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					                     Importing Personal Property Into

The following groups are exempt                 Thai passport must be used as re-
from Import Duty and VAT (approx.               entry passport.
7%, subject to change):
A. Diplomatic Shipments:                     The following conditions must also
   Allowed one sea and one air               be met exemption from Duty and VAT
   shipment duty free                        (7%):
   Must be processed through the                Shipment must come from same
   Foreign Ministry of the Thai                 country as shipper’s last workplace
   Government by the proper Embassy.            or residence
   Generally takes 10-14 days from              Shipment must not arrive in Thailand
   arrival of shipment.                         more than 1 month before or 6
   All items (cars included) are allowed        months after arrival of shipper
   duty free entry upon approval by the         Only 1 of each type of electrical
   Foreign Ministry.                            items is allowed duty free (e.g. one
                                                microwave, one refrigerator)
B. Non-diplomatic Shipments:                    Goods must be at least 6 months old
   Allowed one air and one surface              to be considered duty free.
   shipment duty free if the shipper has
   one of the following:                     Foreign individuals who wish to seek
                                             residency and retire in Thailand may not
   1. Original 1 year work permit            be granted duty free privileges.
      presented to Customs for
      inspection. Some will initially be     Computers, fax machines and phones
      issued a 6-month permit that has       may not be considered household
      to be extended to 12 months to         goods or personal effects and may be
      be acceptable to Customs.              charged as dutiable office equipment.
   2. 1 year Category “B” Non-
      Immigrant Visa issued by the           REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:
      Immigration Dept.                        Original   Passport     (except  for
   3. B.O.I. Letter.       Obtained by         diplomats), with Immigration entry
      persons working for a company            stamp already given
      or project that is approved by the       Non-immigrant or residence visa
      Thai Government Board of                 Work Permit, if applicable
      Investment (BOI).                        2 legible copies of the packing
C. Returning Thai Nationals                    Original Airway Bill labeled “USED
   Thai citizens who have been in the          PERSONAL EFFECTS”, or Ocean
   country of shipment origin for at           Bill of Lading labeled as “USED
   least 12 months.                            PERSONAL         EFFECTS        AND
   Too many trips back during Thailand         HOUSEHOLD GOODS”
   during that time may cause
   problems with customs clearance.

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Diplomatic shipments must be                  discourage attempting to do so. Most
consigned to the shipper’s name (as it        applications for an auto import permit
appears on his/her passport) in care of       are rejected. Heavy import taxes of
his/her embassy, mission or                   approximately 210% of CIF are
organization.                                 applicable.

Shipment clearance generally takes 3-5        The following conditions must be met
working days. Especially high duties          for consideration:
apply to electrical goods, carpets,               Must have same owner for more
pianos and luxury items such as cars.             than 18 months
Alcohol and food items require an import          Shipper must have driving license
license.                                          for more than 18 months
                                                  Shipper and consignee must be
PROHIBITED ITEMS:                                 same person
  Gold and Silver                             REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:
  Pornography (including magazines            The following must be submitted with
  such as “Playboy”)                          the application for the Import Permit
  Short-wave radios                                  Original passport
  Medical Equipment                                  Original registration
  Arms, ammunition and dangerous                     Original purchase invoice
  objects (unless a license is obtained              Original drivers license
  from the Thai government)                          Original Work Permit
                                              IMPORTATION OF DOGS AND CATS:
RESTRICTED ITEMS:                             To ship a pet by airfreight with
  You may bring in as much foreign            Airway Bill as cargo
  currency as you want, but you must          Provide the following documents 2
  declare the amount if it exceeds U.S.       weeks prior to pet’s arrival at Bangkok
  $10,000 (except traveler’s checks           airport:
  and bank drafts.) However, you may              Birth Certificate
  not bring in more than B 2,000 ($80)            Vaccination Certificate (dated 15
  in Thai currency, and you may not               days prior to arrival)
  take out more than U.S. $10,000 in              Copy of owner’s passport and
  undeclared foreign money or B 500               address in Thailand
  ($20) in Thai currency.                         Copy of flight ticket, date & time of
  Wine, alcohol, tins, and food are all           arrival
  subject to high duties. These items
  must be declared on the packing list.       To send a pet as excess baggage
  Certain types of plants and plant           together with the owner
  parts are restricted.                       Owner should purchase ticket for pet.
                                              Owner can claim pet by showing
IMPORTATION OF MOTOR                          originals of the following documents:
VEHICLES:                                         Health certificate
It is VERY difficult and costly to import a       Vaccination certificate
non-diplomatic private car. We strongly           Owner’s passport

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                          IMPORTING OF WORKS OF ART

Duty on pets is 40% CIF value (value is        IMPORTING WORKS OF ART AND
assessed by Customs records).                  ANTIQUES:
                                                  Works of art and antiques are
Three month quarantine is required for            allowed duty-free entry, if they are
all pets (there is a long and costly              part of an eligible household goods
waiting period for this service).                 shipment. Importation of antiques
                                                  requires a picture of each item and
Animals that are not considered                   each item must appear on the
“natural”’ in Thailand are prohibited.            packing list.

                                               REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:
                                                 No documentation is required if the
                                                 items are part of a household effects
                                                 shipment. It is advised to specify
                                                 antique items on import
                                                 documentation to prove importation
                                                 and to facilitate future exportation.

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  Asian Tigers/Transpo, 2003.
  Schenker Stinnes Logistics, “Thailand Customs Information for the Import of
  Household Goods,” March 2002.

 The information presented herein his based on customs data available at the time of printing
 and is frequently subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the owner or
 importer of the household goods to comply with the current customs restrictions, regulations,
 and duties of the country to which the goods are imported. We strongly advise customers to
 contact the consulate or embassy of the destination country for the most current information on
 customs regulations, restrictions and duties for importing household goods, personal effects
 and vehicles.

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