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Rock Student Ministries Intern Job Description


									           Rock Student Ministries Intern Job Description
        The objective of this internship is two fold. First, it is to provide an opportunity for a
person to consider the possibility that they might be called to youth ministry. Second, it is to
provide an opportunity to further develop leadership and ministry skills in the person being
considered. These two objectives fit well in the Rock DNA of raising up leaders and sending
them out.
        Because of the two overarching objectives we will seek to provide an experience for the
intern that gives them a well rounded youth ministry experience. There will be some things they
will only do once or twice and other things they will be expected to do all the time.

Job Description (based on 12-15 hours per week)
           Small Group - The intern will lead or co-lead a small group during the duration of
           their time as an intern.
           Program Administration – the intern will provide support for student ministries
           programs as needed.
           o The intern will plan and carry out a minimum of two large group programs from
               beginning to end.
           Curriculum Development – The intern will work alongside staff to develop
           o It will not be the sole responsibility of the intern. Instead the intern will work
               through this with staff so they understand the process involved.
           Administrative Support – The intern will provide administrative support to the
           Student Ministries.
           o This will not be a primary role. Instead this portion of the description will be to
               help the intern see the administrative side of youth ministry.
           o The intern will plan and execute a minimum of two events during the internship.
           The Intern will continually be reading a book on youth ministry, ministry, or other
           books depending on what his/her needs are. These books may include but will not be
           limited to:
           o Youth Ministry Lemonade
           o Ilead
           o My First Two Years in Youth Ministry
           The intern will be put in charge of developing a team of students for one particular
           area based on the intern’s gifts and abilities. This will include
           o Recruiting students
           o Training students
           o Manage the Team
           o Develop a Growth plan
                       Spiritual Growth
                       Leadership Growth

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