Multimedia Tools Sample Flash Assignment by panniuniu


									Pre-final exam assignment –604

The goal of the pre-exam is to give you an idea of what the exam will look like.
Obviously, the topic will be different for the exam but the tasks I want you to accomplish
may be very similar. Time is important in this task. You will only have 2 hours to
accomplish this task for the real exam. In other words, you’ll need to demonstrate
mastery in this exam. You will turn this pre-exam in just as with any other assignment.

 Topic: fire emergency procedures.

     In the event of an alarm RACE.
        - R: Remove anyone from immediate danger
        - A: Activate the building fire alarm system and call 911
        - C: Confine the fire by closing all windows and doors
        - E: Evacuate, leave the building. Extinguish the fire, if it can be done safely

 Create
     - A well-formed instructional objective
     - A simple program to demonstrate the RACE
     - At least 3 presentation strategies for procedural learning (one from each of the
       following categories: attention management, cognitive load management and
       structural management strategies) to provide support
     - Create a 3 staged practice sequence to remove support.

 Skills to demonstrate
      - Flash learning interactions
      - Mask
      - Movie clips and Motion tweening
      - Other Flash skills are as appropriate.
      - Resulting swf file size must be no larger than 500K

Turn in the .fla file and a word document that provides a sound instructional justification
for every element on every frame. This is a CLOSED book exam.

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