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									Suppliers registration

What is Supplier Registration?
Supplier Registration allows suppliers to deal with all federal ministries by being informed about
the latest practices and tenders issued by the ministries. It permits suppliers to purchase tenders
directly from the internet, as well as to obtain pricing requests from the federal ministries and
entering prices in accordance with each item. Supplier Registration also allows them to be linked
with any catalogue related to the offer. It shows approved practices and tenders in addition to
repealing or amending tenders and practices that were not issued.

Register through the website

1) Municipality license.
2) Chamber of Commerce license
3) Commercial Register certificate
4) Certification of partnership agreement.
5) Receipt of renewal or registration fees.
6) Bank account number.
7) Company's postal address and email.
8) 1000 Dhs fee for the new registration and 500 Dirhams for renewal of registration paid via e-
dirham Card (when buying the fixed value e-dirham Card from banks, kindly request the PIN

Parties entitled to register in the suppliers register: -
        Companies with 51% or higher owned by UAE nationals and registered with the Ministry
         of Economy, municipalities and chambers of commerce in the UAE.
        Branches of free zone foreign private companies located within the borders of the UAE
         and outside the free zone.
        Foreign private companies in signatory states on a Free Trade Agreement with UAE in
         accordance with the Ministerial Decree No. (278) for 2009.

       Branches of computer software companies, technical, financial and administrative
        consulting offices and firms etc., with branches located within the borders of the UAE and
        registered with the Ministry of Economy in accordance with the resolution of the Minister
        of Economy No. (278) for 2009.
       Government bodies and authorities are exempt from registration fees.

Fifth: Delivering Checks to Suppliers

1) (Receipt) voucher.
2) ID Card

Sector: Senior Management Sector

Responsible Department: Customer Services Center

Beneficiary of the Service: Federal Ministries and Bodies / Companies / Private Sector

              Provided Services ( external )                     Duration of Service
Request for Registration in Suppliers Register                          3 Days
Request for Delivering Checks to Suppliers                              7 Days

Responsible Officer/ Sector Coordinator: Afra’a Al Housani
Direct Number: 02-6987522


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