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  Richard A. Boswell
  Professor of Law

September 1, 2008

Nonimmigrant Visa Section
Embassy of the United States
Boulevard 15 Octobre
Tabarre, 41
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

                                 RE:      Application by Reagan Lolo for Exchange Visa (J-1)

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is provided in support of Reagan Lolo’s application for a J-1 exchange visa to visit San
Francisco, California from October 16-26, 2008. Mr. Lolo will be attending, at our invitation, a week-
long symposium at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, hosted by the Hastings to
Haiti Partnership (HHP). HHP is a student organization at the law school supported by the Bay Area
legal community, Hastings, its alumni and the students themselves. Through HHP, Hastings maintains a
sister school relation with the Ecole Superieure Catholique du Droit de Jeremie (ESCDROJ) in Jeremie,
Haiti. This October will be the first time in HHP’s ten-year history that both Haitian students and faculty
will visit Hastings, which marks the beginning of a truly reciprocal relationship. We have also extended
an invitation to representatives of UNICEF New York, in order to further explore a possible collaboration
between Hastings, ESCDROJ and UNICEF. Insofar as Mr. Lolo’s participation is concerned, HHP will
be paying for all of his transportation costs to and from San Francisco, as well as accommodations and
incidental expenses while he is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The expected departure date from Haiti
will be October 16, 2008 with a return date to Haiti of October 26, 2008.

Since its founding in 1998, the law schools at Florida International University, Seton Hall and most
recently, the Catholic University, Columbus School of Law have entered into a similar exchange with
ESCDROJ. As part of its annual visits, law students from Hastings engage in a dialogue with students
from ESCDROJ about legal topics of mutual interest. The partnership has supported ESCDROJ since its
founding, by providing books, computers, computer support and maintaining ESCROJs satellite internet
connection The overall purpose of the annual delegation has been to strengthen the rule of law in Haiti
through the support of ESCDROJ. In addition to our partnership with the law school in Jeremie, the
delegation spends a portion of the trip in the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince, visiting various grassroots
organizations and learning about the country’s history to aid in our students’ understanding of the
challenges faced in Haiti.

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In March 2007, HHP employed Mr. Lolo as our guide and translator for the first time. He came highly
recommended by our former translator who was no longer available to accompany the delegation. During
our three-day stay in Port au Prince, Mr. Lolo arranged our lodging and visits with NGOs. Moreover, he
worked with our drivers to ensure the group’s safety. We were so impressed with Mr. Lolo’s work with
us that we employed him again in March 2008. He was an even more valuable asset to the delegation
given that he had begun his legal studies at the Universite Quisqueya in Port au Prince.

Mr. Lolo not only contributed to our delegation as a guide and translator, but also as an educator helping
our students to gain a deeper understanding about community movements and organizing efforts in Haiti.
During our trip, Mr. Lolo gave a presentation to the delegation about his community involvement in a
NGO he helped found, called Sosyete Djòl Ansanm pou Demokrasi Patisipatif (SODA). Additional
information on SODA can be found at - .

Mr. Lolo is an integral part of the symposium planned for October, 2008. He will be making
presentations on his community organizing work in Haiti before Bay Area community groups that will be
attending the program. Mr. Lolo will also serve as a translator for the ESCDROJ students who will give
presentations on their areas of interest as guest lecturers in classrooms, more formal speaking
engagements at the University, and in meetings with members of the legal community. It is our hope that
Mr. Lolo will be able to benefit from this trip by deepening the ties between SODA and its Bay Area

In the event that you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact Professor Boswell
directly by email at or on his cell phone at (510) 501-4196.


                                                 Richard Boswell
                                                 Professor of Law & Co-Faculty Adviser HHP

                                                 Karen Musalo
                                                 Professor of Law & Co-Faculty Advisor HHP

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