MINISTRIES                                  LECTORS
                                                                 Anyone over 18 who is in good standing with the Catholic        WELCOMING/GREETERS
                                                                 Faith is welcome. Training sessions are held periodically       We are a ministry to provide a personal welcome to all
All ministries need volunteers to help in many ways.             throughout the year. You will serve as scheduled.               who walk through our Church doors, especially
The contact person will be glad to suggest ways in               CONTACT          Teri Gagliano……………....814-1011                 newcomers.      We provide information regarding
which you can help.                                                                                                              ministries and organizations of the church through our
                                                                 LITURGY                                                         Welcome Package or personal home visits. Many
ALTAR SERVERS                                                    Enhance liturgies and help our Pastor plan for special          energetic and smiling volunteers are needed.
This ministry is for boys and girls in the 5th grade and above   seasons. Oversee the duties of Extraordinary Ministers of       CONTACT             Parma Boyle……….338-2767
who would like to serve our Lord at his altar. Scheduled         Holy Communion, Lectors, Altar Servers, Greeters, Ushers,
Masses are on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Holy days.         Environment and Music.
                                                                                                                                 WOMEN AT THE WELL
Servers are also required for weddings, funerals and other       CONTACT                     Sara Reese……….640-4328              A time for women of the parish to gather in fellowship
special services or events.                                                                                                      and praise. Grow with inspiration from special guest
CONTACT         Stephen Reese……….937-5658                        MAINTENANCE
                                                                 We are responsible for the maintenance of the church            speakers and enjoy a pot luck lunch.
         Chris Frey…………………...338-1618                            properties. Some light carpentry, electrical and plumbing       CONTACT         Elizabeth Thomaston….338-1080
ALTAR SOCIETY                                                    experience would be helpful but not necessary.
People are assigned to clean, dust, polish items for the                                                                         YOUTH GROUPS
                                                                 CONTACT               Rodney Martin……….884-7341                 These ministries provide Spiritual growth and
Sanctuary and commons area. They also launder linens and
return them for the following weekend. There are no              MUSIC/CHOIR                                                     development for the youth of our parish, through service
meetings. You must be a member of Our Lady of the Lake           Mission: To minister to the parish community through our        to God and fellowship with one another. If you have
and at least 18 years old.                                       gifts of time and talent, united with the desire to foster a    been called by God to provide leadership skills or to
                                                                 spirit of love and thankfulness to God through our music;       chaperone scheduled youth events, this is a great
CONTACT               Mary Esther Krantz….338-2500
                                                                 enabling us all to be ‘Christ bearers’ in every facet of our    opportunity to say “YES” to God. Background checks
                                                                 lives. We offer adult and youth programs.                       are required.
ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE                                                                                                                               CONTACT
We are responsible for decorating the interior environment       CONTACT     Charmaine Booker……….814-5772
of the church including flowers, etc. for the liturgies.              Youth- Bucky Funderburg…….…884-3235                                           Peter Boyle....613-5435
CONTACT          Paul Hopper……………….903-4005                      NURSERY                                                                            Sr. Youth Grades 9th thru 12th
                                                                 The Nursery is provided for the Sunday Mass and for other                          Johnny Kay...405-0980
EXTRAORDINARY               MINISTERS         OF     HOLY        parish activities upon request. Volunteers are needed to                           Jr. Youth Grades 4th thru 8th
COMMUNION                                                        watch the children.                                                                Sonya Lewis…814-1078
This is an appointed ministry to help the Priest to distribute   CONTACT       Gina Falkner……….338-3325                                             Little Ones in Christ PreK3-Gr 3
the body and blood of Christ. All applicants must have                          Tasha Clark….…….362-7586
Pastoral Approval. Training sessions are held periodically       RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                                         COMMUNICATIONS
throughout the year. You will serve as scheduled.                Our mission is to provide Catholic Faith Development for
CONTACT          Teri Gagliano………...…….814-1011                  Children and Adults. Our goal is education so we may grow       PRAYER LINE
                                                                 in wisdom, strength and holiness in order to battle the         We pray for anyone who requests prayers. Each member
GIFT SHOP                                                        temptations of a secular world. The Education Program for       prays individually for those persons whose names are on
It is our mission to make available Catholic books, music,       Pre K (3 & 4 year olds) thru 12th Grade meet Sundays after      the prayer list.
rosaries and other items for your home. We pray these            the 9:30 a.m. Mass.
                                                                                                                                 CONTACT         Sharon Stice…………… 338-0207
sacramentals stand as a reminder that Christ should always       Adult Education meets Sundays after the 9:30 a.m. Mass and
be the focus center of your lives.                               Tuesday Evenings at 7 p.m.                                      WEB PAGE
CONTACT                    Gini Kerr…………338-1559                 CONTACT                  Parma Boyle……….338-2767                We are responsible for maintaining and updating our
                                                                 BIBLE STUDY             Jan Smith……………… 814-0900                church website. Knowledge of computers or digital
                                                                                                                                 cameras necessary.
GROUNDS                                                          USHERS
Responsible, year round, for the upkeep and beauty of the                                                                        CONTACT                 Don Boyle……….338-0193
                                                                 Our mission is to insure the safety and comfort of
parish grounds, Father’s rectory, and the Grotto area.           parishioners before, during and after Mass. Ushers open and
CONTACT                      Don Boyle……….338-0193               lock the building, help with seating, collections and handing   PARISH NEWSLETTER
                                                                 out bulletins at the end of Mass. We assist if problems occur   We provide a Quarterly Newsletter to help inform the
                                                                 in the congregation. All adults 17 and over are invited to be   parishioners about upcoming events, daily news and
                                                                 ushers during Mass.                                             areas of need.
                                                                 CONTACT                      Jim Gutsell……..472-0694            CONTACT          Elizabeth Thomaston…338-1080
OUTREACH                                                       FINANCE
                                                               An advisory Council to the pastor for the purpose of
CARING HEARTS                                                  raising funds and properly allocating those
Our mission is to provide transportation and visitation to     contributions according to the needs of the parish.
hospitals, nursing homes and private homes for people with     CONTACTS Jim Mortek                       256 268-9316
special needs. Our ministry also includes providing food for                   Herb Kuntz                    525-5774
times of bereavement or immediate need.                                        Jay Willi                     338-3131
CONTACT          Barbara McGowin……….913-0029                                   Sarah Brazzolotto             338-6791
                                                                               Devon Bell                    338-8636
We are an outreach to the Hispanic population in the hope of
making them feel comfortable and more at home.
                                                                        RELIGIOUS ENRICHMENT
CONTACT      Sylvia Fredrickson...…338-7851
                   Mari Culver……525-0071                       CURSILLO
                                                               Cursillo is not a volunteer organization. Cursillo means in
SOCIAL CONCERNS                                                Spanish “little Course in Christianity” and begins with a 3
We assist parishioners and people of the community as
                                                               day weekend away living with other Catholics and learning
needed throughout the year. Projects include: Blood Drive,
                                                               more about Jesus and how to have a closer walk with Him.
Thanksgiving Food Baskets, Christmas Angel Tree and Yard
                                                               Afterwards, the “Cursillista” meets weekly with a group of
                                                               other Cursillistas who pray with and encourage him/her in
CONTACT                        Sonia Dale…....525-0097         following a plan of spiritual formation, prayer and
                               Ann Reddy…..763-1512            evangelism aimed at befriending others and loving them into
PRO LIFE COMMITTEE                                             a relationship with the Lord.
To preserve the dignity of    life from conception until       CONTACT            Charmaine Booker….…..814-5772
CONTACT             Marcia Mortek……...….352-4533               LEGION OF MARY                Jeannie Reid….338-4277

         SPECIAL ORGANIZATIONS                                         ELECTED PARISH COUNCIL

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL #12270                                       An advisory Council to the pastor.
The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization opened     Pastor                         Fr. Michael F. Sexton
to male Catholics18 years of age and older who are in good     President                  Larry Reese…..640-4328
standing with the Faith. They meet on the first Wednesday      Vice President               John Stice…..338-0207
of the month after the 7 p.m. Mass. Some of the activities
are the men’s breakfast, held every 2nd Sunday of the                          ELECTED MEMBERS
month, and various activities such as the Tootsie Roll drive           Enid Willi           338-3131
and other community service projects. Be sure to take
advantage of the Kof C personal Insurance policies.
                                                                       Laura Headley
                                                                       Brian Murphree
                                                                                                                              Our Lady of the Lake
CONTACT                Roger Carreker….….338-3580
                                                                       Robert Lewis
                                                                       Paul Emerick
                                                                                            338-7285                            Catholic Church
We are a ministry of fun! We meet every third Wednesday                Kelly Cardenas       338-2197
of the month for fun and games at 10:00 a.m. Lunch at 11:30            Francie Poteracki    338-3381                           4609 Martin Street South
(potluck) JOIN US!                                                                                                                Cropwell, AL 35054
CONTACT          Larry & Rita Martens……338-6927
                                                                                                                                 Office 205 525-5161
SOCIAL/HOSPITALITY                                                                                                                 Fax 205 525-5162
Our mission is fellowship! Help us gather people together
for fun and fellowship through social gatherings.                                                                            Email
CONTACT                      Anna Emerick…473-5273                                  September 2010

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