Questionnaire for Faith Baptist Church Pastor of Student by panniuniu


									                                         Questionnaire for
                                       Faith Baptist Church
                               Pastor of Student Ministries Position

                                  PERSONAL INFORMATION

Name:    ________________________________________________________________
             Last                    First             Middle

Address: ___________________________________________________________


Contact Information:
Phones: Home ( ____)_____________           Cell (_____) ___________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________
Facebook page: ____________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ___/___/_____                 Marital Status: _________________________
Spouse’s name: ____________________________________________________________
Children’s names and ages: ___________________________________________________
When would you be available to start this position if offered? _______________________

In a separate document, please provide written responses to the following requested information.

                                        BRIEF SYNOPSIS

Student Ministry Call:
Please briefly state why you chose to go into student ministry and why you are applying for this

What are your career goals for the next 5-10 years?

Personal Walk:
Briefly describe how and when Jesus Christ became your Lord and Savior.

Describe how you specifically nurture your on-going relationship with Christ on a daily basis,
weekly basis, etc.

What God has been speaking to you about in your quiet time and prayer life?

Current Ministry:
Briefly describe your current (or most recent) youth ministry experience (include your title and role,
leadership responsibilities, paid or volunteer, average number of students, average number of
workers, etc.).

Why are you considering leaving (or why did you leave) this position?
Bible Education:
What is the highest level of bible education you have completed? (Include degree, major (minor),
school, and dates)

What additional Bible education are you pursuing or would you like to pursue?


Ministry Experience & Education:
   1. List all colleges and universities attended (most recent first, dates, degrees earned,
       major/minor, school).

   2. List additional ministry training you have completed.

   3. Are you a licensed pastor (date, church)?

   4. Are you ordained (date, church)?

   5. If no to questions 3 , Faith Baptist Church (FBC) requires ordination by a like-minded
      evangelical church. If you are not already ordained, you will be expected to complete
      ordination as soon as possible at FBC. Do you agree to this condition for the job?

   6. Have you ever been disciplined or discharged for misconduct or unsatisfactory service or
      forced to resign from any position? If yes, please explain.

   7. Describe your current and previous youth ministry positions
      a) Include dates and church (or organization), your title and role, your specific
         responsibilities, paid or volunteer, average number of active students and age
         distribution, number of volunteer youth staff, number of pastoral or paid staff, etc.).
      b) Please explain any gaps in your ministry experience. If you were bi-vocational or left
         ministry for a period of time, please explain.
      c) For each position, please explain why you left and what you expected from the next
         position. Did you reach your expectation?

   8. Please indicate your level of experience in the following areas of core competencies & skills
      needed for this position. Provide a brief description that helps us understand why you rated
      your experience as you did for each item below.

       Note: 1=Very Experienced 2=Some Experience 3=No Experience

       a) Planning and leading youth group meeting…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       b) Planning and teaching junior-senior high Sunday school…
           ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       c) Planning and leading college Bible studies and/or other ministry to college students…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       d) Planning and leading students on retreats and camps…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       e) Planning and leading students on missions trips…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       f) Recruiting, training, organizing, encouraging and motivating a team of youth
          leaders/parents/volunteers to actively serve in the youth ministry…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       g) Organizing and overseeing student accountability groups or Bible study groups…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       h) Providing leadership training and service opportunities for students by giving them
          specific training and responsibilities (servant evangelism, helping the needy,
          volunteering, leading youth group meetings, etc.)… ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       i) Leading young people to faith in Christ through your teaching ministry and/or personal
          one-to-one relationships…
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3     Also, please indicate the number of groups and/or individuals you
          have shared the gospel with in the past three years.
       j) Administration, communications (newsletters, brochures, flyers, website, mailings,
          emails, social media, etc.) required to run a student ministry:
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       k) Planning and implementing youth group activities while remaining within a youth
          ministry budget.
          ( )1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3
       l) Identify any additional skills you bring or ministries you have participated in (preaching,
          music, worship teams, drama etc):__________________________________________

Spiritual & Theological:
   1. Please provide your own written statement of faith.
   2. Please review the Faith Baptist Church Constitution, especially the statement of faith and
       covenant, and note any concerns or areas of disagreement.
   3. State the essential elements of the gospel presentation. How do you “translate” this to clearly
       communicate it for students to understand?
   4. Please provide a written evaluation of your qualifications for this Pastor of Student
       Ministries position as defined in1 Timothy 3.

Ministry Vision & Practice:
   1. Describe your ministry model or philosophy.
   2. What organizational, motivational and leadership qualities do you think you possess?
   3. How have you handled a conflict with a paid or volunteer youth worker? Briefly explain.
   4. What do you think is the proper role of parents’ in a student ministry?

Personal & Relationships
   1. What do you absolutely love the most about student ministry work?
   2. What is most challenging to you about youth ministry work?
   3. What ways do you maintain your emotional and physical health?
   4. How would you define your role in a student’s life?
   5. What is your view of pre-marital sex? Of homosexuality? How do you reinforce a biblical
      perspective on both with students?
   6. Have you or your wife ever been divorced? If yes, please explain.
   7. Since youth ministry can be demanding, how do you actively balance time at church with
      personal and/or family time?
   8. In what ways do you maintain a healthy marriage?
   9. Describe your role as the head of your family.

Please ask your wife to answer the remaining questions.
   1. Our church encourages pastor’s wives to be involved in our church ministries in ways they
       feel God has gifted them.
           a) What spiritual gifts have been affirmed in your life?
           b) What are your talents and interests?
   2. Please review the Faith Baptist Church Constitution. Do you agree with it? Yes ( ) No ( ).
       If no, please explain your area(s) of disagreement/concerns
   3. If you have children, how are they involved in the life of your current church?
   4. What are your expectations for your church family?
   5. Do you have any suggestions for how the FBC church family can support you and your

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