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									     K O N S UL A D O P A N L A H A T N G P I L I P I N A S     C O N S UL A TE G E N E R A L O F T H E


  Consulate General announces new regulation allowing Filipino professionals
                     located abroad to register with PRC

The Philippine Consulate General in Chicago would like to inform the public that new Filipino
professionals who left for abroad immediately after taking their board exams or before the
board exam results were released, that the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) now
allows them to register with PRC through their duly authorized representatives. Previously,
board passers were required to personally register at the PRC main office in Espana, Manila.

In a resolution issued by the PRC (Resolution No. 2006-313), the Commission has allowed the
registration of new Filipino professionals located outside the Philippines, subject to the
following terms and conditions:

* First, the new registrant shall fill up personally the oath form required by the Commission and
shall personally take his/her professional oath before any officer authorized to administer oaths
at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate of the country where he/she is situated;

* Second, the registrant shall designate his/her representative in the Philippines and shall
execute the necessary Special Power of Attorney which shall also be executed under oath,
preferably before the same Philippine Consulate official who administered his/her professional

* Third, in said Power of Attorney, the new registrant should expressly declare that his/her
representative/Attorney-in-Fact is fully authorized for and in his/her behalf to accomplish, sign
and execute documents as well as do and perform all acts and things which are necessary,
proper, or incidental to his/her registration; and

* Fourth, the professional concerned shall come to the Commission as soon as he/she arrives
from abroad and personally sign the Registry Book of Professionals.

For other inquiries, please contact the Consulate at (312) 332-6458 or the Professional
Regulation Commission at

Chicago, 22 April 2008

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