Get Accurate Medical Billing Services from OSI and Enjoy Savings of 40% on Billing Costs by osimos


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									Get Accurate Medical Billing Services
from OSI and Enjoy Savings of 40% on
Billing Costs

Timely and accurate billing of all accounts is essential for ensuring timely
reimbursement. OSI is a client-centered medical billing company,
committed to delivering quality billing, accounts receivable management and
collection services.
From the time of its inception, the company’s (OSI) focus has always been
on providing speedy solutions that would meet and exceed your

The company serves doctors and other healthcare practitioners nationwide.
They practice in cutting edge technological solutions, and utilize
international resources that provide both quality and economical results.
Medical billing service is offered for all medical specialties including:
Allergy and Sleep Medicine, Radiology, Cardiology, Critical Care,
Endocrinology,     Geriatrics,    Hematology,    Microbiology,     Obstetrics,
Pathology, Pain Management, and more.

The team at OSI manages all aspects of your medical billing requirements,
ensuring quick and maximum reimbursement. They are thorough with
details regarding the services covered under various healthcare plans, so they
can help you bill for the right services.

Outsourcing medical billing tasks to OSI can save your practice an average
of 30% - 40% of the total cost.

Medical Billing Services Offered at OSI

   • Patient enrollment
   • Scheduling
   • Insurance verification
   • Insurance authorizations
   • Coding
   • Billing and reconciling of accounts
   • Collections
   • AR collections

OSI utilizes the latest technology to get your claims filed efficiently and
accurately. Advanced medical billing software including Practice Admin,
Next Gen, Eclipse, Medisoft, Misys, Lytec, e-clinical, and more are used to
provide medical billing services.

Advantages you can gain:

   •   Electronic claims submission
   •   Efficient accounts receivable management

   •   3 level quality assurance
   •   Customized daily, weekly or monthly billing status reports
   •   HIPAA compliant privacy, security and confidentiality
   •   24/7 technical support
   •   Customized turnaround time

A representative at OSI says “Providing clients with cost-effective solutions,
maintaining quality of service and helping our client businesses grow is our
goal”. OSI offers free, no obligation practice analysis for medical billing

About Outsource Strategies International

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Outsource Strategies International is a
leading healthcare business process outsourcing company focused on
providing reliable medical billing and coding services. OSI brings the latest
web-based technology together with experienced staff to give our clients the
advantage of quality medical billing services. More information about our
medical billing service is available at
For details, call: (800) 670 2809.

8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H
Tulsa, OK 74133


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