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									Problem Solving

Problems are faced by all and not just once or twice the problems are faces by
everyone on every stage of life. The complexity and the intensity can be different
of all and the reason behind will not be the same always but whatever the problem
is and however deep it is it is always necessary to analyze it and solve it before it
gets too deep. Sometimes we just are anxious about something and we feel the
pressure and we consider it as a problem but that in reality is not a problem it is
something that will be solved with time and no such actions should be taken for
this it is just the matter of time Where as in some problems problem solving is very
important thing to do. One should not take any decision when in pressure one
should always be cool and calm and think about all the pros and corns of the
problem and then come up to a logical solution. Decision taken in pressure can
lead you to a wrong direction and you might regret your decision on the later stage.
So think about the problem and then only find out a problem solving way.

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