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					Open Source Web Mapping Server Products

   (Spatially-enabled Internet applications)‫‏‬

       Rex Thaxton &   Jerry Workman
           Mountain CAD Corporation
                 339 Sixth Ave.
          South Charleston, WV 25303
Today’s Mission

• Give you an understanding of the
  capabilities of Open Source solutions
• Not a substitute for a complete Enterprise
• Poor Man’s Enterprise GIS – NOT
• Present mapping on the Web - YES
What is Open Source

• From

  – Open source is a development method for
    software that harnesses the power of
    distributed peer review and transparency of
    process. The promise of open source is better
    quality, higher reliability, more flexibility,
    lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor
Why Open Source Software?

• OSS is Free
  – Price is tough to beat!
  – …but not a “whole” product
  – Free as in free speech, not as in free beer
  – No Vendor “lock-in”
  – Commercial support available
              The Players

• UMN MapServer
  – Ka-Map
• MapGuide Open Source
• Google Maps API
• Yahoo, Microsoft Virtual Earth
• OpenLayers
• Deegree and others
     UMN MapServer

•“MapServer is an Open Source development environment
for building spatially-enabled internet applications. “
•Supports industry standard data formats and spatial
•On-the-fly feature classification
•Sophisticated rule-based labeling
•On-the-fly projection for both raster and vector data
•Provides a wide variety of spatial and attribute-based
•Supports popular Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
standards including WMS, WFS and WCS
•Leverages best-of-breed open source geospatial
technologies such as GDAL/OGR, PostGIS and PROJ.4
•Integrates with popular front-end environments such as ka-
Map, Chameleon, Mapbender, MapBuilder and Cartoweb
 Fast, Reliable, Mature
 Authoring Tools

     Text Editor

 Server component for Ka-Map
 WMS Server

 Randolph County Demo
“ka-Map ("ka" as in ka-boom!) is an open source project that is aimed
at providing a JavaScript API for developing highly interactive web

mapping interfaces using features available in modern web browsers.”

•   Combines MapServer, phpMapScript, and AJAX
•   Just point it at a MapServer map file
•   Caches image tiles on the server and the client.
•   Ka-Map Demo
•   Fayette Tax Maps Demo
MapGuide Open Source
“MapGuide Open Source is a web-based platform that enables users to quickly
develop and deploy web mapping applications and geospatial web services.
MapGuide features an interactive viewer that includes support for feature
selection, property inspection, map tips, and operations such as buffer, select
within, and measure.”

• Nice Windows install packages
• Not truly open source MapGuide Studio
    is really necessary
•   Fayette County Demo
MGOS Features

•   Offers an AJAX Viewer (pure DHTML no plug-in required)
    or a vector-based DWF Viewer (requires an ActiveX
    Control) with a common user interface and JavaScript API
•   AJAX Viewer offers a tiled map display for smooth
•   Allows feature selection by point, rectangle, radius, or
    polygon with immediate feedback
•   Displays feature properties in multi-line tool tips
•   Displays properties of the selected feature in a property
    browser panel
•   Supports feature buffering, querying features that fall
    within selected polygons, and a tool for measuring distance
•   Provides printing and plotting support
Google Maps API
•   Google provides your base map.
•   Google provides your user interface.
•   Layer data on top (e.g. KML, WMS)‫‏‬
•   Search, Driving Directions built in.
•   Mash-Ups
•   Limited scale range (zoom in)‫‏‬
•   Video
•   Locator Demo
•   WV Flood Zones
Yahoo Maps API
Microsoft Virtual Earth API

• Similar to Google…

• Internet Mapping Engine Comparisons
• Can use data from any source
• No server required – all JavaScript
• Use other peoples’ data including Google,
  Yahoo, VirtualEarth, Google Earth KML, WMS
  servers (e.g. DEP,WVGIS)‫‏‬

• OpenLayers Demo
Static Maps

• HTML ImageMap

• Assessor Tax Maps Demo

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