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POSITION TITLE:                        Community Specialist

POSITION SUMMARY:                    Serve as Specialist responsible for the delivery of outreach
assessment, counseling, evaluation and training services to individual clients in the community-

The following are essential job accountabilities:

Strategic Goal A: Expand and deliver exceptional, innovative programming for people
with vision loss.
    Perform 15-22 assessments each month and evaluate clients’ abilities and needs related to
       vision loss.
    Assist clients with emotional aspects of vision loss and identification of available support
       services. Organize and facilitate at least four support groups each month. Recommend
       skill training resources through VLR, SSB or VA which will help the individual adapt to
       their visual loss.
    Provide limited in-home instruction designed to accommodate initial living adjustments
       and environmental modifications in adapting to vision loss.
    Refer clients to other social service agencies and resources which will assist in meeting
       the needs of the client. Act as a client advocate for the development of needed services
       currently unavailable or limited in supply within the community.
    Conceptualize/Recommend solutions and innovative approaches to providing new or
       expanded services to address client needs. May write/develop grant proposals to initiate
       new or expanded programs.
    May conduct In Home Vision Evaluations to assess clients’ need for magnification
       devices, distance aids, CCTVs and supplemental lighting. May assess home or apartment
       for vision loss adaptations that would enhance independent living.
    Interact with other managers, supervisors, SSB counselors and instructors to assure client
       needs are met and that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Strategic Goal C: Create a powerful market presence.
    Provides in-service training for other health care and social service providers in person or
       on line to assist in adapting their services to the needs of the blind. Provides community
       education to clients and their families in person or on line.

Secondary job accountabilities:

Strategic Goal D: Build a vibrant organization to achieve VLR’s goals.
    Commitment to customer service
                                    MN Comp Advisor
                       A Division of Anderson Insurance & Investment Agency, Inc.
         Ability to complete projects in a timely manner
         Maintain a safe and clean work area
         Communication and interpersonal skills necessary to interact with staff members and
          clients with courtesy, tact and patience.
         Ability to work in multi-cultural setting including hearing, visually impaired, blind, hard-
          of-hearing, deaf and deafblind individuals. May also work with clients who are recent
          immigrants from other countries.
         Maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality. Demonstrate reliability and
          dependability and ability to manage a flexible work schedule.
         Practices safe work habits throughout all work activities
         Strong work ethic
         Ability to work independently
         Participate and assist in events, activities, and classes within all Programs
         Other duties as assigned

                                   MINIMUM EDUCATION
Degree                      Yes/No Major/Concentration or Certification Area(s)
High School
Associate’s Degree
Bachelor’s degree           y            Bachelors or Masters Degree in Counseling, Rehabilitation
                                         Services, Public Health, Nursing, Occupational Therapy,
                                         Gerontology, or related field. Course work in appropriate
                                         rehabilitative services, teaching the blind, evaluation and human
                                         relations is desirable.
Master’s Degree             desired
Other                       y            Valid MN driver’s license and have access to vehicle with
                                         required insurance coverage.**
Work Experience             Years
No Exp needed
1. 2 years each experience in rehabilitation counseling services and/or teaching. Three years
experience if served in a combined environment.
                                             KEY SKILLS

                                   PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS
Requirement                      Never       Occasionally Frequently                         Continuously
                                                     15 min – 2.5 hours    2.5 – 5.5 hours   5.5 hours +
Lift up to 10 pounds                            x
11-24 pounds                                    x
24 – 35 pounds                                  x

                                            MN Comp Advisor
                          A Division of Anderson Insurance & Investment Agency, Inc.
36 – 50 pounds
Carry up to 10 pounds                         x
11-24 pounds                                  x
24 – 35 pounds                                x
36 – 50 pounds
Push                                          x
Pull                                          x
Reach overhead                                x
Climb                                         Stairs
Squat/Bend                                    x
Sit                                           x                           x
Stand                                                                     x
Balance                                       x
Walk/Move About                                                           x
Grasping simple or firm                       x
Keyboard Manipulation                         x                           x
Work at heights         x
Operate heavy machinery x
Operate desk machines                         x
Exposed to changes in                         x
Exposed to dust, fumes, x
gases, chemicals

                               PRIMARY WORKING CONDITIONS
Average Noise Exposure Normal Office Environment
Equipment Operated           Normal Office Equipment
Working Hazards             None
Other                       Exposed to outdoor environment and all weather conditions as expected in
                            Guide dogs may present in the office.
                            May be exposed to pets and smoke in clients’ homes.
Approximately 90% of work time is in the field and 10% of work time is in the office
Must be able to travel within 9 county metro area using own transportation.

                                          MN Comp Advisor
                         A Division of Anderson Insurance & Investment Agency, Inc.
** Note: Employee provision of an alternative form of transportation which will assure normal
mobility and allow normal visitation schedules and services to be maintained will be considered
as appropriate.

SUPERVISES:                      N/A
REPORTS TO:                      Program Managers
EXEMPT/NON EXEMPT:               exempt

Vision Loss Resources is an Equal Opportunity/ At-Will Employer. We will not discriminate or tolerate
discrimination, against any employee or applicant on race, creed, color, age, sex, religion, national
origin, ancestry, disability, genetic information or other protected status under state, federal or local
EEO laws.

                                          MN Comp Advisor
                         A Division of Anderson Insurance & Investment Agency, Inc.

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