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					                              Our Lady of Mercy Church
                               WVHS Student Parking

Thank you for inquiring about Waubonsie students parking at Our Lady of Mercy Church. Parking is by
permit only. Please keep in mind that our primary focus is as a church, therefore, the number of parking
spaces available to students is limited and issued on a first-come, first serve basis. While we are happy
to offer additional parking to WVHS students, everyone must show respect and good judgment when
parking in the church lot. Failure to comply will result in the permit being revoked without the cost of
the permit refunded.

                                PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!
                                          Cost of the Permit:
                                         First Semester: $100
                                        Second Semester: $100
                                           Full Year: $200

Permits may be purchased by semester or for the full year. There is no provision for purchasing a
permit for weekly or daily parking.

If the student wins a parking spot in the Waubonsie parking lot due to
the lottery, a refund will not be issued by Our Lady of Mercy. This is the
reason we sell permits by the semester.
In order to obtain a permit, please go to our website at www.olmercy.com and complete the on-line form
and mail it to Our Lady of Mercy at 701 S. Eola Road, Aurora, IL 60504. Attention: Parking

       Parent/Guardian and student must read the Parking Regulations information.
       Fill out application form completely. Permits will not be issued without the description of the
       car and license plate number.
       The application form must be signed by both the student and a parent/guardian.
       Make checks payable to Our Lady of Mercy.

Permits are not transferable to other students. If you should lose a permit, the replacement charge is
$10. If you have any questions please call the office at 851-3444, ext. 235.

Please Note:         There will be three days in October during our fall festival that students will be
unable to park in the church lot. The dates are: Wednesday, October 5th, Thursday, October 6th, and
Friday, October 7th. Please make other transportation arrangements during these dates. Any cars
parked in the church lot on the above dates will be towed without notification and at the owner’s
         Our Lady of Mercy Church Parking Regulations
Our Lady of Mercy Church provides additional parking to Waubonsie students as a courtesy.
Our primary focus is as a church, therefore, anyone not adhering to the regulations listed
below will lose the privilege to park in the church lot. Any car parked in the church parking
lot violating these regulations, or without a permit, is subject to immediate towing without
notification at the owner’s expense.

1. Students must park in the area designated for Waubonsie students. There is a blue line that runs
   from the East to the West, near the center of the church parking lot. Students are to park on the
   side of the blue line that is closer to the Community Center (North of the blue line). Cars
   parked outside of the designated area are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s

2. The permit must be displayed in the lower corner of the driver’s side, rear window. Vehicles
   with tinted rear windows should place a white piece of paper behind the permit.

3. Cars must pull into the parking space with the rear/trunk of the car facing out so the permit can be
   seen in the rear window.

4. Permits will be revoked for inappropriate conduct such as reckless driving, fighting, loud music,
   being offensive to church parishioners/employees or other serious offenses. Use of drugs or
   alcohol is strictly prohibited. The cost of the permit will NOT be refunded.

5. Permits are not transferable to other students.

6. If the student will be driving an alternate vehicle on a temporary basis the parish office must be
    notified at 630-851-3444, ext. 235.

7. If you change cars during the year, please notify us immediately of the new car’s make, color and
    license plate number.

8. Do NOT encourage friends to drop you off or pick you up or to visit in our parking lot. Traffic is
   very heavy and safety must be a priority.

9. Our Lady of Mercy is not responsible and assumes no liability for theft or damage to any car or
   its contents parked in our lot. Students are encouraged to always lock their vehicle and keep
   valuables out of sight.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in parking privileges
being revoked without a refund for the cost of the permit and/or
immediate towing at the owner’s expense.
                                      Our Lady of Mercy
             Waubonsie Valley High School Student Parking Application
                                   2011 -2012

                                      First Semester: $100
                                     Second Semester: $100
                                        Full Year: $200
             Registered Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy please contact the parish office at
                                         630-851-3444, ext 235.

Student Name: ____________________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________               State: ________         Zip: _________

Home Phone #: ________________________               Cell Phone #: ___________________

Students Drivers License #: ________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________

Parent Work/Cell Phone #: ________________________________

Vehicle Information

Make: ______________________________                 Model: _______________________

License Plate #: _______________________             Color: ________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________

Student Signature: ___________________________________________________

Office Use Only

Permit #: _________     Date Issued: _____________           Cash/Check: $___________

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