Create a timeline that portrays early American history from
discovery until the time of Christopher Columbus. Read the
following links and answer the questions so you can provide
this information in the explanation of your timeline.

The Land Bridge Theory:
     1. What is the scientifically-accepted belief regarding the
     arrival of human life to the Americas?
     2. What environmental conditions allowed this pattern of
     settlement to take place?

The Clovis:
Kennewick Man:
     1. Why has the study of the first Americans become so
     2. How would you characterize the lifestyles of the first

The Solutreans:

    1. How do the Solutrean discoveries challenge the Land
    Bridge Theory?
    2. How did the Ice Age change the lifestyles of these
    3. What is the theory for how the Solutrean people may
    have come to the Americas?
    4. How did environmental conditions challenge the
    Solutrean on their journey? What were the conditions
    like and how did they help explain the Solutrean theory?

Archaic and Formative Years:
     1. What is the explanation for the end of the Paleo-Indian
     2. How did future Native American tribes change their
     lifestyles to adapt to their situations? What patterns
     stayed the same and what forced others to change?

Step 3- European History

Create an outline that reflects European history and attempts to
explain how this history shaped the thoughts and ideas of the
Europeans who came to America. Use the following information as
a guide for your research


What is Eurocentrism?

Why is European culture difficult to define?
          Only refer to the definition for Europe at the top of the timeline

How have each of the following topics contributed to the culture of
          Use this as your guide to understanding the chronological
          order of events in European history and to gain basic
          understandings of the following time periods and events:
                1) Middle Ages
                2) The Mongol Invasion
                3) The Crusades
                4) The Black Death
                5) Renaissance
                6) Martin Luther and the Reformation

Answer the following questions using the sites listed under the topic to
complete your outline.

Middle Ages:
     What was the social structure in Europe and how was it

     What role did the Roman Catholic Church play in the daily lives of
            Read the first 3 paragraphs

The Crusades:
     Why were the crusades conducted and who was considered to be
     the threat?
            Read only the Historical Biography and Historical Importance

The Black Death:
     What role did the Black Death play in changing the culture of
The Renaissance:
     What were 2 things that showed Europeans were moving out of the
     stagnation of the Middle Ages?

The Reformation:
            Read the following parts:
                 I. Causes of the Reformation
                 II. Original Ideas and Purposes of the Reformers
                 IV. Results and Consequences of Reformation

Step 4- West Africans in America

Read the following links and answer the questions.
      1. What was the purpose of European exploration of West
      Africa and what role did Henry the Navigator play in the
      2. Why would an African chief give permission to Europeans to
      build a slave trading post on the coast of West Africa?
      1. What were the options for labor in the colonies?
      2. Why were African slaves the preferred workforce of the
      American colonies?
      3. How did labor in America evolve from indentured servitude
      to slavery?
      1. What was the Middle Passage?
Step 5-

Write a 1 paragraph summary describing the interactions between each
of the following groups using the websites listed below: (6 Traits Writing:
Europeans and Native Americans-

Europeans and West Africans-

Step 6-
Type a 1-page reflection on the following question:

Why is the frequent contact between Native Americans, West Africans,
and Europeans in North America characterized as a collision? (6 Traits
Writing: Conventions)
                   3 Cultures Collide

Creating a Venn Diagram:

Fill in the Venn Diagram located on the next page with
information about Native American, West African, and
European culture. Using the following elements of culture as a
guide, place characteristics that are similar in the areas where
the circles overlap. Place characteristics that are not similar
in the areas where the circles do not overlap.
      1)   Social Organization
      2)   Religion
      3)   Forms of Government
      4)   Economic Systems

Be able to describe why you have placed each characteristic
where you placed it on the diagram.
           VENN DIAGRAM


 West                       Europeans

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