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					                            God Protects - Teaching Notes
                               (Joshua 2:3-9, 15-16, 22-24; 6/19/11)

Introduction: A key idea in today's lesson is that God takes care of His own through whatever
means He chooses. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to trust and obey God, no matter what
method He chooses.

Read Joshua 2:3-9
I. Protection Through Rehab. The King of Jericho is looking for the Israelite spies. Rehab lies
to the authorities. She hid them and told them that she knew God was going to overtake Jericho.

Applications -
- God sees us. Notice in vs. 3 that the King knew about the spies. It is not strange for us to be
seen by someone, when we are trying to hide. Unlike the spies, we are often tempted to hide
because of our sinful agendas. However, even if we could hide from people, we can never hid
from God. Let's live like God always sees us. This kind of living should be known for obeying
God's will - love God and others as we love ourselves.

- Rehab’s ethics. Notice in vss. 4-6 that Rahab lied. In ethics (i.e., the study of what is right and
wrong), there is the notion of pursuing the “greatest good.” In this text, they would say that
telling the truth is good, but protecting the spies was better. Therefore, the right thing to do was
to pursue the greater good - protect the spies, even if by lying. Another theory talks about the
“least of the evils” - lying or being a part of the killing of the spies. However we see Rahab and
her ethics, we should note that Rehab is in the "hall of faith (see Heb. 11)." Let's seek the wisdom
and energy to do God's will. Ex-cons seeking employment, single mothers trying to survive with
several small children, and scared soldiers in combat are some modern examples of where this
kind of thinking is employed.

- Witnessing and faith development. Notice in vs. 9 that Rehab know about and believed in the
power of God. It is probable that she heard people talking about what God was going to do. Faith
comes by hearing. Let's work on witnessing and developing our faith. We should tell others
about the salvation and satisfaction found in Jesus, as we live according to th principles of God's
word. We should develop our faith by hearing and obeying God's word.

Read Joshua 2:15-16, 22-24
II. Protection Through Careful Planning. Rehab advices the spies on how to escape. They
followed the advice. The spies reported to Joshua what happened and how the land was given to
the Hebrews by God.

Applications -
- Working faith. Notice in vss. 16, 22-23 that there is a display of working faith in God. On one
hand, Rehab and the spies had faith in God delivering Jericho into the hands of the Israelites. On
the other hand, they had the works of planning and executing the plan. Let's seek to have a
working faith in God. We need faith in order to please God. But faith without works is dead.
- Proper communication. Notice in vss. 23-24 that the spies reported back to the leader with the
full story. There is too much trouble caused in the church, in our families, and on our jobs, when
information is forwarded to the wrong person or when incomplete information is forwarded to
the right person. Helpers are mandatory reporters to the leader whom they are helping. Let's
work on communicating the right message to the right person. The devil loves to see a church or
a family that has problems with proper communication.

Conclusion: Let's trust and obey God, no matter what method He chooses. God has much for
those who obey His will.

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