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									Apolo Xavier Pena
Email: apolo_pena@yahoo.com
Online Portfolio: http://www.flashalchemy.net/portfolioSite/current/

  To secure full-time or contract position that makes use of my knowledge and passion for Flash and Flex
  I have 7 years of Flash and JavaScript programming experience, and 4 years of Learning Management Systems
   (LMS) integration and consultation experience with intimate knowledge of SCORM and AICC standards. 1
   year of Flex Programming for enterprise web applications
  I have a highly creative and technical mind, and a very diverse skill-set, I enjoy solving technical issues on the
   fly in a creative way
  I have a true passion for Flash engineering and development and a strong ability to learn new languages and
   software quickly
  I have the ability to accurately scope and build complex RIA’s and data-driven web sites with Adobe Flex and

  Scripting Languages: Advanced OOP ActionScript 3., 2.0 and 1.0 (intimate knowledge of technical limitations
   and security for each version of Flash including Flash 4), JavaScript, HTML, PHP, DHTML, CSS, XML, JSP,
   Python, MySQL, MDM Script and PERL
  Learning Management Systems: Docent, Sum total, Plateau
  Programming Languages: Java and basic C++
  Software: Zinc 2.5, 3D Studio Max, the entire Adobe CS 2-3 Suite (additionally includes older versions of the
   following software): Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
  Operating Systems: Windows 9.x, 2000, Me, Vista and Mac OS 9x,OSX, and intermediate UNIX /LINUX

Salary Positions

Grey San Francisco
2007 - present                                                                                Sept
Lead Developer, Digital Innovation
Duties included: Flash 9 and Flex 3 programming and design. Creation of accurate effort estimates. Research
and Development for various client systems and projects. Html and JavaScript coding. Comp design for clients
using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

CellMania (formerly known as MSX)                                                              Mar-Sept
Software/Integration Engineer
  Duties included: Flash programming for various mobile devices. Creation of accurate effort estimates.
   Framework engineering.

VitesseLearning, Inc., San Francisco, California                                                       Sept
2002 – 2007
Software/Integration Engineer
  Duties included: SCORM, AICC and Custom integrations and consultation. Heavy Flash OOP platform
   programming, data architecture, and creation of automation scripts to streamline production workflow.
   Creation of accurate effort estimates.
OpNet Community Ventures, Inc., San Francisco, California                                             Sept
2002 – 2005
Flash & JavaScript Instructor/Teachers Assistant
   Duties included: Teaching Flash 5/MX, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Fireworks/Dreamweaver

DigiScents, Inc., Oakland, California                                                         Apr 2000 – Apr
Media Developer/Graphic Designer
  Duties included: Programming and designing interactive CD-ROMS for company demonstrations and trade
  Flash 4 and flash 5 action scripting, development, design, and consultation
  Graphic design using Photoshop 6 and 7, Illustrator 9, and Fireworks 4
  Responsible for designing, developing and debugging all multimedia sales presentations and financial
   demonstrations for the company
  Did extensive video editing, production and streaming
  Also used HTML, DHTML, CSS, ACTIVE X and JavaScript to create web pages for the company website

Freelance Positions                                                            May 2000 – 2007 (on and off)
Web Developer/Software Engineer
  Duties include: Flash 5-8 programming and design, UI architecture and consultation, HTML and JavaScript
   coding, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop and design work
Andres Herrera
  Created Flash portfolio site for an Art Director
Ninth House
  Created custom E-learning activities using Adobe Flash
ViteseLearning (RIP)
  Web-deployed e-learning flash-based applications for an array of companies
Punch Presents
  Websites for Eight Inc (www.eightinc.com) and American Culinary Institute (www.qii.org)
Manmade, Inc.
  Entire websites for Horizons (www.horizons-sf.org) and Voivod (www.voivod.com)
LUZ, Inc.
  Contract for Macromedia for work done on the flash MX project
Resolve Digital
  Flash projects for www.annjonesinteriors.com, www.shadescapesusa.com, www.pobarch.com and more.

City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  Computer Science classes

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
  Multimedia Studies Program, 1 semester

  Advanced NET Java training program – Graduate
  Multimedia training program in San Francisco (team leader), California – Graduate

 Skim boarding, Body boarding, Mountain boarding, developing and designing video games, aquarium
  hobbyist, music, skin diving, snowboarding, fishing and basketball

                                   References available upon request

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