Rahab Prostitute To Princess

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					                        Rahab: Prostitute To Princess

Joshua 2:1-16;      Joshua 2:17-21
(The Story p.p.74-75)

The Scarlet cord that the two spies and Rahab used as a sign is symbolic of the faith in
the scarlet thread of the Lord.

God delights in using the most unlikely and unexpected to accomplish His purposes.
The Bible is filled with how God merges the lower story, that of imperfect man, to
accomplish the Upper Story, that of a perfect Creator.

A Saving faith! Vs. 9-11
She had lived apart from the true God and now believed He would receive her if
she would serve Him. No doubt this fact would later lead her to a committed life
of obedience to God.

Rahab's use of God's personal name Yahweh, translated here as LORD,
indicates that she had come to faith in the living God,

“That she was really saved in a gospel sense as well as temporally, seems to me
to be proved from her reception of the spies which was an emblem of the
entrance of the word into her heart, and her hanging out of the scarlet thread was
an evidence of faith, not unaptly picturing faith in the blood of Jesus the
Redeemer.’ Charles Spurgeon
The scarlet cord, much like the blood on the doorpost for Passover, was seen by
the LORD, and by the warriors of Israel to keep death away.

“ Christ's gospel is a sanctuary for thieves, robbers, murderers, and harlots.
But know this, it is not a sanctuary merely, it is an hospital too; for it heals their
sins, delivers them from their diseases, and they are not afterwards what they
were before they received the gospel."

A Singular Faith. Vs. 8
She believed when no one else believed.

Everyone heard the report, but she believed.
"And as soon as we heard these things, our hearts melted; neither did there
remain any more courage in anyone because of you, for the Lord your God, He is
God in heaven above and on earth beneath" (Joshua 2:9-11).

Hebrews 11:31
A Stable Faith vs. 8; 12

Rahab was here living by faith and not by sight, for, though she saw none of
these events actually happen, she had faith to believe that Israel's God was more
powerful than all others and would take care of her and her family too.

There was a delay of time. Evidence could have seemed contradictory, (Jericho
was a fortified city and Israel was a nomadic people),

Faith is to look through that cloud, not with the eye of sight, which seeth naught,
but with the eye of faith, which seeth every thing, and to say, "I trust him when I
can not trace him; I tread the sea as firmly as I would the rock; I walk as securely
in the tempest as in the sunshine, and lay myself to rest upon the surging billows
of the ocean as contentedly as upon my bed."

A Simple faith vs. 21

The two spies were representatives of God’s Word.
Rahab made her preparations and based her life upon their promise. The scarlet
cord was a “point of contact” for her faith.
James 2:25

A Sharing Faith. Joshua 6:22-23
Rahab shared her faith in the promise of the spies with her family.
In spite of circumstances and contradictory tradition (Jericho was a fortified city
and Israel was a nomadic people),

A Sanctifying Faith. St. Matthew 1:5-6;15-16

Rahab did not continue as a harlot after placing her faith in God.
Rahab married Salmon, the son of Judah's tribal leader.
From this marriage would come their son Boaz, a faithful man of God.
Boaz would marry Ruth (of the book of Ruth), and their son Obed would be the
father of Jesse, the father of King David. From David would descend the Savior
of all mankind, Jesus Christ (Ruth 4:21-22;).

His salvation is sufficient to save anyone and use them for His glory, regardless
of how others may choose to measure the level of their sin or view their life.

Faith, not works, is the key to salvation by the grace of God, and our Lord and
Savior is unchanging throughout the Old and the New Testament.

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