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									                                                  STEMS LIST #23
Learn these new stems by 1) making flash cards for each stem and its meaning(s); and 2) studying your flash cards every
day for a few minutes. Your test on these stems (and past stems) will be on ___________________________________.

       STEM               MEANING              TYPE       LANGUAGE SAMPLE WORDS

        aesth            perceive / feel        Root        Greek    aesthetic, anaesthetic

        agog               lead / bring         Root        Greek    demagogue, pedagogue, synagogue, pedagogy

         alb                  white             Root         Latin   albumen, album, Albion, alburnum, albino

                                                                     animal, animate, magnanimous, unanimous, pusillanimous,
        anim            life / soul / spirit    Root         Latin
                                                                     equanimity, animosity

        argent                silver            Root         Latin   argentiferous, argent, argentine, Argentina

       aur / or                gold             Root         Latin   auriferous, aureate, oriole, oriflamme, ormolu,

         azur                  blue             Root         Latin   azure, lapis lazuli, azurite

        blanc                 white             Root        French   blanch, blank, blanket, Mont Blanc, bleach

                                                                     crescent, accretion, concrete, excrescence, excrete, crescendo,
     cresc / cret        grow / increase        Root         Latin

     cuss / quass        shatter / shake        Root         Latin   concussion, discuss, percussion, rescue, quash

    damn / demn           loss, penalty         Root         Latin   condemn, damage, indeminify, indeminity, damnation, damnable

         ego                     I              Root         Latin   egomaniac, egocentric, egotistical, alter ego, egoism, egotist

         laps                  slip             Root         Latin   collapse, elapse, lapse, lapsus

         nigr                 black             Root         Latin   nigrescent, Nigeria, negrophobe, negroid

         orn             adorn / furnish        Root         Latin   adorn, ornament, ornate, suborn

         pet              seek / attack         Root         Latin   petition, appetite, competitor, impetus, impetuous, petulant, repeat

     plac / plais             please            Root         Latin   placable, placid, complacent, complaisance, placate, implacate

                                                                     interrogation, abrogate, derogatory, arrogate, prerogative,
     rog / rogat          ask / demand          Root         Latin
                                                                     supererogation, surrogate

         rub                    red             Root         Latin   ruby, rubicund, rubric, erubescent

      tric / trig       snare / hindrance       Root         Latin   intricate, extricate, intrigue

         trop                  turn             Root        Greek    tropic, trope, trophy, heliotrope

         verd                 green             Root         Latin   verdant, verdigris, Vermont, verdure

                                                                     via, viaduct, trivia, obviate, deviate, devious, obvious, previous,
    vi / vey / voy             road             Root         Latin
                                                                     pervious, convey, convoy, envoy, invoice, voyage

         vol               will / wish          Root         Latin   volunteer, malevolent, benevolent, volition, involuntary

      vuls / vult          pluck / tear         Root         Latin   convulsion, vulture, revulsion

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