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					               Thailand Flood Relief for Holistic Ministry
      Special Note: this proposal was written before the flooding began in Bangkok. The
                            needs, therefore, are expanding rapidly.

I.        General Information

Organization Name: Christian Volunteers for Societal Involvment
Address: 33 Rachawithee 4 Rachawithee Road Makkasan Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
Country: Thailand
Telephone: 6689-117-0500
Mobile: 6685-128-8482
Fax: 662-246-6977
Email: Dr. Natee Tanchanpongs
       Gregg Nicholson:
       Yuttasak Sirikul

Contact Persons: Dr. Natee Tanchanpongs and Gregg Nicholson

II.       Project Information

Name of proposal: Thailand Flood Relief for Holistic Ministry Proposal
Location of proposal: Bangkok Thailand and Central Thailand
Time frame of proposal (start/end dates): Oct 17, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011
Amount Requested (USD): $118,770
Description of proposal (executive summary):

Thailand is currently experiencing monumental flood crisis that has affected over 2 million homes
to date. Over 1/3 of the country has been affected by the heavy monsoon rains, but primarily 10
provinces in Central Thailand have been hit the hardest at this point. However, the flood waters
are coming from the North and are expected to hit the capital city of Bangkok in the next 2-4
days. As of today the news reported that 627 communities in Bangkok have already experienced
flooding. Already 284 people have been killed by the flooding, and several entire cities are
experiencing devastating floods.

This is an opportunity for the Body of Christ in Thailand to demonstrate the love of Christ to
those who are in need. In 2010 a group of key pastors and organizational leaders established a
network where churches in Bangkok could work together and respond in a coordinated effort
when disaster strikes. This network is called the “Christian Volunteers for Societal Involvement
(CVSI).” The CVSI is a part of the bigger national plan, which is called the TEC (Thailand
Evangelism and Church Growth Committee). There are five tracks to the plan and the CVSI is
an initiative launched by the Mercy/Holistic Ministry track. So there is wide acceptance from
believers and these initiatives and relief efforts have been a demonstration of the unity in the
Body of Christ.

The key is that this network’s purpose is to train and mobilize churches in Bangkok for
collaborative, on-going holistic ministry and crisis relief. Already six relief trips have been made
and hundreds of Crisis Relief Packages have been distributed to those in need in the Thailand.
The purpose of the relief efforts are to help those in need and to get more churches involved in
working together and exposed to holistic ministry. With only about 330 churches in Bangkok,
the need to work together is great.

The CVSI leadership is made up of respected pastors and leaders and they have been able to
build this network over the past year. Never has anything like this been done in Thailand where
Christian across denominational lines have come together to serve in a cooperative way in a relief
effort. The flooding provides a perfect opportunity to serve corporately as one Body to minister
to the needs of the Thai people for the glory of God in this nation where only .05% of the
population of 64 million know Christ.

The Funds requested: $118,770 US

III.   Project Summary

  1. What do you hope to accomplish in this proposal?
      The objects of this project are:
      1. To provide critical aid to those in desperate need because of the flooding and expose
              Thais who are not believers to the gospel through acts of kindness.
      2. To strength the Thai churches vision for on-going holistic ministry to demonstrate the
              gospel of Jesus Christ.
      3. To build this collaborative, church-based network to help train and mobilize a greater
              number of Christians in the city of Bangkok for the glory of God.

  2. What need or opportunity is addressed by your proposal?

       The flood that is hitting Bangkok is the worst in decades, several million people are now
       affected by this crisis. The need is great and the need is urgent to respond to those
       without food, water and shelter. The critical need now is for food and clean water.

  3. What is the spiritual impact of the proposal?
      The spiritual impact will be two-fold.
      A. First, meeting the needs of those who are affected by demonstrating the gospel to the
      through acts of kindness where it is clear that the aid is coming from the local churches
      and Christians from other parts of the nation. This will serve as a way to prepare the soil
       of the hearts of those affect for the gospel.
      B. Secondly, the primary purpose of CVSI is to envision and train local churches for on-
       going holistic and mercy ministry. As we mobilize Thai Christians to pack the bags and
      go distribute these relief packages, we are trusting God that their hearts will be moved to
      continue this in their local church and that new church based, local initiatives will be
      birthed as Thai Christians see the importance of holistic ministry.

  4. What are the expected measurable outcomes of this project? Provide quantitative and
      qualitative measures in addition to the spiritual element.

       The quantitative outcomes would be at least 5,000 crisis relief bags distributed to those
       in critical need, and many thousand would be fed by the mobile kitchens. Qualitatively,
       in a nation of only .05% Christian, the name of Jesus is being lifted up as Christians get in
       the trenches and serve those in need.

       Since we are working with local churches in each affected area, the local church will
       be able to follow up with those that have received help, relationships will be
     established and we are trusting God that hearts will be more receptive to the gospel as
     they were after the tsunami in 2004.

     Another qualitative and quantitative result is that the Body of Christ in Thailand will be
     strengthened as they will be empowered to make a significant impact in a crisis situation.
     We have a plan to follow up this relief effort with holistic ministry training and more
     churches will be envisioned and equipped to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in word and

5. What type of grant are you seeking?
    Start-up funds, Program expansion, Sustaining ongoing operation, One-time strategic
    project-urgent need, Building/Capital funds

     The majority of the funds are for one-time strategic project-urgent needs to respond to
     the flood. However, because this coalition is still new, a portion of the funds would be
     able to help us build our operational capacity to respond to other needs in the future, as
     there are significant floods every year in various parts of the country.

6. How much money do you already have committed? $30,000 US at this point. From whom?
   These funds are coming in daily from local churches in Bangkok.

7. As you have thought through the planning and implementation of this project, what do you
   believe is most critical to the project’s success? How are you going to accomplish your

     Networking, recruiting, and mobilizing the local Christians to assemble the packages,
     and engage in relief efforts is the most critical aspect of this project. We have a
     network already in place where we email and/or call key churches and
     denominational leaders who then recruit volunteers to implement the project for each
     of the target areas.

8. Please submit the mission statement for your organization.
     1. To train and mobilize the Thai church for holistic ministry
     2. To provide a network where churches can work together in a collaborative way to
             minister the love of Jesus in deed in a greater capacity.
     3. To serve as a network and operations center to provide critical relief to those
             affected by a disaster.

9. Please submit the statement of faith for your organization
   1) The Bible is the inspired word of God by the Holy Spirit and is therefore the infallible
   Word of God.
   2) There is only One God and He has revealed Himself as: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
   3) God is the one true God who has existed eternally, who is omnipotent and creator of all
   4) Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit, He was
   without sin, performed miracles, died on the cross. His life and wonderful blood is the
   ransom for the sin of mankind. He was buried and after three days and He was raised to
   life bodily and ascended to heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God and will
   return to earth again in power and great honor.
   5) The Holy Spirit of God abides in all believers of Jesus Christ to help them in living the
   new life
      6) Sinners are saved by the grace of God because of their faith in Jesus Christ
      7) The spiritual distinctive of those who believe in Jesus Christ is that the Church is that it
      is the Body of Christ
 8) When it is time for resurrection of the dead, those who believe in Jesus Christ do not
      have to face condemnation and those who do not must eternal judgment and punishment
      from God.

 1. Additional information you would want prospective donors to know about this project.
    Suggestions: endorsement/support from well known country officials, other NGO’s or
    agencies SP will be working with on this project. Unusual challenges posed by this project.

       The unique distinctive about this project is that it will be implemented through a
       collaborative effort representing the entire church body in Thailand. The govennment
       has already welcomed and supported our efforts by helping provide aid in transporting
       some of the relief bags. There are supporting churches from the Baptist, Presbyterian,
       Pentacostal denominations as well as independents.

IV.     Budget

 Please submit budget in USD.

Immediate Relief Efforts

500 Relief Packages for 10 project areas
Relief Bag Items (5,000) - 10 Projects: $10 x 500 =           50,000
        Dry food goods (Rice, noodles), Drinking water,
        Lighters, Mosquito Repellent
Relief bag production: 10,000 bags                            10,000
        Life Jackets (50):                                     1,000
Two Multi-Purpose Used Pick up Trucks:          20,000 x 2 = 40,000
Two Mobile Kitchen Equipment Sets: $500 each x 2 =             1,000
Training:                                                      5,000
Warehouse Storage:                                             4,000
 Operation Administration: 7%                                + 7,770

V.      Anti Terrorism Statement

 Does your organization support, employ or deal with individuals or organizations that are
 known or suspected to support terrorism? No

VI.    Charitable Status

What type of organization are you? (School, church, etc.)
   CVSI is a catalytic a volunteer coalition of pastors, organizational leaders and missionaries
that have joined together to form a network that would serve as a church-based collaborative
effort of relief, training and cooperation.
Current the Vice President is National Director for Food for the Hungry Thailand, which
served as the center for cooperation for the Tsunami efforts 2004-2006. Therefore we use this
bank account and no administrative fees are deducted by Food for the Hungry.

VII.    Bank Information

For Sending through VOCF (VOCF takes 0% overhead)

Account Name: Vision of Community Fellowship Inc
Account #: 807311774
Account type: Checking
Branch name (If necessary): Picadome, KY2-3020
Bank address:
1617 Clays Mill Road
Lexington, KY 40503
Swift Code : chasus33
Routing Number: 083000137
VOCF Address:
1379 Park Western Drive, #421
San Pedro, CA 9072-2217, USA

For Sending to Thailand directly

1. Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited
2. Bank Physical Address: 90 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

3. Bank SWIFT or ABA code: SCBLTHBX (for wire transfer outside Thailand)
4. Account Name – must be an account belonging to an organization – no personal


5. Physical Address of the Account Name
   33 Soi Phranang,Rajvithee Road, Samseannai,Bangkok 10400,Thailand

6. Account Number: 001-0-067032-6
    Account type: Thai Baht Current account

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