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					                                            Retired in Thailand & Living in Chiang Mai

    Home                                                            Chiang Mai has a significant expat community. Some figures put the
                                                                    number of "farangs", or westerners at 5,000.
Cost of Living                                                      Chiang Mai is much of what Bangkok is not. Instead of the flatness of
Thai Visa                                                           the Maenam Valley one is treated to ranges of forested mountains that
General                                                             sweep northward to Burma.
                                                                    Hilltribes in colorful costumes are common sights hawking their
Living                                                              handicrafts around the night market.
Catch 22-1
Catch 22-2                                                          And as Bangkok has no definite city center, Chiang Mai's is clearly
Bangkok                                                             defined by a moat.
Chiang Mai
Chiang Rai       But similarities between Bangkok and Chiang Mai can be drawn. While Chiang Mai does not have the mind numbing
Hua Hin          traffic of Bangkok, it does have heavy traffic during the rush periods.
Nong Khai
Phuket           And while Chiang Mai's air quality is not as bad as Bangkok's, it is unpleasant at times. Chiang Mai stands in a basin and
                 is surrounded by mountains. As a result, the smog, partly from diesel exhausts, cannot be easily swept away.
                 But Chiang Mai is certainly easier to negotiate than Bangkok. Walking, bicycling and motorcycling are realistic
                 alternatives to driving. Or if you prefer, tuk-tuks are prolific.
                 A relatively well organized system of songtaews, pickup trucks with benches and canopies, run a sort of shared service
Our Concept
                 around greater Chiang Mai. Some can be hired much as a taxi service. You negotiating skills will need to be honed.
Club Types
Chiang Rai
Management       Chiang Mai stands on the banks of the Maenam Ping (river) and quite a number of good restaurants are perched along
A Survey         the banks

FAQ              Safety
Contact Us
                 Traffic incidents or possibly tumbling into the moat rank as the prime safety hazards in Chiang Mai. Although crime does
                 exist, you are more likely to be set upon by a drunken tourist than a Thai.

                 Health Chiang Mai has several quality hospitals.

                        Chiang Mai Ram
                        Chiang Mai University
                        McCormack Hospital

                 Consulates - Japan, the US and UK all have consulates in Chiang Mai.


                        ATMs are everywhere. Currency exchanges are common
                        Interest earned on fixed deposit accounts is taxable at 15% and collected by the bank.

                 Some Meeting Places - Getting acquainted in Chiang Mai is relatively straightforward. Cliques do form just as anywhere
                 else, and expats seem to be more individualized.

                 There also seems to be a tendency that ... the more remote a location ... the lower the living costs, the quality of the
                 westerner diminishes. Chiang Mai has its share of con men and schemers as well as its "characters".


                        Gymkhana Club - social, golf, tennis
         Rowing Club - sculling the Ping River
         AUA Language School
         Hash House Harriers
         Chiang Mai Flying Club

Bars and Restaurants

         River Deli - restaurant, certain afternoons
         The Escape - restaurant, most evenings
         Fillmore East - restaurant, mixed opportunities
         Mango Tree
         The Pub
         Prince Hotel (bar and swimming pool)

Dining Chiang Mai has hundreds of eateries, from noodle stands to Kantoke dinners and all in between. Western food
venues are improving. Fillmore East has excellent steaks. The Escape has one of the best breakfasts in town. El Toro
has acceptable TexMex. Mango Tree has excellent Brit fare. The Pub is another expat favorite.

For a different ambiance, a handful of restaurants along the river have excellent food and popular music. Though they
tend to be touristy they are attractive dining spots.

Getting Started

Hotels can be an expensive option while you are scouting for a house, condo or apartment. It takes time to decide where
you want to live, and then to find a spot. Monthly rentals can be a better option. Many are furnished serviced apartments.
Some notables are (availability varies).

       Rimping Condo - along the river, great view, 2 br units, a bit pricey (starting around Bt 20,000) and may require
           a longer lease
       Royal Lanna - near the night bazaar, rooms and 1 br units, a good quality building. last check was Bt 10,000 for
           a 1 br.
       Lanna 3 - Huay Kaew Road past Klong Cholprathan (University area), rooms and 1 br
       Hillside Condotel - Huay Kaew Road, single rooms and 2 br. Overpriced, in our opinion
       Chomdoi Condotel - Klong Cholprathan Road, a 12 year old condo, more Thais than farangs, quality varies with
           individual owner. Single room and 1 br, Bt 5,000 to Bt 7,000

Real estate agents can be helpful, but caution should be exercised. Ask around.

Shopping - Chiang Mai has numerous markets. There are several large westernized stores. Lotus, Big C, Carrefour and

Kasem Store may easily become your favorite place. Never before has such a diversity of foodstuffs been offered in so
confined a space. It's near Taepae Road and worth finding ... despite the miserable parking situation.

Thailand is a land of transition. Restaurants come and go. We try to keep our information current, but cannot guarantee
the accuracy.

Retirees - what do you need to know that you don't see here? Tell us.

Organizations - would retired expats find what you offer helpful? Tell us.

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