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					      IM's Countdown to U.S. & Puerto Rico Assignment Checklist
                                                               November 2009 UPDATED

         This list may look long, but it is organized to help you start thinking about your assignment early and to help you
      accomplish tasks on a month-to-month basis. Questions or feedback may be referred to the appropriate team leader.

As you're thinking about your upcoming U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...

      Review the Personnel Manual for Continuing Appointment Missionaires (available on the IM website) as it relates to US/PR Assignment
            (Missionary Personnel and Services Team)
      Check in with Area Director or Missionary Personnel & Services Team Leader regarding any career or family counseling needs
      A Center for Ministry appointment is mandatory for first time U.S. & Puerto Rico assignments
             allow 10 - 15 hours to fill out forms, exams and essays supplied by the Center
             ask 3 people to fill out and submit references for you
             all materials must be mailed to the center two weeks prior to your appointment
             (Global Mission Team)
      Correspond with your Area Director regarding continuing education/conferences, missionary-in-residence or other assignments
             (Global Mission Team)
      If you need a list of available housing options, contact Ruthie Stevenson. (Mission Engagement Team)
      Identify any children's schooling issues that will need to be addressed. Contact Sharon Smart for help, if needed
              (Missionary Personnel and Services Team)
      Consult with Ruthie Stevenson regarding proposed Missionary-in-Residence assignments
             (Mission Engagement Team)
      Review the "Indicators of a Vital and Growing Missionary Partnership Network" document with your Area Director and consider
      changes needed to make your MPT more effective in building the MPN and achieving your MPT target goals
            (Global Mission Team)

As soon as you and your Area Director have agreed on your upcoming U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...

      Read the deputation regulations, which will be sent to you by Ruthie Stevenson
             (Mission Partnership Staff)

      Share your plans for U.S./Puerto Rico assignment with your MPT and enlist their assistance in relocation
      logistics (as needed) and deputation planning                                       (Mission Partnership Staff)
      Invite your MPT to assist you in planning a tentative deputation itinerary              (Mission Partnership Staff)
      Send to Ruthie Stevenson the following regarding deputation information:                (Mission Partnership Staff)
            a proposed general deputation itinerary for your US/PR assignment
            a list of churches and/or regions in your MPN that you plan or hope to visit & speak
            a list of speaking assignment you or your MPT have already confirmed
            a preferred email or phone number that churches can use to contact you about speaking engagements
            the name(s) of your MPT member(s) who will be assisting you with deputation planning
            a statement about what kinds of speaking assignments you prefer or are NOT comfortable doing such as
            sermons vs.a Moment for Mission, speaking to adults vs. youth, large events vs. smaller retreats
            a list of dates you are available - remember to block out vacation, medical appointments and family obligations
            explain any travel requirements you may have such as maximum time away from home or only speaking on weekends
 Please note: regardless of the length of your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment, deputation needs to be a priority in your schedule.

SIX months prior to your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...
     Check on the re-entry visa requirements and process in your country of service, and inform Sharon Smart of the status
      (Missionary Personnel and Services Team)
     Read the "How to shoot a video" tip sheet posted on line                   (Mission Education Team)
     Read the "Video Compatibility NTSC" document posted on line                (Mission Education Team)
     If you have the equipment, shoot video footage and/or take photos/slides of people and places for use on deputation
             (Mission Education Team)
     Write down the stories you want to share with churches                     (Mission Education Team)
     If available, procure sheet music for songs in your country of service, and obtain copyright permissions to use in the U.S.
              (Mission Education Team)
     Notify your home church and MPT that you'll be at an IM mission event and encourage them to send 1 or more representatives
             (Mission Education Team)

FIVE months prior to your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...
     Complete the "Arrival for U.S. & Puerto Rico Assignment" form. Return to International Ministries in care of
     the Global Mission Team                  (Global Mission Team)
     Complete your deputation video            (Mission Education Team)
     Update your prayer card photo and text this month on the PROVIDE website
     You can get user information from Jill Mussel                                                      (Mission Education Team)
     Create and submit to Karen Mason a list of leaders from your partner convention to be considered as
     potential international guests at a future World Mission Conference                            (Mission Education Team)
     Plan your display for deputation and mission events, and gather materials for it                   (Mission Education Team)
     Read "Making An Interesting Display" document posted on line

FOUR months prior to your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...
     Gather items for World Mission Conferences to sell that would appeal to all ages (i.e. crafts, clothing, toys, etc.)
            (Mission Education Team)
     Review your budget and allocate money for costs associated with the WMC and deputation
     Envision four or five message ideas of different lengths for use on deputation in a variety of settings
             (Mission Education Team)         (Development Team)
THREE months prior to your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...
     Buy and/or make clothing for your country of service to be used during deputation and World Mission Conference
           (Mission Education Team)
     Review packet from Missionary Personnel and Services Team (under separate cover):
            travel arrangements
            excess baggage allowances
            U.S. medical insurance procedures
            medical clearance physical exams.
            return all grant forms to Missionary Personnel and Services Team - Florence Cheung
            have mailing address for personal mail changed to US address for appropriate time
            (allow extra time for magazine subscriptions to be changed)
     Post and periodically update, confirmed speaking assignments on your profile page on line            (Mission Partnership Staff)
     Contact Joe Gonzalez if you need assistance
     Write a journal for the web that tells people that you are coming here, including length of time you're off the field
     Post it on line this month. If you have problems or questions, contact Joe Gonzalez
              (Mission Education Team)

TWO months prior to your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...
     If you have a camera, take candid, action photos of you (and your spouse) doing ministry              (Mission Education Team)
     Bring any video on fresh tapes or burn them onto DVDs.             (Mission Education Team)
     Send digital photos of your best shots either as attachments, or burned to a CD                       (Mission Education Team)
     Read the "Photo Requirements" document posted on line.
     Schedule a meeting with your MPT to happen within the first two months of U.S./Puerto Rico assignment to celebrate your
     ministry, review plans and strategies for your time here and renew commitments for your next term
                                                                     (Mission Partnership Staff)

ONE month prior to your U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment...
     If you have purchased your own airline tickets, inform Sharon Smart of your itinerary (Missionary Personnel and Services Team)
     If you have car insurance in your country of service, bring proof of it with you to aid in obtaining insurance in the states
     Purchase host/hostess gifts for use while on U.S. & Puerto Rico assignment
     If you are doing deputation BEFORE we meet for CFM, request a deputation & resource packet from Ruthie Stevenson
                                                                                      (Mission Partnership Staff)
     If you need specific assistance in fundraising techniques as you visit existing and new donors prior to CFM, contact the Development team
(Development Team)

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