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Rahab's Assistance


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									  Lesson 15                            Rahab’s Assistance                          Text:
  June 23, 2010                                                                  Joshua 2

REVIEW: Joshua sends 2 spies into Jericho. In the city they are taken in by a harlot named
Rahab, who hides them. When the king of Jericho hears of the spies he tells Rahab to give up the
men. She tells him a “creative” story about the men leaving. She then pleads with the men to
spare her and her family, which they promise to do. She lets them out of the city and come to
terms on the promise for her safety.

   1.) Why did the Israelite spies go into the house of a harlot?

   2.) Why did Rahab choose to hide and protect the spies?

   3.) What interesting news had made its way across the land ahead of the Israelites (2:10)?

   4.) How did this news make the people in Jericho feel about the Israelites?

   5.) What did Rahab have to do in order to be spared by God?

Thought and Discussion
   6.) Looking again at the theme of the class, how has God’s plan been working for Israel and
       Joshua? How has God’s hand worked in Israel’s arrival at the Promised Land?

   7.) Rahab is noted for her special faith in Hebrews 11:31. She is also in the lineage of Christ
       (Matt. 1:5). Can God use people that are not “good” in our eyes to accomplish great
       things? (Please find some examples.)

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