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									                                                                                Newsletter Of


                                                                              Volume 6 Issue 19
                                                                         XMAS 2010 /NEW YEAR 2011

                                                                         Editorial Newsletter         2

                                                                         Marilyn’s Desk               3

                                                                         Service in Focus             4

                                                                         Volunteers Tales             5

                                                                         ARC Matters                  7

                                                                         Consumer News                8

                                                                         Fact or Fiction ?            9

                                                                         Positive Affirmations        9
                                                                         Wellbeing -Coping Strategies 12

                                                                         Wellbeing - Foot Care        12

                                                                         Wellbeing - Aromatherapy 13

                                                                         What Does that Word Mean     17

                                                                         What Am I Taking?            18

                                                                         Recipes - The Kitchen Table 24

                                                                         Short Stories, Poems         26

                                                                         Book and Film Reviews        31

                                                                         Movin’ On Program & HBO      35

                                                                         APROTCH What’s Happening ?   38

                                                                         APROTCH 2010 PROGRAM         39

                                                                             WEBSITE INFORMATION
         THOSE OF APROTCH AND BALLARAT COMMUNITY HEALTH.                      Check out the websites
                                                                           referenced in MOMENTUM
                                                                                 mental health &
                                                                               general health issues
   Page 2                                         MOMENTUM

                                    KAS’S CORNER
                          Welcome   to              Acts of Kindness                CHRISTMAS
                          Momentum             Christmas can be a difficult
                          Xmas Edition         time for many people.
 TO HAVE YOUR                                                                 May you have the gladness
                          2010.                Take the time to undertake     of Christmas which is hope;
                 Hasn’t the year gone          Acts of Kindness wherever         The spirit of Christmas
CONTRIBUTIONS!                                 you can! There are many              which is peace;
                                               things you can do. Invite         The heart of Christmas
                                               someone to share                      which is love.
                 All the members of                                                 ~Ada V. Hendricks
                                               Christmas day, Smile at
                 M o m e n t u m
                                               shop assistants and
                 Newsletter   Team,                                            Christmas Gift
                                               shoppers, offer to let
                 Volunteers,    and                                             Suggestions:
                                               someone in line in front of
                 APROTCH Staff wish            you. Let someone have
                                                                              To your enemy, forgiveness.
 T H A N KS      everyone   a  very            that parking space. Tell       To an opponent, tolerance.
                 M e r r y                     someone what a great job
   to Our        Christmas                     they have done. Let people
                                                                                To a friend, your heart.
                                                                                To a customer, service.
                 and a Happy                   know you care about them.            To all, charity.
 Newsletter      New Year.                     Your act of kindness may             To every child,
                                                                                   a good example.
                                               really make a difference to
   Team                                        someones day or even
                                                                                 To yourself, respect.
                 Kas ~Editor                                                          ~Oren Arnold

    Troy                                       their life!          Kas            Submitted by Kas

     Lan                                      MOMENTUM
   Diane                                     INFORMATION
                                           NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTIONS
                 If you are interested in being a part of the newsletter team please speak to Kas or
   David         another staff member at A.P.R.O.T.C.H. Previous experience not necessary!
    John         Your ideas and assistance are vital to the production of the Newsletter! You don’t
                 have to be a member of the Newsletter team to contribute an article☺ We
  Kathryn        appreciate all your contributions. They are important because it’s your
                 contributions that make this your newsletter! Contributions may be made
   Alison        anonymously or if you would like your submission acknowledged please supply a
                 name. Please include the original source and the author if the article is
     Kas         not your own. If you would like assistance to write your article, or to type it using
                 one of the computers at A.P.R.O.T.C.H. then please let us know and we will
        &        organise a time. The newsletter team can also type your contribution if you are
 Everyone who    unable to.
                                              NEWSLETTER BOX
   articles !
 THANKS☺         Newsletter Suggestions and articles can be placed in the Newsletter Box, located
                 in the Lounge Room at A.P.R.O.T.C.H or
                 Mail to: APROTCH, ‘Momentum Newsletter’,
                          Attention: Kas
                          P.O. Box 1156,
                            Bakery Hill,
                            Victoria 3354

                 MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
                         Volume 6 Issue 19                                     Page 3

                                        MARILYN’S DESK
                                We also bid farewell to
                                Tonya Lewis who is taking a
                                position at Ballarat Health
                                Psychiatric Services.

                                On behalf of myself and the
                                                                 And the Grinch, with his Grinch-
                                team at APROTCH we wish               feet ice cold in the snow,
Hello Momentum Readers          you all a safe and happy           stood puzzling and puzzling,
The year has certainly          Christmas and best wishes        how could it be so?                   It
flown.                          for the New Year.                 came without ribbons.               It
                                                                  came without tags.                 It
                           Warm Regards                           came without packages, boxes
We have welcomed two new                                           or bags.                 And he
                           Marilyn Gale
additions to our staff.                                           puzzled and puzzled        'till his
Melissa Harris has joined  Mental Health Coordinator               puzzler was sore.      Then the
the Movin On Program,                                            Grinch thought of something he
                           Ballarat Community Health
                                                                   hadn't before. What if Christ-
Tammy Archdall is our
                                                                  mas, he thought, doesn't come
Customer Service Team                                            from a store. What if Christmas,
Member and Emma Wallish                                          perhaps, means a little bit more.
has returned to Home Based                                                    ~Dr Seuss
Outreach one day a week.

    Lao Tzu fell asleep and dreamt                       Love who you are and what
           He was a butterfly.                            You are and what you do.
       Upon awakening he asked,
                                                         Laugh at yourself and at life,
           “Am I a man who                               And nothing can touch you.
        Has just been dreaming                            It’s all temporary anyway.
        That he was a butterfly?                         Next lifetime you will do it
         Or a sleeping butterfly
                                                          Differently anyway, so why
          Now dreaming he is
                                                          Not do it differently now?
                 A man.

              By Lao Tzu                                       By Louise L Hay

             Submitted by Kas                                     Submitted by Kas

                      MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
        Page 4                                                              MOMENTUM

                                         IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR THE PRINTING
                                                    OF MOMENTUM NEWSLETTER
                                                    PLEASE CONTACT APROTCH.

                             SERVICE IN FOCUS:
                          VOLUNTEER CONNECTIONS

    VOLUNTEER                               SO WHY VOLUNTEER ?                              use this service you can access their

   CONNECTIONS                              Volunteering your time, skills and energy
                                                                                            website at

                                            to give back to the community gives you a
VolunteerConnections has been
                                                                                            Once registered you can access the
                                            sense of satisfaction. To be able to share
developed as one way to match
                                                                                            organisations that are looking for
                                            your skills with others and know that they
volunteers with organisations who                                                           volunteers and read a description on the
                                            are going to benefit from learning from you
are looking for volunteers.                                                                 position available, you can then apply on
                                            is a wonderful experience.
                                                                                            line for these volunteer positions.
                                            There are also many benefits from being a

VolunteerConnections aims to                volunteer too, you get to learn more skills

support both volunteers and                 and add valuable experience to your CV.         If you do not have computer access or

                                            You can earn credits towards degrees and        are unable to use a computer then you
organizations that are looking for
                                            you can gain further qualifications.            can go into the office at 3 Peel Street
more information about volunteering.
                                                                                            Ballarat ph. 5331 5555. The office is open
                                            Volunteering can also be fun and you get
                                                                                            from – 3 p.m. Monday to Friday
                                            to meet some really wonderful people.
VolunteerConnections has developed                                                          and there will be someone there available
                                            To volunteer you need time, commitment,
a secure interactive database that can                                                      to help you with enquiries and
                                            energy, passion and good organisational
be accessed by both volunteers and                                                          registration.
                                            skills. Volunteers come from all walks of

                                                                                            The web site and registration process is
                                            There are many organisations out there
Organisations are able to directly                                                          going to go under review in the near
                                            that need volunteers.
place available volunteering positions                                                      future so there may be some changes as
                                            Aged Care, Hospitals, Mentoring groups,
onto the portal.                                                                            to how you register or whether you
                                            Animal care, Foster care, Disability, Retail,
                                                                                            need to register. More information can
                                            Administration and many more.
                                                                                            be found on their website or by
There are currently 125
                                                                                            contacting them directly.
organisations registered, with 202
                                            To find out more about
vacancies within 77 positions.                                                              From website and brochures
                                            VolunteerConnections or to register to

                                 MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 5                                                          MOMENTUM

                              Coping with Christmas Stress
                                           If you have a large circle                 THE CHRISTMAS LUNCH (OR DINNER)
                                           of extended family or
                                                                                      Stress reduction strategies include:
                                           friends to buy gifts for,
                                           it can be very costly.                      If you are cooking lunch at home,
                                           You might be able to                       delegate tasks. You don't need to do
                                           reduce the stress and                      everything yourself.
                                           cost of Christmas for everyone if you
                                           suggest a change in the way your            Consider keeping it simple - for
                                           family and friends give presents. For      instance, you could always arrange for a
 CHRISTMAS STRESS                          example, you could suggest that your       'buffet' lunch, where everybody brings a
Christmas can be a stressful time. The     group:                                     platter.
expense of buying gifts, the pressure of                                               Buy as many non-perishable food
last minute shopping and the                  Buy presents only for the
                                           children.                                  items as you can in advance -
heightened expectations of family                                                     supermarkets on Christmas Eve are
togetherness can all combine to             Have a Kris Kringle, where
undermine our best intentions. Some                                                   generally extremely busy.
                                           everyone draws a name out of a hat
practical suggestions can help you         and buys a present only for that            You may need to order particular
reduce your 'Christmas stress'.            person.                                    food items (such as turkeys) from your
                                                                                      supermarket by a certain date. Check to
                                           Set a limit on the cost of presents.       avoid disappointment.
For many of us, the Christmas
                                           CHRISTMAS SHOPPING                          Consider doing your food shopping
aftermath includes massive credit card
                                                                                      online. The store will deliver your
bills that can take months to clear.
                                           According to a recent study by Roy         groceries to your door. (Keep in mind
Christmas doesn't have to be a financial
                                           Morgan Research, around 60 per cent        this option is more expensive than visiting
headache if you plan ahead.                of Australians dislike Christmas           the supermarket yourself.)
Stress reduction strategies include:       shopping, just 20 per cent plan their
                                                                                      Book well in advance if you plan to have
As early as you can in the New             shopping expeditions, and the majority     lunch at a restaurant. Some restaurants
Year, work out a rough budget of           of us (nearly 75 per cent) often come      may be fully booked for months before
expected Christmas costs. Don't            home without a single purchase for         Christmas, so don't wait till the last
forget 'hidden'                            our efforts. Stress reduction strategies
                                           for successful Christmas shopping          minute.
 expenses such as food bills and         include:
overseas telephone charges.                                                           RELATIONSHIPS
                                              Make a list of all the gifts you      Stress, anxiety and depression are
 Calculate how much disposable           wish to buy before you go shopping. If     common during the festive season. If
income you have between now and            you wait for inspiration to strike, you    nothing else, reassure yourself that these
Christmas. A certain percentage of this    could be wandering aimlessly around        feelings are normal. Stress reduction
can be dedicated each week (or
                                           the shopping centre for hours.             strategies include:
fortnight or month) to covering your
expected Christmas costs. Don't be          Buy a few extras, such as                Don't expect miracles. If you and
discouraged if the amount seems small.     chocolates, just in case you forget        certain family members bicker all year
If you save $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 per    somebody or you have unexpected            long, you can be sure there'll be tension at
week over a year, it can provide you       guests bearing gifts.                      Christmas lunch.
with a hefty nest egg.
                                            If possible, do your Christmas           Avoid known triggers. For example, if
  If your nest egg isn't enough to       shopping early - in the first week of      politics is a touchy subject in your family,
cover your estimated expenses,             December or even in November.              don't talk about it. If someone brings up
perhaps you may need to refigure your      Some well-organised people do their        the topic, use distraction and quickly
Christmas budget to a more realistic       Christmas shopping gradually over the      move onto something else to talk about.
amount.                                    course of the year, starting with the
                                           post-Christmas sales.
                                                                                       Use relaxation techniques, such as
  If you have trouble keeping your                                                  deep breathing or focusing on
hands off your Christmas nest egg,                                                    your breath, to cope.
consider opening a 'Christmas Club'        Buy your gifts by mail catalogue or
                                           over the Internet. Some companies          Better Health Channel
account.                                   will also gift-wrap and post your
PRESENTS                                   presents for a small additional fee.       chridtmas_tips_to_reduce_the_stress
                                                                                      Submitted by Kas

                            MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 6                                                        MOMENTUM

                                CHRISTMAS DEPRESSION
                                         Not all holiday depression has             A bad moment (even a really long one
                                         anything to do with loss or failure or     that last several weeks) does not have
                                         death, or even anything obvious.           to ruin a future. Unfortunately people
                                         Sometimes people tend to just get          who find themselves depressed and do
                                         depressed around the holidays. Yet         nothing about it are prone to staying
                                         those without an obvious “reason”          depressed. Depression can interfere
                                         feel that they really shouldn’t be         with job performance, friendships,
                                         depressed and are least likely to          romantic relationships, parenting
                                         reach out for help. It’s as though         ability, self care, and even the ability to    people who have experienced trauma         take care of the dog. It can lead to
                                         have more of a “right” to experience       losses of these very important things if
Christmas time is the most likely        holiday depression than those who          the depression becomes serious
time of the year to experience           appear to have everything that could       enough.
depression. The suicide rate is          need or want.
higher during December than any                                                     The onset of Christmas depression can
other month, which tells us that         People fail to recognise that holidays     sneak up on you in numerous forms.
Christmas depression should be           are stressful enough to trigger a          You may simply start to feel more tired
taken quite seriously. Depression at     depression. Sometimes the hustle and       than normal or start sleeping through
Christmas time can be triggered by       bustle and the need to produce (food,      the alarm. You may procrastinate on
a multitude of things, such as losses,   presents, parties, and the lot) are        holiday shopping, even when those
failures, and loneliness. These          enough to seriously frustrate a            events that require your participation
elements are exacerbated this time       person right into a depression.            are only a few days away. You may
of year. People who have had             Feeling disconnected with the              start to feel randomly irritable, or snap
deaths in the family or have             holidays can easily lead to a mild to      at people without provocation. You
experienced divorce or the loss of a     moderate depression.                       may start to feel disconnected with the
child are more prone to depression,                                                 world and withdraw from those around
especially during the holiday season.    Whether dealing with a loss or             you, even children. These are all signs
                                         change or simply feeling overwhelmed       that you are experiencing at least some
It can be especially difficult to cope   by holiday sadness, the number             form of holiday depression, and
with a Christmas depression              one most important thing                   warning signs that you may need help
because everyone else seems so           anyone can do is to tell                   in dealing with whatever is making you
joyous, so reaching out feels more       someone. Asking for help is a sign of      feel this way.
awkward and more remote. We              strength, not weakness. Over the
don’t want to bring down those           past ten years there has been a great      Dealing with a holiday depression once
around us, we don’t want to feel         awakening, so to speak, that has           you are able to recognise it is a vital
“different” or alienate ourselves,       illuminated the issue of Christmas         step in returning to a better state of
and we don’t want to draw                depression. People have become             health. Naturally, my first
attention to ourselves either. We        more educated and more                     recommendation is that you find a
tend to disassociate ourselves from      understanding about the phenomenon         good counsellor to speak with. The
our own feelings and ask ourselves       and often already know that someone        onset of holiday depression doesn’t
self defeating questions.                they love is suffering from depression     have to mean that you require long
                                         before there is any actual confession.     term counselling or even medication. It
We wonder what’s wrong with us                                                      may just mean you have to learn to set
and why we can’t just jump right on      If you are alone at Christmas time         better boundaries or learn to let go of
into the holiday cheer. This is          and you realise that you are coming        the past or learn better coping skills
supposed to be the happiest time of      down with holiday depression, reach        when it comes to dealing with a
the year and yet we can barely drag      out to someone by phone, whether it        tragedy. Nothing that you are
ourselves out of bed and become          is a friend, a relative, or a              experiencing is so terribly abnormal,
functional human beings. On top of       professional, just call someone. This is   and no one is going to react terribly to
feeling sad and dysfunctional, we        so important. There is nothing to be       you if you ask for help.
feel out of place, and somehow           ashamed of and there are plenty of
illegitimate in our feelings.            people willing and able to assist you.

                             MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 7                                                       MOMENTUM

                                CHRISTMAS DEPRESSION
A good counsellor can help you learn       The little extras                          Things to remember
to set “holiday boundaries” while you      Other ways you might be able to
are coping with holiday depression.        reduce the stress include:
                                                                                       Save a percentage of your
“Holiday boundaries” include things                                                   disposable income throughout the
like limiting the number of holiday         Write up a Christmas card list and year to provide a nest egg for
party invitations you and your family      keep it in a safe place so that you can    Christmas expenses.
accept, scaling down Christmas to a        refer to it (and add or delete names)
                                           year after year.
                                                                                       Make a list of all the gifts you
level that feels more reasonable to
                                                                                      wish to buy and shop early.
everyone, asking for help in the            Plan to write your Christmas
Christmas preparations, and perhaps        cards in early December. Book a date        Don't expect miracles - if you
dealing a little differently with the                                                 and certain family members bicker
                                           in your diary so you don't forget.
specific tasks that tend to depress                                                   all year long, you can be sure
you more. If wrapping presents              Christmas cards with 'Card only'        there'll be tension at Christmas
creates a huge sadness in you              marked on the envelope can be posted       lunch.
because it triggers emotion or a           at a reduced rate during November
memory, then perhaps you can get a         and December.
significant other, an older child, or
another relative to help you so that        Overseas mail at Christmas time
you don’t have to wrap nearly as           takes longer to arrive. Arrange to send
many. Sometimes just doing it with         cards or presents in the first half of
someone is enough to help keep             December, to avoid disappointments              It's the day before Christmas
your depression away.                      (and long queues at the post office).             And all through the house
                                           For great savings, buy Christmas                  The puppies are squeaking
 A Christmas depression is               necessities (such as cards, wrapping
                                                                                                An old rubber mouse.
usually more than just a simple case
                                           paper, ribbons and decorations) at             The wreath which had merrily
of the holiday blues, and it really                                                             Hung on the door
should be treated with more respect        post-Christmas sales.
                                                                                              Is scattered in pieces
than that. It is better to go to a                                                              All over the floor.
counsellor and have them tell you          General health and wellbeing
that you just have the “blues” and it      Some other ways to keep your stress               The stockings that hung
will pass than to sit on a serious         levels down include:                                In a neat little row
                                                                                              Now boast a hole in
depression and slowly watch your            Try to be moderate - it may be                  Each one of the toes.
world around you disassemble. A            the season to be jolly, but too much
holiday depression requires                food and alcohol is harmful, and drink
                                                                                             The tree was subjected
attention, especially one that                                                                To bright-eyed whims,
                                           driving is a real danger and illegal. If        And now, although splendid,
develops annually. While it may seem       you can't (or don't want to) step off
logical to believe that because it                                                           It's missing some limbs.
                                           the social merry-go-round, at least try
happens every year that it will just                                                       I catch them and hold them.
                                           to eat and drink in moderation.
keep leaving every year isn’t logic                                                              "Be good", I insist.
that should be counted on when help         Get enough sleep - plan for as                 They lick me, then run off
is so readily available, with anxiety or                                                   To see what they've missed.
                                           many early nights as you can.
tension.                                                                                    And now as I watch them
                                            Keep moving - keeping up your                 The thought comes to me,
 Family members involved in              regular exercise routine can give you             That their's is the spirit
after-lunch activities (such as cricket    the fitness and stamina to make it               That Christmas should be.
on the back lawn) are less likely to       through the demands of the festive
get into arguments. Plan for                                                               Should children and puppies
something to do as a group after                                                              Yet show us the way,
                                           Where to get help                                   And teach us the joy
lunch if necessary.                                                                      That should come with this day?
 People under stress tend to 'self-       Your doctor
                                                                                          Could they bring the message
medicate' with alcohol, cigarettes and      Financial planner                              That's written above,
other drugs. Try to remember that                                                          And tell us that, most of all
drugs can't solve problems or              Your local community health centre.
                                                                                               Christmas is love
alleviate stress in the long term.
                                                                                      Submitted by Kas

                            MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
       Page 8                                                           MOMENTUM

                                                                                        which family members to see during the
                                          Avoiding holiday family gatherings is one
                                                                                        holidays. You and your spouse might
                                          way you won't have to deal with stress or     both want to see different family
                                          anxiety. Celebrating with just your partner   members. The way to resolve this is to
                                                                                        split the time between the different
                                          and kids is much less stressful and           relatives. You can see one family one
                                          perfectly acceptable. However if you don't    week and the other family the next.
                                                                                        Compromising will prevent stressful
                                          want to skip family gatherings you should     situations.
                                          know how to cope with the stress that can
                                          come with this. Following are some steps      Family gatherings can be stressful,
                                          that can help you out.                        especially if you are hosting the party.
                                                                                        The pressure to make sure the food is
                                                                                        perfect can cause a lot of stress. A way
  How to Cope with                        STEP 1: TIME WILL
                                                                                        to prevent this is to delegate tasks.
Family Stress over the                    PASS                                          Have everyone bring a dish with them.
                                                                                        This way you don't have to worry about
      Holidays                            There is no need to get stressed out over     the food and if anyone doesn't like
                                          upcoming family gatherings during the         something, it's not your fault. If you are
                                                                                        really stressed out about cooking
                                          holidays. All you need to do is keep in       Christmas dinner for the family, you can
                                          mind that this time will pass. The holidays   always pick up pre-made foods from
Tips 4: Talk to friends about the                                                       the grocery store. A wide variety of pre-
                                          are only temporary. When going to a           made foods are on offer during this
feelings of stress you are
experiencing with your family.            family party that you are not looking         time of the year. Take advantage of
Don't keep it inside. It will make                                                      this.
                                          forward to, remember that the event will
you feel less isolated
                                          pass and before you know it you will be
Could you use some tips on how to         back in your own home. Thinking this way
                                                                                        STEP 3: KEEP AN OPEN MIND
cope with family stress over the          will help you cope with the stress you
holidays? The holidays can be a very      might be feeling during the gathering. Also   Another way to cope with stress is by
                                                                                        taking some time for yourself to
busy and stressful time for many          remember often, unresolved family             recharge your batteries. Take a bath,
people. There are many pressures          tensions will often persist-be prepared for   get your hair and nails done or even
                                                                                        take a nap. Taking some time out for
during this time of year, like doing      possible conflicts, and know what you can     yourself will eliminate stress. You can
Christmas shopping, making sure you       expect. If your mother always criticizes      also try getting some exercise. You can
                                                                                        go to your local gym or just take the
don't go over your budget, cooking        the way you look, be prepared for this.       dog for a long walk in the
Christmas dinner and hosting holiday                                                    neighborhood.
parties. One of the biggest stress
                                          A big mistake that is often made is that we
inducers can be your own family. The      think back to the Christmas we had as a       When meeting with family over the
holidays are usually when families get    child. As adults we try to re-create our      holidays, avoid any topics of
                                          childhood Christmas. We constantly stress     conversation that may cause
together and celebrate the season.        ourselves out by living up to other           controversy and get heated. Some
Sometimes the holidays are the only       people’s expectations. Don’t forget that      relatives might try to push your buttons.
                                          feelings of joy and happiness come from       Don't let them influence you. Try to
time when you get to see certain                                                        change the topic of conversation and
                                          the people around us, not from having the
family members. Families don't            perfect gifts, foods and decorations. It’s    keep your sense of humor. If that
                                          family that makes the holiday season so       doesn't work just bite your tongue and
always get along and tensions can                                                       don't say anything that you may regret
                                          special. Christmas is all about your
rise. Besides that, the pressure to       relationship with yourself, your family and   later on. Keep the peace by setting the
                                          friends. Make those relationships a           right example. Don't allow family
have the perfect movie-like holiday                                                     members to frustrate you and stress
celebration adds to the stress.                                                         you out. Just think that years later you
                                                                                        will be looking back on holiday
Whether you are the one throwing the                                                    gatherings and you will
                                          STEP 2: DECIDE WHICH RELATIVES
family gathering or the one going to      TO SEE                                        laugh about them. Also
                                                                                        don't forget to accept family
the family gathering, stress levels are                                                 members for who they are
sure to rise.                             Another stress inducer can be deciding        and to practice forgiveness.

                               MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
       Page 9                                                              MOMENTUM

                             COPING SKILLS AT CHRISTMAS
                                              frustrating for so many. People look at      helps you to respond to situations
                                              me with bleak resignation and say, “It’s     rather than react. It gives you time
                                              Christmas again”. I can count on the         to come up with a strategy –
                                              fingers of one hand the considerable         something to say or do that won’t
                                              number of people I’ve seen who say,          make things worse.
   COPING SKILLS                              “I’m so looking forward to Christmas”
                                              If it’s so stressful, hurtful and costly –
                                                                                           7. If the Holidays are making you
   AT CHRISTMAS                                                                            feel sad or downhearted, say,
                                              why do we do it?                             because it reminds you of a lost       I’m not being Scrooge, and I’m not
                                                                                           loved one, accept that this kind of
                                              saying people shouldn’t have holidays.       grief and loss is normal. Tell yourself
                                              Neither am I saying people should have       “I can cope and this will pass”.
Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s
                                              to go to therapy so that our income          Distract yourself as best you can. If
also the time when we might need
                                              doesn’t suffer. But if we have to ‘do’       the loss is a child, consider buying a
coping skills more than any other
                                              Christmas, then here are some tips on        gift appropriate for a child of the age
time.                                                                                      your child would have been now and
                                              how to get through it all in the best
I’m thinking of the family bust-ups                                                        put it under the community tree.
                                              possible shape.
when people feel forced to come
together to be with people they               MY TOP TEN TIPS TO                           8. Don’t feel guilty because you
really don’t get along with                   GET THROUGH THE                              can’t provide everything for your
“Because it’s Christmas”. What                HOLIDAYS                                     family that you think will make them
should be a healing time of peace                                                          happy. Lots of people feel guilty
                                              1. Make a budget and stick to it. You        because they can’t buy expensive
and goodwill can often be a                   can still have a nice time without
nightmare, putting strain on                                                               toys or presents or have a holiday
                                              cracking the credit card.                    trip. Guilt is a destructive emotion
relationships and families.
                                              2. If there are stressful, ‘prickly’         and just makes you feel bad.
This is the time when attending
                                              family occasions you don’t absolutely        9. Remind yourself (and your
therapy or counselling could be a
                                              have to go to, don’t! It might be hard       family?) about what Christmas is
constructive, healing process, but
                                              to say no but you can do it (see my          really about – celebrating the life of
ends up in the New Year with
having to go over old ground or               new article on How to say no).               a person who believed in peace and
putting out spot fires started over           3. If you do decide to go to a difficult     love. Are these gifts more precious
Christmas Dinner.                             family get together, be as positive as       than a computer game?
Yet, I wonder how many                        you can about it. Especially – don’t         10. Don’t wear yourself out – don’t
psychologists in Melbourne in                 drink too much. You know this can            beat yourself up. Be kind to yourself
private practice are gearing up for           be disastrous (no matter how stressed        – take it slowly – ease your foot off
their annual loss in revenue due to           or happy you are)                            the gas pedal. Especially – don’t
‘The Silly Season’? In my                     4. Don’t react when someone gets             drink too much. Remind yourself
experience, all of December and               under your skin or things get prickly -      of this “I can only do the best I can,
most of January show a steep                   respond. Think before you speak or          with what I have, in the time
decline in attendance at therapy              act. Know what pushes your buttons           available to me”
due to shopping, parties, family get          and decide not to let your buttons get
togethers, holidays and the hip                                                            Finally, if things go wrong and you
pocket nerve as people decide                                                              can’t get to a counsellor – there’s
therapy can wait while their credit           5. Be pro-active - prepare for               always Lifeline or any one of the
cards recover from the financial              number four by using good self-talk          wonderful organisations that provide
burden of the festivities.                    before the event. For example, “I know       telephone and practical assistance
                                              Uncle Fred might bring up that old           over the Holidays. You’ll find a list
The mental health services offered
                                              button-pusher but I can cope, I’ll           of numbers to call in the front of the
by the health system will be less
                                              ignore it. The more he pushes it the         telephone book or call your local
available too as practitioners take
                                              more I’ll ignore it. I’ll keep my            Lifeline crisis counselling service for
their well earned break.
                                              cool. It’s only for a few hours anyway”      a referral. Phone
This is all very well for those who                                                        information will give
cruise through this time of year              6. Take deep breaths in stressful
                                              times. Taking a couple of deep breaths       you the number.
that can be so stressful and
                                                                                           Happy Holidays!

                                 MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 10                                                          MOMENTUM

                                         Positive Affirmations

      Bag of Jewels                                                                When one door closes
                                                                                        Another opens.
 By Susan Hayward
                                                                                   Expect that new door
 Selected and Typed by Diane
                                                   The reason why                  To reveal even greater
                                                     Birds can fly                  Wonders and glories
                                                     And we can’t                        And surprises.
  The only way for me to find out
                                                     Is simply that               Feel yourself grow with
       What it is I want to do
                                                      They have                        Every experience.
          Is go ahead and do
                                                     Perfect faith,               And look for the reason
                                                  For to have faith                          For it.
     Then the moment I start
                                                   Is to have wings.                    By Eileen Caddy
        To act, my feelings
            Become clear.                                                          A relationship should not
                                                                                   Suppress our adventure
  Feel the fear….And do it anyway.
                                                                                    Or suppress the speed
                 Faith                                                                 With which we learn
                                                  Never place limits
                Is the bird                                                       The lessons that are there
                                                     On yourself.
          That feels the light                                                           For us to learn.
                                               Just be free at all costs!
           When the dawn                                                               By Stewart Emery
                Is still dark.
                                                                                   The great essentials to
                                                   Even a happy life
 Power comes from understanding                                                   Happiness in this life are
                                                  Cannot be without
That wherever others are is where                                                       Something to do
                                               A measure of darkness,
They need to be, and whatever they                                                     Something to love
                                              And the word “happiness”
   Are doing is for their highest                                                And something to hope for.
                                               Would lose it’s meaning
Growth, and you should not judge                                                       By Joseph Addison
                                                If it were not balanced
 It. Totally accepting other people’
                                                      By sadness.
   Reality invigorates your own                                                   One oral utterance, which
Progress, because judgement holds                                                 Boldly states how you want
                                               At some stages you will
  You back to the baser physical                                                 Your life to be, is worth more
              levels.                         Experience a plateau- as if
                                                                                 Than a dozen books read or
                                               Everything had stopped.
                                                                                        Lectures attended.
                                          This is a hard point in the journey.
                                                                                   Spoken words describing
                                             Know that once the process
                                                                                 The good you want, help you
   You cannot know your own                     Has started it doesn’t
                                                                                   To claim it and release it
Perfection until you have honoured           Stop; it only appears to stop
                                                                                   Into your own life quickly.
        All those who were                  From where you are Looking.
                                                                                        By Catherine Ponder
          created like you.               By Ram Dass

                              MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
   Page 11                                         MOMENTUM

              What does that word mean?…….FRIEND

                                                                    Things and people in your
                                                                    A good friend always tries
                                                                    to understand you.
                                                                    A good friend doesn’t
      A FRIEND                                                      pretend to have all the
                                                                    answers, and is to afraid
                                   A GOOD FRIEND
         A Friend                                                   to expose his or her
                                                                    vulnerability. A good
    is always there,                                                friend makes you feel
                                 Is by far an exceptional one.
                                 More than someone                  Comfortable and safe
whether you need advice                                             enough to expose your
                                 who shares your happy              own.
      or a pep talk              times and sad,
  or even a shoulder             sticks by you through the
                                 good times and the bad,            A good friend magnifies
        to cry on.                                                  your achievements and
                                 a good friend is keenly
                                 sensitive to you,                  Minimizes your failures. A
                                                                    good friend shares
         A Friend                your worries, your fears,
                                 your wants, your needs,            An abundance of love and
 listens with their heart                                           encouragement.
                                 your feelings, desires and
                                 dreams.                            And when needed for
and is always honest with                                           companionship,
           you,                                                     A good friend is right
                                 A good friend tells you what       there.
  even though the truth          you need to hear,
        may not be               Yet always strives to protect
                                 your heart.                        Because he or she knows
 what you want to hear.                                             your heart so well,
                                 A good friend looks out for
                                 your best interests                Forgiveness is granted
                                                                    even before you ask.
        A Friend                 And tries to help you protect
                                 other relationships that are        A good friend is someone
 knows all your secrets,         important to you.                  That is always needed in
                                                                    your world.
 understands your fears,
                                 A good friend alerts you           A good friend is what I
  shares your dreams.            when there is something            received when I met you.
                                  In your life that clearly
                                 should not be,
        A Friend
                                 And yet at the same time is
      never stops                not jealous,

   believing in you,             Manipulative, or controlling.

      even if you
                                 A good friend seeks to help
  give up on yourself.           you keep beautiful

                    MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
     Page 12                                           MOMENTUM

                                      Make orange and                 Decorate the trees
     Inexpensive                        whole clove pomander              outside for the birds
     Things to do                       balls                             with strings of popcorn
        during                                                            and cranberries, little
                                                                          orange baskets, and
 Christmas Time:                      Put a Christmas                   pinecones with peanut
                                        greeting on the                   butter and bird seeds
                                        answering machine
     Read the Night Before
       Christmas                                                        Read aloud Christmas
                                      Work on a Christmas               stories and poems
                                        jigsaw puzzle                     Have the kids put
     Read a Christmas
       story in the Bible                                                 together a Christmas
                                      Make homemade                     concert; kid's
                                        candy (molded, fudge,             instruments,
     Turn off all lights              divinity, peanut                  homemade instruments
       except the Christmas             brittle)
       lights and listen to                                             Have a candlelight
       "Silent Night"                 Visit a live nativity             dinner
     Attend Candlelight                                               Have a family fondue
       Service at church              Attend a church                   fireside supper
                                        service or program
     Watch Christmas                  that you don't                  Visit Santa Claus and
       movie on video                   normally go to                    get a family picture
     Go for an evening              Go to a Christmas
       walk, look for the               movie matinee (such             Trace your family
       "Star of Bethlehem"              as the "The Santa                 history and talk about
       and make a wish                  Clause 2" for this                how Christmas was
                                        year)                             different for each
     Play Christmas board                                               generation
       games                          Drive around and look
                                        at Christmas light              Take a family portrait
     Go Christmas Caroling                                              by the Christmas tree
                                      Watch family videos,
                                        look at slides and look         Listen to Christmas
     Make a Christmas                 through photo albums              music (get music from
       scrapbook                        of past Christmases               the library)
     If you have snow:              Have an "M&M" Night;
       make a snowman and               Mall (look at
       snow angels, have a              decorations), Movie        Submitted by Alison
       snowball fight                   (Christmas movie at a
                                        Theater), and
     Make paperbag, sand,             Munchies (Home for
       and votive candle                Ice Cream Sundaes)
                                      Attend a performance
     Bake simple cut out              of the Messiah
       cookies using dairy
       case cookie dough,             Participate in a Sing a
       cookie cutters and               long
       canned frosting

                      MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 /NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
 Page 13                                                MOMENTUM


T o… … … … … … … .                                           To … … … … … … … … .

   I.O .U .                                                   I.O .U .
O ne w alk of the dog w h en needed                          O ne nig ht of babysitting

From ..........................................              From … … … … … … … … ..

T o… … … … … … … … … … … … ..                               T o… … … … … … … … … … … …

I.O .U .                                                       I.O .U .
                                                             O ne trip to the loc al shop s and
O ne shoulder to cry on as                                    b ack- in m y car, as suitab le
needed                                                                 to both parties
From … … … … … … … … … …                                     From … … … … … … … … … … .

T o… … … … … … … … … … … …                                 T o… … … … … … … … … … … … …

                                                                  I.O .U .
   I.O .U .
T o w atch w it h you a vid eo of                           O ne law n m ow ed w hen suitable
your choice                                                 to both parties

From … … … … … … … … … … …                                   Fro m… … … … … … … … ..

T o..................................................      T o… … … … … … ...… … … … …

       I.O .U .
 A hug to be given w h en needed                                          I.O .U .
   as agreeable to bo th parties                           O ne hom e co oked m eal
From … … … … … … … … … … … .                               From … … … … … … … … … … ..

                      MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
   Page 14                                                MOMENTUM

                                    exposure to progressive             death in woman in Australia. The
                                    medicine, and a successful          statistics are mind-boggling: one
HEALTH CHECK DUE ?                  immunisation program.               in eleven women will develop this
                                                                        disease before 75 years of age.
                                                                        However, since the introduction
                                        But another main reason is      of nationwide testing by
                                    that we have strong focus on        BreastScreen Australia, there has
                                    disease prevention – and nothing    been a steady decline in the
                                    spells this out better than our     mortality rates for women in the
Prevention is, and will always      commitment to early detection       target group of 50-69 years. The
be, better than cure. One           of disease by routine screening.    evidence is straightforward: early
important way to avert many         Screening for disease is an         detection and treatment for
diseases is to have certain         important tool because it is        breast cancer saves lives.
health checks or screening          effective in identifying those at
tests at the appropriate age.       risk of developing a particular
How often should you have a         condition before they are                Think now about our
Pap smear? When should you          affected by it or its potential     experience with bowl cancer and
have a mammogram? Do you            complications. Screening helps to   screening. Faecal occult blood
require routine testing for         determine whether a person is       testing (FOBT) is a simple stool
diabetes or hypertension? Dr        at risk of a certain disease even   test used to screen for bowel
Cassy Richmond answers these        thought they appear well at the     cancer, a disease that can be
questions and provides some         time the test was performed.        treated successfully if detected in
guidelines for when and why                                             its early stages. International
screening testing should be                                             studies have shown that screening
                                        There are several health        for this cancer using FOBTs can
done.                               checks currently available in       reduce related deaths by 15-40
                                    Australia to screen against a       per cent. However, bowl cancer
   Did you know that in             multitude of conditions. There      kills 80 Australians each week
Australia we have one of the        are screening tests for cervical,   because fewer than 40 per cent
longest life expectancy rates in    colon and breast cancers,           are found early.
the world? In this fair nation of   diabetes, obesity and
ours, the average person can        hypertension. There are
expect to live to a noteworthy      recommended health checks for            In this age of evidence based
81 years. Furthermore, the          our skin, mouth and teeth, as       medicine, the message is clear. To
overall health of our population    well as our eyes and bones.         prevent disease and prolong your
has improved over the past          Whilst you may be unconvinced       lifespan, it is important to have
decades – and we continue to        that adhering to a series of        certain suggested health checks.
make progressive strides in         recommended screening tests         The tables below provide
expanding our lifespan as a         throughout your life is for you,    information regarding
                                    evidence shows that early           recommended medical screening
                                    detection of disease by screening   for healthy women and men.
                                    not only promotes health            These tables provide general
    There are several reasons       overall, it saves lives.            information for the population.
for our good health and                                                 However, if you have any
longevity. Yes, there are fewer                                         concerns or questions regarding
smokers in this country and            Consider the role of breast      your personal history, please see
less smoking-related morbidity      cancer screening in Australia.      your local doctor to discuss an
as a consequence. And sure, in      This is an important one because    individualised plan to best suit
Australia we generally have         breast cancer is the most           your health needs.
access to quality healthcare,       common cause of cancer-related

                       MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 15                                                           MOMENTUM

                                               FROM YOUR 30s ONWARDS
                                                                                               FOR YOUR RECORD
                                                                                               FOR YOUR RECORD
       Screening Test
       Screening Test            Recommended Frequency
                                 Recommended Frequency              Purpose of Screen
                                                                    Purpose of Screen         DATE PERFORMED &
                                                                                              DATE PERFORMED &

                                 If you are risk of glau-
                                  If you are risk of glau-        Over 300,000 Austra-
                                                                   Over 300,000 Austra-
                                 coma (eg you have a fam-
                                  coma (eg you have a fam-        lians have glaucoma.
                                                                   lians have glaucoma.
                                 ily history of the disease),
                                  ily history of the disease),    Whilst there is no
                                                                   Whilst there is no
  Glaucoma Check
  Glaucoma Check                 you should be referred to
                                  you should be referred to       cure for this eye con-
                                                                   cure for this eye con-
                                 an ophthalmologist for
                                  an ophthalmologist for          dition, further loss of
                                                                   dition, further loss of
                                 testing every 12 months.
                                  testing every 12 months.        sight can usually be
                                                                   sight can usually be
                                                                  prevented by early
                                                                   prevented by early

                                                FROM YOUR 40s ONWARD
                                                                                                FOR YOUR RECORD
                                                                                                FOR YOUR RECORD
       Screening Test
       Screening Test             Recommended Frequency
                                  Recommended Frequency               Purpose of Screen
                                                                      Purpose of Screen        DATE PERFORMED &
                                                                                               DATE PERFORMED &

                                Every 5 years from 45 years.
                                 Every 5 years from 45 years.       Elevated cholesterol
                                                                     Elevated cholesterol
                                If you have cardiac risk
                                 If you have cardiac risk           can cause clogging of
                                                                     can cause clogging of
                                Factors (eg hypertension,
                                 Factors (eg hypertension,          blood vessels and lead
                                                                     blood vessels and lead
  Fasting Cholesterol
  Fasting Cholesterol           overweight, smoking), then
                                 overweight, smoking), then         to coronary artery
                                                                     to coronary artery
  Test                          testing should be done
                                 testing should be done             disease heart attack
                                                                     disease heart attack
                                 annually.                          and stroke.
                                                                     and stroke.

                                                FROM YOUR 50s ONWARDS
                                                                                               FOR YOUR RECORD
       Screening Test            Recommended Frequency               Purpose of Screen        DATE PERFORMED &

By Dr Cassy Richmond
Reference: RACGP Red Book, Taken from             DURING THE JANUARY HOLIDAY PROGRAM
Healthy & HeartWise Magazine                                APROTCH IS PROVIDING A
Your guide to WellbeingPage 18 Volume 39             WOMEN’S HEALTH & WELLBEING DAY                                             on Tuesday 1st February
Typed by KAT                                           MEN’S HEALTH & WELLBEING DAY
                                                                 on Tuesday 1st February

                               MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
  Page 16                                                 MOMENTUM

        Confusion Is                                        The Disability
         a State Of                                       Discrimination Law
           Grace                                          Advocacy Service
     Today l seek to                 The Disability Discrimination Law Advocacy Service (DDLAS) is a
                                     free community Organisation committed to the elimination of
 become a little more                discrimination based on disability.
  accepting of myself,               Legal advice
      a little more
                                     If you believe that you have been treated unfairly because of a
   comfortable in my                 disability, you may be able to get legal assistance from DDLAS to
                                     make a complaint.
        own skin.
                                     Unfair treatment?
The only thing worse                 The Disability Discrimination Act is a federal law which makes it
    than comparing                   illegal to discriminate against someone because of a disability. Not
                                     all discrimination is unlawful. The Act covers discrimination in the
  ourselves to others                following areas:
is criticizing ourselves             Employment - getting a job and keeping it

     for comparing                   Access to premises
                                     Buying land
  ourselves to others.               Accommodation
                                     Education
I will allow my children             Sport
 to navigate their own               Provision of goods, services and facilities
                                     Activities of Clubs and Associations
      relationships.                 Administration of Commonwealth Government laws and
 Give to others what             Who can complain?
 you want to receive.
                                 Anyone who believes they have been discriminated against
                                 because of their disability can complain. This includes those with a
   All progress must             psychiatric, physical, sensory or intellectual disability; people with
                                 acquired brain injury; people who are HIV positive; people who
 grow from a seed of             have a disfigurement; allergies or cancer.
   self-appreciation.            What happens to my complaint?

                                 Complaints are sent to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
God grant me the sense           Commission. The Commission tries to reach an agreement
of proportion to judge           between the person making the complaint and the person accused
the difference between           of discrimination. This is called conciliation. Most complaints are
                                 resolved at conciliation, but if they cannot be resolved they will be
an incident and a crisis.        referred to a hearing. The DDLAS can provide legal advice and
                                 assistance at any stage in the complaint, including help with writing
                                 the letter, appearing with you at conciliation or at the hearing. If an
 Typed & selected by John V      advocate is helping you to make a complaint, DDLAS can also give
                                 advice and support to your advocate.

                     MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
     Page 17                                                     MOMENTUM


                                                                            Acting as if you were
                                         CHRISTMAS WISH                    already what you want
For more information,                             Written By
please contact the                              David Johnston
                                                                               to become and
Disability Discrimination                                                   knowing that you can
                                     Inside my bedroom on a cold
Law Advocacy Service,
11th Floor,                          Christmas night. While the
                                                                           become it is the way to
343 Little Collins Street,           heater warms the house like           remove self-doubt and
                                     toasty toast, and children slept in
                                     bed and dreamed of angels, all of
                                                                            enter your real-magic
Phone: (03) 9602 4877,
Fax: (03) 9602 4979,                 a sudden I heard a lot bells from            kingdom.
TTY.– 03) 9602 4135,                 the top of houses. I jumped out
                                     of my bed and ran to the win-
Free call country                    dow and I saw a mini sleigh and
                                                                             There must be bliss
Victoria: 1800 651 275.              very little reindeers and suddenly      and harmony within
                                     I realized it was Santa Clause. So
Or you can write to the              I went to the lounge room and            in order for you to
service at                           before my eyes I was aware that            know miracles.
GPO Box 1139K,                       Santa Clause appeared and with-
Melboume, 3001                       out a word he went straight to
                                     his work. I stood by the door         Have in your mind that
Taken from Emerge 1996               hoping that Santa didn’t notice       which would constitute
                                     me, then Santa heard my voice
                                     but he smiled and said “Come in         a miracle for you.
                                     David please do Come in”. So I
                                     did, then Santa and I had mid-
                                     night feast and watched televi-       Get the vision. Suspend
                                     sion and then it was time for
                                     Santa to go home to North Pole.
                                                                           disbelief and scepticism.
                                     But Santa asked me “David can I        Allow yourself to take
                                     grant you a Christmas wish?”. I         the journey toward
                                     thought a wish that is sacred for
                                     all the Children around the                  real magic.
                                     world, is to have a great celebra-
                                     tion of Christmas and remember           Examine what you
                                     Baby Jesus Christ. Then morning
                                     came and Santa flew away and                believe to be
                                     said:                                   impossible, and then
                                                                              change your beliefs
                                        “MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                        WORLD AND HAPPY
                                          YEAR TO ALL”                     Submitted by John V

                          MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
    Page 18                                                 MOMENTUM


                                     such as Prozac.                       In fact, medications such as
                                                                           Fluoxetine (Prozac®) and
                                     In 1999 Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil
                                                                           Buproprion HCL (Wellbutrin®)
                                     were among the top 15
                                                                           have actually been marketed for
                                     prescription medications
                                                                           obesity treatment.
                                     dispensed in the US. Of the 124
                                     billion dollars generated by the      Antidepressants can affect weight
                                     US prescription sales market,         in several ways:
                                     these three antidepressants were
                                     listed in the top 10 revenue-          They may increase or
   The Relationship                  producing medications. Selective      decrease basal metabolic rate
       between                       Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitors         without changing caloric intake.
                                     (SSRIs), Serotonin/                   They may affect hormonal
   Weight Gain and                   Norepinephrine Reuptake               changes and increase appetite.
   Medications for                   Inhibitors (SNRIs), and
                                     antipsychotics were listed in the     Unexpected weight gain can
   Depression and                    top 6 money makers of the 20          increase the difficulties associated
      Seizures                       leading prescription products         with psychiatric and seizure
                                     ranked by US pharmaceutical           disorders by further aggravating
by Gay Riley, MS, RD, CCN                                                  mood instability and low self-
                                     industry sales.                                                        esteem.
                                     Current studies suggest that
                                     long-term use of SSRIs, Prozac,       The following paragraphs contain
Are Americans now fatter than                                              brief descriptions of several
                                     Zoloft, and Paxil is associated
any other nation on the planet?                                            classes of psychotropic and
                                     with weight gain. The purpose of
This topic has been discussed,                                             seizure disorder medications.
                                     this article is to list some of the
debated, and researched for
                                     popular psychotropic and seizure      Selective Serotonin Reuptake
the past 35 years. Americans
                                     disorder medications on the           Inhibitors (SSRIs)
continue to gain weight despite
                                     market today and discuss the
the billions of dollars that they                                          SSRIs comprise one of the major
                                     relationship, if any, these
spend annually on diets and                                                classes of antidepressants
                                     medications may have with body
diet foods. It is common                                                   currently being prescribed by
                                     weight changes. A review of
knowledge that sedentary                                                   primary care physicians. At first,
                                     several studies regarding
lifestyles, excessive                                                      SSRIs were thought to be
                                     exercise and depression will also
consumption, and obsessive                                                 associated with weight loss and
                                     be reviewed.
dieting are major factors in this                                          reduced appetite. For a while,
trend.                               The information presented in          they were even marketed as anti-
What else could be contributing
                                     this article is not intended to       obesity drugs. It is now known that
to the skyrocketing obesity
                                     discourage, endorse, or               long-term use of SSRIs is
epidemic in the United States?
                                     recommend either treatment            associated with weight gain.
                                     for depression or any of the
Could the medications that
                                     products reviewed. It is
some Americans take be a
contributing factor in the obesity
                                     intended solely as a review of        The reason that SSRIs contribute
                                     the available information             to weight gain is not known.
                                     regarding weight changes              Although it was a widely held
In the past decade, there has        associated with the products          belief that drugs that increase
been an increase in the              listed. As always, consult your       serotonin output also decrease
development and use of               physician or medical                  hunger, this does not seem to be
prescription medication to treat     professional regarding any            the case. Patients using SSRIs
depression, seizures, and sleep      questions or medical                  often report symptoms of
disorders. Recently, we have         conditions.                           hypoglycemia (weakness,
also seen a rise in television,                                            dizziness, frequent hunger, and
                                     Many people are not aware that
newspaper, and magazine                                                    headaches) when they do not eat.
                                     weight gain is one of the most
advertisements for prescription                                            Symptoms of hypoglycemia may
                                     common side effects associated
medications led by the                                                     indicate hyperinsulinemia
                                     with many antidepressants
marketing of antidepressants,                                              (elevation of insulin in the blood).
                                     prescribed today.

                        MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 /NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 19                                                  MOMENTUM


The five most common SSRIs           antidepressants are often used to         Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors
currently prescribed in the United   treat sleep disorders and to help         (MAOIs)
States today are as follows:         patients manage pain. Most
                                                                               There are two categories of
                                     physicians are aware that TCAs
 Citalopram (Celexa®)              can contribute significantly to
                                                                               MAOIs: nonselective, irreversible
                                                                               MAOIs and reversible inhibitors of
                                     weight gain.
 Fluoxetine (Prozac®)                                                        monoamine oxidase type A
                                                                               (RIMAs). The nonselective
 Fluvoxamine (Luvox®)                                                        irreversible MAOIs cause weight
                                     Weight gain and other side effects
 Paroxetine (Paxil®)               vary from one TCA to another as           gain similar to TCAs while the
                                     well as from one patient to               newer, selective MAOIs do not
 Sertraline (Zoloft®)              another. Many drugs in this class         appear to have any effect on body
                                     induce slowing of the metabolism          weight.
                                     and carbohydrate cravings.                There is not much information
Paroxetine (Paxil®) appears to       Factors more clearly understood           available on the current use of
have the most significant impact     involve histamine and alpha 1             MAOIs in clinical practice because
on weight gain of all of the         receptor blocking actions. Appetite       they have some dangerous side
SSRIs. Studies show that             stimulation and weight gain make          effects and are used less
patients using Paxil experience      it extremely difficult for the diabetic   frequently than other
an increase in breast size as well   using a TCA to control blood              antidepressants.
as weight gain and increased         sugar.
serum prolactin. One case report                                               Nonselective, irreversible MAOIs
linked cravings for carbohydrates    TCAs include the following:               include the following:
with Citalopram (Celexa®) while
other studies showed an               Amitriptyline (Elavil®)                 Isocarboxazid (Marplan®)
average weight gain over time of      Amoxapine (Asendin®)                    Phenelzine (Nardil®)
15-20 pounds with Sertraline
(Zoloft), Fluoxetine (Prozac®),       Clomipramine (Anafranil®)               Tranylcypromine (Parnate®)
and Citalopram (Celexa®).
                                      Desipramine (Norepramine®,              Selective reversible RIMAs
                                         Pertofrane®)                             include the following:
However, SSRIs cause less
                                      Doxepin (Adapin®,                       Moclobemide (Manerix®)
weight gain, fewer
anticholinergic symptoms, and                                                     Toloxatone (Humoryl®)
less toxic adverse effects than       Imipramine (Janimine®,                 Other Antidepressants
tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs)         Tofranil®)
and monoamine oxidase                                                          Other antidepressants that do not
inhibitors (MAOIs). These             Nortriptyline (Aventyl®,               fall strictly under the
findings have led to the increase        Pamelor®)                             classifications of SSRIs, TCAs, or
in SSRI prescriptions by                                                       MAOIs include the following:
psychiatrists and primary care
                                      Protriptyline (Vivactil®)
providers. Primary care providers        Trimipramine (Rhotramine®,             Buproprion HCL (Wellbutrin®)
are not likely to be familiar with       Surmontil®)                            Mitrazapine (Remeron®)
the difference between the
various SSRIs relative to their      Weight gain with TCAs is dose              Nefazadone (Serzone®)
possible weight gain side effects.   dependent and relative to the
                                     length of therapy.                         Trazadone (Desyrel®

Tricyclic Antidepressants
                                                                                Venlafaxine (Effexor®)
(TCAs)                               The greatest weight gain among            Venlafaxine (Effexor®) has been
                                     TCA patients has been observed            shown to cause weight gain but
TCAs were the most commonly          with those using either                   not as severe as has been
prescribed antidepressants           amitriptyline (Elavil®) or                reported with the SSRIs
before SSRIs became widely           imipramine (Janimine®, Tofranil ®).       paroxetine (Paxil®), fuoxetine
available. Tricyclic

                          MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 20                                                  MOMENTUM


(Prozac®), and sertraline             hyperinsulinemia (elevated insulin      One of the most common reasons
(Zoloft®).                            in the blood) and increased             for noncompliance and discontinued
                                      appetite leading to weight gain.        use of antipsychotic medication is
Mitrazapine (Remeron®) has
                                                                              weight gain. The agent believed to
been associated with significant
                                                                              be responsible for the increased
weight gain, possibly secondary
                                      Hyperinsulinemia also results in        food intake of patients taking
to interactions with the histamine
                                      increased testosterone, which           antipsychotics is the serotonin
(H1) receptor. It is not associated
                                      causes a risk to women on these         blocker.
with gastrointestinal symptoms,
                                      medications for development of
sexual dysfunction, or increased                                              Conventional anti-psychotics include
                                      Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
heart rate, as seen with the                                                  the following:
                                      (POS). Polycystic ovary syndrome
                                      can cause weight gain, male              Haloperidol (Haldol®, Peridol®)
Trazadone (Desyrel®) is an            pattern baldness, increased facial
antidepressant with sedative          hair, skin tags, acne, infertility,      Molindone (Moban®)
properties that is frequently used    high blood pressure, abnormal
as a sleep aid as well as             lipid levels, and heart disease.         Thioridazine (Apo-Thioridazine®,
treatment for depression. It                                                     Mellaril®, Novo-Ridazine®,
                                      Seizure disorder studies showed            PMS-Thioridazine®)
appears to cause less weight gain
                                      that patients taking
than amitriptyline (Elavil®) but                                              Newer antipsychotics, classified as
                                      anticonvulsants who had either a
more than buproprion HCL                                                      atypical antipsychotics, include the
                                      normal or below normal body
(Wellbutrin®).                                                                following:
                                      mass index had the most severe
There is currently no information     weight gain.                             Clozapine (Clozaril®)
available relating Nefazadone
(Serzone®) to increased appetite                                               Olanzapine (Zyprexa®)
or weight gain.                       Conventional Mood Stabilizers
                                                                               Quetiapine (Seroquel®)
Buproprion HCL (Wellbutrin®)          Mood stabilizers were commonly
has not been associated with          used before anticonvulsants were         Risperidone (Risperdal®)
weight gain and is commonly           developed for the treatment of
used with some success in             bipolar disorder. Mood stabilizers       Sertindole (Serlect®)
smoking cessation.                    commonly prescribed consisted            Ziprasidone (Seldox®)
                                      primarily of the following:
Stabilizers                            Lithium (Cibalith-S®,
                                          Duralith®,                          Haloperidol (Haldol®, Peridol®) is a
These drugs were initially used                                               conventional antipsychotic with a
only for seizure disorders. The        Ekalith®, Eskalith CR®,              lower incidence of weight gain than
following anticonvulsants are now         Lithane®,                           the newer agents clozapine
prescribed frequently in the                                                  (Clozaril®), olanzapine (Zyprexa®),
treatment of bipolar disorder and         Lithobid®, Lithonate®,
                                                                              and sertindole (Serlect®).
other selected forms of                   Lithotabs®)
depression:                                                                   A retrospective study showed that
                                      Typically, one-third to two-thirds of   clozapine (Clozaril®) and olanzapine
 Carbamazepine (Tegretol®)          the patients treated with Lithium       (Zyprexa®) had the greatest
                                      gain weight. Of those, 25 percent       associated weight gain, followed by
 Divalproex (Depakote®)                                                     intermediate weight gain with
                                      gain enough weight to be
 Gabapentin (Neurontin®)            classified as obese. Weight gain is     risperidone (Risperdal®).
                                      dose dependent, but low doses of
 Lamotrigine (Lamictal              lithium (less than .8 mm/L) are
                                      often not therapeutic: therefore,       Patients treated with sertindole
 Topiramate (Topamax®)              low-dose lithium is usually not an      (Serlect®) had less weight gain than
                                      alternative.                            those treated with haloperidol.

Anticonvulsants tend to cause         Antipsychotics                          Another study linked clozapine

                            MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 21                                                   MOMENTUM


(Clozaril®) to significant weight     statistically significant                Dr. Blumenthal cautioned that the
gain and lipid abnormalities,         improvement relative to patients         study did not include patients who
suggesting increased risk for         that took antidepressant                 were acutely suicidal or had what
diabetes.                             medication and exercised.                is termed psychotic depression.
                                                                               Also, since patients were recruited
                                      A more recent study followed the
                                                                               by advertisements, these patients
Among the conventional                same patients for an additional six
                                                                               were motivated to get better and
antipsychotics, thioridazine and      months and found that the
                                                                               interested in exercise.
chlorpromazine have greater           patients who continued to
potential for weight gain, while      exercise after completing the            A recent study by Dr. Fernando
molindone (Moban®) is the only        initial trial were much less likely to   Dimeo and his colleagues at the
antipsychotic shown not to            see their depression return. Only        Department of Sports Medicine,
increase weight on a consistent       8 percent of patients in the             Freie University of Berlin,
basis.                                exercise group relapsed into             Germany found that aerobic
                                      depression while 38 percent of the       exercise improved the symptoms
                                      drug-only group and 31 percent of        of major depression in 8 out of 12
Studies show that antipsychotic       the exercise-plus-drug group             patients within 10 days. They
agents have an effect on the          relapsed.                                concluded that their program
reproductive hormones. Women                                                   produced a substantial
                                      James Blumenthal, lead
receiving antipsychotics tended to                                             improvement in symptoms in a
                                      researcher and Duke psychologist
display hyperprlactinemia and                                                  short time. Dr. Dimeo had this to
                                      who published the results of his
tended to be hypoestrogenic.                                                   say on the topic:
                                      team's study in the October issue
Women with primary obesity did        of the journal Psychosomatic             "Given the fact that antidepressive
not have hyperprolactinemia and       Medicine, stated the following           drugs have latency time of two to
tended to have normal or elevated     regarding the results of the follow-     four weeks before any therapeutic
estradiol serum levels. These         up study:                                effect, the observed outcomes
differences have pathogenic and                                                indicate the clinical benefit not
therapeutic implications besides      "The important conclusion is
                                                                               obtainable with currently available
the effects on gonadal and            that the effectiveness of
                                                                               pharmacological treatments."
adrenal steroids. Prolactin alone     exercise seems to persist over
promotes appetite and insulin         time, and that patients who              Dr. Dimeo and his colleagues
resistance that may underlie the      respond well to exercise and             suggest that depressed patients
excessive body weight observed        maintain their exercise have a           who do not show improvement
in hyperprolactinemic conditions      much smaller risk of relapsing.”         despite an optimal dosage of
detected in both animal and                                                    antidepressants consider that
clinical studies.                                                              aerobic training could offer a safe
                                      We found that there was an
                                                                               therapeutic option.
                                      inverse relationship between
                                      exercise and the risk of relapsing       Partial Information regarding
Exercise and the Treatment of         the more one exercised, the less         antidepressants and weight gain
Depression                            likely one would see their               in this article was taken from an
                                      depressive symptoms return. For          article recently published in
Exercise has been shown to            each 50-minute increment of              SCAN'S PULSE, a publication for
alleviate depression in some          exercise, there was an                   sports, cardiovascular, and
studies. Exercise does not cause      accompanying 50 percent                  wellness nutritionists, Winter 2001
weight gain and may compliment        reduction in relapse risk. Findings      entitled "Weight Gain Liabilities of
medication or serve as an             from these studies indicate that a       Psychotropic and Seizure
alternative for depression            modest exercise program is an            Disorder Medications", by Millicent
management, in some cases.            effective and robust treatment for       Lasslo-Meeks, MS, RD.
                                      patients with major depression.
Researchers at Duke University        And if these motivated patients
studied patients diagnosed with       continue with the exercise, they
major depression. After 16 weeks,     have a much better chance of not
patients that exercised and did not   seeing their depression return."
take antidepressants showed

                            MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 22                                                      MOMENTUM

                                   EATING WELL WITH DIABETES

                  EATING                  Must I follow a sugar-free diet?                    Confusion Is
                 WELL WITH                No. Small amounts of sugar as part
                                                                                               a State Of
                                          of a meal that is low in fat and high
                 DIABETES                 in fibre are not a problem for
                                          people with diabetes. Foods that are
                                          high in sugar are recommended to
People these days that have diabetes      eat only on special occasions or to      You have all the time there
can select a wide range of foods and      be eaten in small amounts.
enjoy them knowing that they are          Monitoring blood sugar levels are a       is, there isn’t any more.
not going to raise their sugar levels.    good way of working out the
Here are some general rules to            amounts suitable for you.
guide you:                                                                            If you want to see God
                                          Which artificial sweetener is            laugh, show Him your plans.
How important are regular                 best?
                                          Some recipes can be made with
Blood glucose levels are easily           powdered artificial sweetener                We can’t control the
managed if meals are spaced evenly
over the day. Blood sugar levels are
                                          formulated to replace sugar on a          direction of the wind, but
                                          spoon for spoon, or cup for cup
more difficult to control if meals are    basis. Not all powdered artificial         we can adjust our sails.
irregular in timing and size.             sweeteners are suitable.

What about snacks?
                                                                                    If you can’t be happy with
                                          How often is occasional use?
Most people on diabetes medication        All foods can be enjoyed by people              what you have,
(tablets or insulin) are encouraged       with diabetes. Some foods v can be
to snack to prevent a drop in blood       eaten daily, while others are best to      how can you be happy
sugars/ The best snacks re those          be eaten on occasions. This is
low in fat and high in fibre, such as                                                      with more?
                                          where monitoring or blood sugar
fresh and dried fruit, low fat “diet”     levels and weight provides feedback
yoghurt, plain biscuits and crackers.     as to the best amount of food
                                          suitable to you.
                                                                                     There is always enough
Why focus on fats?                                                                        time to do
Greater emphasis is now placed on         Why do I need fibre?                        what you love doing.
reducing fat intake to help prevent       You need 30 to 40 grams per day. It
excess body fat and to promote            keeps your digestive system healthy
healthy blood vessels.                    and reduces blood fat and sugar           There is a time for every
                                                                                     purpose under heaven.
What fat can we eat?
For health reasons it is best to select   A reminder
polyunsaturated and mono-                 People with diabetes are advised to         Living in the moment
unsaturated fats. These are found in      see a dietitian who can then assist in
sunflower, canola and olive-based         designing an individualised meal plan        means experiencing
margarines and oils, nuts, seeds,         for them. Diabetes Australia or the
olives fish and seafood.                  Dietitians Association of Australia in          to the fullest
Aim to keep your fat intake between       your capital city can direct you to       what nourishes me in the
40 and 50 grams (8 to 10 teaspoons)       your nearest dietitian.
per day.                                  Complied by dietitians Anne-Marie
                                          Mackintosh and Helen Mackenzie at
                                          Diabetes Australia NSW

                            MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 23                                                        MOMENTUM

                                HONEY & CINNAMON
                                         Cholesterol                                 Longevity
                                         Two tablespoons of honey and three          Tea made with honey and cinnamon
                                         teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed          powder, when taken regularly, arrests
                                         in sixteen ounce of teawater, given to      the ravages of old age. Take four
                                         cholesterol patient, was found to
      "HONEY &
                                                                                     spoons of honey, one spoon of
                                         reduce the level of cholesterol in the      cinnamon powder and three cups of
                                         blood by 10 percent within two hours.
     CINNAMON"                           As mentioned for arthritic patients, if
                                                                                     water and boil to make like tea. Drink
                                                                                     1/4 cup, three to four times a day. It
                                         taken three times a day, any chronic        keeps the skin fresh and soft and
                                         cholesterol is cured. Pure honey taken      arrests old age. Life spans also
Facts on Honey and Cinnamon
                                         with food daily relieves complaints of      increases and even a 100 year old,
It is found that a mixture of honey      cholesterol.                                starts performing the chores of a 20-
and cinnamon cures most diseases.                                                    year-old.
Honey is produced in most                Colds
countries of the world. Scientists of    Those suffering from common or              Pimples
today also accept honey as a “Ram        severe colds should take one
Bam” (very effective) medicine for                                                   Three tablespoons of honey and one
                                         tablespoon of lukewarm honey with ¼         teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste.
all kinds of diseases. Honey can be      spoon of cinnamon powder daily for
used without any kind of side                                                        Apply this paste on the pimples
                                         three days. This process will cure most     before sleeping and wash it the next
effects for any kind of diseases.        chronic cough, cold, and clear the          morning with warm water. If done
Today’s science says that even           sinuses.                                    daily for two weeks, it removes
though honey is sweet, if taken in                                                   pimples from the root.
the right dosage as a medicine, it       Immune System
does not harm diabetic patients.
                                         Daily use of honey and cinnamon             Skin Infections
                                         powder strengthens the immune system        Applying honey and cinnamon
Arthritis                                and protects the body from bacteria
 Arthritis patients may take daily,                                                  powder in equal parts on the affected
                                         and viral attacks.                          parts cures eczema, ringworm and all
morning, and night, one cup of hot
water with two tablespoons of            Scientists have found that honey has        types of skin infections.
honey and one small teaspoon of          various vitamins and iron in large
cinnamon powder. If taken                amounts.                                    Weight Loss
regularly even chronic arthritis can
                                                                                     Daily in the morning one half hour
be cured. In a recent research           Constant use of honey strengthens the       before breakfast on an empty stomach
conducted at the Copenhagen              white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria    and at night before sleeping, drink
University, it was found that when       and viral diseases.                         honey and cinnamon powder boiled
doctors treated their patients with a
                                                                                     in one cup of water. If taken
mixture of one tablespoon of honey       Indigestion                                 regularly, it reduces the weight of
and half a teaspoon of cinnamon
                                         Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two            even the most obese person. Also,
powder before breakfast, they
                                         tablespoons of honey taken before food      drinking this mixture regularly does
found that within a week, out of the
                                         relieves acidity and digests the heaviest   not allow the fat to accumulate in the
200 people so treated, practically
                                         of meals.                                   body even though the person may eat
73 patients were totally relieved of
                                                                                     a high calorie diet.
pain, and within a month, mostly all
of the patients who could not walk       Influenza
or move around because of arthritis                                                  Cancer
                                         A scientist in Spain has proved that
started walking without pain.            honey contains a natural 'Ingredient'       Patients suffering from advanced
                                         which kills the influenza germs and         cancer of the stomach and bones
Bladder Infections                       saves the patient from flu.                 should daily take one tablespoon of
Take two tablespoons of cinnamon                                                     honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon
powder and one teaspoon of honey                                                     powder for one month three
in a glass of lukewarm water and                                                     times a day.
drink it. It destroys the germs in the

                            MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
       Page 24                                                              MOMENTUM

                                       HONEY & CINNAMON
The sugar content of
honey is more helpful
rather than being
detrimental to the strength of the
body. Senior citizens, who take
honey and cinnamon powder in
equal parts, are more alert and
A half tablespoon of honey taken in           A house is made of walls and beams                                                –a
a glass of water and sprinkled with               home is built with love and dreams.
cinnamon powder, taken daily after
brushing and in the afternoon at              Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even
about 3:00P.M. when the vitality of               remember leaving open.
the body starts to decrease, increases
the vitality of the body within a
                                                It isn’t where you came from, it’s where you’re going that counts.
week.                                         When you harbour bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.
Upset Stomach                                 If you share your joys you double them, if you share your sorrows you halve them.
Honey taken with cinnamon powder
cures stomach ache and also clears            Old age is when you buy cereal for the fibre, not for the toy.
stomach ulcers from the root.                 If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude!
Gas                                           The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.
If honey is taken with cinnamon               Hope always lights the darkness of tomorrow.
powder the stomach is relieved of
gas.                                          One of the nice things about problems is that a good many of them don’t exist.
                                              Trouble hates nothing as much as a smile.
Bad Breath
First thing in the morning, gargle            A friendly smile is always welcome and never wasted.
with one teaspoon of honey and                Those who think they know everything annoy the people who do!
cinnamon powder mixed in hot
water, stays fresh throughout the             Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but only spend it once.
                                              Accept the past, plan the future, but live the now.
Hearing Loss                                  The most important trip you will take in life is meeting people halfway.
Daily morning and night honey and
                                              Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up.
cinnamon powder, taken in equal
parts restore hearing.                        A person who knows his imperfections is just about as perfect as anyone can be.
Submitted by Kristin and Beryl. Typed by      To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.
Kristin, April 2009. Taken from "Different
Conflict - Same Sacrifice, Chin Up" Autumn    Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.
2009. Page 35 and 36
                                              Words that are spoken can never be recalled, so remember to think twice!
The information presented in this
article is not intended , as medical
                                              When the going gets tough get going and the weak simply walk out.
                                              If you can’t see the bright side of life, simply learn to polish the dull side!
advice nor as recommendation of any
treatment. Always, consult your
physician or medical professional
regarding any questions or medical            People who do the things that count don’t usually stop to count them.

                                MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
     Page 25                                                  MOMENTUM

                                MEDICATION INFORMATION:
                                      WHAT        AM    I   TAKING?
               This information is sourced from Pharmacists, Medication Leaflets and the Internet
               and endeavours to answers some common questions about Consumer medications.



                                 FROM YOUR DOCTOR, OR PHARMACIST/CHEMIST.

     Olanzapine                       Why is this drug                      Zyprexa impairs the body's
 Brand Name: Zyprexa                  prescribed?                           ability to adapt to heat.
                                                                            Patients should avoid
Overview                              Zyprexa is used to treat              saunas and other very hot
                                      emotional and mental                  environments.
Zyprexa is the brand name             problems such as
for Olanzapine, a                     schizophrenia or psychosis.           For Pregnant or Nursing
thienobenzodiazepine. It is           Zyprexa may also be used              Mothers: There is little
one of the newer                      to treat bipolar disorder             information concerning
medications for                       (manic depression), or                Zyprexa use and pregnancy;
schizophrenia, and is                 behavioural problems that             Zyprexa is not
considered an "atypical"              occur with dementia.                  recommended for pregnant
antipsychotic. It is thought to                                             women. It is not known
work by decreasing the                                                      whether Zyprexa is passed
effects of serotonin and              Warnings                              into breast milk; Zyprexa is
dopamine, two chemical                                                      not recommended for
messengers of the brain.              Because the safety and                nursing mothers.
In general, Zyprexa has               effectiveness of Zyprexa are
fewer side effects than               not established in children
standard antipsychotic                under 18, it is not                   Contraindications
medications. This                     recommended for use in
medication is more effective          children.                             Zyprexa should Not be used
against negative symptoms                                                   for people with an allergy or
of schizophrenia than the                                                   hypersensitivity to this drug.
other classes of                      Zyprexa can cause
antipsychotic medications,            sleepiness, loss of
though Zyprexa improves               coordination, and vision
both positive and negative            problems. Patients should
symptoms.                             not drive or operate heavy
                                      machinery until they know
                                      that Zyprexa does not affect
Zyprexa’s effects may be felt         the ability to safely engage
in about one week.                    in these activities.

                          MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
     Page 26                                                 MOMENTUM

                                   MEDICATION INFORMATION:
                                      WHAT         AM    I   TAKING?

Precautions                         Adverse Reactions               22. orthostatic hypotension
                                                                       (low heart rate upon
Zyprexa may be used with            Zyprexa may cause the              standing)
caution for people with the         following reactions:
following conditions:
                                    1. drowsiness                   Interactions with Drugs and
                                                                    Other Substances
1. elderly – a reduced              2. agitation / hostility
                                                                    Drugs or substances that may
   dosage may be needed                                             interact with Zyprexa are:
                                    3. insomnia
2. liver or kidney disease –                                        1. alcohol or medicines that
                                    4. dizziness
   a reduced dosage may                                                can cause drowsiness or
   be needed                        5. skin rash                       central nervous system
                                                                       (CNS) effects such as
3. a history of breast cancer       6. headache                        antihistamines or medicine
      - certain types of breast
Inside Story Headline               7. depression or other             for hay fever, other
                                                                       allergies, or colds;
      cancer may be worsened           emotional changes
                                                                       sedatives, tranquilizers, or
4. recent myocardial                8. fast heart rate                 sleeping medicine;
   infarction or history of                                            prescription pain medicine
                                    9. vision problems                 or narcotics; barbiturates;
   heart disease
                                    10. weakness                       medicine for seizures;
5. Alzheimer's disease—                                                muscle relaxants; or
                                    11. photosensitivity               anaesthetics (including
   Risk of pneumonia and
                                                                       some dental anaesthetics) –
   convulsions (seizures)           12. excessive salivation
                                                                       these medications can
   may be increased                 13. difficulty speaking or         increase Zyprexa’s side
                                       swallowing                      effects such as drowsiness
6. dehydration—Zyprexa
      increases the risk of heat                                    2. high blood pressure
                                    14. stiffness or spasms of
      stroke because it affects        the arms or legs                medicines – Zyprexa can
Inside Story Headline
      the body's ability to cool                                       increase the effects of these
                                    15. shaking of the hands or
      itself                                                           drugs
                                       feet (tremors)
7. enlarged prostate                                                3. levodopa and dopamine
                                    16. restlessness                   agonists – Zyprexa can
8. narrow angle glaucoma                                               reduce the effects of these
                                    17. constipation
9. paralytic ileus (severe
                                    18. weight gain                 4. tobacco smoking or
   intestinal problem)
                                    19. abnormal movements             carbamazepine – may
10. poor circulation to the                                            increase the rate of
   brain                            20. neuroleptic malignant          elimination of Zyprexa, a
                                       syndrome (NMS)                  higher dose may be needed
11. trouble swallowing                                    
                                    21. tardative dyskinesia (TD)
12. intestinal blockage                                             zyprexa.html

                     MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
         Page 27                                                                     MOMENTUM

                                                  The Kitchen Table
                                                3. Sift the bicarbonate of soda and flour
                                                   together. In a clean bowl heat
                     MOIST                         the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
                     CHRISTMAS CAKE             4. Fold the eg whites into the fruit mixture
                                                   and then the sifted flour. The mixture will
                                                   be quite firm.
This cake is quick and easy to make if you
run out of time before Christmas.
                                                Spread into a large microwave container
Serves 12                                       lined with absorbent paper towels. Cover         Makes: 2 Rounds
                                                the top loosely with paper towel. Elevate the
                                                container 80percent for 20 minutes moving
375g mixed dried fruit                          the container to the opposite side of the           250g butter, softened
440gcan crushed pineapple                       turntable halfway through the cooking time.
                                                                                                    1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/4 cup squeezed orange juice                   Allow to cool thoroughly before inventing
                                                onto a platter. Lightly glazed with strained        1/2 cup caster sugar
2 tsp mixed spice
                                                jam.                                                2 cups plain flour, sifted
1 cup dark jam                                  Energy:         980 k/295lCa;
                                                                                                    1/3 cup rice flour, sifted
250g pitted prunes, chopped                     Fat::            1g
 Inside Story Headline
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda                       Carbohydrate:   53g                              Method
                                                Fibre;          6.5g
2 cups self-raising wholemeal flour                                                              1. Preheat oven to 150°C. Grease two
                                                Dried fruit like apricots and prunes                4cm-deep, 20cm round cake pans. Line
2 eggwhites
                                                provide iron, a mineral important in                bases with baking paper. Using an elec-
Low-joule jam Pages 170-178
                                                the transport of oxygen around the body.            tric mixer, beat butter, vanilla and 1/3
                                                                                                    cup sugar in a small bowl until light and
CONVENTIONAL                                    Yvonne 6/11/09
                                                                                                    fluffy. Remove mixture to a large bowl.
1 Place the dried fruit, pineapple and                                                              Stir in flours.
    juice, orange juice mixed spice, jam and                                                     2. Turn mixture onto a floured surface.
    prunes in a saucepan and cook over                                                              Knead until dough comes together. Di-
    moderate heat. Bring to the boil, then                                                          vide dough in half. Roll 1 half of dough
    reduce the heat and simmer uncovered                                                            between 2 sheets of baking paper to
    for 5 minutes.                                                                                  form a 20cm round. Place round into
2 Remove from the heat, and transfer he          Anne’s Old English Xmas Tarts                      prepared pan. Using the back of a spoon,
    mixture to a mixing bowl and allow                      (Best to make 2x ingredients)
                                                                                                    level top. Using a small knife, score the
    to cool.                                                                                        surface into 8 portions (do not cut all
                                                                                                    the way through dough). Using a fork,
3 Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.             Pattie or small muffin tray or individual            press the edge of the dough to form a
    Grease and line a square 18cmcake tin.     tart tins.                                           decorative pattern. Brush with a little
    Sift the bicarbonate
4 Inside Story Headline of soda and flavour                                                         water. Sprinkle with half of the remaining
    together. In a clean bowl beat the egg     Short crust frozen pastry sheets
                                                                                                    sugar. Repeat with remaining dough and
    whites and stiff peaks form.               1/3 cup butter                                       sugar.
5 Fold the egg whites into the fruit                                                             3. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until just
                                               ½ cup brown sugar                                    firm but not browned. Remove from
    mixture and then the sifted flour. The
    mixture will be quite firm.                1 egg beaten with a dash of Vanilla                  oven. Using a small knife, re-cut por-
                                               essence                                              tions, being careful not to cut the whole
6 Spread into the tin and bake for1
                                                                                                    way through. Cool shortbread in pans.
   1/2hours.                                   ½ cup chopped walnuts/pecans                         Serve.
Allow to cool through before inverting
onto a platter. Light glaze with strained      White icing                                       NOTES
                                                                                                 Make shortbread in a 20cm x 30cm (base)
jam.                                           Red & green cherries/or snakes (cut)              slice pan. Score shortbread into fingers
MICROWAVE                                      Mix well and pour into each container.            before baking.
 1. Place the dried fruit, pineapple and                                                         Store shortbread in an airtight container
                                               Bake in a 180 C oven till light golden
    juice, orange juice, mixed spice, jam
                                               brown.                                            in a cool, dark place for up to 5 days.
    and prunes in a large microwave-safe
    container. Cook uncovered on               Decorate with icing or melted white               Variation: To make spiced shortbread,
    DEFROST (30 percent) for 7 minutes.                                                          add 2 teaspoons mixed spice with the
                                               chocolate. Add cherries/to look like
 2. Remove from the heat, and transfer                                                           flours at the end of step 1 of shortbread
                                               holly.                                            recipe.

                                MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
        Page 28                                                           MOMENTUM

                                               The Kitchen Table

Sorted out your Christmas dessert                Favorite Diabetic Recipe - No
yet? You can't go past this berry                        Added Sugar
nice trifle.                                                                              NORTH POLE SHORTBREAD
                                                      Christmas Pudding
Preparation Time                               from Wendy Meadon, UK
20 - 260 minutes
Cooking Time                                   I have the following recipe for No         250gm Soft Butter
5 minutes                                      Added Sugar Christmas Pudding
                                               which my family has used for many          4 Mandarins (or orange)
                                               years now. My family comprises diet
Ingredients (serves 10)                        and tablet controlled diabetics and        (Finely grated rind/Zest)
Inside Story Headline
     200g (about 16) savoiardi (sponge         insulin injecting members.
                                                                                          200 gm Castor Sugar
     finger biscuits)                          I have given this recipe out to other
                                               diabetics and it has proved to be very
   2 x 9g pkts Aeroplane JellyLite           popular. Many non-diabetics prefer it      2 eggs Yolks
     raspberry-flavoured low-joule jelly
                                               to the sticky, stodgy traditional recipe   2 Tbspn glace peel (finely
                                               with lots of treacle etc.
   1 tsp rosewater essence                   Wendy Meadon, UK                           chopped)
   80g unsalted pistachio kernels            9oz/250g dried dates, chopped              ½ cup (75gm) S.R. Flour
                                               7fl oz/200ml unsweetened orange
   4 x 150g ctns Fruche Vanilla
                                               juice                                      2 cups Plain Flour (300gm)
     Creme 99 per cent fat-free
                                               6oz/175g raisins
     fromage frais                             3oz/75g currants
                                                                                          375gm White Chocolate Melts
   500g fresh or thawed frozen mixed         6oz/175g sultanas                          (melted)
     summer fruit (such as                     5oz/150g wholemeal breadcrumbs
     strawberries, raspberries,                5oz/150g plain wholemeal flour
     blueberries or cherries)                  3tsp/3x5ml sp mixed spice
                                               1 large carrot, peeled and finely          Preheat oven 180C
    2 tsp icing sugar mixture                grated
      1. Break the biscuits into large         1 medium apple, cored and grated           Roll out dough between 2
      pieces. Arrange over the base of a       3 size 3 eggs, beaten                      sheets, lightly floured baking
      2L (8-cup) capacity serving dish.        Approx 4fl oz/100ml skimmed milk
Inside Story Headline
      2. Prepare the jelly following           Method                                     paper, approx. 3mm thick, cut
      packet directions. Stir in the           Place the dates and orange juice in a      out shapes of choice.
      rosewater essence. Carefully pour        saucepan and bring to the boil.
      the jelly mixture over the biscuits.     Remove from the heat and allow to          Place dough shapes on oven
                                               cool. Turn into a bowl and add the         tray and place in fridge for 30
      Cover with plastic wrap and place
                                               remaining ingredients.
      in the fridge for 4 hours or until                                                  mins. Before baking for 8 min
                                               Mix well, cover and leave in the fridge
      the jelly is set                         overnight.
      3. Meanwhile, place the                  Place in three lightly greased
                                                                                          or til lightly golden.
      pistachios in a frying pan over          1pt/550ml pudding basins.
      medium heat. Cook, stirring, for 3-      Cover with pleated greaseproof paper
                                                                                          Cool on tray.
      5 minutes or until lightly toasted.      and foil and tie securely.                 Dip ½ a biscuit in melted choc
      Set aside to cool slightly. Coarsely     Steam each pudding for 3.5-4 hours,
      chop.                                    checking the water level regularly.        or drizzle choc over top.
      4. Spoon the fromage frais over          Allow to cool.
                                               When cold, wrap with fresh
                                                                                          Biscuits will keep in airtight
      the jelly. Top with the mixed
      summer fruit.                            greaseproof paper and foil.                container up to 2 weeks.
      5. Sprinkle with pistachios and          Store in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.
      dust with icing sugar to serve.          Total CHO 620g   Total Cals 2920
                                               Each pudding serves 10

                                MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 29                                                         MOMENTUM

                                         The Kitchen Table
                                      baking powder and cinnamon in a                                  How to Make
                                      large bowl. Add butter mixture and                               Inexpensive
                                      stir until well combined. Spoon
                                      mixture into prepared tins. Smooth
                                      the cake tops with the back of a wet                                Candy
                                                                                      There are plenty of things to love
                                      4. Bake for 1½-2 hours or until a               about Christmas. One of those
                                      skewer comes out clean when                     things is all of the different types
                                      inserted into centre of cakes. Stand            of Christmas candy. Here is a way
                                      tins on a wire rack for 35 minutes              that you can make inexpensive
                                      before turning out to cool completely.          Christmas candy.
 Brandy—Butter Cake
                                      Store in an airtight container when
                                      completely cold.                                Instructions
Preparation time: 30 mins plus                                                        1. Purchase two bags of white
1 hour 10 mins standing time          5. Sift icing sugar into a mixing bowl,            chocolate chips.
Cooking time: 2 hours                 add vanilla and enough water to
                                                                                      2. Purchase two dozen peppermint
Makes 2 bar cakes                     make a thin paste. Put cakes on a
                                                                                         candy canes.
                                      paper-lined tray. Spoon icing over
                                      cakes, leaving them to stand for 35             3. Place the white chocolate chips into
180g unsalted butter                                                                     a small pot.
1 cup brown sugar                     minutes or until icing firms.
                                                                                      4. Melt the white chocolate chips on
4 eggs                                                                                   your stove.
                                      Photo by Chris L Jones
1/2 cup brandy
1 tsp vanilla extract          5. Place a couple of candy canes into
                                      gardens/11729/brandy-butter-cake/                  a sandwich bag.
2 cups unsalted mixed nuts
100g cup red glacé cherries                                                           6. Mash the candy canes using a
100g cup green glacé cherries                                                            rolling pin. The candy canes should
                                                                                         be mashed until they are broken into
150g cup glacé figs, chopped                                                             the smallest pieces possible. If the
150g cup glacé apricots, chopped                                                         candy canes are in a powdery form
160g cup golden sultanas                                                                 that's even better.
160g cup raisins                                                                      7. Place the broken bits of candy cane
2 cups plain flour                                                                       into the melted white chocolate
1¼ tsp baking powder                                                                     chips. Stir the candy cane pieces
2 tsp ground cinnamon                      LEMONDADE SCONES                              into the melted white chocolate
1½ cups pure icing sugar                                                                 chips.
Extra 1 tsp vanilla essence           Ingredients                                     8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have
1/4 cup water                                                                            used all of the candy canes.
                                      250 ml cream                                    9. Once you've thoroughly stirred the
1. Preheat oven to 160°C.                                                                candy canes into the melted white
                                      250 ml lemonade                                    chocolate chips, spread the mixture
Grease and line two 25 x 8 x
7cm deep bar tins with baking         3 cups self-raising flour                          onto a cookie or baking sheet or
paper. Put butter and sugar in a
pan over a medium heat, and           Preheat oven to 220c                            10. Place the sheet into the
                                                                                        refrigerator. Leave it in for roughly
stir until butter has melted and      Add lemonade and cream to flour, mix to form
                                                                                        45 minutes.
mixture is well combined.             soft dough.
Remove from heat and allow to         Place mixture on floured board and knead to     11. Remove the sheet from the
                                                                                        refrigerator and break the hardened
cool slightly.                        2cm thickness.
                                                                                        substance into pieces. The size of
2. Whisk eggs, brandy and             Cut with floured cutter.                          the pieces can be however big or
                                                                                        small you desire.
vanilla in a large jug. Add egg       Place close together on tray.
mixture to cooled butter mixture                                                      Read more: How to Make Inexpensive
                                      Brush with milk.                                Christmas Candy | http://
and stir until well combined.
                                      Bake for 10-15 minutes.               
3. Combine nuts, cherries, figs,                                                      how_2116986_inexpensive-christmas-
                                      Submitted by Donna                              candy.html#ixzz13iPJu5Af
apricots, sultanas, raisins, flour,

                          MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
   Page 30                                        MOMENTUM

    DAPHNE’S                 The first thing that struck         Although the buds are
    AMAZING                  me as I walked in the             dark pink, the flowers
  PERFUME WILL               front gate was the                open with white throats
FILL ANY GARDEN              fabulous fragrance of             with the faintest pink at
                             Daphne. The two                   the edges. The variety Alba
                             specimens we planted              has pure white flowers.
This rain has been           under the arbor were              Although the flowers are
simply amazing.              now quite large bushes            beautiful you don’t grow
Compared to this time        and provided a wonderful          Daphne for the flowers.
last year we have had        welcome to all who                No it’s the smell.
almost double the            entered the garden.
rainfall. Lake Wendouree
is looking like a lake                                      If it seems like I am
again.                          Daphne has the most      going on a bit, there’s a
                             amazing floral scent. It    reason. I was surprised to
                             smells like the most        find not everyone knew of
   Many of our farmers       delicate perfume. It wafts Daphne. Whether you
friends have had new         through a whole room        have a cottage garden or a
lakes appear to their        and can capture you in its contemporary garden you
properties in the middle     sweet light spell.          need some Daphne. In
of low lying paddocks,                                   contemporary gardens
and dams are                                             mass-plant it in a
overflowing.                    Pick a small posy and    woodland area under
                             put it on your coffee table
                             so every day when you       some pear trees or similar.
  This is just the sort of   come home and take a
winter we have been          deep breathe of the scent      The flowers and foliage
looking forward to for a     it will remind you that     work well with those
long time. As soon as the    spring is just around the   contemporary chocolates,
weather warms, we will       corner.                     Mocha and cream colour
all be chasing weeds, but                                schemes. If you are a
the gardens will be                                      native-plant enthusiast you
stunning!                       The flowers of Daphne are in real luck because, as
                             are quite small and simple, Daphne finishes flowering,
                             shaped like a star with     boronias start to bloom
  This week I popped in      only four petals. The buds with their
to see one of the            grow in clusters on the
gardens we planted a                                     incredible
                             ends of branches.           perfume.
couple of years ago.

                  MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
       Page 31                                                               MOMENTUM

                                         Short Stories

                                                                                                  Time heals
                                                                                                  most things
                                                           WHO I AM

                                                 Locked within my memory,
                                              For as long as time is given me,                      “Time heals most things”
                                        Are the events, that happened in the past.                    I’ve often heard it said
                                                  Multi-coloured memories.                                But is that true?
  The good you do for others                 Souvenirs of days that used to be,
                                                                                                      Or do we just accept
   is good you do yourself…                        Forever to stay with me.
        ~Norman Wesley Brooks,                                                                 Those things we cannot change?
   "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976       Events that helped to shape my life,
                                          Albeit not always in the way I wanted.                    May be it simply is a case
                                              They made me who I am today.                         Of sharp edges of despair,
                                                  Helped me to see, believe,                              Becoming dulled
                                                      Taught me to pray.                              I’m so tired of despair,
                                              For who I am, is what has been                  Tired of longing for those feeling
                                                    And what at present is.
                                                                                                     We do no longer share.
                                                 All that ever touched my life
                                                                                                 Please, let me find some way.
                                                          Is part of me.
                                             And those who travelled with me,
                                                                                                  I can’t accept the bleakness
                                                  Forever part of me will be.                                 of my days.
                                          We cannot go through life untouched.                      I long to set things right,
                                               Devoid seeing……feeling……                              I won’t accept the dark
     Christmas is forever,
     not for just one day,              Taken from book ‘Wings of My Imagination’                          despair of night.
 for loving, sharing, giving,           By INA Publisher: Hamilton Spectator Print
                                                                                                       I do not want to cry,
      are not to put away               59 Gray St. Hamilton 1986 Typed by Fiona 23/4/2010
                                                                                              I need to laugh, I want to live . . .
      like bells and lights
           and tinsel,                    The Secret Life of FABBA - 2010                      But above all else, I need to give
                                        Answers: 1. In a dream world. 2.
  in some box upon a shelf.             Mamma Mia. 3. Dancing Queen. 4.                             And share part of myself
  Christmas is not as much              Take a chance on me. 5. SOS. 6. One
                                                                                                  With some-one I can trust.
about opening our presents              man, one woman. 7. The winner takes
   as opening our hearts.               it all. 8. Money, money, money. 9.                             Oh, let me feel again
           ~Janice Maeditere            Honey, honey. 10. I’ve been waiting
                                        for you. 11. Mamma Mia. 12. One of                       The joys of loving, caring . . .
Submitted by Kas                        us. 13. Gimme, gimme, gimme. 14. As                           The luxury of sharing
                                        good as new. 15. When all is said and
                                        done. 16. Waterloo. 17. On and on                           All my deepest thoughts.
                                        and on. 18. Head over heels. 19.                     Taken from
                                        Dancing Queen. 20. Fernando. 21. I
                                                                                             “Wings of my Imagination”
                                        do, I do, I do, I do, I do. 22. Super
                                        trouper. 23. So long. 24. I have a                   By INA Hamilton spectator print 1986

                                        dream. 25. Mamma Mia.                                Typed by David

                                MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 /NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
        Page 32                                                                      MOMENTUM

                                                  Short Stories
                                                                                                      Over the next couple of years, our popularity
                                                 When pet groomer Robyn, now 41, sang, I              increased. We were doing at least eight shows a
    The Secret Life of                           knew we’d found Agnetha. ‘Honey, honey,’ I           month in front of all sorts of audiences. Australian
                                                 smiled. ‘I’ve been waiting for you’.                 millionaire Frank Lowy even flew us in his jet to
        FABBA                                                                                         perform at a private function!
* There are 25 song titles hidden in             ‘I’ve wanted to be in ABBA ever since I was
this story. Can you find them all?               little,’ she squealed. And then David, a             By day I was an events manager but at night I
                                                 financial planner, started playing ABBA’s            switched my office clothes for spandex.
Prancing in front of my bedroom mirror,          entire catalogue on the grand piano, we had
holding my water bottle like a                   our Benny.                                           Then in 2002, just when I thought things couldn’t
microphone, I felt fabulous. Friday night                                                             get any better, Tim proposed. ‘I do, I do, I do, I do,
and the lights are low, I crooned. Looking       ‘Mamma Mia, this guy is good,’ I exclaimed.          I do,’ I said at our ceremony in Thailand.
out for a place to go.                           ‘You can definitely be one of us,’ Tim said.
                                                                                                      After that we had two children Charli, now four,
Tossing my hair, I felt exactly like Frida       The four of us clicked and rehearsals were a         and Nicholas, now one, but even being a Mum, I
from ABBA. I had the voice, the moves            lot of fun.                                          was still a super trouper and refused to say so long
and the hand gestures down pat.                                                                       to my performing days.
                                                 We had our costumes professionally made
Although I was behaving like a star-             and they looked fantastic. We girls wore blue        ‘I have a dream,’ I told my Mum Selwa. ‘And I’m
obsessed teenager, I wasn’t just living in a     and gold silk kimonos, while the guys looked         going to keep on following it.’
dream world. I was 30 and had just               great in white-silk pyjama-like suits.
started my own ABBA tribute band!                                                                     In 2008, when Meryl Streep starred in the film
                                                 ‘Let’s call ourselves FABBA,’ I said. ‘Because       Mamma Mia, we were more popular than ever.
From the moment I’d heard Mamma Mia              we look fabulous!’
when I was seven, I’d fallen in love. I had                                                           ‘Is that you singing, Mummy?’ Charli asked when
all ABBA’s records and even saw them             Now we had a name, it was time to book a             she saw the movie. ‘Not this time,’ I smiled.
when they came to Australia.                     gig. I called all the venues in our area. Gimme,
                                                 gimme, gimme a go, I prayed as I rang a pub on       In February 2009 we took our show to Vietnam.
I’m going to be a dancing queen just like        my list.                                             ‘We’ve booked a stadium for 10,000 fans,’ our
Frida, I decided when I left high school. I                                                           overseas promoter said.
learnt to sing, dance and act and, at 28,        ‘Were you part of another ABBA tribute
even starred in a two-piece ABBA band            band?’ the man who answered asked. ‘Yes,’ I          ‘Do they know we’re not the real band?’ I laughed.
with a friend.                                   replied, happy he remembered me. ‘We’re as
                                                 good as new.’                                        On the night of the show we were nervous. It was
Now, four years on, I’d finally convinced                                                             probably the biggest gig we’d ever play. As we
my musician boyfriend Tim, 27, to join me        ‘I’d love to book you again.’                        listened to the whistles and screams of the
in a more sophisticated act.                                                                          audience, we realised we had big shoes to fill. But
                                                 On August 18th, we arrived at City Tattersalls       when we hit the stage the excitement kicked in.
‘Just take a chance on me,’ I’d said
                                                 Club in Sydney, shaking with nerves.
cheekily. And he agreed!                                                                              ‘Are you ready to dance all night?’ I bellowed into
                                                 ‘When all is said and done, the crowd’s come         the mic.
Tim learnt all the music and lyrics. ‘I didn’t   to hear ABBA music so there’s no reason
know how talented ABBA were,’ he said.           they won’t like us,’ I told the others.              Our audience may not have spoken much English,
                                                                                                      but they knew every word to every song.
Smiling, I knew ABBA’s infectious                As the room went dark we ran onto the
melodies had grown on him. He was soon           stage and struck our starting poses, Suddenly,       ‘That was one of the best gigs ever,’ Tim said as we
ready to play Bjorn. Then it was time to         the opening note of Waterloo blasted out. The        finished.
find the other members.                          lights lifted and the adrenaline kicked in.
                                                                                                      We spent the next couple of days doing media
I put out an SOS in the Sydney Morning           I wonder if this is how Freda felt, I thought as I   interviews, and we were mobbed by fans at the
Herald and had hundreds of applications.         took the mic.                                        airport! ABBA mania was still alive, 37 years after
But it wasn’t easy finding the right one                                                              their first song came out. Imagine what it must have
man, one woman. They had to be able to                                                                been like for the real band, I thought.
                                                 As we walked off stage two hours later, we
sing, act and look the part. Eventually, in
                                                 were all on a high. The audience’s cheers
May 2000, we called in our favourites to                                                              Today, it’s been ten years since we started FABBA
                                                 went on and on and on.
have an audition.                                                                                     and our success astounds me. We still have day
                                                                                                      jobs and keep FABBA as a bit of fun, but it’s
                                                 ‘They were head over heels about us,’ Robyn
‘The winner takes it all,’ I told the                                                                 amazing how big a tribute band can be. I guess you
hopefuls, explaining the best two would          grinned.                                             can’t go wrong taking people back to a time when
score the positions in our band. ‘It’s                                                                they were dancing queens, young and sweet, only
meant to be some part-time fun but we            We were soon booking more shows. The                 17printed from Feb. 2010
might make a bit of money, money, money          crowd favourite was always Dancing Queen,            That’s Life! Typed by Fiona!
too,’ Tim smiled.                                but I loved singing Fernando.                        Answers are on page 31

                                       MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
        Page 33                                           MOMENTUM

                                   Short Stories

                                          Panicking when her                   It was the day
                                          toddler swallowed a                  after Christmas
                                          tiny magnet; my                      The lawyer had
                                          sister, Betty,                       gone out for the
"That's a great place to           rushed him to the                   day, so the burglar,
work!" shouted my 16-              emergency room. "He'll be           noticing this, broke into
year-old brother after             fine," the doctor promised          his house and stole all
coming home from the               her. "The magnet should             his Christmas gifts.
first day at his first             pass through his system in
job. "I get two weeks'             a day or two."                      He was almost out of the
paid holiday."                                                         house when a police
                                   "How will I be sure?" she           officer pulled up to the
"I'm so glad," said my             pressed.                            house and promptly
mother.                                                                apprehended the man.
                                   "Well," the doctor
                                   suggested, "you could               "You can't arrest me!"
"Yeah," added John. "I             stick him on the                    the man exclaimed.
can't wait to find out             refrigerator. When he
where they send me."               falls off, you'll know."            "Buddy," the cop said, "I
Inside Story Headline
                                                                       just caught you breaking
As I was dropping my son                                               and entering, red-
off at daycare the other                                               handed!"
day, I over heard some of
the children talking                                                   The man replied, "But the
                          An Irishman who had a                        law says I have a right
about their siblings.     little too much to drink                     to the presents of an
                          is driving home from the                     attorney!"
"My brother takes karate city one night and, of
lessons," bragged one.    course, his car is weaving                   We live in a rural area and a
                          violently all over the                       few weeks ago our phone line
"My sister takes          road. A cop pulls him                        dropped out. We reported it
gymnastics," said         over.                                        to Telstra three times over
another.                                                               two weeks but they simply
                          "So," says the cop to the                    couldn't find a fault with the
Not to be outdone, the    driver, "where have ya                       line.
youngest piped up, "My    been?"
sister takes                       "Why, I've been to the pub          After three weeks my husband
antibiotics!"                      of course, "slurs the               ran into our neighbor on our
Inside Story Headline              drunk.                              fence line when my husband was
                                                                       out in the paddock checking
Patricia Cameron-Hill & Shayne     "Well," says the cop, "it           our sheep. Our neighbor
Yates Seminars                     looks like you've had               (elderly) asked my husband if
                                   quite a few to drink this           we had any trouble with our
Authors of "You won't die
laughing" & "Doctor, I feel        evening." "I did all                phone. My husband replied
funny"                                                                 'Yes, how did you know, we've
                                   right," the drunk says              had no phone for weeks and                     with a smile. "Did you              Telstra don't know what's                know," says the cop,                wrong.'
                                   standing straight and
                                   folding his arms across             Our neighbor replies 'I rang
                                   his chest, "that a few              you a few weeks ago to tell
                                   intersections back, your            you that the Council
                                                                       accidently slashed your phone
                                   wife fell out of your               line when they were mowing the
                                   car?" "Oh, thank heavens,"          sides of the road. I saw the
                                   sighs the drunk. "For a             shredded wires out the front
                                   minute there, I thought             of your drive when I was out
                                   I'd gone deaf!"                     walking and rang and left you
                                                                       a message. Didn't you get

                           MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
    Page 34                                         MOMENTUM

                             Short Stories

                                                                Arcelor-Mittal Steel, feeling
                                                                it was time for a shakeup,
                                                                hired a new CEO. The new boss
                                                                was determined to rid the
You can't read this and       A woman had just returned         company of all slackers.
  stay in a bad mood!             to her home from an           On a tour of the facilities,
                                   evening of church            the CEO noticed a guy just
 1. How Do You Catch a          services, when she was          standing around and leaning
     Unique Rabbit?            startled by an intruder.         against a wall. The room was
                              She caught the man in the         full of workers and he wanted
    Unique Up On It.          act of robbing her home of        to let them know that he
                              its valuables and yelled:         meant business. He asked the
 2. How Do You Catch a        'Stop! Acts 2:38! (Repent         guy, "How much money do you
      Tame Rabbit?             and be Baptized, in the          make a week?"
        Tame Way.              name of Jesus Christ, so
                                that your sins may be
                                      forgiven.)                A little surprised, the young
3. How Do Crazy People
                                                                man   looked   at   him   and
Go Through The Forest ?
                                                                replied, "I make $400 a week.
They Take The Psychopath      The burglar stopped in his        Why?"
                               tracks. The woman calmly
                                called the police and
4. What Do Fish Say When        explained what she had          The CEO told him, "Wait right
  They Hit a Concrete                    done.                  here." He then walked back to
          Wall?                                                 his office, came back in two
              Dam!                                              minutes and handed the guy
                              As the officer cuffed the         $1,600 in cash and screamed,
5. What Do Eskimos Get         man to take him in, he           "Here's four weeks' pay, now
From Sitting On The Ice        asked the burglar: 'Why          GET OUT and don't come back."
       too Long?              did you just stand there?
        Polaroids             All the old lady did was
                              yell a scripture to you.'         Feeling pretty good about
                                                                himself,    the   CEO   looked
 6. What Do You Call a                                          around the room and asked,
 Boomerang That Doesn't        'Scripture?' replied the         "Does anyone want to tell me
          work?               burglar. 'She said she had        what   that    goof-ball   did
         A Stick                  an Ax and Two 38s!            here?"
                              Q: Where can men over the
                              age of 50 find younger, s
                                 e x y women who are            From across the room came a
                                                                voice, "Pizza delivery guy
                                                                from Domino's."

Vegetarian - ancient
word for poor hunting

                                  interested in them?
Q: What is the most
common remark made by         A: Try a bookstore-------
50+ year olds when they            under fiction.
enter antique stores?                                           Patricia Cameron-Hill & Shayne Yates
                              Q: How can you avoid that         Seminars Authors of "You won't die

A: 'Gosh, I remember                                            laughing" & "Doctor, I feel funny"
these!'                         terrible curse of the

                              A: Take off your glasses.

                     MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
        Page 35                                                                      MOMENTUM

                                    Entertainment Reviews
                                                      Another year or so later, George and Mary            have been like if he had never existed. In this
                                                      gets married. After their wedding, as George         alternate reality, Bedford Falls has become Pot-
                                                      and Mary leave town for their honeymoon,             tersville and is home to nightclubs and pawn
                                                      they witness a run on the bank that leaves the       shops; Bailey Park was never built; Mr. Gower
                                                      Building and Loan in danger of collapse. Potter      was convicted of poisoning the child and spent
                                                      offers George's clients "50 cents on the dol-        many years in prison and now wonders the
                                                      lar," but George and Mary quell the panic by         town as a derelict; kind Mr. Martini (Bill Ed-
                                                      using the $2,000 earmarked for their honey-          munds) no longer owns his bar; Violet (Gloria
                                                      moon to satisfy the depositors' needs until          Grahame), is a dancer at a local club who gets
                                                      confidence in the Building and Loan is re-           arrested as a pickpocket; Uncle Billy has been in
  IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE                               stored. Mary enlists the help of Bert the Po-
                                                      liceman and Ernie the Cab Driver to create a
                                                                                                           an insane asylum for years; Harry is dead, since
                                                                                                           George was not around to save him, and the
Plot                                                  tropical honeymoon for George in Bedford             soldiers Harry would have saved also died; Mrs.
Christmas Eve finds George Bailey (James Stew-        Falls.                                               Bailey is a bitter and hardened widow running a
art) deeply troubled, and repeated prayers for his
                                                                                                           boarding house, and Mary is a cold spinster
wellbeing from numerous friends and family
                                                      A few more years pass and George and Mary            librarian. Everbody that George interacts with in
members reach Heaven. Clarence Odbody
                                                      raise a growing family of four children. George      this alternate reality, including Ernie the Cab
(Henry Travers), Angel Second Class, is assigned
                                                      starts up Bailey Park, an affordable housing         Driver and Burt the Policeman, is cold, bitter,
to save him and earn his wings. Franklin and Jo-
                                                      project. They and the other residents no             heartless, amoral, and they all sport the same
seph, the head angels, review George's life with
Clarence. One winter day, at the age of 12,           longer have to pay Potter's high rents. Mr.          cold facial expression that Mr. Potter exhibits.
George (Bobby Anderson) saved the life of his         Potter fearing that George will put him out of       George becomes upset, and fleeing to the bridge
younger brother Harry (George Nokes) who had          business, decides to hire him into his company       begs God to let him live again. His prayer is
fallen through the ice on a frozen pond, though       and start him out at $20,000 a year, along with      answered and he runs home joyously taking in
George lost the hearing in one ear from an illness    the promise of his making business trips to          every detail of his restored life, including Mr.
afterwords. Later, as an errand boy in a phar-        New York and Europe... thus leaving Bedford          Potter and the police officers waiting at home to
macy, George saved his grief-stricken boss, drug-     Falls for a while. Although this is what George      arrest him. Just then, Marry, Uncle Billy, and a
gist Mr. Gower (H.B. Warner), from mistakenly         has been yearning for his whole life, he knows       flood of townspeople arrive at the Bailey home
                                                      Potter will put the building and loan out of         with money to save George and the Building and
filling a child's prescription with poison.
                                                      business, so he rejects his offer. When World        Loan. George's friend Sam Wainwright sends
                                                      War II erupts, George is unable to enlist, due       him a line of credit for $25,000 via telegram.
George's dream has been to see the world and to       to his bad ear. Harry becomes a fighter pilot        The men who were going to arrest him tear up
move away from the small town of Bedford Falls        ace and is awarded the Medal of Honor for            the warrant and throw that into the basket as
where he grew up and spent his entire life. Self-     shooting down 15 enemy aircraft, including           well. And then George's brother, Harry the war
less to a fault, George repeatedly sacrifices his     two that would have slammed into a U.S.              hero, shows up and proposes a toast, "To my
dreams for the well-being of others until Harry       transport ship full of troops in the Pacific.        big brother George, the richest man in town."
(now played by Todd Karns) graduates from high
                                                                                                           George Bailey with his friends and family all
school and can replace him at the Bailey Building
                                                      On Christmas Eve, 1946,[3] Uncle Billy is on his     remember that it's a wonderful life. As the
and Loan Association, vital to the people of Bed-
                                                      way to deposit $8,000 for the Building and           group sings "Auld Lang Syne", George finds a gift
ford Falls. On Harry's graduation night in 1928,
                                                      Loan when he runs into Mr. Potter. He                from Clarence in the basket, a heavenly edition
George discusses his future with Mary Hatch
                                                      proudly shows Potter the front-page article          of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with an inscrip-
(Donna Reed), who has had a crush on him since
                                                      about Harry receiving the Medal of Honor.            tion from Clarence that reads, "Dear George:
she was a little girl. Later that evening, George's
                                                      Potter grabs the newspaper angrily and later         Remember no man is a failure who has friends.
absent-minded Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell) and
                                                      discovers the money inside; he keeps it. When        Thanks for the wings! Love Clarence." A bell on
Harry break the news to George his father has
                                                      Uncle Billy goes to deposit the money, he            the tree rings and his daughter Zuzu remembers
had a stroke, which proves fatal. A few weeks
                                                      finally realizes it is missing and a bank examiner   that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his
after George's father's death, Henry F. Potter
(Lionel Barrymore), a heartless slumlord and          is inspecting the business' books that very day.     wings. George says: "Atta boy, Clarence."
majority shareholder in the Building and Loan,        Frantic searching fails to turn it up. In despera-
tries to persuade the board of directors to stop      tion, George appeals to Potter for a loan to
providing home loans for the working poor.            save the company, but Potter turns him down
George persuades them to reject Potter's pro-         and swears out a warrant for his arrest for
posal, but they agree only on the condition that      bank fraud
George himself run the Building and Loan. He          George wanders home, stressed and broken
gives his college money to his brother with the       down, and inadvertently takes his frustrations
understanding that when Harry returns he will         out on his family, verbally abusing his wife and
take over the Building and Loan.                      children before storming off. He gets drunk to
                                                      escape his woes, and driving wildly in a snow-
When Harry graduates from college four years          storm, crashes his car into a tree. George
                                                      staggers to a bridge that spans a river, intend-     If you require support over
later, he unexpectedly brings home a wife, whose
father has offered Harry an excellent job in his      ing to commit suicide, and feeling he is "worth      Christmas or need someone to
company. While Harry is still aware of his prior      more dead than alive" because of a $15,000 life      talk to, please call these 24 hour
commitment and is more than willing to take           insurance policy. Before he can leap in, how-
                                                      ever, Clarence appears beside him on the             numbers:-
over the Building and Loan, George cannot deny
his brother such a fine opportunity. Once more,       bridge and jumps in first and pretends to be         LIFELINE: 13 2114
George has to set aside his ambitions and stay in     drowning. After George rescues him, he re-
the small town where he has always resided and        veals himself to be George's guardian angel.         SUICIDELINE:1300 651 251
never seen not even the nearest town.                                                                      BALLARAT HEALTH PSYCHIATRIC
                                                      George responds skeptically to this revelation       SERVICE 1300       661 323
                                                      and bitterly wishes he had never been born, so
                                                      Clarence shows him what the town would               or 5320 4100

                                    MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
      Page 36                                                         MOMENTUM

                               Entertainment Reviews
                                        FILM BUFFS CORNER
                                                                                   MUSIC REVIEW

 Theme: The First Christmas

                                        BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS
The First Christmas was just like
any other time, No one put up a                ANGEL
Christmas tree there were no                      By Troy Anthony Platt
presents or toys, or candy canes
there was Mary and Joseph, making
a long trip from Nazareth to                       I shall dream of you
Bethlehem. There was an inn                     My little Christmas angel
keeper with no room to spare.                     On top the bare tree
There were angels, shepherds and                                                               DEAR SANTA
                                              Which decorations will I use?
wise men from distant lands, and                                                          {A CHRISTMAS WISH}
there was the birth of a very special          Santa with a Christmas wreath
                                                                                   Written by Chris Harriott / Leone Carey
Child – Jesus Christ.                   I see the white ball with my nephew name
                                                           written                 From the album it’s a Hi-5 Christmas
FROM THE DVD COVER OF THE                   I place the ball in the top branch
BILLY BUDD CLAY – ANIMATED                      No smell of pine needles           Dear Santa, I am writing to ask for
VIDEO COLLECTION                                                                   just one thing I know it’s a busy time
                                             Silent I think of Christmas past
                                                                                   of year for you with everything. But I
                                          I hope for many Christmas to come        really have just one wish so I thought
This animated feature film was an
                                          Standing by the tree I remember well     I’d write and see if I could ride upon
inspiration to me and too many
                                             Reading names on the gift tags        your sleigh with you this Christmas
Christians around the world. It was
                                                                                   eve I’d really love to meet you and
to remind us of this special era with        How my children grow up fast          of course your reindeer too Donna,
Mary giving birth to Jesus and                 Still my angel stands so tall       Blitzen, dasher, prancer and Rudolph
bringing the light back to the world
                                           Broken needles glitter in the carpet    shining true. How amazing to fly
but in reality of the world there are
                                                                                   across the sky with sparkling stars all
poor children and men and woman              Waiting for season to pass
                                                                                   round and in each house you visit all
don’t have much to eat and drink         Once more into the box of Christmas       are sleeping safe and sound. Dear
and war between countries but                       decorations                    Santa, I am writing to ask for just one
when Jesus Christ was born again
                                               By the tree I say my prayer         thing I know it’s a busy time of year
and returns back the light to the
                                            For goodwill be with us this year
                                                                                   for you with everything. But I really
world.                                                                             have just one wish so I thought I’d
                                            Hows my angel smile with grace         write and see if I could ride upon
                                              Cheerful smile upon my face          your sleigh with you this Christmas.
Score of the film: 10/10
                                          These little drums decorations I like    If there’s no room on your sleigh
                                                                                   that night I’ll really understand maybe
                                           Thinking of the little drummer boy      one day you cloud grant this wish.
                                                These lights do not work           For your no.1 fan. Dear Santa, Dear
                                                Missing light globes again         Santa, I am writing to ask for just one
                                                                                   thing if I could ride upon your sleigh
                                             Time to go shopping for lights
                                                                                   with you this Christmas eve.
                                             How my angel stands so quiet
                                                Its Christmas time again !
                                                                                   Typed by David

                              MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
                                        Page 37                                        MOMENTUM

                                                                  People profiles

                                                                  WOULD YOU LIKE TO WRITE AN ARTICLE
                                                                ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES AT APROTCH ?

                                                          HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE AT
                                                           APROTCH TO A FRIEND OR SOMEONE WHO WAS
                                                                  THINKING OF COMING HERE ?

                                                                     WHAT GROUP/S DO YOU ATTEND ?

                                                                     WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE GROUP ?

                                                                   WHAT OTHER ACTIVITIES HAVE YOU
                                                                       PARTICIPATED IN AT APROTCH ?
                                                            (Have you been involved in the Holiday Program, Camps etc.)

                                                  WE WOULD LOVE TO SHARE YOUR STORIES AND EXPERIENCES !
                                                   If you need assistance to help write your story let one of the
                                                   Newsletter Team or Staff know and we can an organise time!

                                                                          GROUP REPORTS
                                                   Men on the Go; Furniture Restoration; Woodwork;
                                                   Learn to Live; Gardening; Guitar; Exercise/Leisure
                                                            Lifestyle Men/Women; Leisure.

                                                       WE ARE LOOKING FOR GROUP PARTICIPANTS
                                                              TO REPORT ON WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN
                                                                         DOING IN YOUR GROUP !
                                                                 IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUBMIT A REPORT,
                                                                 OR NEED ASSISTANCE TO WRITE IT
                                                             PLEASE ASK YOUR GROUP FACILITATOR !

                                                          MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
                     Page 38
APROTCH 2011 Holiday Program

                               MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
               Page 39

                                                                                H PRO
APROTCH 2010 Program

                                                                        1A PR


                                MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / NEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19
                   Newsletter Of
                   A.P.R.O.T.C.H.              #############################################
           A.P.R.O.T.C.H                       #############################################
       Cnr Queen & Dyte Pde                    #############################################
       Ballarat, Victoria, 3350                #############################################
        Postal: P.O. Box 1156                  #############################################
              Bakery Hill                      #############################################
            Victoria, 3354                     #############################################
          Phone: 5338-4500                     #############################################
           Fax: 5332-1044                      ####

                                               “The main objective is to improve the quality of life for
                                               adults living with a serious mental illness”

                                                                Some of the programs offered include:

                                                                            Healthy Lifestyle

                                                                  Young Person’s Group (Movin’ On)

                                                                         Momentum Newsletter

                                                                         Home Based Outreach

                                                                           Sport and Leisure

                                                                           Respite and Camp

                                               Referral process:
          FORWARD A NEWSLETTER.                   Referrals can be made by self or by a service provider
                                                  For self referral, phone APROTCH

                                                                       A. R. C. - A.P.R.O.T.C.H.
                                                                          Representative Committee
           We’re on the Web!
      MOMENTUM Newsletter                     ARC symbolizes the rainbow.           The overall ARC mission is to increase
       can now be accessed on                                                       consumer satisfaction and to ensure that
                                           Each colour represents an individual
         the BCH website at:                                                        consumers have a direct say in service
                  section at APROTCH working both          delivery and to look at any issues, ideas,
                                            individually and collaboratively.       concerns and matters arising from
                                          APROTCH Representative                    The Committee provides a once a month
                                          Committee acts as a reference group       meeting where members can discuss
 Now your copy of Momentum can
  be read in colour on the web or         to support APROTCH.                       service provision.
   downloaded and printed off !
1. Go to the Ballarat Community Health    It seeks to establish a partnership and   If a service user has any issue,
   Centre: www.bchc@org
                                          working relationship between the          problem or maybe a good idea
                                          Consumers, Carers, Board of               about APROTCH, please contact a
2. Click on: Mental Health                Management, Staff and Volunteers at       committee member, place it in the
3. Click on: Momentum Newsletter          APROTCH, seeking to ensure that the       suggestion box or contact Marilyn
Or go direct to:                          programs offered remain responsive
                                                                                    Gale at A.P.R.O.T.C.H. on    to the needs of consumers, or are
_health.php                               developed to express current              5338 4500.
                                          consumers wants, needs and desires.

                               MOMENTUM - XMAS 2010 / VNEW YEAR 2011 Volume 6 Issue 19

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