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					Lifeline Shopping Cart Product List

Code        Product Title                                                                 Category
CD0001      A Christmas Message                                                           Single CD
CD0002      A Passionate Bride                                                            Single CD
CD0003      A Passion for Missions                                                        Single CD
CD0004      Because Christ Lives                                                          Single CD
CD0005      Being at Your Wit's End                                                       Single CD
CD0006      Blessed But Branded                                                           Single CD
CD0007      The Day Death Died                                                            Single CD
CD0008      Get Rid of Excess Baggage                                                     Single CD
CD0009      Heaven                                                                        Single CD
CD0010      It's Christmas                                                                Single CD
CD0011      Lessons From Life                                                             Single CD
CD0012      Seven Sneezes                                                                 Single CD
CD0013      Lessons Learned                                                               Single CD
CD0014      Making Marriage Work                                                          Single CD
CD0015      One More Step                                                                 Single CD
CD0016      The Cross                                                                     Single CD

2CD0001     Authority in the Church and Women in Eldership                                Double CD
2CD0002     How to Receive and Retain the Holy Spirit and God's Blessing and Favour       Double CD
2CD0003     It's Time for Release and Starting from Knockdown                             Double CD
2CD0004     Christmas is a Man and Why?                                                   Double CD
2CD0005     This is Your Life and This is the Day of Salvation                            Double CD

3CD0001     Dealing With Hurt and The Principle of Faith and The Coming Age of Miracles   Tripple CD
3CD0002     Getting Ready for His Coming and The Rapture and The Return of Jesus          Tripple CD

18CD0001    Church Leadership Course                                                      18 CD's

HG0001      Battle for the Mind                                                           HG Notes
HG0002      Change is Here to Stay                                                        HG Notes
HG0003      Commitment                                                                    HG Notes
HG0004      Let Your Attitude Do the Talking                                              HG Notes
HG0005      Leader Study Notes                                                            HG Notes
HG0006      Receiving & Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit                                HG Notes

BK0001      Character Challenge for 21st Century Youth                                    Book

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