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									                               CV - Dr. Alan Williams

Personal details:

-   Permanent Resident of Thailand                        - Age 65 (at Jan 2010)
-   Australian Citizen                                    - DOB - 4 Jan 1945
-   Permanent home - Bangkok, Thailand                    - Tel: mobile + 66 (0)8 1808 8155
-   E-mail

University Lecturer and associated experiences:

      Thammasat Busines School (Thammasat University), Bangkok, Thailand – 2009 - 2010:
       o   Thammasat Business School – Presentation (Building a performance culture) for visiting MBA
           students from The international Graduate School, Geneva University, Switzerland.
       o   Thammasat Business School - Develop and present 'Building Performance Based Organizations in
           Thailand'for visiting MBA students, coordinated by Dr. Wannee and Dr. Lisa Tbs.
       o   BBA program: Management / Corporate Communications, Developing Management Skills.
       o   IMBA program: Leadership and Power.
       o   Lectures for doctoral student group, leadership behavior, motivated organizations
       o   Member of committee to assess potential incoming students
       o   Advisor to student team for international case study competitions. (Oct/Nov 09, accompanied
            Thammasat Business School tem to international business Challenge event at University of
            Texas, Austin.)

-   AIT, Hanoi Vietnam - 2009:
       o Executive CEO MBA program, focus on behavioral competencies / leadership behavioral competencies
           and effect on competitive advantage.

-   Mahidol University, Bangkok - 2004:
      o Whilst executive of Hay Group management consultants, advisor on course design,wrote and
          presented 50% of lectures in Masters degree in HR and Organization Development. Subjects included:
          Leadership behavior, Org. Development theories and their application to bus. performance,
          Communications, Org. Behavior. Competency testing. Panel member for masters students Independent
          study presentations and assessment of pass / distinction / fail etc.

-   Burapha University, Bang Saen - 2007:
       o Invited lecturer for two doctoral programs in Education and Organization Development. Lectures mainly
           in terms of behavior of executives and effect on learning and motivation and organization capability.

-   NIDA, Bangkok, Masters degree in Organization Development - 2007:
       o Invited lecturer in modern approaches to research based assessment of executive behaviors and their
           value in terms of building productive and innovative organizations.

    Education, etc:

-   Bachelor Degree in Education (University of Tasmania), completed all units for Bachelor of Economics
    (University of New South Wales)
-   Masters of Science Degree in Organization Development (MITASH University, USA)
-   Ph.D. in Organization Development (Organization Behavior, Leadership & Business Performance) (MITASH
    University, USA)

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          Other education and development programs completed:

    -     Completed numerous development programs conducted by the Institute of Personnel Management of Australia,
          and the Australian Human Resources Institute, also professional membership of these organizations
    -     Completed various research based Hay/McBer Leadership programs, Completed the Louis Allen leadership
          program conducted by the Singapore Institute of Management.
    -     Completed various courses & programs in the theory & presentation of management & leadership development
          programs conducted by HayGroup, DDI International, The American management Association, and Stratagem
          Business Education Corporation of South Africa.

    Major consulting skills and experience:

    The impact of leadership behaviors on work climate, on business results, on generating creativity and competitive advantage.
    Also, assessment of individual Leadership behaviors and assessment of organization behavior. Also, design and establishment
    of agreed corporate behaviors. Linking managerial activity and responsibility to business goals and managing performance.
    Aligning organizational design to business purpose, Executive Coaching, Design and implementation of major change,
    Succession Planning and Talent Management, Reward modeling, Job Evaluation, Etc.

    Recently presented leadership behavioral programs for: Ricoh – HK, St-Gobain Abrasives - Singapore & Thailand, Defence
    Science Org. of the Singapore Defence Ministry, Govt. Pension Fund of Thailand, Eltec – China, Dumex - Indonesia, Savi-Tech
    International - Singapore, Brands Advertising - Indonesia, Leo Burnett Advertising – Indonesia, Sumitomo Chemicals, S’porw,
    CAT Telecom - Thailand, Siemens - Thailand. HMC Polymers - Thailand.

    In partnerships with CEOs and Organization Development Directors, Alan regularly designs Leadership behavior models and
    presents leadership behavior development programs all over Asia. Recently designed and presentation OD knowledge
    development program in Shanghai, China for MANN+HUMMEL (Germany).


-   English language – Native speaker.                            Thai language – Intermediate level conversation


        2002             Presented lecture (by invitation) to Indonesian Management Society, Jakarta – Competency testing,
                         approaches to Leadership development, & linkages to business performance.

        1997             Presentation (by invitation) to Megas Division of Pertamina (Indonesia), Surabiya, Indonesia. Expertise
                         swap to advise senior ministerial officers regarding Accountability Management, Learning Org’s. , Senior
                         Management Development & Behavior, and Experiential Learning.

        Summary of Work Experience:

        1999 – 2009     HayGroup – Director, Thailand, Design and presentation of various OD value added programs – focus on
                        Leadership Behaviors based on research incl. behavioral assessment: Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia,
                        Indonesia, HK, China, Japan. Invited OD & leadership work in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, & Vietnam.

        1999            KOA Oil Company, Japan.(KOA Oil, is a Chevron Texaco associate company). Advise Japanese &
                        Western directors and senior managers on OD & change management design and implementation, and
                        advanced concepts of leadership, main focus on behavior. Directly oversee design of all communications
                        activities during major change project. Advise senior management on reward philosophies and moving the
                        organization structure to align to business purpose and strategies. Advise senior management on
                        competency development & testing, Learning Organizations, Open-Book Management, Senior
                        Management Development, and succession planning. (Plus associated work in Korea, & the Philippines.)

        1990 -          Star Petroleum, Rayong Province, Thailand (A Chevron Texaco associate company) Manager,
        1998            Organization Capability Division, and Organizational Development.

        1971 - 1990     BP Australia Limited, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore.HR OD Process Division, small unit set
                        up to research global best practice in organization / people processes, linking people management and
                        MBO, and accountability cascading processes, gaining stronger focus on business, etc. Coach senior
                        management, and numerous other Organization Development projects.                           End.

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