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					Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Hands – On - Training

Name:_____________________ Begin Date:______________ End date:__________

Lessons                       Practice - Assignments                             Date:
                              Make the Files Editable pg xiii
                              Make File extensions visible xiv
Lesson 1:                     What’s New – Look at the new CS3 Professional      Write a paragraph on
Getting Started               Why use Flash CS3                                  what is new in Flash and
                              What’s New                                         the costs to purchase the
                              Flash, Player, or Flash Lite                       software, machine
                              File Types .as,.fla, .flv, .swf. , .exe, .app      requirements, and list
                              What’s Apollo?, CGI, XML, JavaScript..             additional resources on
                                                                                 using Flash.
Lesson 2:                            Explore the Welcome Screen
Understanding the Interface          The Document Window
                                     Tool Panel Overview
                                     Ex 1 Shortcut Keys
Lesson 3:                       Drawing Tools Defined Lines, Strokes and Fills   Draw some original
Using the Drawing and Color    Ex 1 Drawing with the Pencil Tool                shapes and add gradients.
Tools                          Ex 2 Oval and Rectangle Tool
                               Ex 3 Using Brush Tool
                               Video
                               Ex 4 Modifying Lines and Shapes
                               Ex 5 Modifying Strokes and Fills
                              Understanding the Flash Drawing Models
                               Ex 6 Merge and Object Drawing Models
                               Ex 7 Grouping Objects
                               Ex 8 Creating Gradients
                               Ex 9 Drawing with the Pen Tool
                               Ex 10 Modifying Paths
Lesson 4:                          Timeline Projects and Movies                         Xboard
Animating in Flash                 Ex 1 Document Properties                             Snowboard
                              Understanding Keyframes and Frames                         Up and down the
                                   Ex 2 Frame-by-Frame Animation                         hill
                                       (keyframes)                                       Jump Hill
                              What is Frame Rate and Recommended Rates                    Add more hills
                                   Ex 3 Inserting and Deleting Frames                   Create your own
                                   Ex 4 Copying and Reversing Frames                     name and test
                                   Ex 5 Using Onion Skinning
                                   Ex 6 Testing Movies
                              Defining a Default Browser

                              Original Onion skin example
Lesson 5:                 What is Shape Tweening                        Find 3 Flash articles with
Shape Tweening                 Ex. 1 Shape Tweening                    examples of shape
                               Ex 2. Using Shape Hints                 tweening.
                               Ex 3. Multiple Shape Tweens             1. shape to boarding –
                          Video: see from older book                        xboarding
                          Understanding Layer Properites                2. 5 different shapes

                          Original: Shape Tweening

Lesson 6:                 The Symbol and Instance Structure             Snowflake
Symbols and Instances     Symbol Naming Conventions                     Snowflakes falling
                          Important Timeline Vocabulary Terms           Shading snowflakes
                               Ex 1. Creating Graphic Symbols          Change shape size
                          What is the Library?                          Transform shapes
                                                                        Snowflakes drop out of
                          Converting to Symbol/dialog box
                          What is a Registration Point?
                          Five ways to Create a Symbol                  Create original examples.
                                 2. Creating Symbol Instances
                                 3. Editing Symbols and Instances
                          Remove Color Styles
                          Changing Registration Point
                          Color Styles
                                 4/5. Animating Graphic Symbols
Lesson 7                  What are Blend Modes?                         Please write a summary
Filters and Blend Modes   Basics                                        that explains what are
                                Ex 1 Working with Blend Modes          Blend Modes and their
                          Filters: drop shadow, glow, gradient glow,    purpose.
                          bevel, gradient bevel, blur, adjust color
                                Ex 2 Working with Filters              Snowboarders jacket
                                Ex 3 Colorizing a Grayscale Image      Buttons
                          Filters and Flash Player Performance
Lesson 8                  Shape Tweening vs Motion Tweening             Shape tweens shapes into
Motion Tweening and       Ex 1 Understanding Basic Motion Tweening      another shape
                                                                        Motion works with groups, text,
Timeline Effects          Ex 2 Using Tweening Effects                   or symbols to animate.
                          Ex 3 Editing Multiple Frames
                          Ex 4 Using a Motion Guide                     Please create original
                          Ex 5 Using the Custom Ease Control            examples of both.
                               Ease In and Ease Out (test your work)
                          Video                          Snowboarder peaks and
                          Ex 6 Animating Text                           flips.
                          Motion Tweening Options and Limitations       Free transform
                          What are Timeline Effects?                    Extending the animation
                          Using Timeline Effects Assistants             Follow the snow flake
                          Read the Tip and Note:                        Big air
                          New Interface designs: save in new folder     New Interface designs
                          Ex 8 Animating with the Blur Filter           Blur Snowboarder
                          Ex 9 Animating with the Drop Shadow Filter    Drop shadow snowboard
                             Understanding the drop shadow settings

Lesson 9                     Understanding the Benefits of Bitmaps
Working with Bitmaps         File Types
                                                                           Import image lady in
                             Compression in Flash CS3                      snow (bitmap)
                             Ex 1 Importing and compressing bitmaps        Mt top
                             Why is File Size Important          
                             Properties and Dialog box                     Snowboarder appears
                             Ex 2 Importing Bitmap Sequences               Create your own
                                                                           And save all files
                             Ex 3 Converting Bitmaps to Vectors            anyways
                             Trace Bitmap
                             Ex 4 Using Basic Masking
                             Ex 5 Using Animated Masks
                             Ex 6 Animating Bitmaps

Lesson 10:                        Ex 1. Creating Rollover
                                                    Buttons                Show examples
Buttons – States and Types   Button Naming Conventions                     Background button
                                                                           What is the difference
                                        2. Creating Rollover with Text
                                                                           between duplicate vs
                                        3. Duplicating and Aligning
                                                                           instance. Which do you
                                        4. Adding Sound to Buttons        prefer and why?
                                        5. Creating Invisible Buttons

Lesson 11:                   What is a Movie Clip?                         The blue logo
Movie Clips                       Ex 1. Creating Movie Clip               Add a new logo
                             Modifying Movie Clip Instances
                                  2. Animated Graphic Symbols vs Clip     Create an animated
                                  3. Creating Animated Rollover Button    movie.
                                  4. Animated and in Action
Lesson : 12                  Learn the Action Panel where                  Slide up and down hill
ActionScript Basic and       ActionScripts 3.0 Elements
Behaviors                    Ex 1 Controling the timeline                  Slide show ex 3
                             Adding layer for Frame Action
                             Interactivity and Actions: Events and Event   Web Page
                             Mouse Events, Keyboard Events, Movie Clip     Behavior buttons /color
                             Events, Timeline Events
                                  Ex 2 controlling Movie Clips            Pop-Up Menu
                             The power of Movie Clip Symbols/
                             Understanding target paths
                                  Ex 3 Using Conditional Statements
                                  Ex 4. Using navigate ToURL Function
                                  Ex 5. Pop-Up Menu Frame Labels
                           What are Frame Labels?
                                  Ex 6. Loading Movies using Loader
Lesson 12 con’t                   using Frame Label

                           Original – Two Scene Example

Lesson 13:                 Text Field types and boxes                          What is the Bandwidth
Working with Text          Creating, Modifying, and Formatting text            Profiler?
                                  Ex 1. Static Text and Device Fonts          Embedded fonts vs
                                  Ex 2. Small and Alias Text                  Device Fonts
                                  Ex 3. Loading text file in dynamic text
                                   field                                       Please answer this
                                Ex 4. working with dynamic text and html      question.
                                Ex 5. Working with Input Text

                           Original Dynamic Text Example
Lesson 14: Sound                Ex 1. Importing sounds                        What kind of sounds can I
                                Ex 2. Compressing sound                       import?
                                Ex 3. Creating Background with effects
                           Modifying sound settings                            Sound Compression?
                                Ex 4. Adding sound using ActionScripts        Explain.
                                Ex 5. Controlling Sound with On/Off
                                                                               Adding sound : show
                                   Ex 6 Compression settings for Narration
                                Ex 7. Synchronizing, to Narration Cues
                                Ex 8. Controlling Animation and Sound         Stop and Play
                                   with stop and play
                                  Ex Adding Volume Control

Lesson 15:                         Ex 1 Creating Form                         Custom Boards
Components and Forms               Ex 2 Configuring Components
                                   Ex 3 Modifying ActionScrpt 3.0
                                    components skins
                                Adobe Flash Exchange
                           Original works forms and examples from
Lesson 16                  Importing Video into Flash CS3                      FLV
Video                      Video Features                                      Stream or Embed or Link
                               Ex 1 Import Video
                           Compression Settings
                                  Ex 2 Controlling Video with stop and Play
                                  Ex 3 Controlling Video by Targeting Frame
                                  Ex 4 Editing Video
                                  Ex 5 Using the Flash Video Encoder

Lesson 17                         Ex 1 Using Flash CS3 with HTML              Make sure swf and html
Publishing and Exporting          Ex 2 Creating Projectors                    are in the same folder
                                  Ex 3 Modifying with FSCommands              when uploading
                               Publish or Export ,                              Learn Flash settings
                                    Exporting Image Files                      Gif Settings/ Jpeg/PNG
                                    Top Tips for Optimizing Movies             Projector/ Quicktime
                                    All Settings                               Saving and Optimizing

Lesson 18                            Ex 1 Understanding the Big Picture        Design a Preloader
Putting It All Together              Ex 2 Examining the Timeline
                                      Examining Layers                          Design Draggable Movies
                                    Ex 3 Investigating the Library
                               Management and Library Organization
                                    Ex 4 Investigating the Library
                                    Ex 5 Using Movie Explorer
                                    Ex 6 Building PreLoader
                                    Ex 7 Printing From Project File
                                    Ex 8 Printing from Flash Player
                                    Ex 8 Draggable Movies
Lesson 19                           Ex 1 Fireworks                             Importing Vector Files
Integration                         Ex 2 Dreamweaver
                                    Ex 3 Illustrator Content
                                    Ex 4 Importing Photoshop Content
                                    Ex 5 Creating Accessible Content
                                    Nemo….
Final Flash Project                 Original
                                    Worksheets and Study Guides done in
Tests:                             
1- Introduction to Flash            After Chapter 2
2 – Using the Tool Box              After Chapter 5
3 – Creating Animation              After Chapter 8
4 – Creating Buttons Actions        After Chapter 13
and Sounds
5 – Using Bitmap Gradients           After Chapter 17
and Publishing
                                     Combination of all tests and worksheets
Final Exam

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